yes go get your woman boy

Call Me Mistress – Ramen (M) (Part 1)

Summary: A long-term client hires the Mistress to help celebrate his best friend’s birthday.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, with guest appearances by Jimin and Jooheon (Monsta X)

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 10,537

Warning: Sub!Jungkook, Domme!Reader, BDSM, femdom, sexual themes, spanking, public humiliation, sexual harassment/groping, alcohol, profanity

Series: Call Me Mistress

A/N: Jungkook’s story will have multiple parts because the opportunity to share the Mistress’ business practices with new clients was too good pass up. Hope you enjoy!

Client List: Prologue | River (Namjoon) | Ramen (Jungkook): Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3 | Firetruck (Jin) | (more forthcoming)

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My Husband’s Brother (Pt 2b)- Thomas Shelby/ John Shelby

Part 1 // Part 2a

*Here’s the other 3,000+ words of what was to be a short Part 2 for the original oneshot! xoxox*


It had been a year since you spoke to Tommy, but you had thought of him every day. Just as he said, he was gone three days later along with John and Arthur and just like that everything had changed. Women did their part for the country. They wrote to the men, raised the children, kept up the house, and made sure industry did crumble under the weight of war. You had stayed out of the Shelby business your entire life, but with most all the boys gone, you and Martha had helped Polly keep shop. Being so close to Tommy’s life that you were doing the same job he had before the war struck had to be some sort of cosmic joke. It was nearly impossible to get him out of your mind, but it was only after a year that you spoke him back into existence.

You and Martha had been sitting at the table, she feeding her third child while you went over the never-ending pile of paperwork, when Polly walked in.

“We’ve got mail,” she stated, already lost in one of the letters as she threw the other down.

“Good news?”

“As good as it can get.” As usual, Polly had a letter from each boy while you and Martha found yours from only John. “I’ve learned to expect nothing different.” Polly could be and had been friendly as long as you’d known her. An intimidating and deadly woman, but nonetheless friendly. She always got antsy on days when we got letters and you therefore paid little mind to her abrupt exit after she grabbed what was unclaimed of the letters, assuming they were hers.

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  • Sales woman: [Knocks on door, Chan opens it] Hello little boy. Can you go get your mommy for me?
  • Chan: Sure!
  • Seungcheol: [Opens door] Hi, can I help you?
  • Sales woman: Uh sorry, can I speak to the lady of the house?
  • Seungcheol: Oh, sure one second.
  • Jeonghan: [Opens the door, leans on the doorway in sexy pose fanning himself with a fan] YES?
A Little Life | Tom Holland

Summary: A compilation of cute little moments where the entire family visits and meets the second baby…

Warning: major cuteness, infant health complications

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Type: Baby Holland Series


The morning brought strings of white stratus to contrast against the blue sky. The blurry grey clouds drifted lazily through the breeze without destination or purpose. The dawn sun peeked through the thick screen of clouds, painting the sky an elaborate mix of blood reds and vibrant oranges, intertwined with smokey greys that permeated the skyward canvas. It was Sunday morning.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a scenario where Bakugou's got a crush on a kind of shy and insecure s/o and they don;t swear in class. But one day he see's they get a phone call from a friend--maybe overhearing them say hold on I'll call them too for a three-way (phone call still--I miss when phones did that) and all of a sudden s/o is loud and confident and swearing up a storm and takl about their crush Bakugou and the class They're just shy in class because they're intimidated by being around great people.

Bakugou Katsuki:

(Full Name) had easily become the shy and quiet girl of class 1-A since she had started at UA. Maybe even rivalling Koda in terms of amount of times one had heard them talk.

Therefore it was logical to expect someone like Bakugou to stay as far away as possible from someone had had literally the most opposite of his personality as one could have.

But it was fairly obvious why he always hung out around them and did most of the talking. He was smitten with her. The way he toned down his swearing and attempted to be nice was enough of a reason to cause Kaminari, Sero and Kirishima to tease the poor hot head during lunch everyday whenever (Name) had silently waved to him.

Poor Bakugou could not help but plus as his friends chuckled and pointed out his goofy smirk and pink dusted cheeks from such a simple gesture from the girl.

“Just ask her out already dude.” Kaminari spoke like it was such a simple and easy idea.

“You don’t fucking think I’ve wanted to?!” Bakugou called back, his hair getting spikier from his anger.

“What’s the problem then? Its pretty obvious (Name)-san likes you back.” Sero chuckled as Bakugou was left speechless.

“Are you shitting me Smiley?!” He yelled, his hands slamming down on the table.

“Nope. She likes you bro.” Kirishima patted his back and gave him a thumbs up. “Go win over your woman!”

Later that day, Bakugou was preparing himself up to ask out the quiet beauty. Aizawa was rambling on about something or another, the blond boy not really caring about whatever the hell he was talking out.

The final bell rang and Aizawa dismissed his students. Bakugou took and deep breath, knowing that he was going to get a yes from you when he would cooly stride up to you desk and ask you out.

As he stood up he paused when he noticed (Name)’s phone suddenly going off. She smiled down at the number and rushed out of the classroom, wanting to talk to whoever was on the other side of the line privately.

“I’ve never see (Name)-chan look so excited.” Tsu mumbled.

“It must be an old friend from middle school! She told me they were calling her after school today!” Uraraka explained and then spat out her breath as she observed Mineta and Kaminari walking towards the door.

“Hush guys!” Mineta cried out. “I wanna hear what kind of conversations a babe like (Name) has!”

“Awe I bet its about cute things like animals and sweets!” Kaminari drooled.

“Everyone stop! This is not polite to our classmate!” Iida scolded the pervy boys.


Everyone suddenly froze and blinked. That sounded a lot like… but it couldn’t be…

“Pshhh yeah he’s kinda a dumb fuck… I’ve been giving him all the signals that I like his stupid ass… but well boys will be boys.”

Was that (Name)? She swore? She could be sarcastic? She could be louder than a whisper?

“Holy shit… Bakugou you’re girl swears like you…” Kirishima mumbled, only to be hit the next second.

“She ain’t my women shit face!”

“Hush! She just hung up! Everyone act normal!” Mina cried out and dove towards her desk again.

Everyone froze on the spot and pretended to be having a conversation or on their phones. The door reopened and (Name) walked back in as if nothing had ever happened or that she had a secret loud and confident personality under that shy demeanor.

(Name) paused when she could feel everyone watching her. “Yes?”

Everyone quickly flushed and looked away. (Name) simply sighed. This is why she never talked… they were all so intimidating and she was afraid her true self would make a bad impression.

Maybe that’s why she liked Bakugou… because that hot piece of ass didn’t give a single shit. And to her, that was fucking hot.

I was so inspired after all that conversation about The Weeknd, I’m sorry if some of them are a little over the top, I got carried away :p

Finding out MC used to do sexy dances when she was younger


  • He gets oddly shy around your girlfriends, trying his best not to be his usual charming self so you won’t get the wrong idea
  • Little does he know you think it’s hilarious how he blushes when they squeal teasing you  for dating a hot superstar
  • In that particular get together you were having, they were teasing you for his last semi-nude scene on a musical.
  • And you’re just shrugging and telling them you don’t care. These things get publicity, and publicity is great business for his manager, who happens to be you.
  •  “Oh yeah… and let’s be real, MC, you would be such a hypocrite for criticizing his nudes after that lap dance you gave me at my bachelorette party.”
  • Okay. Let’s pause and rewind… Zen got lost for a moment.
  • “Girl, don’t…” you blush, but your friend doesn’t give a shit and nudges your fiancée. “Oh yeah… did you know she gave me a lap dance on my bachelorette party?”
  •  He looks at you, then at his friend, then at you again with the most shocked and… impressed expression you’ve ever saw, making you feel the need to explain yourself “We were drunk and playing Truth or Dare.”
  • “Uhmmm, she takes a challenge very seriously, keep that in mind.” “I… I will…”he says, chugging the rest of his beer SHIT! You’re so screwed when you get home…
  • It’s an awkward silence when you two get home, “Zen… about what she told you… you know it was just a stupid bachelorette thing, right?” “Dance off.” He says, taking his shirt off.
  • “What?” “I’m challenging you to a dance off, I heard you take challenges very seriously, so… don’t think I’ll let you win just because you’re a lady, babe.”
  • You look at him head to toes… head to abs, actually. “Alright.”, you grab a chair and put in the center of the living room, crossing your arms “The challenger starts, then.”. Oh… judging from his grin, he’ll gladly start as long as you finish it.


  • Boy almost gets surprised at how… loud your friends are.
  • But his college buddies can be like that too. So to him, this is just one more thing you have in common.
  • They won’t tease him much because you requested, telling them that as cute a she is, you don’t want him to be uncomfortable around them.
  • So they focus on making him laugh telling embarrassing stories from high school.
  •  “Oh, what about the finals for the basketball championship when the adversaries asked for another match?” “Why?” he asked, very curious.“Well, allegedly, our cheerleader captain created a very sexy choreography that was distracting the players.” Your friend gives you a mischievous glance.
  • Yoosung notices her gaze towards you and gets S H O O K. “YOU WERE THE CAPTAIN, MC?”
  • “I… yes, I was. And those guys were just bad losers.” You shrug, but the blush on your cheeks probably give away that this isn’t exactly truth.
  • And boy is blushing too. He stays even quieter for the rest of the night, even when your friends try to tell him they were just teasing you because you’re a very different person ever since graduation.
  • Oh, you know how he gets easily jealous, so the idea of you dancing provokingly in front of a bunch of tall guys is probably driving him nuts.
  • But not exactly like you were imagining when you get home and he kisses you passionately. “Aren’t you mad?” you ask him. “Why would I? I used to be very different in high school too, I wasn’t even blonde…” you giggle and kiss him again.
  • “So, uhm… you know how you’re always cheering for me, MC? Could you do it  in a skirt one of these days?” OHOHOHO it will be your pleasure


  • She loves hanging out with your friends
  • She can be a little shy, but always ends loosening up as she realizes this is fun and your friends can be hers as well
  • Because it feels very new to her, you know? Having friends and all.
  • And your friends do their best to include her.“Oh, and you look at MC now being all cute and innocent, but this girl here got disqualified from the seniors talent show.” “Oh, really, why is that?”
  • “Because people don’t get art.” “Yeah, people don’t get the true message behind Fergalicious.”
  • “Exactly, and they also don’t get that… the boy scout outfit was a reference to the official video.” You cross your arms and pout.
  • Jaehee is lost, what is a “fergalicious”? She asks and all the eyes in the table go straight at her.
  • Poor lady, while you were dancing to Fergie, the woman was studying her ass off to get in college, don’t judge her.
  •  You don’t, and you also hope she doesn’t judge you either after your friends show her the Fergalicious video.
  • And you squirm in embarrassment everytime you catch her watching the video, yes, she watched again days after that embarrassing convo with your friends.
  • “Honey, just let it go… I was young and stupid… and Fergie was the bomb when I was a teenager…” “If I bake a cake like this for my birthday, will you get out of it like she does?” Oh… now you’re more excited than her for her own birthday.


  • He gets a little uncomfortable around your friends
  • It’s not them, it’s him. Everything is just very different from what he is used to.
  • Like, V and he constantly nag each other, but you and your friends take this to another level.
  • Seriously, is it really okay how you call each other “hoes”? Nobody here looks offended…
  • “Well, it’s just figure of speech. Don’t worry, your fiancée was never a hoe… except for that one time in Halloween…remember, MC?”
  • “I don’t…” “Yeah, because you were drunk.” “What happened in Halloween?” he asks casually, but everybody in the table feels like they are being interrogated.
  • “Oh, I… allegedly did some… pole dance in a haunted house.” He looks at you stoically, which only makes you feel like explaining yourself more “I was drunk.”
  • “Thankfully, right? Just imagine you doing pole dance in a haunted house in sane sobriety.” Is he telling a joke? Nobody knows and nobody has the guts to laugh.
  • Awkward silence during the ride home. You’re pretty sure he’s pissed!
  • “I don’t feel like apologizing for things I did when I was single and completely clueless that I would meet you one day, so… don’t get mad, Jumin, things have changed a lot from when I was a teenager.”
  • “I’m not following the logistic behind it. Where did you find a pole in a haunted house?” “Oh, it wasn’t a haunted house per se, it was more like a… haunted tent in the school gym, and there were those… pipes holding the structure of it, I think. And I… might have or might have not grinded against one of them…” you look away, flustered.
  • He just chuckles “I’ll make sure to provide you a proper pole, hope you don’t mind I’ll be your only audience, kitten.” The hell you do!


  • He loves your friends
  • He thinks girls are hilarious when they get together like this
  • Because you’re so sweet when you’re with him, but get all salty when you’re with them, and he would love to see more of this side of yours
  • So he’s basically there to get tips on what your friends do to unlock this mode on you
  • “Nah, MC is a sweet shy girl ever since high school, oh, except for the car wash we did to raise money for charity when we’re seniors.”
  • “Don’t even start, girl! I know what you’re gonna say, I wasn’t dancing!” “Yes, you were! You were splashing water, throwing your wet hair back and forth and feeling like a Pussycat Doll!”
  • “Yeah, MC! Everybody knows there’s a Pussycat Doll hidden somewhere in there…” he goes along with the teasing, though he has no idea if this is true or not.
  • Though he remembers going through your old social media and seeing some posts about a car wash, so… yeah.
  • And you know he probably doesn’t care that much, the problem here is how much he’ll tease you and ask you to wash his cars.
  • “Okay, before you say anything. It was for charity. And yeah, maybe I was feeling a little like in a slow motion video, but… ahh, I was young and stupid.” You pout and look away.
  • He grabs your chin and makes you look at him, planting a fierce kiss on your lips. “I want to see some photos…” “Haven’t you found in my background history?” “I stayed away from the Rated R things about you because I’m an innocent catholic boy, you know that…” not so innocent after you actually gave him permission to go through the photos, tho.

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{reaction} the reader *a girl* is the new member of nct 127 and is openly bisexual, then the female interviewer begins to fondle the reader's thigh and blink at her (everyone realizes it), how would the member of the group that is her boyfriend react to that?

Oooooooo this is a good one! Here you go! (I hope I could do this request justice) eeee


 Most of the time in you, and Taeyong’s relationship, he is a super sweet angel. But when he sees this happen before him, he’ll want to take control of the situation. He would move her hand away from your legs, not roughly or rudely (respecting that she is a woman) and saying sternly:

“Excuse me, but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t touch my fellow member, or my girlfriend so much.”


Originally posted by neotechs


 Taeil would be very jealous. He would wait for the first break in camera time and go to you, grabbing your hand. He would then directly speak to the interviewer, you by his side.

 “You should be a lot more respectful and professional with your guests, don’t touch her again.”


Originally posted by neotechs


 Johnny would be EXTRA. Once he saw the interviewer touching your thighs, he would get up and grab your hand to help you stand up from your seat. He’d walk you over to his seat and motion you to sit down. Then he’d sit by the interviewer.

“I think this seat arrangement is a lot more appropriate.”

e x t r a

Originally posted by dansphil


 Yuta would be confident in your relationship. He would notice this and interrupt the interviewer a lot so she would get distracted, and stop what she was doing. Yuta would give you looks, letting you know he was cautious about his. Afterwards he would pull you aside.

“I don’t have to worry, do I?”

You would tell him that you’re only his, and he didn’t have to worry about the interviewer.

cocky hoe

Originally posted by victorianera


  Doyoung would feel the situation was out of his reach. He would feel heartbroken, and scared during the whole interview. He would fear you could be taken from him, and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. After the interview, he would pull you aside and ask about it. You would see how upset it made him, and would assure him that you can’t be taken from him, and not to worry about the interviewer. He would look at you with the sweetest smile.

“I was really scared, Y/N. I don’t want to lose you to someone else.”


Originally posted by dovounq


   Jaehyun would be uncomfortable, and wouldn’t know how to react at first. Then, his eyes would shift from you, to the interviewer. In the middle of the interviewer speaking, he would turn your chair facing him, and try to show that you are HIS girlfriend, and HE was the only one who could be friendly with you. (He would be bold as hell)

“Hey, you know I love you more than anyone ever could, right?”


Originally posted by wonwoosvt


   Winwin would pretend he doesn’t care. Winwin is a sweet baby, but in situations where he feels threatened, he will try to be manly and confident. He would stay silent during the interview, looking clearly unhappy.  Once the cameras turn off, but everyone is still around he would speak to the interviewer:

“Miss, I’d appreciate that you acknowledge the fact I’m Y/N’s boyfriend. What you did back there was not okay.”

yes you tell him baby

Originally posted by dimplesjae


  Mark would be silent. He would do all the talking with his eyes. He didn’t want to be unprofessional, and ruin the interview for any of his members. He observed that you were the only member being touched so much, and would lock on to the interviewer with pure jealously in his eyes.  Once the interviewer caught his intimidating gaze, she would quickly stop and continue professionally.

He would pull you aside afterwards

“I didn’t want you to humiliated on an interview for the world to see, you’re so much more than some woman’s play toy. You’re my girlfriend, and you deserve a better image while your debuting with us.”

BITCH this is so much whaT am i writing

Originally posted by mxrksgf


  Haechan would be very sad. He would be worried that maybe he wasn’t good enough, and he wouldn’t say anything during the interview. He would automatically regret not saying anything though, and would feel even worse. He would be obviously unhappy, and you’d eventually have to check on him. You’d cheer him up and let him now that the interviewer was out of line, and that everything was ginger to be okay.

“I’m sorry I didn’t stick up for you, Y/N. I just love you so much, I can’t lose you.”

again we don’t deserve angels

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My Girl (Father!Negan X Daughter!Reader)

Based on the song ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations. Enjoy!

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day. When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May.

Everyone rested on their knees kneeling to Negan, watching as he smiled at all of his people. Lucille in his hand, fingers gripped tight around the polished wood as he began to quietly chuckle. “Y'all can stand” his voice boomed, shifting his body 360 degrees as everyone began to rise from their knees. He then turned to his next victim, sitting right in the middle of the large room.

Negan smiled right at him, showing off his pearly white teeth before beginning to laugh. “What’s your name again?” Negan asked. “J-Jason” the man hesitated, obviously scared of what was about to come from the devilish man grinning right in front of him. “Jason, tell me, you see that girl?” Negan asked, pointing right at the balcony, right at you. Jason quickly twisted his head, before looking back at Negan. “S-Sir I-”

I guess you’d say What can make me feel this way?

Negan grabbed his face, cutting him off from his words and turned Jason’s chair around, making him stare right at you. “Her, right there. Do you see that girl, yes or no?” Negan shouted as Jason began to weep. “Yes!” He cried before Negan threw him onto the floor. You watched helplessly, knowing that no matter how much you would scream and cry for him to stop, Negan would never stop.

“Do you mind telling us who that girl is?” Negan bent down to meet face to face with Jason, watching the boy shake with fear. “(Y-Y/N)” he stuttered before Negan chuckled and smacked Jason’s leg with Lucille causing everyone, including you, to flinch once you heard his loud cries. “You don’t deserve to say her name” Negan spat. Jason was sobbing uncontrollably, his fear and pain pouring out.

“I am going to ask you again, who is she?” Negan grabbed Jason by the shirt, holding Jason’s face close to his as Jason trembled. “Y-Your daughter, s-sir” Jason stuttered as Negan threw him back on the floor, and raised his arms in triumph.

“Now, was that so hard?” Negan played, before glancing back up at you and smiling. “My girl, my precious not-so-little girl!” Negan exclaimed, trying to see if he could make you smile, but frowned watching you keep the look of annoyance plastered right on your face.

My girl (my girl, my girl) Talkin’ 'bout my girl (my girl)

Negan swerved his body away from you, turning and watching the frightened crowd of his people, all terrified of his future actions. “I know, I may not be the best father. I mean hell, in a shit time like this, I don’t think good fathers even exist. But I know, I’d be a completely shit father if I let this moron talk to my daughter the way he did” Negan spoke loud, his voice echoing within the filled factory. He turned his body back to Jason, looking down at the injured boy.

“I don’t know who raised you,” Negan began, “who fed you, played with you, wiped your fuckin’ ass, but I do know this;” Negan pulled Jason up from the floor, throwing him back into the chair that he was sitting in before, and whacked Jason’s torso with Lucille. Jason’s pained cries were like nails on a chalkboard, everyone flinched and covered their ears, unable to bear the shrieks of pain. You had enough and left, feeling hot tears of embarrassment and disappointment streaming down your face.

“You do not ever, ever speak to a woman like that, especially my fuckin’ daughter! Do you understand me, or do I have to repeat myself like I’ve been doin’ for the last 50 fuckin’ times!” Negan shouted. Jason could only get out the slightest of whimpers before Negan shouted for him to answer. “Y-Yes! I-I’m sorry! But p-please, let me g-go!” Jason cried before Negan scoffed. He looked back up at the spot you used to be, before leaning away from Jason’s face and looking back down at the boy.

“I’m not fuckin’ finished with you”

I’ve got so much honey The bees envy me I’ve got a sweeter song Than the birds in the trees

You were locked in your room, sobbing into a pillow, feeling your heart twisted and torn from Negan’s actions. You felt betrayed and alone, like both of your parents had died. Losing your mother at a young age, before all of this happened, was hard enough, but now your father acting like this, killing innocent people, to say you were disappointed would be an understatement.

Three loud bangs cascaded from the other side of your door, you shifted your body as the door slowly opened, revealing Negan with a bloodied Lucille slung over his shoulder.

I guess you’d say What can make me feel this way? My girl (my girl, my girl) Talkin’ 'bout my girl (my girl)

“Baby, I’m so-”

“Can you just leave? You are the last person I want to see right now.”

Negan frowned, setting Lucille down by your door before closing it and stepping towards your bed, sitting next to you. “You are so stubborn, just like your mother,” Negan chuckled “just like your mother.” he repeated softly to himself before shaking his head.

“I know you know I haven’t been the same since she died, hell, I haven’t been the same since she got goddamn cancer. But you, you’re the reason why I haven’t completely lost my mind. You kept me in place” Negan spoke softly, this was a side of Negan you haven’t experienced since you were a little girl, it felt like a completely different person.

Negan looked over at you, and chuckled. His smile was big as he continued to look over your facial features which he found completely identical to your mothers. “I know you’re not happy with the way I do things, Baby. But this is who I am, this is how I keep us safe!” You cringed at the use of your old nickname; Baby. Your mothers favorite movie was Dirty Dancing and she began to call you Baby after you had told her you wanted to dance just like Baby.

Though Negan despised the movie, the nickname did stick with him and he has used it ever since, but as you got older you began to hate the nickname, as it reminded you of the times that used to be.

I don’t need no money, fortune or fame I’ve got all the riches, baby One man can claim

“Don’t call me Baby” you muttered, before Negan was taken aback, his eyes widening at your fierce attitude. “What did you just say to me?” He grumbled, his short temper now sparked. “Don’t call me that dumb nickname, don’t even think about it! Only my dad is allowed to call me that and right now I don’t know where he is!” You shouted, as Negan furrowed his eyebrows.

“Who do you think you are, talkin’ to me like that, after I just defended you from that dick-wipe who completely treated you like a piece of trash!” Negan shouted back at you, his voice obviously louder than yours. “I’m not that little eight year old anymore, I can handle myself! I taught myself how to survive without a dad, because a dad is the complete opposite of what you are!” You cried, watching a rare look of horror play out on Negan’s face.

guess you’d say What can make me feel this way? My girl (my girl, my girl) Talkin’ 'bout my girl (my girl)

Negan grabbed you off of the bed, holding you in his arms, close to his chest. “No matter how much you hate me, I’m always gonna love you. You make think I’m unfair, but I’m doing what I need to do to survive and keep your ass safe, because keepin’ your ass safe is what your mother would want. I want what she wants. So hate me all you want, you can even kill me right now, but if you did, I’d still take a bullet right between the fuckin’ eyes to protect you” Negan spoke, as tears began to fill your eyes, you didn’t know how to react.

You couldn’t help but pull him into a tight him, whispering soft 'I’m sorry’s’ into his ear. You definitely have never seen this side of him for a long time, and you couldn’t have been more relieved to know that he still had his soft spot for you. His sunshine, his Baby, his girl.

That was really bad. I apologize. I might rewrite this.
A day at the bea-Fuck! {Hamilsquad}

Prompt: @helplessforbroadway’s write-a-thon BEACH AU

Pairing: none

Word count:970

Warning: none


“Sunscreen, check?”

“I got the sunscreen!” John screeches,

“Snacks, check?”

“I got the snacks!” Herc pats his unisex tote bag, as he unwraps a Twinkie.

“Towels, check?”

“Towels check, chéri.” Laf smiled,

“Okay, Alex did you out gas in the car last night?”

“Yes! For the last time, I put gas in the car!”

“Don’t get so offended like I am wrongly accusing you, last time you said you put gas in the car you didn’t and we ended up on the side of the road.”

“Whatever! Can we just go?”

“Yay! Off to the beach!” John was the first one out the door and to the car.


Fortunately for us Alex did put gas in the car and we made it to the beach safely. It was when we got to the beach all the problems started.

“John stop trying to drown that little boy!”

“Well, he stole my floatie.” John pouted and the little boy threw the floatie at John before rushing off, sobs shaking his body.

“You’re going to jail for attempted murder.”


“Yes, hello?” I looked up to find a blonde woman standing over me the same little boy by her side. “Are you with that man over there?” She pointed to the water when the guys were playing chicken, more specifically to John.

“Yes, why?”

“My son says that man tried to kill him.”

“He did no such thing! I do know he was upset because your son stole his floatie, he’s a kind man he would never do such a thing.” I gasp, hand over my heart,

“Oh so you lied? No? Get your ass over there now, no more swimming for you.” We watched as he walked back to where they sat, “I am so sorry, have a wonderful day.”


“Y/N! Y/N!” I put my book down and looked to see Alex, John and Laf running toward me.

“Where’s Herc?”

“Come on!” Alex grabbed my arm and dragged to a somewhat secluded part of the beach.

“He got stung by a jellyfish.” I look down to see Herc holding his foot,

“What should we do chéri?”

“Well, I’ve read that you pee on it.” They all looked at me in disgust,

“No way! No ones peeing on me.”

“Fine then, let it sting.” I turn to walk away but Herc’s whimper stops me,

“Okay fine but…can you do it?”


Herc had decided to stay along side me, letting the others play in the water. “Why aren’t you swimming?”

“My hair! I just got it done.”

“I forgot how girls are with their hair, sorry.”

I was pulled away from the conversation by a violent cough. I look over to see Alex and John surrounding Laf as he basically coughed up a lung. “What the hell?” I race over toward him, “What happened?”

“He’s choking on salt water!” Alex explained,

“What do you do when someone is choking on water?” John panicked,

“This,” I stood over Laf and before to pat his back, until he slowly started to regain his breath.

“I’m alright! I am alright! Please stop, that hurts!” He rolls over on his back, eyes red with tears flowing down his cheeks,

“I can’t take you guys anywhere.”


Herc and I had been joined by Laf, “I’m going to use the restroom, I’ll be right back.” I stand up, leaving my coverup there in my spot as I walk toward the restrooms,

“Hot damn!” I look to see two guys staring at me, I shake my head at their childish antics, continuing to walk toward the restrooms.

“You not gonna stop? Me and my friend wanna talk.” Says the other one as the jog to catch up with me,

“No I wasn’t going to stop. I have to pee!” I keep walking until one of them grabs my arm,

“I said me and my friend want to talk to you, stop playing hard to get ma.”

“And she said she has to pee.” I close my eyes it was Alex, which meant nothing but trouble.

“Alex I got-”

“No, these guys don’t seem to get it.”

“Scram!” One of the guys stomp at Alex who doesn’t even bat an eye but steps closer,

“Leave her alone.”

“Maybe we should just go Jake-”

“No, he’s going to leave us alone so we can talk with the pretty girl. Alone.” Alex balled up his fist and I knew what was next but it still surprised me as Alex punched the guy square in the nose. “Ow! Dude what the fuck?”

“Scram!” Alex barked and they both ran off,

“I told you I had it,” I whisper softly, wrapping my arms around Alex,

“Pee, then we’re leaving. I think we’ve all had enough of the beach today.


"I can’t believe you packed the sunscreen and still forgot to use it.” I look over at the sunburnt John, who grimaced.

“I know, I should’ve listened to you.”

“Would’ve been smart. Herc how you holding up?”

“It doesn’t hurt as much, I’m sure I have your piss to thank for that.” I laugh,

“Alex are your knuckles okay?” I look back to find my scrappy little Alex knocked out. “I guess punching someone does a number on you.” I laugh but I only hear John and Herc chuckled, “Laf is sleep too?”


“I’m enjoying this silence, I have to take you guys to the beach more often.”


“Please don’t!”

“The beach is the worst!” Laf mumbles,

“You woke up just to tell me that?”

“Oui! I nearly died there, no more beach.” I look at the three in the back,

“No more beach.” I promise them and then I look over to the tomato red John, “No more beach.”


So Finally. Here it is, a very very very late birthday present for the most amazing abuela ever @piercethemarti  , you are amazing, remember that and I will fight anyone who says anything against you. 

If I should tag you in the next fic I post tell me, I will write it down.

(The idea came from the song Apologize - One Republic but it isn’t entirely based on the song)

Enjolras x Reader

Word Count: 850 (Kinda short but it’s one of the fics I actually liked while writing so yeah)

If you find any errors, ignore them, I will be too lazy to correct them, now enjoy:


“You are always in that café with your friends, never once thinking about how I am feeling. I stay up waiting for you to come home. And when you arrive at an ungodly hour, you don’t even bother to greet me, you always ignore me Enjolras.”

“Look Y/N, the revolution is bigger than both of us, we are not that important right now.”

You gasped.

“So I’m not important? I’m not important? Did you ever care about something other than France? No don’t answer that. Just go.”

Enjolras had never looked so hurt, and it broke you to say these words but you had to.

“Get out of the house. This is the house my father gave me after he died and you have no right to live here with me after what you just said. Stay at Combeferre’s house, or at Marius’ place, I don’t care, just go.”

This was your first fight.

Enjolras showed up at your doorstep three days later, a book and flowers in his hands. He fell to his knees and begged you to forgive him. You did. You never intended to kick him out permanently.

After that he had asked for your hand. You said yes.

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Girls’ day out.

I was supposed to finish this up because this was requested months ago by @ cliss25 – probably one of the very first few requests I ever received via messages that is! – and I was checking through my messages to get to the requests! I’m awfully sorry this came up super late! I disappeared for a while from the blog between February to April and only recently became active again! I really have no other excuse for my absence so thank you for sending this in and I really do hope you enjoy this! As such, you are the first person to request a thing with Cass and Steph!

Hi, first sorry for my english, but is not my first language. Second, i love your fics, Batmom is the best, but i dont read much about the girls, can you maybe writ something about Bruce Batmom with Cass and Steph. Thanks!

You love your boys. Anyone who knows you knows that you absolutely adore your entire family and your entire absolutely adores you too. You are never seen without any one of your boys – most of the time, it’s the youngest Wayne that accompanies you everywhere you go. But what they do not know is that, as much as you really love hanging out with your boys, sometimes you can only take so much testosterone in a day so normally in a week, you always have a day designated just for the girls in the family only. No interruptions from your boys, no husband asking you where his favourite tie is and no son of yours calling in asking you whether he should get take-outs or have dinner at the manor.

Girls’ day always fall on a Saturday. Normally you would have everyone – all of the girls, that is – over but unfortunately for you, that week, only Cass and Steph are available. Not that you minded at all because you loved hanging out with the two girls as well.

Which is why that Saturday, you are lounging in your tea room – Bruce figured that you might need a room of your own where you can hold your Girls’ day and had an old living room renovated just for you – in your pajamas. Saturday also meant lazy days for you. Cass is currently basking in the sunlight by the window and Steph is just looking through the amount of nail polishes you have.  

“I’m starting to get bored,” You tell the girls, placing the glass of iced tea on the table. “What do you think of going to a spa?” You ask as you reach for your laptop – you had been wanting to go to a spa for the longest time and have yet to find the right time to do so but since you finally have some time to spare today and the girls are here too, you think it might be a good idea.

Cass is the first one to look away from the window. Ever since she has got to know you, she is starting to be more and more open – it took a lot of work and patience but you finally managed to get her to talk more than just one word sentences. “Is the new spa you recently talked about?” But her voice is still the softest ever though that’s one thing you do not want to change about your baby girl.

Steph’s eyes widen in glee. “Oh my god, yes, please! People think it’s easy being a woman – they have absolutely no idea just how much care we put in to being one.” She exclaims, excited at the thought of going to a spa. She could not even remember when was the last time she had treated herself.

You smile. “Well, that’s settles it then.” You immediately get your phone and dial up the spa, booking an appointment for that day. “Done; our appointment’s booked after lunch. So how about we get some brunch first?” You look at the two girls who simply nod their heads.

Thankfully, none of the boys came to bother you – every now and then, they would drop by to ask you questions you know Alfred could answer in lieu of your absence – so your brunch went by wonderfully. Not before long, the three of you are dressed up and ready to go to the spa.

The moment you get out of your car, you are greeted with a lot of paparazzi. Cass immediately goes to your side, trying to shield you and Steph is asking everyone to back away politely. You simply hold on to Cass’s hand and pull Steph away from the paparazzi, knowing very well that no matter what you choose to do with them, they will still run their stories the way they see fit.

After getting the three of you checked in, you started with the good stuff: mud bath. It was fun to be able to spend some time with your girls, laughing and gossiping about random things you could think of. You are thankful that the girls are very comfortable with you too.

“My skin is so smooth right now. Is this how you keep yours smooth?” Steph runs a finger down her own arm. “I should probably do some more mud bath in the future.”

You giggle at her adorableness. “Hit me up when you want to do it!” You tell her, fastening the white robe on your body. Cass is already beside you, looking kinda out of place. So you throw an arm around her shoulder, pulling her to you. “How is it so far, Cass?”

Cass nods her head. “It’s really fun.” She gives you a small smile and you pat her shoulder, satisfied with her answer. “What are we going to do next?”

You shrug your shoulders. “Up to you girls, really. I just wanted to spend some time with the two of you.” You say earnestly and Steph blinks a few times before giving you and Cass a brief hug, chuckling happily.

“Well, can we get some facials then? I think I need some pampering for my face.” Steph tells you once she pulls away from the hug. You nod your head and let Steph take the lead. The three of you went for some facials after that and even got a face massage after some exfoliation. Then the three of you received manicures and pedicures and trying to choose colours that represented your alter egos were fun too, laughing at jokes that left the manicurist and pedicurist lost.

To be honest for you, the fun part about going to the spa is getting the massage at the end. Even though you don’t really go out in the field whenever your boys are, sitting in the bat cave, monitoring their every activity can get you tense. This was probably the best idea you have ever had in a while – you knew you had knots here and there but you didn’t know just how much everything hurts until the masseuse rubbed them away.

“That was so refreshing.” You say to no one in particular as you relax. One of the side effects of getting a massage is that you get lazy to move. “I am so contented I just don’t want to move right now.” Cass leans against you, she too felt really good after getting the massage. She never knew she was hurting in the areas until the masseuse did wonders on her. Steph on the other hand looks really energized and absolutely happy.

“Honestly, the rest of them are so going to regret not being free today of all days!” Steph shakes her head. “Thank you for today! It’s been a while since I have this much fun and care for myself.” You simply grab her hand, grinning at her.

“I am half-tempted to just call one of the boys to pick up the car and drive us home.” You let out a small yawn before taking out your phone. “You know what, I’m just going to call one of the boys and tell them to pick us up.” You quickly sent a message to your family group chat asking for the boys to pick you up, leaving a strict reminder that Damian should not be driving any of the cars just yet because he is still underage, to which your youngest simply tuts and gives you an exasperated sticker in return. “Okay, the boys will be here soon enough.”

“Thank you for today.” Cass snuggles against you and you smile at her.

“Anything for my girls.”

Lets Ruin The Friendship (Part Two)


(1,416 words)

Warnings: Swearing, Sexual themes.

A/N: I dont even know!!! i wrote this at like 3 am when i couldn’t sleep! This was never meant to be a two part thing so i just wrote it for shits and giggles! Youll probably hate it but here something you might  FORBIDDEN

Masterlist   Request (i need ideas lol)      Part one

^and i just wanted an excuse to use this  ENJOY

How could you be so fucking stupid, not only did you sleep with your best friend you fell asleep after, in your defense you were jet lagged so jet lag and rigorous activity equals utter exhaustion, When Tom lets out a loud snore you know you have to get out there. Slowly lifting yourself off the bed you franticly look for your clothes, shoving then in your carry-on from the day before you pull a sun dress from your suitcase. Slipping it on you rustle your hair and tip-toe to the door, in the dark of the hotel room you knock into a rolling chair and stub you to, letting out a string of curses you hear Tom awaken behind you. “[Y/N]?” he asks voice raspy and deep. Without a word you slip through the doorway and into the bright hotel hallway, elevator get to the elevator, don’t look back just go is all you thought when you heard a door open and close behind you. Lucky for you an old woman was just exiting the elevator and you could slip in. Just before the doors closed you saw Tom half naked figure through the small space between the doors.

“Get it girl” Jaspers said combing your hair. “Shut up, it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done” you say to your brother “No the stupidest thing you’ve ever done was come back here for this dinner party.” He said laughing “Is it gonna be that bad?” you ask turning you chair around “Christmas 2009 all over again” he said rolling his eyes “Oh god, it couldn’t be unless…Grams is coming, isn’t she?” you ask dreading the answer “Yup, and you know exactly what she’s going to say” he begins “Oh, Jasper darling when are you going to settle down with a nice young lady and join the family business” you say mimicking an old woman’s voice “Well, grams there’s a hitch in your plan, dad would never let his big homo of a son into the firm.” He says playing along with you act. “W-w-what… and then that old crone would grip her pearls and die” you laugh. You and Jasper were the only people in three generations not to be lawyers. “So are you gonna bring him to the party” he asked sitting on you bed “Who, Tom, no, never, not a chance.” You say joining him “Why not I’m sure he would want to come. Maybe he could bring his friend Haz” “For the last time Jas, Harrison isn’t gay” you say chuckling when the door opens.

“Hi, daddy” you say stand you peck your father’s cheek “Princess, I didn’t know you got in today” he says glancing at Jasper the back to you “I didn’t I got in yesterday, I stayed the night with a…” you exchange looks with your brother “Friend” you finally say earning a muffled giggle from Jas. “Well, your mother and I are going out for last minute party favors, make sure to be here tonight, OK” your father says leaving the room “Princess?” Jasper asks “He wants me on my best behavior, but why.” Walking to your closet your phone rings and Jasper dives from it. “Gimme the phone Jas” you say crouching slightly ready to pounce. But instead he jumps to your bed and answers the phone.

“Hello” he sings swatting away your hands “Oh, Tom How are you, [Y/N] she can’t come to the phone right now can I take a message, well if you really want to talk to her you can…,” he wouldn’t you thought “come to a party tonight, formal attire and bring a friend, Okay see you tonight bye” he hangs up “I’m gonna kill you” you say snatching your phone “You should be thanking me, he sounded excited.” “he did” you ask “Not that I care” Jasper laughs “Lets pick you out something to wear, Princess” he mocks

Classical music filled the air as the party was in full swing, well full swing for a dinner party full of lawyers and accountants. You were mingling with a old women when you saw her out of the corner of you eye scanning the room you meet your brothers gaze. It was her Grandma [Y/L/N] but she was hanging on an arm, the arm of you Grandfather. Walking arm and arm with your brother you greet your relatives “Grams, Gramps it’s so… good to see you again” you say swallowing your nerves. “You too dear” she said with a thin smile “Gramps we didn’t know you were coming” jasper said his voice shaky “Your grandmother insisted I come” his voice loud and strong “Jasper dear where is your date, is she pretty?” grams asks “I don’t have a date grams” jasper said plainly “When are you going to finally get a woman, boy” your grandfather says.

A slight tap on your shoulder makes you turn, Tom is stood behind you clad in a tux Harrison next to him. You lean in to kiss his cheek “Get out while you can” you whisper into his ear “[Y/N] is this your boyfriend” grams askes “N-Yes” you say straightening grabbing Toms hand “Just go with it, when she finds out were actors we get to watch her squirm.” You whisper to him. His response is cut off by your father’s voice calling the guests to the family room.

Standing glass of whiskey in his hand he calls his family to sit and that he has an announcement. Sitting on the arm of the chair Jasper took look to Tom how is staring at you biting his lip. You cross your legs as your father begins. “Family, Friends,” he looks Tom and Harrison “People I don’t know, I have an announcement, my son is going to be starting his first year at the firm tomorrow, Come on up here Connor.” He says as your youngest brother steps up and drinks in the applause. “What about these two?” Your grandfather asks pointing his long boney lawyer finger at you and your brother “Father, they-they um” your father tries “Spit it out”

“I’m not a lawyer, I’m an actor” you say “[Y/N] don’t” your mother cuts you off before you can say more “A what” your grandpa asks “I’ll put you through law school you know that, Don’t chase some silly dream” he says “It’s not a silly dream she’s amazing” Jasper says “And you what’s your excuse” he growls “Jasper, don’t you dare” your father interjects gulping down his drink “I’m gay, can’t have that ruining the family business, can we” Jasper say smoothly through the gasps and whispers “I wanted one nice party is that too much to ask for” your father say pinching the bridge of his nose. Grabbing your brothers hand you say “People in hell want a glass of ice water, doesn’t mean they’ll get it” sass drips from your words. Grunting your father throws the glass he’s holing at the wall behind you. “Oh daddy, you missed” you coo “Get out of this house” he shouts

“Why’d you run off this morning” Tom asks. You an him were sitting on the roof of the guest house the cool night air chilling you “Can’t you see how badly I wanted to get home to my family” you say sarcastically he shoves you with his elbow “Come on, tell me” “I don’t know, I guess I was nervous, I mean we slept together” you said shivering “you were nervous, I was so high-strung. I was like, was I really that bad?” he said taking off his jacket and wrapping it around “I wasn’t, was I?” “No, you were…” you stand “we’re best friends, I just keep thinking what if we…” “Ruined the friendship” he finished your sentence. Giving him a nod he grabs you hand and pulls you close “I’m glad we did” peaking your lips waiting for your response, kissing him back gives him the answer he was waiting for. “How about we ruin it again huh?” he asks “Well if you insist” you say as he picks you up and climbing back inside you find a room.

On you search for a room you come to a door flinging it open you find Jasper and Harrison  making out, “I told you” he laughs “Should have put money on it” you say shutting the door sharing a laugh with Tom you find a room and begin a long night of ruining.

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Tommy x Reader

“No.” Tommy sighed as you got closer.

“You don’t have to talk to them.” You moaned and he smiled at you.

“I’m still not going to go anywhere.” He told you and lent back in his chair as a cold breeze lazed across the garden.

“But Tommy, everyone else is going.” You complained and he shook his head.

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guggi04  asked:

Can I be a greedy little GaFou shipper and ask for 8, 11, 22, 27 & 45 😅😄

Yes yes yes!!

8. How many children do they want/have?

Lefou always looks at Dick’s family and tells Gaston he’d like that- just one baby girl, to spoil and dote on and dress up and generally just love forever. Gaston likes that idea. In reality, they have six strapping children and their home is anarchy. The only time they can ever get away for a nice vacation or a night to themselves to actually have sex once in a while is if they cart their asses up through the forest for a day to pawn them off on Adam and Belle (those two don’t mind, their daughter loves the company of other children) Belle fucking revels in the exhaustion etched in Gaston’s features whenever they come by- this is retribution. 

11. What are their parenting styles?

Lefou is definitely the worrier. He worries if one of their kids goes out to town for some jam, he worries when their kids start learning how to ride horses, he worries when Gaston teaches their eldest boy how to fix shingles on the roof (”What if he falls off and dies, Gaston, did you think of that???”) So he’s the kind of overprotective one in everyday life. Now, Gaston is very laid back when it comes to rules (”Papa, can I ride your horse?” “Sure.” “Papa, can I go with Jaqueline on a picnic in the woods?” “Bring a coat.” “Papa, can I borrow your chopping axe?” “Hold it blade side up.”) 

But once their three girls are grown enough to start wearing pretty dresses, (and they have the prettiest, most fashionable ones in town, Gaston won’t settle for any less for his children) and they begin to get courted by village boys? Hoo boy. Gaston is the father from hell, and Lefou finds this so ironic.(”Don’t you remember when you were that age? You courted every woman in this village!” “Yes, but that was me, Lefou, there’s a difference here.”)

 Like picture this: a nice, shy boy from the other side of Villeneuve comes to take Ana into the square for a night of dancing. He opens the door, and finds Gaston in his armchair by the fire, loading his crossbow. 

“Ah, Henri! You’re just on time.” He aims the bow, and fires it at the target on the wall, making Henri jump a mile. 

Lefou just buries his face in his hands, going up to help their daughter get ready. 

22.  Who starts the hand holding? Who grabs the other’s butt? Who slides their arm around their waist? Who likes to put their fingers in the belt loops?

Lefou initiates the hand holding, since Gaston is too busy greeting people in town and being his extraverted to even think of the gesture. He also 100% grabs Gaston’s ass all the time- it just looks so good in the tight pants his hunter always wears. It turns Gaston on beyond belief that his husband is so taken by his backside, and it always ends with him turning around and hooking his fingers through Lefou’s belt loops, dragging him in for the dirtiest kiss imaginable. So basically, if Lefou wants to get laid, all he has to do is grab Gaston’s butt tbh and it works like a charm.

27. Who’d give their child sweets behind the other’s back?

G A S T O N. Lefou has a strict not that strict, he literally never enforces it policy that they only get like two sweets a day, but Gaston gives no fucks about house rules and gives them candy when Lefou’s not looking. Seriously, they’re really good at being cute when they ask, as they know Gaston’s heart is easily melted (”How could I say no to those eyes, hm Marie?!”) Also, ever since the children caught him stealing cookies from the cookie jar behind Lefou’s back one night, they tell him it’d be hypocritical if he didn’t. 

45. Who pays at dates?

Also Gaston. He absolutely insists. Lefou tries to pay him back in creative ways, like hiding money in his jacket or his shoe or something, but Gaston is all the wiser now, and hides Lefou’s coin purse before they go out. 

City Girl Part One| Archie x Reader

Prompt: Coming from a big city to a small, quaint town like Riverdale was a big change for you. Going from the girl who liked a casual hook-up to a committed relationship was an even bigger change. But can this small town boy convince you that it’s worth the ride?

Originally posted by kings-of-my-heart


           Hustle and bustle. The blaring of horns from yellow taxi cabs and the hollers of impatient Wall Street-esque business men echo through the streets of the city. The smell of the smog mixing with the scent of a poorly made hot dog travels through the air. People bump into each other without an exchange of a quick ‘sorry,’ too involved intently talking on the phone with a co-worker or family member. This was home.

           Slow walking and dirt roads. The silence of it all was deafening with the occasional honk of a horn. It smelt of pine trees and clean air. This was not home. This was Riverdale.

           Your mother was a cook and your father was a banker from the city. They decided to move to Riverdale after your two older brothers went to college. You didn’t need the room in your penthouse anymore and you’re mom wanted to find a small town to expand her business. She found Riverdale and thought it looked like a nice place to settle down and to have their youngest child, you, attend your final years of high school.

           To you, this was the worst decision your parents could have made. You were leaving your friends behind. You were leaving your school behind. You were leaving your real home behind. Nothing seemed beneficial to you about the move. You tried multiple times to convince your parents that it would be best for you to finish high school at your current school and then make the move to Riverdale when you were enrolled in college. But they were too keen on getting you out of the city which they claimed was a “bad influence” on you and bring you to a town that would teach you “humility and respect.” It wasn’t like you were a delinquent—sure you got involved with boys and some casual drinking, but that was all. You were an above average student and a beyond average daughter. Yet nothing worked in your favor.

           You moved to Riverdale after winter recess when second semester would begin at Riverdale High. You didn’t know anyone there, but you were expecting to get a tour from a guy named Kevin Keller. God, you hoped he was nice or the least bit, cute. Regardless of the situation, you just wanted to make friends at least.

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claudeng80  asked:


“What’s going on?” Obi says, using Kiki’s shoulder as a brace as he looks over hedges towards the main house.

She wrinkles her nose, shoving him off. Unfortunately, he doesn’t topple over. “Members of the Royal Family are visiting.”

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little-mini-me-world  asked:

Loving the headcanons of the bros at asian parties! Think you can do one of them interacting with their s/o's fam if they were asian in general??? Like everyday stuff

The Chocobros interact with their Asian S/O’s family 

Ahhh! First ask! Thanks, Jan! You’re the best! I love youuuu 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

Here’s a continuation of this post, which became a lot more popular than I expected. I hope you all enjoy this as well! 

Noctis Lucis Caelum: 

  • “Why does he wear so much black?” Your mom turns to you. “It’s because you have such a grumpy face on all the time that you attract people like this.“ 
  • This Tiger Mom didn’t want you to date, so you kept it from her for the longest time, until you couldn’t hide it anymore.
  • You even rejected Noctis at first.
  • Noctis has been pinning for you for a couple months now, but has been in love with you for even longer. He just…didn’t act on it, so when Prompto finally encouraged him to try, he finally worked up the courage to ask you out.
  •  …Only to be politely rejected.
  • This boy was a mess. He was stuttering, his face was pure red, his stomach was in knots, and he kinda wanted to cry a bit too, but you’re quick to assure him that you do like him back, but you can’t date right now.
  • This makes him feel a little bit better.
  • So you leave it at that, but it seems as if the Fates had better plans and kept on pushing you in each other’s path. You were partners for a group project, he was lacking in a subject, so you helped him, etc..
  • Since you technically rejected him, he still turns red when he talks to you.

Originally posted by blackbootyler

  • Until it finally came out that you aren’t happy with the way things are, and you agreed to date him.
  • She automatically tells you to break up with him, even before knowing who it was, because “studies come first!!” (I’m speaking from real-life experience, people.) 
  • But then you tell her that you’ve been dating Noct for the past couple of months, and it didn’t make a dent in your grades, so she hesitantly agrees, and will want to meet him to judge him. 
  • Will interrogate the shit out of him. Yet she still doesn’t know that he’s the prince. 

Originally posted by mishasaurus

  • You facepalm when he says that his hobbies are sleeping and he doesn’t get good grades. 
  • She tells you in your language, “He doesn’t have any redeeming qualities.” (aka I thought your standards were better than this.) 
  • BUT HE’S BEAUTIFUL MOM  She eventually sees how happy he makes you, and sees how in love he is with you, and eventually relents. 
  • Stutters and blushes like a firetruck when she eventually realizes that she’s been tough on the prince this entire time. 
  • But then he smiles and thanks her for letting him date you, and it’s the most brilliant smile she’s ever seen. 
  • Is completely dumbfounded. 
  • Your dad is the passive, laid-back dad, so he didn’t really have an opinion on Noctis. His opinion is his wife’s opinion. 
  • He used to take you on fishing trips with him as a kid, but then you grew older and it wasn’t cool anymore. 
  • He now takes Noctis. 
  • This is why his casual outfit looks so Asian Dad Patented. 
  • You mom is still wary about him being a suitor, but “My parents will like you more if you ate the vegetables they made for you." 
  • He eats it because he loves you. 
  • You aunts will try to find you a suitor, because they don’t believe you when you say that you’re seeing Noct. 
  • "Um, Auntie, I don’t think that I should meet this guy…" 
    "What do you mean? Just give him a chance! He has connections in the Citadel, you know. Wouldn’t it be nice to rub elbows with royals?" 
  • Your intrusive uncle will slide on in and ask you, "Did you two have sex yet?” while your mom gives you that look in the background if you two say the wrong thing. 

Originally posted by dutchfruitjar

  • The fam always asks you when are you going to give birth to the Crown’s next in line.

Prompto Argentum:

  • “Did you eat yet?” is the question your mom asks him every time he comes over. 
  • Since he’s so happy-go-lucky, he will come off as annoying to your relatives and parents at first, but since he’s so sweet and sincere, he’ll grow on your family. His personality is very off-putting, especially since most Asian adults come off as stoic. 
  • Be careful, if he starts to hang out too much with your family, he’ll start to do that one Asian dad pose when he takes the pictures for your family. 
  • You have a strict mom, which is a step down from the Tiger mom, but even she melts when she sees the precious boy that is Prompto. 
  • But at the beginning of the relationship, be warned that if you two sit too close to each other, she’s going to make you two separate. 
  • This boy can’t handle strict Asian parenting, so when your mom is tough on him at first, he will be shaking like a leaf. 
  • He’ll almost want to cry. 
  • She’ll have to tone it down when you lean over the table and tell her to go easy on him in your native language bc o m g this child is about to break into tears and h e l p 
  • I want to protect and love him, mom." 
  • "Let me meet his parents." 
    "You can’t mom, he’s adopted and even his adopted parents are barely home." 
  • Other than using this for Juicy Gossip™ to tell the aunts, she basically coddles Prompto like her own in the only way she knows how.
  • By feeding him lots.  
  • Prompto doesn’t know why he always leaves your house wanting to burst at the belly. 
  • If he gets a red envelope, he’ll be so surprised and happy that he’ll legitimately hug the person who gave it him and pick them up. 
  • "You mean I get money just for being young?!" 
  • But the true kicker is his technology knowledge. 
  • Let’s say that there’s an issue with your mom’s phone. Your siblings are all busy and you can’t do anything about it because, from her words, "All you do is eat!" 
  • "Why don’t you ask Prompto, Mom? He knows about that technology stuff.”
  • Prompto politely and slowly goes over the issue for your mom and fixes it for her.
  • She’s going to sign that marriage certificate herself omg. Yes, join the family so you can fix all of their technology.
  • Welcome to the family, son. 

Gladiolus Amicitia:

  • Okay, seriously—If you brought home someone like him, your overprotective parents will think that you’re dating a gangster. 

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  • I mean he’s got the long hair, muscles that pop up even if he just lifts his arms, tattoos, and nipple piercings.
  • Your siblings didn’t even think that he was your type, and technically he wasn’t. 
  • You knew that Gladio was a womanizer, and you weren’t about to date him, just so he can get under your skirt, but this boy was persistent.
  • You eventually agreed to go out on one date with him, and he tried so hard for you to give him a chance that you slowly fell for him. 
  • Now it’s time for the real obstacle, your parents. 
  • “No dating until you get married” parents indeed. If you brought home someone like Gladio, they’ll think you’ve gone astray.
  • But then Gladio goes the extra mile to make you happy, and to make your parents accept him, so they have to reluctantly agree. 
  • Your parents will eventually grow to like him, because Gladio is a charmer. 
  • No one can protect you like he can, after all. 
  • Your aunts would totally do that thing where he says something, they giggle, and they pat his bicep just to feel him up. 

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  • If you patch him up at your house after his spars or workouts with Noctis, and he gots hurt somehow, your mom is totally going to whip out that Asian Tiger Balm. 
  • Asian families know how to drink, and he will get totally wasted with your uncles.
  • If you were pure before, your mom will totally be onto you if you two finally did it.
  • “You started to walk more like a woman…" 
    "Mom, that doesn’t even make any sense.”
  • He can also kiss goodbye to not wearing a shirt around your family.  
  • “Put on this jacket!" 
    "Huh? But, babe, I’m not cold." 
    "Yea, you’re not cold, but my mom is." 
  • They’re going to be a handful, especially considering his appearance, but he puts up with it because he loves you. And if he loves you, that means he loves the whole family too. 

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  • And also, the ever beautiful subtlety of a middle-aged, Asian woman: 
  • "He looks like he has a big penis." 

Ignis Scientia: 

  • He is everything an Asian parent has ever dreamed of. 
  • He’s smart, handsome, he didn’t go to regular school, but he probably would’ve had top-notch grades. He also does housework, and he already has an upstanding job. 
  • You’re starting to think that they’re more proud of him than they are of you. 
  • Whenever he comes over, he always leaves with at least three recipes to try out at home. 
  • When you take him out to the market, be prepared to stay there for hours on end, because he will be contemplating every new ingredient. 

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  • Your mom is smitten with him, and sometimes she tells you that you’ll be going out for a family dinner, and you ask if you can invite Ignis: 
  • "Oh, I already invited him." 
  • It’s worse because he speaks your language. 
  • Usually the whole language barrier kind of prevents them from getting too in detail about your embarrassing moments. 
  • Not with him. 
  • He’ll probably know your whole life story. 
  • Not that she needs it, but Ignis will butter up your mom by buying her random gifts from designer brands. Like watches or purses. 
  • He doesn’t do it because he wants to buy his way into your family, but because he thinks that it’s a nice thing to do. 
  • Your dad was a different case, he was very indifferent towards Ignis, because he felt like Ignis was taking better care of you than he was. 
  • Ignis soon warms his way into your dad’s heart as well, and you see them share a cup of tea on the porch one night. 
  • I think the only time he would butt heads with your mom is when it comes to washing dishes. 
  • “But why would you have a dishwasher if you don’t use it?” 
    “It came with the house when we got it, and my mom refuses to use it.” 
  • Usually with boyfriends, the aunties will always refer to them as ”[Insert Name Here]’s boyfriend.“ 
  • Not with Ignis, he already won them over too. He goes on a first name basis with them. 
  • Your uncles will think that he’s uptight and prissy. Ignis always dresses up well, so they think that he’s just trying to flaunt his money. 
  • Then they’ll not-so-subtly drop some mean comments about him when he’s walking by, and Ignis will not hesitate to roast them. 
  • He apologizes to you later, since "I spoke so terribly to your family,” but then you said that it’s fine, and your hard-headed male relatives respect him now. 
  • Not only that, but he will also take care of your grandmother with you. 
  • He’ll drive her to places, buy groceries with her, chat softly with her, and cook with her. If he’s walking with her, he’ll be ever the gentleman and hook one arm with hers and walk extra slow to match her pace. 
  • He’s the most perfect man ever created. 
Usual Things | Ben Organa

Pairing: BenxReader

Warnings: None?

Word count: 2828 

I am a full believer in Ben Organa NOT Solo fyi. 

Thank maker for a nice day on Coruscant. Despite the sweat dripping down your bake, it is one of the cool days of the summer making your kitchen prep much easier. It’s an outdoor kitchen. And though you understand why your parents chose the set up they did, it still tends to be annoying more often than not. 

Suddenly something little hits your right shoulder before landing onto the large counter before you. It’s a little paper plane. 

Attempt #21… you shake your head at the dumb little paper airplane that just hit your arm. You know it’s from Ben Organa, son of the politician and smuggler. Infamous for his charm, wit and genius.

He never could really decide what he wanted to be when he grew up: smuggler like his father or politician like his mother. So despite his Force sensitivity (he had no interest in being a Jedi like his uncle) occasionally he traveled with his father and other times he went on diplomatic meetings with his mother until he finally decided he wanted to do something with politics. Only problem? He was a little too sarcastic and hyper to be a senator or anything so he mostly shadowed his mother. 

Your fingers unfold the plane to see if there is any words scribbled on the inside. 

There are. 

“meet me at the Nuku bar tonight xx Ben" 

"No!” You shout out, crumpling to note and shoving it into your pocket. You needed to work. 

“Damn it!” you hear, not sure from where, but somewhere nearby. 

You were no politician - nor related to one. But you work in Coruscants capital where all of the senators gather and hold their meetings. Your job was working at your family’s restaurant: the most popular and the nicest in the entire Galaxy. It was booked out nearly a year in advance; though you always kept a few extra tables open for some of the senators who visited often and enjoyed taking guests there. 

Making a run to go grab some fresh fruits and veggies from a local farmer was when you first met Ben. The unruly, hyper 23 year old had quite literally slammed into you as you tugged your cart back - spilling pounds and pounds of produce all over the dirt road. It was a desolate area that very few traveled, so you originally had no clue who could have even run into. The farmers and locals were smarter than that. Your eyes had looked up and locked with the nearly black eyes that were wide with “oh shit”. His slightly asymmetrical face and dark, wavy locks were mild mesmerizing. 

“I am so, so sorry. Here, let me help.”

The boy scrambled behind you, righting the cart before working to place everything back as quickly as possible. You couldn’t even help, you were too angry and too surprised that the stupid boy even bothered to want to help. It was as he helped you walk back to your restaurant did you discover who he was. And that he was staying in Coruscant for the next seven months to shadow various senators. And that he wanted to take you out on a date the next day to make up for the accident. Of course you had said no.
But here you are, a month after that, with Ben not slowing any time soon in his attempts to woo you. It is adorable, really, but you just cannot allow yourself to fall in love. Though you already are a bit. 

You can’t really help it. The boy is so kind and charming and so damn attractive. Also so insistent on walking with whenever he can when you go down to the local farmers with your cart (says he still feels bad, sure). And when he comes near, your heart beats a little quicker and a smile appears without you being able to control it. 

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BTS Reaction: To you getting Cat called then getting Jealous


It was clearly shown that you with you were with Namjoon, but some stupid boys thought that they would cat call you. You ignored it, but Namjoon didn’t he stopped you turning you around to face him. Then he picked you up making you wrap your legs around his waist, then kissing your lips tenderly. And proceeded to flick the boys off.


He tried his best to not show that he cared, but he made it easy to tell that he was jealous by the way he was touching all over your body making sure you were in front of the boys that cat called you when he was touching you. He was affectionate towards you, but not as much as he was being in that moment that’s what lead you to belive he was jealous.


Jin I think would be the calmest about it, just gently taking your hand in his and giving your lips a little peck showing his normal amount of affection he would always show you.


He would aproch the situation right at the moment it happened walking both of you over to the boys. Hobi: Baby I want you to tell all these bastards who your daddy is, then your going to show them who your daddy is got it ? You: Yes daddy.


He would be disgusted that they thought that it was okay to treat any woman like that. Or anyone for that matter. He was disgusted mostly beacuse the way they called out to you it was as if to them you were an object. He would quickly get you away from the situation. Taehyung: Come on princess I don’t want you around these disgusting people there not worth your time so don’t worry about It.


It would not even happen as his international playboy instinct would kick in so he quickly ushered you away from them, before they got a chance to even call out one thing to you.

He had never experinced this so he wouldn’t know what to do and would be kinda mad at you blaming you outside, but really he was mad at himself for not knowing what to do. Jungkook: damn Y/N, Why do you have to be so sexy ? You know daddy is going to punish you when we get home.

Elijah Mikaelson Imagine: We’ll Always Love You

What Your Wearing 

You were laying down on the bed you share with Elijah read your favorite book. When you hear someone walk through the door. You didn’t have to look up to know who it was. 

“What do you want Kol?” You ask

“Guess what a little birdie told me?” 

“What that Nik finally came to his senses and is going to dagger you?” You say as you give him a sarcastic smile. 

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