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My video of Cirillac’h is finally finished!! I hope you guys like it, I’m not exactly overly pleased with it, but I hope someone will atleast find it enjoyable! (◕‿◕✿)

(this is as far as my talents will go ok I just wanted to do a cute vid of the two!!)

Story is largely about the time the two spent together before the events of the Wild Hunt, and also fabricating an alternative version where romantic feelings would have been mutual and sincere, before returning to the events of the Wild Hunt where their relationship becomes strained. The story comes to a conclusion when the pair is reunited with Cirilla being an Empress. 


→ Trust Jack

→ Trust Fiona

  • What she says: Im fine
  • What she means: I don't understand Rhysha. How they go from barely talking to suddenly canon? It makes no fucking sense. Its cute but I don't fucking understand. I mean, Vaughn and Sasha have had more interactions than Rhys and Sasha. Same with Fiona and Rhys.
'Can't be bothered, it stresses me out, and no one appreciates it'
R1 Breakfast Show
'Can't be bothered, it stresses me out, and no one appreciates it'

My fave bits from the interview show - getting Harry on the show again once he can talk, R1/1D joint Christmas party at the Doncaster ice skating rink, no one getting Christmas presents from Nick this year AND the very pretty Harry aw. (16.11.2015)

’[Harry] looks so pretty all the time, he looks brilliant’
‘Pretty? Very pretty’
'Yeah, he is beautiful’
'Beautiful, when he’s got that little towel turban on’


Fiona: [sharply] Yes, of course I’m alright.

Caff: …good. I’ve sort of been asking people if they saw or heard something last night. Did you?

Fiona: You’re really following the well-trodden format, aren’t you?

Caff: [taken aback] I’m sorry?

Fiona: A murder happens. Then interrogations. Then the host mysteriously knows who the audience thinks did it. It’s all very convenient.

Caff: You… it’s not… I can see you’re sceptical about this. That’s good. We need to find out what happened.

Fiona: [high-pitched] What we need is to find out who the murderer is! [exhales] I’m sorry. I didn’t see anything.

AHHHH, I got so shocked to come back to my tumblr after a long while to find so many messages from people who liked The Rendezvous! Thank you so much for all your support everyone!!!! Ima keep doing my best to deliver more artsy goodness! :’D I apologize for the lack of updates as of late, I’ve been having a lot of school and car-related problems and it cut into my personal time ahhhh!!

But yay! Something Rendezvous-related at last! I know I haven’t been updating on that much as of late, coz of multiple drawing things I need to finish :( –Last Waltz is still the working sub-title, and I’m still brainstorming on how I want it to go! But all I can say is we’ll see a bit of how the Underworld works in their world. Also, yes, Fiona and Lamonte are still together…sorta :’)

I need a man who will love me as much as Stiles loves Lydia.
As Mickey loves Ian.
As Homer loves Marge.
As Lip loves Mandy.
As Scott loves Allison.
As Shrek loves Fiona.

Yes, I’m going to die alone.