yes did you see the resemblance there

Voice of Practical Reasoning: Now I know, you’re still very disappointed about the annihilation of Zutara in The Last Airbender series.

Me: Yes, very much so.

VPR: But that’s okay! Now, with Legend of Korra, you have not only one, but two handsome male protagonists!

And look! One is a firebender with a great resemblance to Zuko. Fire and water…see what they did there?! So this should make it easier for you t–

Me: I ship this.

VPR: I give up on you.


Goku: “Vegeta’s son…my gosh! Yes, yes, I can see the resemblance.”

Trunks: “I will be born two years from now.”

Goku: “Aha-ha! No kidding! Vegeta’s going to be a Daddy! Man, who would have ever thought?!”

Goku: “Oh, wow! I know your Mom, huh? That’s bizarre! Does she live by me or something?”

Trunks: “…She’s standing right behind you.”


Vegeta: “That guy just pointed his finger and Kakarot fell down!”

Goku: “WOW! Bulma and Vegeta, huh? Unbelievable!”

I think Goku had the same reaction that everyone else did to this.