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Book Bamon

Can I just say how much I love Damon for this book quote: “She belongs to me. It might not be obvious, but she is mine. Touch her again and die.

-Paradise Lost, Damon about Bonnie

I don’t think there are words to describe my love for this character. I just love how possessive and protective Damon gets when Bonnie is in danger. She belongs to me and She is mine are the phrases I will always remember. He loves her. She is his little redbird, his last reach toward light. He always saves her and is gentle with her and kisses her several times.

They are meant to be together. When Damon met Bonnie first (yes before Elena), he rescued her from werewolves even though he didn’t know her. He simply couldn’t leave her behind. This pairing is perfection.

Heal My Broken Heart || Steroline Fic||

A/N : its just an idea based on some spoilers (and some not) for the four months after life.

Summary:  She stopped. Her entry was almost finished. Like it was done almost for every single day of these four months. And it still felt empty. Because it was missing his name. She wanted to write about him. But, if she did, she had to think about him

She was wrapped with the beautiful summer, the flowers already blossomed and the colors blooming everywhere. There was a smile on her face, and a tinge of peace in the air. She could feel the calm breeze.  It was morning and she was up early, staring at the journal for almost an hours or so. The tapping of her pen on her wooden desk was mixed with the chirping of the birds. Who will say that it’s been four months, and she still feels awkward to start a day by writing in a journal. She isn’t a journal person after all. She took a deep breath and opened one of the blank page.

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Defan per episode | 6x02

sparkling-september  asked:

I have one - Caroline helps Enzo to turn it on, they fall in love...

Here is a Carenzo fix for that episode.  I will be writing more to it, but I figured I’d post this first part now. So, we don’t reach “they fall in love” yet, but we do have Caroline talking him down. The writers may kill off the hot British vampire, but I will continue to ship and write for this ship!  Enzo’s death has only made my love for them stronger. This includes my headcanon behind the “switch” - which is basically that it’s a lie used to make vampires feel better when they do something awful.



“But I’m only human, and I bleed when I fall down.  I’m only human, and I crash and I break down.”

                “Where are you Blondie?  Now is not the time to dodge my calls!”

                Caroline rolled her eyes as she listened to Damon’s voicemail.  Was it her fault she had finals and didn’t want Traveller drama getting in the way of her A average?  Just because Elena was content with Cs and Bs didn’t mean Caroline had to be. 

                She deleted the message and moved onto the next, this one from Bonnie.

                “Things got bad, Care.  Enzo turned off his humanity… and.  Crap, he has Elena.  You’ve talked with him, maybe you can talk him down or something? Or at least help Stefan get Elena back.”

                The message ended and Caroline stared down at the phone.  What the hell had happened in the three days she’d hidden herself away to study?  The last time she had spoken to Enzo he was smirking and flirting over drinks and telling her that all he wanted was to thank the woman who had kept him grounded.

                And now he had gone off the rails and turned off his humanity?

                It made zero sense.

                Caroline shook her head and scrolled through her contacts until she found Stefan, and she dialled quickly.

                “Now isn’t a good time,” Stefan said shortly when he answered.

                “So I’ve heard.  What exactly happened to make Enzo go off the rails, Stef?”

                There was a sigh on the other end, and Caroline knew from the sound she wouldn’t like what she was about to hear.

                “Damon killed Maggie, Enzo decided to turn off his humanity, and now he’s probably going to kill Elena to get vengeance.”

                Yup, Caroline didn’t like what she heard.  She also wasn’t surprised to hear that Damon had killed Maggie.  Damon killed people only to regret it later; it was his thing.  And now Enzo was on a revenge kick and had Elena, which meant that Caroline knew exactly how this scenario would end.

                It was Jesse all over again.

                Caroline felt her spine stiffen at the thought, because Enzo wasn’t perfect.  He was arrogant and cocky and couldn’t take a hint. But he had wanted to thank a woman after seventy years, because she had given him reason to live, and he had killed Tom when Caroline hadn’t been able to, and maybe his motives hadn’t been all pure, but they hadn’t been completely selfish, either.  He’d even accepted her dirty looks and her declaration that she had lost all respect for him, when others might have told her to go screw herself. He might be kind of an ass, but he didn’t deserve to die.  Not alone and without his humanity, sacrificed for the love between Elena and her Salvatores like far too many were.

                “Don’t do anything, Stefan. Where are you?”

                “The parking block down the block from the bar… why?”

“Just… just keep him busy until I get there.”

                “Caroline, he’s dangerous and he has-”

                “He has Elena, yes, I know.  So keep him away from her and keep him busy.  I… just do it, Stef!”

                She hung up the phone and, forgetting her usual commitment to secrecy, she flashed away from her car, headed for the parking lot.


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Endless List of Ships [9/?]: no particular order

Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett: The Vampire Diaries 

Damon: Come on, Bonnie, it was 3 seconds.

Bonnie: You know how long 3 seconds are, in a life-or-death situation?

Damon: In the first second, I thought how amazing would feel to have Elena in my arms again. By second number two, I kissed her. And by the third, I remembered, you’re my best friend, and that if anything ever happened to you I would lose my mind, so, yes, Bonnie, I do know how long 3 seconds are.

Elena: He doesn’t hate her. I think he actually kinda loves her. You’re mean to the people that you care about.

Damon: I can’t - I can’t just leave her behind, I can’t show up without Bonnie!

Damon: I’m sure there are about a billion people you’d rather be here with…

Bonnie: Not exactly.