yes fruit loops

Highlights from my LOZ themed D&D campaign

- the group collectively deciding to call Prince Cyril “cereal” this later became cheerio then fruit loop (yes he’s gay)
- Cyril constantly getting dragged by the people who are supposed to be protecting him
- an entire session of people joking that he’s gay only to find out they were right
- Ghirahim the booty bandit
- (after Cyril gets abducted by Ghirahim) “it’s probably for the best”
- a player smoking a PC Deku’s leaves
- elderly lizalfos women getting high
- hippie/surfer dude zoras
- player sneezes loudly and in response to being asked if she was alright said “I sense evil”
- the look a player gave me the entire session after finding out her character lost an arm
- dragon Faron calling the heroes dumbasses
- everyone being suspicious of everyone else the entire first session. This trend continued for most of the campaign
- the group completely bypassing a boss battle by using spider walk
- a wanted poster depicting the deku as a naked plant man. Also a picture of a potted plant
- the Gerudo PC having the worst week. She got a rash from mushroom spores, had to go to a floating fortress with a fear of heights, almost died fighting Volga, lost an arm and had to bathe in sacred water to get it back even though she hates water
- the deku trying to explain agriculture to lizalfos
- “butt buddies”
- “why are we saving Cyril again?”
- the PC who was lost to the desert never to be seen again (she couldn’t make it to another meeting)
- the PC who showed her tits to a drunk guard to get information
- all the women keeping the spiritual stones in their bras

Check, Please! Ask-a-Rama Vol. 2

First, thank you so much for the feedback on the zines! I’ll be sure to let you know when they go on sale via twitter, facebook, & tumblr in a week(?) or so. (I’m going to try to accommodate everyone! ._. Gonna have to write so many thank you notes. *sweats* It’s my fault I love nice packaging and customer service.)

In the meantime, during this calm before the storm of Kent “Yes I did eat fruit loops out of the Stanley Cup” Parson, I’ll answer about a dozen or so questions concerning the comic! Shoot. Thanks, guys! I’ll work on answering these!!

anonymous asked:

Hey! It's me and my boyfriends 2 year anniversary in April which is wild~ can you give me any suggestions on gifts or anything??? ^^; thanks

wow congrats anon :0

& as for gifts it really depends on the person/their interests but i feel like everyone always appreciates socks

and maybe fruit loops