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Dirk Gently “The Salmon of Doubt” collecting issues #1 to #5, foreword by Fiona Dourif and fanart gallery!

“Take Bart, she’s never felt like a girl, or really understands that the world sees a difference between the two genders. I’d be interested to explore her world with that twist thrust on me (might I say I dare them).”




Some of you wanted to know what happened after Scourge left with Fiona, and others asked if Galaxy had her own version in Moebius… There you have guys!

Indica Watson‏ @SiblingSecret  Mar 28
I loved the #TFP read-through.Everyone was so lovely.Note how they didn’t print Sian’s main character name!@Markgatiss @suevertue #Sherlock


I feel like this settles the Ursa / Elsa / Ilse question.

(As for Fiona… 🤷 If I had to guess, maybe that was the original name for Faith in The Lying Detective? And then either someone pointed out Elementary had just used the name “Fiona” for Sherlock’s girlfriend or the writers simply decided Faith was a better name for the character what with the symbolism and all. But again, that’s only a guess.)


Cream Magazine behind the scenes clip of Diego’s photoshoot, featuring adorable Fiona. Too cute for life :)

Basically every single other character that’s seen the heart of a vault up close has come out with a sick addition to their face (Zarp’s eyes, Jack’s scar) and honestly if Fiona and Rhys come back to us with their faces 100% the same I’m suing Telltale.