yes george!

george-and-martha-washington  asked:

Can I request Alex or someone bumping into Lawerence Washington, George's half brother?

Alexander: So George have you seen anyone here on the other side?

Washington: In fact yes. Lawrence!

Lawrence: Yes George?

Washington: I would like you to meet Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton meet my half brother Lawrence Washington.

Alexander: It’s so nice to meet you Lawrence. George has told me about you.

Lawrence: And George has been talking about you too. I finally got to meet my nephew!

Alexander: …George what did I tell you! I am not your son!

  • Hermione: You're smiling, did something good happen?
  • Harry: Can't I just smile because I feel like it?
  • Ron: Malfoy tripped and fell on the stairs on the way to Charms.

Girl: George! George Harrison! We shouldn’t ask you this but you’re so strong. 

Other Girl: And so famous!                                                                             

George: Yes, yes, go on.                                                                                       

Girl: We wondered if you could do something for us?                                            

George: How could I refuse such intelligent girls?                                         

*From Me to You begins playing as George does squats for 22 seconds with no apparent reason, then stops abruptly*                                                                   

George: Now what can I do for you?

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