yes everything is going according to plan

That’s why everything, every last little thing, every single tiny microscopic little thing must go … according to plan!

(or when Jyushimatsu happily proposes and Homura happily accepts and everyone is confused af) Another Corpse Bride AU doodle for the night

mbti types reacting to a marriage proposal
  • ENFP: “Bro….it looks like we’re gonna be all domestic and everything….” *shrugs and nods*
  • INFP: probably cries. It was just how they were imagining.
  • ENFJ: *already trying to decide on a wedding dress that would make everyone happy. It’s not working out so well*
  • INFJ: Believes you’re joking at first. Asks you. Is proven wrong. *Cries*
  • ENTP: Initially refuses but comes around the next day.
  • INTP: “….wait….I thought we were already married……..oh. Do you wanna talk about lobsters?”
  • ENTJ: “Ahh yes. This is all going according to plan. We will be wed on the third of June.” 
  • INTJ: *is caught off guard for once in their entire life and is pleasantly surprised.* *is probably planning the wedding already*
  • ESFJ: *texts everyone* *updates facebook status* *screams*
  • ISFJ: okay. Just imagine the perfect proposal. Yeah. That. That’s what goes down. It’s adorable. 
  • ESTJ: Makes a whole shitload of promises. It’s actually quite nice.
  • ISTJ: *probably already acts like they’re in a domestic relationship*
  • ESFP: Has probably pressured the ESFJ into telling them that you’re gonna propose and is currently practicing their reaction in front of a mirror
  • ISFP: Accepts your proposal in the warmest, most quirky way imaginable.
  • ESTP: *picks you up* 
  • ISTP: “Uhhhhhh…..yea sure” *returns to whatever it was they were doing*

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        ❝   ah   yes   ,   everything   is   going   according   to   plan   .   ❞