like we all love canon short angry sunflower steve and tall handsome gentleman bucky but can you imagine if they were height-swapped

teeny tiny bucky as the center of steve’s broad-shouldered hurricane, a grounding force, because while steve is perpetually annoyed and built like a fucking tank and looks utterly unstoppable, bucky is small and charming and nice and steve thinks he’s the sun in the sky

So there’s a lot to love about Sense8. But one of my favorite things about it, at least from a fandom perspective, is that we have 4 main ships: Nomi/Neets, Lito/Hernando, Will/Riley, and Kala/Wolfgang. The two straight ships are hesitant, teasing, slow-moving, (more or less) chaste, and exist in a vague realm of fantasy. The two gay ships are presented as real-world, committed, wildly romantic, and explicit (both sexually and in the sense that they are 110% canon.) I feel like this doesn’t really concede to common heterocentric patterns.