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Four Times INTPs Parents Got Called to School for Her Bad Behavior.

Age 9:

INTP: *Hands teacher note saying her family is going on vacation during a week of school*

Teacher: You need to tell your parents that there is school that week

INTP: Woman, I am 9

Age 11:

INTP’s brother flipped off the bus driver and the following conversation occurred:

Bus Driver: What is that boys name?

INTP: I don’t know

Bus Driver: *puts hand out to block INTP from leaving* yes you do

INTP: *slaps hand and runs out the door* sorry, snitches get stitches

Age 12: 

Vice Principal: I got a note from someone on your bus who says you threatened to throw her in a dumpster, and then hit her brother with a seat belt 

INTP: I definitely didn’t touch her brother, because buses don’t have seatbelts

Vice Principal: … and the threat?

INTP: I think we both know what happened here

Age 13: 

Teacher: So how many of you love Spanish so far

Other Students: …

INTP: Everyone in here hates this class and thinks it is stupid 

Teacher: *holding back tears* Go see the dean of students, now

INTP: Hey! You Asked …