yes everything is going according to plan

aftertaste // stilinski twins

Summary: Y/N’s forced to deal with the consequences of her actions while her boyfriend, Stuart, is away for the summer

Requested: no, collab with @rememberstilinski

Characters: Stiles, Stuart & Y/N

Warning: yes, mature language, themes & smut


As soon as she stepped onto the driveway the sun started heating her skin, drowning her in warmth. Adjusting the two backpack straps around her shoulders, she reached into her back pocket for the list she had made the night before.

“You sure you have everything you need?” She asked as she reread the slightly crumbled piece of paper in her hand, marking off the little checklist she had made for her boyfriend one last time before helping him load his bags into the trunk.

The sun reflected off of the lenses of his thick rimmed glasses as a small smirk made its way onto his face.

“Babe-” Stuart groaned, a giggle following as he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend’s torso, resting his chin on her shoulder. “I said I’m good.” He assured her.

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stan puts down the phone, and for a moment he contemplates a future that isn’t any sort of future at all. a future that’s a big burnt hole, ripped and singed away by what he could do next.

but he puts down the phone, and he eats dinner with his wife, and the next morning he gets on a plane to derry and steps into a town that they all forgot.

it’s hard, so terribly, terribly hard to fit back in with the group. they’re all ready to face IT again, so determined to prove that it’s killable, that it can be banished once and for all. but he’s not. his hands shake and his tongue feels heavy and the only thing he can think about is the swirling lights whispering their treacherously sentimental venom into his ears.

but stan has always been quiet. richie, with his loud mouth and his newfound fame, is too obsessed with getting to know the older eddie now, and eddie is too confused by his forgotten feelings and his worries about his pseudo-mother of a wife to notice much of anything. ben and bev are lost to one another. mike notices, of course he does, but mike is almost as quiet as stan is, and he does nothing but watch stan with those sad brown eyes.

stan’s barely spoken a word since they all arrived and he feels like he’s choking, like every childhood terror is rising in his throat and filling his lungs so if he tried to talk he’d only be able to scream.

bill comes and sits next to him in one of the less hectic moments, while eddie and richie tease and taunt and attract attention from the other three. he wraps an arm around stan and they don’t need to talk. stan listens to bill’s heartbeat and bill toys with stan’s curls and it’s like they’re kids again, before that fateful summer, before georgie was taken and all their innocence followed suit.

and when they go down into the sewers, and stan feels himself slipping, slipping, slipping away, he doesn’t need to ask bill to hold onto him. bill does it by himself, hand steady and warm in stan’s, and stan finds it in him to fight.
they fight, all of them. they win. and they all begin to slowly trickle back to where they came from.

bill asks him, after the war is won, if he’s at peace now. stan thinks, and says no, no, he can’t be at peace, it’s not his nature to exist in an environment without the itching urge to reposition everything to and past the point of perfection.

bill tilts his head back and laughs. and then he asks if stan’s happy.

stan takes longer to answer before he says yes. he has a good life. he has a good job. he has a good wife, a woman he loves and who loves him back, fierce and lovely and worth going back to. he has the freedom to plan his days according to his precise schedule. he wakes up at dawn to watch the birds lift their heads to chirp at the rising sun.

he doesn’t mention that he’d be happy if he were watching those birds with bill at his side. either way, the result is the same.

bill smiles, in that way that looks so painfully reminiscent of when they were children, and they exchange numbers, all seven of them (seven, of course, and stan wonders why he feels there should only be five celebrating the end). he makes sure to jot down those numbers in every place he can, in his notebooks and his phone and on the edges of discarded papers. he can’t afford to forget them all again.

stan’s not at peace, but he loves his wife, and he loves his best friend, and more to the point, he actually has a best friend again. they all meet up when they can, on holidays and birthdays and whenever richie somehow plans an event that manages to coincide with everyone’s personal vacation days.

and when stan does die, he’s an old man. he passes in his sleep with a smile on his face and old friends around him. the rest go not long after, a few days later, a few weeks, a few months. the line connecting them drags them all inevitably toward the same end.

somewhere very far away from here, seven kids hold hands and jump from a familiar quarry with peals of laughter, one of them holding on very tightly to an eighth, much smaller, child.

and stan uris is at peace.

●Into Eternity●Loki x Reader●

Summary: You attempt to persuade Odin to leet Loki attend Frigga’s funeral, but no matter how hard you try he declines. You there for get quite pissed of his attitude towards Loki, your dear friend, so you sneak him to the funeral since you think he deserves to go to his own mothers funeral.

Warning(s): Angst? Idk, just sadness. A lot.

Words: 1930

Note(s): Female Pronouns, and 3rd POV. I highly recommend listening to Into Eternity by Brian Tyler from Thor: The Dark World while reading this. Spoilers from Thor: The Dark World!

Song: Into Eternity by Brian Tyler from Thor: The Dark World.

Originally posted by he-fisher

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Bound to Happen (Part 6), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,640

Author’s Note: I feel like I never made this super clear - but this is not a recreation of The West Wing. It is heavily inspired by it, yes, but they are not White House staffers and it doesn’t follow the exact same story line. Just wanted to clear any confusion! I thought sticking them into an AU was too constricting.

Warnings: As always, a slow burn. Cursing. This chapter is modeled after the Gaza car explosion episode, so be warned.

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“I can barely go one night without you here, I don’t know how I’ll go an entire week.” Lin collapsed into his dressing room couch.

“Do you want a West End production of In the Heights or not?” You shot back, gaining a huff from him.

You were leaving the next morning to join a select group in early negotiations to put Lin’s show up in London. They were very early negotiations, which is why you were tagging along.

Lin had insisted months ago - when the trip was a distant thing in the future and he thought you would deserve a vacation. ‘You’ve been with this show as long as I have, just make sure Usnavi’s not white and we’ve got a West End production!’ was his stellar reasoning.

Now that the trip was in twelve hours, he was having second thoughts.

“Just, have fun and tan!” He insisted as places were called.

“It’s London!” You reminded him as his cap was secured snugly on his head. 

It was two in the morning when Lin got the call. He grumbled when Tommy flashed across the screen. Probably still adjusting to time zones and didn’t think before dialing, Lin reasoned as he rejected the call and stuffed his face back into the pillows.

He called three more times before Lin finally gave in.

“It is dark as shit out, Tommy.” Lin sneered, arm reaching blindly to flick on his bedside lamp.

It’s Y/N.” Tommy was crying.


Lin spent the next few hours on the phone with various doctors and anyone who was in the group. 

A car accident. Lin sent you to London and you were half-dead from a car accident.

“They’re not really telling us anything. We’re not family and we’re in a different country-”

“It’s okay, Tommy. They told me enough.” Breathed Lin, who, after four hours now, was still curled up on his bed. The only visible change was the sunlight peeking in from the window.

“We’re all heading back to the hotel. We’ll keep you updated.”

Lin hung up before Tommy could start another grieving session, as if there was no hope.

Despite what everyone anticipated, Lin was at the theater that night, pleading with anyone that would listen that he was going on tonight even if he had to scream the lyrics without a mic on.

“Either get me a mic, or get the fuck out of my way-” He was taking it out on a poor stage hand whose name he couldn’t remember when he felt a harsh tug at the collar of his shirt.

“Take it easy, man.” Chris was at his side as Lin’s body shook with sobs. The stage hand scampered away, “Hey-”

Lin was struggling to catch his breath, panting as his lungs worked to catch up with the devastation.

I sent her there.” 

“Don’t start with that shit.”

Lin wanted to snap again because he did send you and it was his fault and instead of being greeted this morning with your coffee and a scolding from Karen, all he received was thirty solemn faces that couldn’t look him in the eyes.

“If there’s somewhere else you’d rather be right now-” Chris offered, giving him permission to do exactly what he had wanted to this morning, “I think we’d all understand.”

“Thanks.” Lin whispered, striding towards the door. By the time he was in the street, he was sprinting back towards his apartment, racking his brain for how long a flight from New York to London was.

Lin expected the booth to be empty - the meeting with the artistic directors of the theater didn’t start for another ten minutes, but he always liked to show up a bit early.

A head start.

To his surprise, the door was open and the lights were on. And there you were.

Humming to yourself, you twirled around the room effortlessly. You were making copies and highlighting important sections of the script and brewing coffee at the same time.

He was in love.

“Uh, hello?” Lin called, standing in the doorway and wondering if he was intruding. You spun and met him with a grin.

“Hi.” He continued to stare, “Oh! I’m Y/N. I’m working on this show by uh-” You glanced down at the script, “Lin-Manuel Miranda. Who are you?”

“Lin-Manuel Miranda.” He smiled lightly, wondering how this multitasking scatterbrained girl was now working on his show.

“Of course I knew that!” You certainly didn’t, “I’m your assistant. Well, technically I’m an intern but I feel like that’s such a high-school job title so-”

“Assistant it is.” Lin agreed, slinging his bag off his shoulder and taking a spot at the table you were currently setting up.

“Glad we’re on the same page.” You nodded as you continued your impromptu dance around the room - checking that the presentation was set up properly, that the pages were in order and the coffee was on the right track, “I like your show, by the way.”

“Thank you.”

“Remember I said that when you’re looking for an assistant when this thing hits Broadway.”

Lin laughed lightly as he flipped to the first page of your copy of the script. Hastily scribbled in the margins were notes.

Start with talking to the audience to reassure them. This is a show for them even if they know nothing about Washington Heights.

“I will.”

Lin’s first stop was the hospital - where he had to fight doctors to get to you. He still hadn’t showered and was in the same clothes from when he left the theater.

He probably looked like the messiest, most frantic guest they’d ever had in their waiting room, but he crossed an ocean to be there. He was getting into that room.

Finally, he was in contact with a doctor that understood the circumstances and was willing to take the time to explain the situation and treatment plan - a lot of which made Lin queasy.

“Do you want to see her?”

Lin was ushered to a brightly lit hallway. He had never been in an ICU before and it was just as terrifying as he imagined it to be.

“We don’t expect her to come to anytime soon - but you can go in if you’d like.” The doctor offered. She turned the corner and led him to your room. The door was slightly jar, and she pushed it further open.

“You said she’d-”

“-be just fine if everything goes according to plan, yes. A few months of physical therapy for the leg. Frequent check-ups on the lung. Nothing too strenuous.” She confirmed.

You didn’t look like someone that would be just fine. Lin tip-toed into the room. The tubes and machines and beeping was all too overwhelming for his brain to comprehend and suddenly the nausea was catching up to him.

He doubled over at the sight of you, bruised and bandaged and the tears he had been holding in on the plane were spilling here.

The doctor left with a courteous farewell and a reminder that she would be available for questions before closing the door behind her.

It took him twenty minutes to work up the courage to pull the chair up next to your bed. It took another ten for his hand to find yours. 

The next two days were spent in that chair. He set up a writing station by your side, the constant click of his notebook the only thing able to drown out the beeping of the machines. He hotel was used for the shower and its continental breakfast and never for sleep.

He has halfway through tearing apart a lyric when he felt your bed shift. He yanked his earbuds out by the chord, slamming his laptop shut and set it on the floor. He sat up, eyes locked on your face as your eyes clenched in pain.


He wasn’t sure he heard it. Maybe his mind was playing tricks and you were still fast asleep with the help of very heavy drugs.

“Lin.” Your hand was moving now, trembling as you reached for something blindly.

Your eyes wavered open, lids heavy as you took in the speckled ceiling.

“Lin.” His hand was in yours again, and he was out of his chair in a second.

“Hey.” His voice was quiet as it wavered.”You’re okay.”

“You’re here.” Your voice cracked from under use, your throat screaming for water.

“Of course I’m here.” He smiled reassuringly, trying to keep your eyes open and on him. He never wanted to see your eyes on anything but him again.

“It’s not your fault.” You mumbled, barely decipherable.

A nurse bustled in with a jug of water and instructions from the doctor. A remote was shoved into your hand for whenever the pain became unbearable. You immediately clicked it three times.

“It only works the first time, I think.” Lin breathed a half-assed laugh, trying to keep the mood light in the presence of the nurse.

“It’s not your fault.” You repeated firmly, hand trying to brush away the nurse as she moved to take blood. “Say it.

“It’s not my fault.” Lin said, but didn’t believe.

You let the nurse go about her business for the moment, eventually leaving with the promise of food upon her return. You weren’t hungry. Lin’s hands were on your blankets, pulling it up so it would cover your shoulders.

“Is everyone else-”

“They’re all fine.” He promised, pushing a stray hair behind your ear. “They want you to get better.”

“They just want to put me back to work.” You grumbled, voice dipping as you settled back into bed. “I’m irreplaceable.” You smiled, wanting to see it mirrored on Lin’s face - fighting the sleep that threatened to overcome you again.

“Yeah.” He agreed, but you had already dozed off, “Irreplaceable.”

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When the path you’re on proves to have more sharp, uncertain turns and more uphill hikes than you were expecting, keep treading. Keep the faith. This is the path God put you on and the paths that He creates do not have dead ends. The paths that He creates will always lead you in the right direction.

With every mile, it may seem that the journey just keeps getting longer and longer, but it’s not how long you’ve been here that makes all of this matters. What makes it matter is the One Who is laying down the path, stone by stone, and keeping your feet steady the entire way.

You may not have access to the blueprints of this path, but you do have His Word. You do have the opportunity to trust Him when He says that He already has everything mapped out for you. Have faith that He is not going to lead you down a path that leads to destruction. Have faith that the wait itself produces the strength required to get where He is taking you. You won’t get there without the required preparation. You won’t get there without completely and wholly relying on Him to take you where you’re supposed to be, when you’re supposed to be there.

Yes, there will be days when it seems that the things you’re longing for are incredibly far away, but you have to find peace that God is incredibly close, with the blueprints to your future in His hand, and everything will always go according to His Will, exactly as He has planned.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. - Psalm 119:105

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

How Whizzer changed everyone’s life: Falsettos Act I//Act II

“What would I do if I had not met you?”

Or, how the Bar Mitzvah is everyone’s coming-of-age, not just Jason’s.


“Is it fatal? Do you see real similarities between us?” // Don’t know why, but he looks like Marvin


“I want to hate him but I really can’t. It’s like a nightmare how this all proceeds. I hope that Whizzer don’t fulfill his needs.” // “Trying not to care about this man who Marvin loves. But that’s my life. He shared my life. Yes, that’s my life.”


“You save lives and I save chicken fat. I can’t fucking deal with that!” // She’s cooked for some 200 guests


“Saving lives, I feel invincible.” // “I feel more helpless than I have in years.”


“Winning is everything to me.” // “All I want is you. Anything you do is all right.”


Who is responsible? “Don’t ask me questions! I’m frightened of questions.” // Now what do we do? “Why don’t we tell him that we don’t have the answers? And that life can be grim, life’s not all about him, and things rarely go according to plan. Tell him things happen for no damned good reason, and his lack of control kills what’s best in your soul, and this is the start to his becoming a man.”

My South Side Girl (Jughead x Reader)

200 Writing Prompts: “Can I please have a jughead fic with prompts 147, 73, 154?” –Anonymous

Imagine: You’ve always despised Jughead Jones III. But when a mystery comes up and you go to find out the truth, it’s only natural that Jughead tag along, and maybe learn a little bit about you too.

“You’re impossible!”

“Sorry if I have my own way of doing things, Princess.”

“Call me Princess one more time…”



You were in the most recent of your many spats with your so-called friend (you preferred the term arch-nemesis) Jughead Jones III. He was lucky you adored Betty and were borderline in love with Veronica or else you’d barely give him the time of day. Together, you had formed the three divas of Riverdale High School. Because of this, you often found yourself dragged into adventures with mysteries with the teen amateur detectives. Your surprising analytical skills and out-of-the-box thinking made you a valuable asset to their team. You loved the adventure and suspense that came with spending time with the “Riverdale High Core Four”. However, a certain beanie-clad South Side boy always seemed to get on your nerves. You were like oil and high-end sparkling water–it just didn’t mix.

“Guys!” Veronica yelled at the two of you. You silenced and blushed, embarrassed for showing such unpleasant emotions to your friends. “We’ve got a lead.”

Archie leaned into his girlfriend, placing a hand on her shoulder as he read her laptop screen. “Looks like Councilman Johnson has a mysterious ranch a few hours from town. There’s bound to be a clue there.”

You were in the midst of investigating a slew of missing person’s reports that coincided oddly well with the installation of a new city councilman. Were the missing people perhaps his personal enemies? Or victims of something more perverse?

“We need to go there,” You said. “I can go tomorrow!”

“Me too!” Jughead said.

“Oh, sorry guys, I’ve gotta study for AP World or else my mom is gonna kill me…” Betty said, looking away.

“Yeah, Coach is making us train in the off-season,” Archie said.

“I wouldn’t be caught dead near some ranch,” Veronica said, rolling her eyes.

“Well, I guess that leaves…” You said.

“You and me,” Jughead finished with a scowl.

You both packed up and left the room. This was going to be a long week.

Upon your exit, Veronica giggled. “This is perfect!”

“Perfect!? Ronnie, they’re gonna kill each other,” Archie said.

“I think you’re thinking of another four-letter word that starts with a K,” Veronica said with a wink. “Some alone time on what is basically a rustic honeymoon is bound to get them to admit their repressed teen emotions for one another, and they’ll finally be in love and out of our hair.”

She grinned her beautiful, yet sinister Veronica Lodge grin. “It’s the perfect plan.”

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Giriboy: Now..uh…this is kinda..First,..(buffering) what was the question again? (Cheerful)

Interview [G: Giriboy; D: Dingo]
G: Hi
D: ‘5 songs for initiation’ what is the meaning of the title of the album?
G: Actually there isn’t much meaning to it, i wanted to release a full album but the company told me to rest a little, so as like a resting time, I decided to release this album. Once the full album comes out, it will be continuing this. So it’s like I can’t really tell you exactly what it is

D: The titles for your songs are all only two syllable, did you do that on purpose?
G: I did it on purpose so it’ll look cool (cheerful) HEHEHEHE

D: You also included remix songs in your album, is there a special reason for that?
G: Initially before I wanted to release a full album, I was already thinking to release a remix album so as I was in the middle of receiving song remixes, there was a song ‘Mixed Up’ and I really wanted to release it…ah.. so I gave up on the remix album and decided to release a full album so this song will be the center of other songs, the song 'express highway’ is really a song I made entirely 2 years ago, and I decided to take the song..uh..then..(lost his way) what was the question again?
D: the reason you included the remix
G: Ah! (Found his way) ah, I wanted to make a remix album, and then somehow the other song (lost his way again)
D: so you wanted to release a remix album but you also really wanted to release the song 'Mixed Up’ so you gave up on the remix album
G: I gave it up
D: And you included 2 remix songs then you released the album!
G: And I still didn’t feel satisfied so I added two more remix songs and thats why this album came out, thats what I was saying. (Cheerful)

*Giriboy - i’m in (yunji remix)*

D: Giriboy’s albums: 'adjective’ albums and ’-ceremony’ albums you have these two right? (T/n: ~적인 for adjectives - the fatal, sensual, lonely, mechanical, basic album and ~식 for coming of age ceremony and debut)
G: Theres going to have one more now
D: Ah so you mean the album’s thats soon coming out is going to be in another category?
G: Yes. No no of course no uh this is a bit difficult but in the game Lol there’s a unique point. 'Hybrid = ~adj album’ the albums that people all know and AD line is like the ~ceremony albums - an album that can show only my attacking points. Now one more is left which is AP, thats is like a magician thing in the game so i will be making only the beats, and other rappers or singers can participate(? He said it wrongly haha) but i dont know when i will release that. But I think it’ll be nice if you can look forward to that.

D: Do you have any particular location or situation where you get musical inspiration?
G: I don’t exactly have that kind of stuff, I actually don’t really have much thoughts haha without really thinking much I just sit in the room and think 'what should i make today?’
D: Are you the type that is quick when it comes to producing?
G: Uh.. yes. Really I am I can say that I am quite fast. But it is also because I sometimes have the tendency to just wing it? (Cheerful)

D: What is Giriboy’s top 3 favourite Giriboy’s songs?
G: uh…I have a song called 'All Day’ That song is really good but people don’t really know that song. 'ZOA’? This (choosing his fav songs) is difficult. 'Space Flight…….2’
D: Any reasons on why you chose these three?
G: it’s just that the song 'All Day’ it’s something that is trendy now but also has the old times feel to it, and I wish this song will become famous. 'ZOA’ and 'Space Flight 2’ these songs are the music styles that I have been obsessed with nowadays.

D: Any 2017 plans?
G: It’s my plan to release a full album, but who knows there can be changes.., if the things I want to do change, since everything is just according to what I want to do..

D: There’s a lot of saying going around that you don’t speak well. Do you agree with it yourself?
G: Yes. Really I… Yes I think so too.

D: You have a song called 'Pushover’ right?
G: Yes.
D: Is Giriboy’s dating style really like a pushover?
G: I don’t really know.. (cheerful)
G: People think that the story in the songs are about myself but it’s not my story hehehe
D: It’s a story you made up?
G: Yeah, almost everything.. really I didn’t think much while writing them so

D: What kind of artist does Giriboy want to become?
G: Ah..what kind of artist…I think it’s best to just be a happy person. Even if I fail, I’ll have money saved up and go to a village and make music alone thinking 'yeah I’m not going to let you guys listen I’m going to make songs by myself’ and just listen to them alone, eating chips and just be like that at a village, peacefully.. that’s like my dream.

D: One sentence each to your fans and your haters.
G: If I perform, there’s some fans that I always see and I’m really grateful to them, i can’t do this kind of thing (the finger heart thing) I really can’t do it so I feel sorry for that.
D: How about your haters?
G: Uh…I don’t really pay attention to them but if I don’t have any (haters) then it will be boring right so… thanks for existing. HA HA HA (cheerful)

Baby Tim - Drabbles

Short drabbles from my Baby Tim verse! Requested by @jadedhillon


You and Jason have been together for three years at this point. Tim is 5.

It is Tim’s first day of kindergarten. You had been working with Tim for a while to teach him how to spell his name, how to count, how to read and write. Jason said that you were going overboard, that the teacher would teach Tim everything he needed to know. You just ignored him.

“Alright Timmy. How do you spell your name?”

“Timothy. T-I-M-O-T-H-Y”

“Very good!”

“And can you count to 10 for me?”

“Duh mama! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10!”

“That’s my smart boy!”

“Alright you two, we’re here!” Jason called from the front seat. You had opted to sit in the back and go over things with Tim.

“Alright baby, do you remember out numbers?”

“Yes mama, and our home address and Papa Bruce’s address.”

You smooth down the little tie that is part of Tim’s school uniform and try to hold back your tears. “Good, call me if you need anything, okay?”

Tim throws his arms around your neck, “I promise, mama”

Jason opens the car door and scoops Tim up, giving him a tight hug, “You behave yourself little man”

“I will daddy. Love you, daddy, love you mama!”

Jason sets Tim on the ground, “We love you too sweetheart! Have a fun day at school!” you call out as Tim runs to get into his line. “Is he going to be okay Jay?”

“Babe, he is going to be fine! Now come on, we need to leave. See he is already inside. If there are any problems then the school will call us”

You nod quietly and get back into the car. No one ever said how hard it would be to see Tim go to school for the first time.


Tim loses a tooth for the first time. Tim is 6.

You had finally agreed to let Damian start teaching Tim how to fight. No way in hell would you let him out as Robin, but it was important for him to know how to defend himself. They had barely been down in the cave for 20 minutes when you heard Tim calling for you.

“Mama! MAMA LOOK!!!”

You run from the kitchen where you had been helping Alfred to the study, where the stairs to the cave were.

“What is it Timmy?”


In his hand was something small and white, it looked almost like a pebble, but you could see blood on it. It was a tooth, your baby’s tooth, resting in the palm of his hand. Tim grinned at you, showing you the gap in his smile.


Damian slunk forward, his head down, “I didn’t mean to hit him that hard. The tooth had to already be loose for it to come out so quickly” he mumbled

“You knocked out his tooth!”

Tim bounced up and down excitedly “I get to put in under my pillow, and the Tooth fairy will come tonight!!”

“Don’t be ridiculous Timothy …”

You cut Damian off with a sharp sound, “Not another word!” you sigh, “You aren’t in trouble Damian, I knew something like this would probably happen” you scoop Tim up, taking him to rinse out his mouth and you glance back at Damian, “But you are the one who has to tell Jason that you knocked out his sons tooth.”

Damian groaned, flopping onto the couch to pout.


Tim is 8 when you and Jason finally get married. Tim is Jason’s best man.

You are nervous, Jason had asked you to marry him a year ago, and now today is the day when it finally happens.

“You look gorgeous! There is no need to be nervous! Jason is going to cry when he sees you!” Stephanie Brown gushes. You had been introduced to her, Barbra and Cassandra two years ago, and you had all become fast friends. You didn’t have any living family members, so they were the ones helping you get ready for your big day.

“You look lovely, stop fretting. I have all of the best security here, there is no way anyone will ruin today” Babs said, adjusting her dress, making it pool beautifully in her chair.

“Brother will be greatly pleased” Cass murmured, she gently touched one ringlet of your hair, “Pretty bride”

“Thank you guys” You can already feel the tears begin to gather in your eyes. “I’m so glad that you guys get to help me today”

“I wouldn’t miss today for the world!” Steph cried.

“None of us would. Now it is time for us to walk down the aisle. Is everyone ready?”

“Ready, yes” Cass agreed.

Barbra was the first to go down the aisle, then Cass, lastly Steph. Then the wedding march sounded, and it was your turn. You took Bruce’s arm and the two of you began to walk. Since your father was dead, Bruce had agreed to walk you down the aisle. The first thing that you saw when you began to walk was Jason, waiting for you at the alter. Next to him stood Tim. Instead of Tim being the ring bearer, like most kids his age, he was Jason’s best man.

The ceremony is beautiful, everything goes according to plan, Tim hands Jason the rings, taking his duty as best man very seriously.

Tim is ecstatic when you and Jason finally kiss and you are officially him mother. Tim jumps up and down in excitement. Jason scoops him up and you both kiss on of his cheeks to the sound of the crown clapping and a camera going off. That picture was every ones favorite. It was blown up and put in the manor, and Jason put a copy of it in his wallet.

(Similar to the one below. But it would be during a wedding)


Tim’s first crush. Tim is 12.

The first time Tim came to you about a girl was when he was 14. He was too nervous to go to his father and he wanted advice on how to win her heart.

“What’s her name, sweetheart?”

“Her name is Danielle, but everyone calls her Danny” Tim blushed, “She kissed my cheek today”

You gasp, “Oh Timmy!! It sounds like you have yourself an admirer!!”


“Don’t you mom me. You do! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, why don’t we go out to the store and get some chocolate and flowers for your girl”

Tim smiled shyly, “I would really like that, mama”

“Oh so now I’m mama! I’m only ever mama unless you want something!”

You give Tim a kiss on the cheek, “Come on, let’s go win Danny’s heart!”


Tim getting married. Tim is 24.

It was Tim’s wedding day. He was marrying a girl that he had men when he was in college. They had been together for almost three years, and had been friends for two years before that. You were helping Jasmine get ready to walk down the aisle.

“Y/N do I look alright?”

“You look beautiful, love! Tim isn’t going to have any breath left in him when he sees you”

She smiles. Her own mother and sister add the finishing touches to her hair and makeup. “Thank you” Jasmine whispers.

“It’s time for the bridesmaids to walk down the aisle. And for me to take my seat! I will see you at the alter!”

You quickly leave the room and walk to sit beside Jason. Both of you had gone a bit grey throughout the years. You were both getting older. Jason had salt and pepper hair, and shallow crow’s feet, gently laugh lines. You were much the same, your hair with an almost sliver shine to it.

“Smile, Timmy, no need to look so serious” you whisper. Tim glances at you out of the corner of his eye, and grins.

“Our boy looks damn good in his tux” Jason murmurs, taking your hand.

“That he does, love. I’m gonna cry and Jasmine hasn’t even walked down the aisle yet”

“Don’t cry mama, if you cry then dad is gonna cry, and then Jaz will cry, and then I will cry. Everyone’s makeup will be ruined. It’s a happy day. You aren’t losing me, we are gaining a family member”

You nod and turn when you hear the wedding march. Today your son gains a wife, today you gain a daughter-in-law, today is a happy day.

Butterfly and the Beanie (Part Three)

Jughead x Reader

Part One Part Two 

“Time passes. Memories fade. Feelings change. People leave. But hearts never forget.”

Warnings: Swearing

Wordcount: 3,082


A fancy long blue dress.

Hair pulled back in a curled ponytail, strands hanging down around my face.

Nails painted to match.

Everything’s coming together for my senior year prom.

The only thing missing?
A date.

Oh, and my butterfly ring.

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Originally posted by purrfectaylor

Hogwarts!AU, Tzuyu x Reader

Fluff & Angst

Word Count: 2466

Written by Admin LJ 

Author’s Note: I went a little overboard with the length of this one, but it’s because I LOVE Harry Potter, and Soft Slytherin!Tzuyu is a concept I’ll take to my grave. Enjoy!)

For the longest time, you were never sure how Tzuyu wound up in Slytherin so easily.

You remember her being sorted on your very first day at Hogwarts- the Sorting Hat had barely touched her head before it shouted “Slytherin!”, leaving the Great Hall echoing with the cheers of Slytherin house as their newest housemate joined their table, all while the other houses groaned in annoyance.

It didn’t take you very long to start to wonder why the Sorting Hat didn’t hesitate the slightest bit- you had learned early on that Tzuyu didn’t have many qualities of a Slytherin- she was incredibly intelligent and creative, much like a Ravenclaw, as seen on multiple occasions in the Charms class you two had together (you always watched in admiration as Tzuyu excelled at every spell your professor taught, giggling with her friends as she turned her owl into a goblet with a flawless flick of her wand). She aced all of her OWL’s with flying colors as the years progressed, and sometimes you had to admit you were a bit envious of her intelligence.

Tzuyu also held the same level of courage and recklessness as her Gryffindor peers, which was evident on your sixth day of school, when you witnessed Tzuyu tackle a third years rogue Monster Book of Monsters that had been tearing down the hall after a professor (Slytherin house earned twenty points for her act of bravery). Not three weeks later, she had joined the Slytherin Quidditch team as their youngest seeker. She had become well known for her daring leaps at the Golden Snitch, quite literally throwing herself off her broom in an effort to catch the tricky game winner (lucky for her, her teammates were always there to catch her).

It wasn’t a secret that Tzuyu was also the most Hufflepuff-like Slytherin to exist- while her entire house was loyal to each other, she was also fiercely loyal to her friends of other houses (she had grown to be exceptionally close with Dahyun and Jihyo, two older Gryffindor students who swore they were practically raising Tzuyu as their child, despite the mere two year difference between her and Jihyo). She was also incredibly humble, and patient, and even started tutoring in her third year.

Tzuyu was intelligent, unwaveringly brave, and selfless.

What traits of a Slytherin did she possess to land her in the most stereotypically unpopular House at Hogwarts?

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Our Little Secret

Title: Our Little Secret

Word Count: 2,597

Fandom: Persona 5

Pairing: Ann/Akira

Rating: T (implied naughty doings and also cursing)

Summary: Akira and Ann can’t seem to catch a moment alone while at school, so they decide to catch a moment alone at home, and devise a plan to trap their friends in a clever prank. [Spoilers for December]

A/N: I love them so much you guys!!! Enjoy, and maybe leave a review or comment? This was the first thing I wrote for Ann/Akira + Persona 5 in general… so i hope it’s good!

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Our Story’s not Over~Part 3 of How it all Started (Final-James Potter)

A/N: OHMYGOD I AM SORRY. I posted something yesterday saying this would be up last night and went to finish it and I FELL ASLEEP. In my defense, I was exhausted and it was 11pm

Summary: You are found and once you come back home, James tells you he found the letters.

Pairing: James Potter x reader

Word Count: 2662

Warnings: Blood, swearing, fluff, mentions of death

Other Parts: How it All Started-How it All Ended


She loved him. She really loved him. These letters showed that. Painfully, but very clearly. She had loved him for a very long time and he hadn’t even realized. The tears running down James’ face were not silent. By the end of the last letter, he was nearly sobbing. The other three boys could hear him and it took an hour for Sirius to get up and see what was making his friend cry so much. Surely, they were all sad, but they could usually get hold of themselves after a little bit.

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Fade Away (Sonny Carisi x Reader)

Title: Fade Away (Based off the song Fade Away by Ryder) 

Characters: Dominick “Sonny” Carisi, Mike Dodds, Reader

Setting: New York Club, Reader’s apartment 

Warnings: slight smut, grinding, kissing, club scenes, language

A/N: Needed a fix for Sonny since I am a huge Law and Order: SVU fan and Sonny’s my favorite! Hope you enjoy! Also, Happy New Years! May 2017 bring even better writing! 

Originally posted by iheartcarisi

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demad69  asked:

Can we have more Vaderkin with Obi Wan now going to have a baby and how people around them react to it. Do they all just think Obi could of always carried a baby and that maybe the Twins are really Obi-Wan's. How do they deal with the rumors?

Anakin stepped out of his boots and made his way to the bed, noting with some satisfaction that a mostly empty plate was resting on the desk along with an empty cup of tea. Obi-Wan was curled up on his side with datapad, reading with a small furrow in his eyebrow as Anakin watched him.

Its not in his nature to be ignored, especially now, but he waits for Obi-Wan until the copper haired Jedi looks up, blinking a bit before shifting and sitting up in bed. “Yes?” There’s curiosity, a bit of uncertainty in his voice.

But no fear.

“I just wanted to see how you were.” The sith sat down on the bedside and stroked Obi-Wan’s bearded cheek with slow fingers. “Is everything going according to plans?”

“So far it seems to yes. My…” There’s that flush, the one that makes Obi-Wan’s ears turn a bit red and Anakin grin. “My body doesn’t seem to be rejecting anything, if anything it seems wholly prepared and the baby is showing all the signs of growing.”

“That is good.” Anakin felt excitement bubble but kept it down. There were still so many things that could go wrong.

“There…there is one thing though.” Obi-Wan shifted, hesitating. The Emperor raised his brows. “There has been some…rumors, that the twins are mine too. Not Padme’s.” Obi-Wan offered.

Anakin narrowed his eyes at that. “Indeed…and how do you know that?”

“I’m not so untrained that my steps aren’t still quiet. I can walk rather calmly Anakin.” Obi-Wan huffed as the Emperor dropped his hand back into his own lap. Then he blinked. “You’re not surprised.”

“No. I heard about these rumors from the beginning but the source of them aren’t clear. Easiest trail leads to the Senate. I imagine its easier to taint your image then it is to taint a dead woman’s with my kids.” Anakin growled.

“…Oh.” Obi-Wan’s emotions flashed and he looked away.

“Hey…” Anakin slid closer, cupping the others face. “It doesn’t matter, Luke and Leia are Padme’s children. Its stupidity and rumor mongering talking here, their records show their blood with her as the mother and me as the father.” He stroked the others cheekbones with his thumbs until the other was looking at him again. “Outside of the baby, how goes things?”

“I managed to find eight Force sensitive younglings on Coruscant to begin training?” Obi-Wan shifted. “I fixed up a few quarters, two classrooms and a salle to start on it too.” Excitement was starting to creep into Obi-Wan’s eyes.

“The parents agreed?” Anakin hummed.

“Well…only two of them had parents. One…one was found on the street. Three from an orphanage.” Obi-Wan opened his mouth then closed it again, looking hesitant.

“And the last two?”

“…I…Anakin, please promise me not to rage around me but I think the last two were saved from slavery ring passing through Coruscant.” Obi-Wan tensed as Anakin’s emotions rose in fury.

“I…” The cup fell of the desk and smashed. “See.”

“…Anakin, don’t do anything rash.”

“Oh, I won’t. I’ll just put a death penalty on slavers taking their ‘wares’ through Coruscant.” White teeth were flashed and gritted. Obi-Wan stared at him before tugging on him. “I agree slavery should be punishable Anakin, but death penalty…”

“If you profit of selling the lives of others into pain and misery, then you should lost your life.” Anakin let himself be shifted until he was facing the door on the bed with his back to the Jedi.

“Or you can punish them in a different way.” Callused hands started to rub his shoulders, slow and steady like Obi-Wan used to after a long campaign. The blonds shoulders slowly untensed. “Like?”

“A life time doing harsh labor. The exact same thing they tried to force others into.” Obi-Wan murmured, his clever fingers finding the spots in Anakin’s shoulders to untense the young emperor.

“I…hmm…” The blond frowned but inside him that light voice that had taken on a voice that sounded like Padme agreed. A punishment fit for the crime. “You think that would work?”

“It would certainly make people think twice.” Obi-Wan offered as he rested his hands on the others shoulders. “And that’s what you want them to, right? You don’t want to be a dictator? But a just ruler?” His voice was hesitant but at it Anakin turned around, nodding, reaching for the other. “Yes, yes I want to make things better, I want to make the future better, for everyone.” He stared at the other with wide, imploring yellow eyes.

Hands rested on Obi-Wan’s sides as the two stared at each other.

Then the Jedi smiled ever so slightly. “Then please listen to me?”

“Of course my Obi-Wan.”

Obi-Wan stared at him before reaching out and slowly touching along the others mind, Anakin grasping onto the presence tightly as Obi-Wan sought out the sundered remains of their bonds. The sith felt a slight hesitation in the other and then Obi-Wan started to mend and strengthen the bond they once had, tying them together once again.

He could feel Obi-Wan again, fleeting and flickering emotions and thoughts.

Coincidental Confessions

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia

Relationship: Todoroki Shouto x Reader

Genre: Gen/Romance

Rating: G/PG-13 because of Bakugou?

Summary: He didn’t mean for you to hear. “Do you want me to leave?”

Inspired by this - Writing Prompts for Days

Feel free to request anything. My ask box is open. :)

“Will you go out with me?” Todoroki asks, staring ahead intently.

In front of him, Midoriya studies him, tapping a finger on his chin in contemplation. Crossing his arms over his chest, he answers, “Nope.”

“Yeah, it’s a no for me too,” Kirishima agrees, shaking his head.

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There’s a Certain Slant of Light, Ch. 6

Many thanks to @gutsybitsies for the beta! Also, shout out to the OMGCP NANO Discord group! You guys save my writing life! :D

Warnings for this chapter: mentions of blood (skip the second to last section if you need to, which starts, “They go back to the hotel room”); mild threats of violence towards an OC played humorously, though no actual violence occurs; more crying; references to the overdose; and you will need to suspend your disbelief some because of magic shenanigans, but I think it’s worth it, personally. Oh! And actual very slight harm does come to the Stanley Cup.

Also on ao3.

Happy reading, folks!

I live with him, I see his face;
I go no more away  
For visitor, or sundown;     
Death’s single privacy,

Seeing Eric on a mission is something else entirely.

After he calms down and dries his eyes, Eric looks at Kent with an expression of steely resolve. “Alright, honey,” he says, “how are we gonna do this?”

“Uh,” Kent says, “well, I literally just figured out that this is probably the Stanley Cup’s fault, so I don’t have much of a plan yet.”

Eric nods, frowning slightly. “Right,” he says. “We need to go and see it again. Who’s got it this week?”

“Uh, I think Pager’s up next,” Kent answers. He checks his phone—and, yep, Pager would be getting the Cup the day after tomorrow.

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mbti types reacting to a marriage proposal
  • ENFP: “Bro….it looks like we’re gonna be all domestic and everything….” *shrugs and nods*
  • INFP: probably cries. It was just how they were imagining.
  • ENFJ: *already trying to decide on a wedding dress that would make everyone happy. It’s not working out so well*
  • INFJ: Believes you’re joking at first. Asks you. Is proven wrong. *Cries*
  • ENTP: Initially refuses but comes around the next day.
  • INTP: “….wait….I thought we were already married……..oh. Do you wanna talk about lobsters?”
  • ENTJ: “Ahh yes. This is all going according to plan. We will be wed on the third of June.” 
  • INTJ: *is caught off guard for once in their entire life and is pleasantly surprised.* *is probably planning the wedding already*
  • ESFJ: *texts everyone* *updates facebook status* *screams*
  • ISFJ: okay. Just imagine the perfect proposal. Yeah. That. That’s what goes down. It’s adorable. 
  • ESTJ: Makes a whole shitload of promises. It’s actually quite nice.
  • ISTJ: *probably already acts like they’re in a domestic relationship*
  • ESFP: Has probably pressured the ESFJ into telling them that you’re gonna propose and is currently practicing their reaction in front of a mirror
  • ISFP: Accepts your proposal in the warmest, most quirky way imaginable.
  • ESTP: *picks you up* 
  • ISTP: “Uhhhhhh…..yea sure” *returns to whatever it was they were doing*
Rough translation of Owari no Seraph chapter 54 PART 1

Page 2
Kimizuki: Uaahhhhh!! What’s this!!
I’ve never seen so much food in on place!!
Yu: That’s much? Is there any tasty food?
Narumi: …It’s Wagyu
Yoichi: WAGYU!!?
Yu: Eh? What’s Wagyu? Does it taste good?

Page 3
Owari no Seraph chapter 54: Sinner’s Christmas

Page 4
Narumi: A food that poor person don’t know
Yu: Poor person? I was a poor person?
Narumi: Don’t know.
Yu: Moreover, you used to be rich?Narumi: Me…well. I used to be from a prestigious family, that served the Ichinose clan.
Yoichi:Eh..then you and Lieutenant Guren from the start…
Yu: What’s a prestigious family?((more like being from one ))
Kimizuki:Being related to Wagyu
Yu:Then, does is taste good?
Narumi:I’m gonna kill you both…!!

Page 5
Kimizuki: Even if we’re happy, I’m still hungry! Let’s grill! We’re grilling the entire thing!
Squad:Oooooh!! Hurray!!
Kimizuki:To repeat it again, I’m older than all of you! I hope you don’t forget this!?

Page 6
Shinoa: HOW LARGE!! Mii-chan, it’s even this big, that our voices echo!
Mitsuba: Is it alright, not helping the others cooking?
Shinoa: But when we help, Kimizuki-san only gets angry~
Mitsuba: Well, he’s a narrow-minded guy.
Shinoa: It’s true. Open his eyes like this and brags “don’t waste your food!”

Page 7
Mitsuba: Wait. Are you really going in?
Shinoa: Don’t you want to come in as well?
Mitsuba:No. Actually I also want to go in but-it has been a long time since I took a bath and
Shinoa: I’m going
Mitsuba: But…

Page 8
Shinoa: The bathtub is ready and so is the food. This everything-was prepared by Ferid Bathory.  That he saw through everything from the beginning, did you noticed it Mi-chan?
Mitsuba: What?
Shinoa: Even uniforms from the JIDA, there is changing clothes prepared. Shinoa: To say it again, it seems that Ferid is connected with the JIDA.

Page 9
Shinoa:For that person, this might be according to plan even being burn at a stake.
Mitsuba: Going so far…how scary…
Shinoa: Yes, really…How in the world my chest grew so big, I’m also scared
Mitsuba: If that fits my bra’s size, I’m never ever going save this Ferid guy
Shinoa: ! …What!!!?

Page 10
Shinoa: Eh, wait, that this cup size really existed in mankind is-
Mitsuba: What size was it
Shinoa …eh it’s a G-cup…… Even if Mii-chan is the reincarnation of a milk cow, it’s impossible, right?
Mitsuba:…Haven’t clearly said, that you’re becoming really close to a B-cup?
Shinoa: No no no no no no!! W…wait. And even…!!

Page 11
Shinoa: SHI-CHAN!!
Mitsuba: Gyaaaah!!
Shinoa: …Huh. My Z-cup was almost discovered
Squad: What are you both doing!!!

Page 12
Crowley: Even if you won’t stare like that, I’ll give it, if you want to drink. Mika: Whose blood is it
Crowley: Well, but judging by the taste, it’s children’s blood. Unlike me, Ferid-kun enjoys children’s blood. You should know it well.

Page 13
Crowley: It’s very interesting, starving a cow it’s nothing bad. So why dow you feel disgust and immorality after drinking blood from a brotherly loved one.
Well I was the same, when Ferid-kun truned me against my will

Page 14
Crowley: That’s a face full of power. What so you want to hear?
Mika: How much time do I have until I loose all of my human feelings…?When did I stop, being a human?

Page 15
Shinya: Hey, Guren. You should slowly stop shutting your mouth.

Page 16
Shinya: What the hell is in Osaka?Guren: You’ll know once we arrive there.
Shinya: Tell us before we arrive.
Page 17
Guren: Can’t you wait, Shinya Shinya: I cannot. No, I’ve waited enough. You should explain
Shinya: What was that experiment, that happened in Nagoya? I saw you slaughtering comrades, everyone who was there. What was that?

Page 18
Shinya: Explain it to me
Goshi:He-Hey Shinya-sama
Mito: Guren probably has reasons…
Shinya: I know that. Guren is not that type of guy who would do something like that without reasons
The problem is

Page 19
Shinya That he didn’t tell as anything.  Guren caused something, but he doesn’t tell us about it. Was it because you couldn’t trust us?

Page 20
Guren: Are you saying, that we should tell each other everything as comrades?
Shinya: Basically yes
Guren: Then you tell us first, when did you took your first shit today?Shinya: …What? Goshi, tell us
Goshi: Eh!? Why I??
Ah~ Let me think, just before at the service center…
Mito: But, isn’t it now alright to tell us?

Page 21
Mito: 9 years since we met, 8 years  since the world has ended. We already have become family.
Goshi: Ah, right right. I wanted to say the same thing
Mito: Is there any reason to hide it?
Goshi: Right right, that’s it
Mito: Wait Goshi
Goshi: Hm?
Mito: Shut up

Page 22
Goshi: But, it’s no good thing to corner a child who doesn’t want to say it. There is something, but I won’t say it Like that right, Guren?
Shigure: Guren-sama
Sayuri: Is it like that?Guren-sama

Page 23
8 years ago, the day the world came to an end.
12.25 Christmas

Page 24
Guren:…Shinya, Shinya!! SHINYA!! Uu, ua,UAAAAHHHH!!!!!! [Human commit crimes]

Page 25
[Always, they commit crimes without hesitation, when they can revive their family]  [The price for reviving the dead are the lives of all the people] [And even after that, the revived will only live for only 10 years]
Guren: Only 10 years, but if  (my)family, when (my)comrades can show  their smiles- I can carry the sin

Page 27
Shinya: …Hm~ That’s definitely a hiding face
Goshi: Ah, you can strategiclly read face expression?
Shinya: I haven’t read it, but there is a reaction.
Mito: After what statement was the reaction?
Shinya: It was [Family] and also after the number [8 years]
Just what meaning of 8 years?