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Imagine Sirius especially studying your favourite subject to have a reason to talk to you.
He would realize soon that his usual pick up lines and the constant flirting wouldn’t really be someting to impress you, which is why he’d decide to try a more subtle way.
Spending quite a few hours in the library he would try and learn every little detail to make you notice him. His plan to take it subtle however would probably fade as soon as your teacher in said subject would announce that there’d be a homework that you’d have to do in pairs.
You would barely be able to blink before Sirius would be sitting next to you, flashing you a cocky smile while placing his notes on the table, not even giving you the chance to say no.
“You know Y/N, usually I’d work with James. But it might just be my great personality that causes me to not want you to struggle with an inefficient homework partner. So yes, I’ll work with you, no need to thank me, dear”

A Bad Night’s Rest (Jumin x MC)

Jumin notices you having a nightmare one night. 

Word Count: 494

I haven’t done anything today. It’s been amazing. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy and have a spectacular day! Thank you!


Jumin quickly woke as he felt you stirring in his arms, your grip on him tightening greatly and your legs kicking at blank space.

His gaze was groggy yet he still held your face in his hands, gently waking you.

“Love? Love, what’s wrong?” He hummed, your clammy hands clamping on his own.

You incoherently murmured, your eyes weakly opening, tears brimming at the ends. “W-What…?”

“Oh darling, you were having a nightmare…” He coughed, running his fingertips through your hair tenderly. “Do you know what happened in it?” 

You shook your head, swallowing hard. “N-No, N-No I don’t. I-I just-” You shook your head, burying it in the crook of his neck. “I-I don’t think I even want to.” 

He hushed you softly, his tone cool and warm. “It’s okay, it was just a dream. Nothing will hurt you.” 

“I-I know b-but I’m just-I’m still scared. I-I can’t h-help it.” 

He thought for a moment, trying to come up with something to help. 

Until an idea popped into his head.

He began to stand up, raising you to your feet as well, confusion clear on your expression.

“W-What’re you doing…?” You asked, your feet sinking against the mattress.



“Jump,” Jumin restated. “As a child, whenever I was nervous my father said to jump on the bed. I didn’t typically do it, but I always kept the thought in mind.” 


“Didn’t you ever jump on the bed?” Jumin asked. “I’ve heard that most children do it.” 

“I-I just, I-I don’t know if it’ll h-help-” 

Jumin lifted up his feet to hop lightly, giving a small smile. “There’s no way to know if you don’t try.” 

You let out a faint snicker, following along after him, jumping. 

It began small but eventually, it felt as if the two of you were leaping for the stars, laughter slipping from your lips as often as air. 

You became calm again, even delighted, dragging him along as you bounced about, beaming like the very sun.

Soon, however, you both collapsed onto the bed, Jumin entangling his arms around you.

You erupted into giggles, laying back into your pillow. 

Jumin tipped his forehead against your own, pulling you close. 

“I wonder…did that help dear?” He asked, stifling his sniggers. 

“Yes it did, thank you.” You replied breathlessly, peppering his face with kisses. “But I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep now.” 

Yet you both knew, that when you did sleep, only sweet dreams would follow.

For as long as you were with each other, good times were never far behind.

the peace process | alfie/twin!reader

set in the same verse as ‘the other one’

“Hold my hand, we need to make this believable”

Alfie turned his head to you with a fed up expression and you just smirked and grabbed his hand, weaving your fingers through his.

“When’s the last time you smiled?”

“Feels like a fucking lifetime”

“Aww, baby, don’t be like that”

“Call me fucking baby again, I’ll shoot you in front of the whole table”

“Well then our guests won’t believe we’re madly in love will they, Alfie? They’ll just think you’re mad and then war will break out again and it’ll all go to shit in a bread basket. And since it’ll be me stitching you all back together I have a vested interest in its success”

Tommy’s car pulled up and he fussed with his coat until he saw you stood with Alfie, nuzzled up to his side, trying to siphon off his body heat. He smirked, then shook his head, and lit a cig. The spark of his lighter lit up a small bubble around him and cut through the shadows in the cold street outside the club.

“The happy couple”

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anonymous asked:

how about foster the people - the truth? you might like it.

Thank you for the recommendation dear Anon (yes, I do like the song!) and sorry it took me so long to respond, I started this weeks ago and then set it aside to marinate while I was busy with million other things. Also, it’s not a small painting (51x35.5cm) and it’s pretty detailed, so, yeah took a while to finish :)

Foster the People - The Truth

I’m still “painting songs” so if any of you feel like it, send me a song recommendation in my ask and I will respond to it with a painting done in my abstract, colorful style (it might take me a bit longer but I will respond :)).

Brother, Annoying Brother - Request

Requested by anon:  A Sherlock x reader where Sherlock is inlove with the reader, but wouldn’t admit it. Mycroft knows about it and makes Sherlock jealous by flirting with the reader. So he would confess. They’re working on a case with mycroft

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,312

Warnings: Un-edited.

A/N: I loved writing this.


Originally posted by imaginesherlock

Working along with Mycroft was never ever part of the plan. He wasn’t a ninja, a field soldier, or a detective; Mycroft was the kind of man to order whatever he needed via mobile and get in on a silver platter, and that was one of the things that frustrated Sherlock the most.

“You’re ruining the case!” Sherlock fumed. He loved searching for clues, and doing his own research and Mycroft had gotten all of the information with just one phone call.

“No, I solved half of it quickly. It’s called being efficient.” Mycroft replied bitterly.

“Boys…” (Y/N) called their attention as she appeared at the door with a letter in hand.

“What is it, (Y/N)?” Sherlock asked and Mycroft was surprised by the soft tone he had used; completely different to the one used against him two seconds before.

“A man gave me this for you, Sher.” She explained, handing the letter to him. Sherlock instantly recognized it as a clue from the criminal they were after.

“Did he hurt you? Did he say anything at all? How does he look like?” Sherlock inquired as a preoccupied look invaded his gaze; Mycroft took the letter off his brother’s hands, but was too focused on Sherlock’s behaviour.

“I’m fine; I don’t think that’s your criminal.” She said, softly. Mycroft noticed how their eyes were strictly staring into the other’s eyes like there was nothing else around. “More like a messenger.”

“You’re right.” Sherlock nodded, clearing his throat and returning to his usual superiority posture. He took the letter off Mycroft’s hands and analysed it carefully.

(Y/N) excused herself a few minutes after, claiming that she had plans with Mrs. Hudson and Mary. Mycroft used it for his advantage, making sure to give his little brother the most obvious and annoying knowing look the world has ever seen.

“What?” Sherlock groaned angrily.

“You fancy her.” Mycroft observed.

“Of course I fancy her, she’s a good friend.” Sherlock rolled his eyes.

“No, you fancy her like more than a friend.” Sherlock froze for a second but ignored his brother. “I’m not saying that I understand because I’ve never been a man of too many feelings, but you… You were always a sentimental.”

“Shut up, I’m working.” Sherlock ordered as he continued to analyse the pictures the forensic department had sent him.

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Leather and Rose

So for the longest time I couldn’t think of an ending to this, and then something from @dragonchristianlady97‘s head canon list inspired me! 

So here’s some Saturday smut for everyone!

Sansa sighed and tilted her head back.  The water was blissfully warm after a long, cold day.  Her handmaiden Milly was humming a tune as she washed Sansa’s hair. The sensation of her strong hands in Sansa’s hair was incredibly relaxing. She was certain she could fall asleep like this.  She was disappointed when Milly finished and began to rinse Sansa’s hair with fresh water.  

Sansa was distracted by the sound of footsteps outside the door.  She heard Jon’s voice.

“Sansa?” he called as he entered their chamber.  He stopped dead in his tracks at the site of Sansa in the bath.  Blood rushed to his face and neck.

“Forgive me, my lady, I didn’t realize you were having your bath, I’ll come back later,” he stammered, as he turned for the door.

“No, Jon, don’t be silly, you can stay,” Sansa called after him.  Jon looked stunned.  He nodded. He awkwardly sat down on their bed.

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Life lessons Pt 4

A/N - last part everyone hope you like it

“Ah, no I don’t.” he told her, which was technically true. Just then Izzy came into the room and strode over to stand with her brother. She was looking down at the girls who seemed to of lost some of their boldness now she was there.“People, I want to introduce you to Isabelle. Isabelle Lightwood, my sister. She will be taking you out in the field occasionally. She specialises in fighting with the electrum whip. And something you ladies might be interested in, fighting in five inch high heels.” Alec told them. Izzy allowed the whip to uncurl from her arm and facing away from group flicked it out making it snap loudly. All the recruits jumped but then gave her a round of enthusiastic applause.  She allowed the whip to snake back up her arm once more and turned back to give them a bow.“Oh and just for the record, Isabelle is taken. And if any of you guys think you might have a chance to win her over just know that her boyfriend is actually the second in command of the head Vampire clan of New York.” A surprised murmur went round the room once more.“Does that mean……….” Someone started to ask.“Yes, he’s a vampire. A very special one who can withstand daylight. Simon? Do you want to come in?” Izzy called towards the door and Simon came up to her in a blur, using his super speed. He had borrowed one of Raphael’s suits again, the dark material making his pale skin whiter. He put an arm around Izzy’s waist and kissed her lightly.  The recruits gasped a little. Alec gave them a smile. He almost felt sorry for them. It was a lot to take in. The New York Institute was the first one to allow stronger relations with Down Worlders mostly because of the attack on the Institute but partly because of Alec’s relationship with Magnus and Izzy’s with Simon and Clary’s with Luke.“Just before we finish, there’s one more person you need to meet. Luke, can you come in please?” Alec called. Luke came in through the door and came up to join them.“This is Luke Garraway, Alpha of the head werewolf pack here.“Once again, a murmur went around the crowd. All of them had shocked expressions on their faces. None of them had ever seen a vampire, a werewolf, a warlock and Nephilim all in the same room together before let alone being friendly with each other. Clary and Jace came over and joined them in front.“The session is officially over but if you would like to ask Magnus, Simon or Luke anything, within reason of course, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind answering  few questions.” Some of the recruits got brave enough and came towards them. Alec couldn’t  help but smile as he saw Simon baring  his fangs at the boy who had gotten up the courage to ask about them, making him and his friends jump back. It was the same every year. He just hopped no one asked Luke if he could get fleas like someone had the previous year. As Alec watched, the four girls slowly worked their way around to Magnus, giggling. He had spotted them coming and had given Alec a knowing smile. It seemed that his boyfriend was the centre of their attention for now.“We just wanted to say thank you for the roses.” the bolder one said, eyelashes fluttering.“You’re very welcome my dear.” Magnus replied.“Can I ask you something? I heard that Warlocks can be hundreds of years old, is that true?”“Why yes it is. I will have my 443rd birthday very soon.” The girls gasped.“Do you have a girlfriend?” the brave one asked, smiling sweetly back at him. Magnus smiled back at her and gave a small glance over to Alec to let him know the question they had been waiting for had been asked.“Well no I don’t actually. Is there a reason you wanted to know that?’ he asked, faking interest.“I was just wondering if , maybe you know um, you would like to get a cup of coffee some time”. Then she added quickly, ”Warlocks drink coffee don’t they?” Magnus laughed and turned towards Alec who had just come to stand next to him.“Well, Magnus don’t be shy. Answer the young lady.” he encouraged.“Yes, my dear warlocks drink coffee and I thank you for the kind invitation but I don’t think my boyfriend would approve.” Magnus told her. She gasped a little and looked to her friends who were all staring up at Magnus.“You… have a boyfriend?’ she stammered.“Yes, he does. A very jealous one.” Alec grabbed one of Magnus’ hands and pulled him into him, before wrapping his arms around his waist. Magnus did the same thing to him before leaning in to lightly kiss him. The girls looked back in utter shock. Mouths open eyes huge as did the rest of the recruits.“Everyone. I just wanted to add something. We know the rumours that surround the Institute about us and yes most of them are true. We think it only fair to put them to rest. Yes, Jace and Clary are together. No they were never brother and sister. It was a lie told to them by Valentine. Yes, Jace did die by Valentine’s hand but Clary asked the Angel Razeil to bring him back to her. To us. Jace is and always will be my parabatai. Hopefully you will discover this special bond for yourselves with someone one day. Yes Isabelle and myself are with Down Worlders and our relationships with them are no  different than jace has with Clary. And if you think that being gay makes me weaker in any way,  I suggest you come and try your luck with me in combat training any time. We feel that the old ways of thinking need to change and that it shouldn’t matter who you want to be with as long as it’s a safe, happy relationship. Over the coming months we encourage you to ask questions and learn from us and perhaps you might come away a little wiser and more tolerant. To know that people aren’t always who or what they seem no matter what world they are from. It just might come in handy to you one day out in the field. That’s all for today, thank you for attending.” A round of applause went around the room and Alec gave a nod of thanks as the recruits started to file out of the room. The four girls looked thoroughly embarrassed by their behaviour and left with the others. Not turning back once.They watched them leave and Magnus grabbed Alec in for a proper kiss, his hands either side of his face.“You looked so hot up there today, my love.’ he said. “I almost felt sorry for those poor girls. Are you jealous that I got asked out and you didn’t?” he joked.“I was a little, yes. I had it in the bag until my super sexy warlock showed up. How was I going to compete with all this?” he said, gesturing to Magnus’ elaborate clothes before kissing him again. “Ok, ok, they’ve gone now you two can stop being all cute.” Jace said, his arm around Clary.“Stop calling us cute.” Alec frowned at him.“Do you think we got to ‘em?” Izzy asked, hugging Simon.“Are you kidding me? Didn’t you see their faces? Now let’s just hope it has the positive effect we need it to have.” Alec said.“yeah, cause I don’t want to have to pretend to smooch with my  brother again. But I kinda liked kissing Clary, that was fun.” Izzy said,  giving  her a grin. Clary gave her a playful thump on the arm while Simon just gave her a confused look.“You did what to Clary?” he asked. Izzy laughed and kissed him.“Come on, let’s go, we have recruits to torture.” Jace said, and they all headed for the door.  


He’s Got You High

For @a-simple-rainbow. ♥♥♥

She wanted something based on this post: Kurt sends an email to his TA while high on pain meds after a wisdom teeth extraction.

read on AO3

Blaine is in the middle of his theatre history class when his phone signals a new email in his inbox. Discreetly hiding the phone from his instructor’s view by keeping his hands behind a stack of textbooks on his desk, he goes to his email folder and checks the sender.

It reads, Kurt Hummel.

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Newt Scamander x Reader- Protective Side

Newt Scamander x reader - Protective side A/N: so I decided to write another Newt imagine. I was stuck in a socially awkward situation and thus I needed something to do. It may not be that good tbh. Also a huge thank you to everyone who read my last imagine, I didn’t expect that many to read it. I hope you all have a wonderful day and night, please enjoy! Warnings: mentions of an ex, slight anger/angst?

You and Newt were out on another date, since the two of you needed some time with one another. He had been spending so much time in his case lately, and you noticed how stressed he was. You were at a local tea and coffee shop, simply enjoying one another’s company. Newt sipped on his cup of tea while you two conversed about his creatures. Pickett was still having a few “attachment issues” and it turns out a few of the billywigs were getting a bit rambunctious. The two of you looked at one another once more. Newt wondered what he did to deserve such a special person in his life. You never once thought about leaving him, no matter how awkward he appeared. Not only that, but you extremely caring and kind as well, but not afraid to defend yourself on most occasions. He laughed as you told your story, adoringly staring at you.

  “And then I-,” you spoke but were instead cut off. Newt turned and swallowed some of his tea while choking on it. Next to your table was your ex.

“Hey (y/n)! Fancy seeing you here ay. You look just as great as you did back in the day. How are ya sweetheart?” He spoke.

You cringed and shifted uncomfortably in your seat.

“I said how are you sweetheart?”

“I’m fine,” you whispered softly. You often stood your ground but now, your courage lay faded.

“Well that’s good, it’s been lonely without you.” You looked down at your cup, then at Newt. Newt was currently giving you a look that looked nervous and concerned.

“You know we could talk again sometimes,” he spoke with a snake like tounge. He inched closer to you. You took a breath before speaking again.

“No I don’t think we should.”

Your ex narrowed their eyes. “And why not?”

“Because-” You didn’t get to finish your sentence, because Newt was up and ready to protect you. He knew you could kick anyone’s ass on your own, but right now he was fuming.

  “Because she’s with me.” You were slightly shocked by his outburst. His breathing started to become faster. The tone shocked you as instead of gentle, it was quite stern.

“Newt it’s okay,” you murmured.

Your ex spat fire, “And who the hell is this!?” Your ex was beyond mad. He came to get you back, and he wasn’t leaving without you. He reached out towards you, only to be stopped by Newt.

“Don’t touch her.” Newt stood up taller and you feared the worst. You stood closer, but your ex slowly began to retreat.

  “Well what are you going to do-,” Newt sent his own glare to your ex. With a slight sigh and glare, your ex backed away. You never expected Newt to be so protective and threatening, especially in public.

“Whatever. You didn’t matter much anyways,” your ex spat. After he stomped away, with the same immature attitude you remembered, you collided with Newt, embracing him in a hug.

“Thank you,” you whispered. Newt held onto you tighter.

 "Anything for you love. Let’s head home.“

You simply nodded. He pressed a kiss to your forehead, and led you out of the small building.

The two of you were now settling back at in the comfort of home. You were still a bit shaken up from the recent events that almost turned your date into a cataclysmic event.

"Hey Newt?” You asked while glancing back down at your hands.

“Yes dear,” he responded from a separate room.

“I just wanted to thank you for protecting me back there, from you know who.”

He walked back into the room and shuffled his large coat off. “You’re quite welcome. I know you like to handle things yourself, but everyone needs a little help sometimes, I understand that.” He paused before continuing. “And I mean you’re my girl, I need to protect you from the horrible people.”



“I love you.”

He smiled as he looked at your adorable form. So beautiful and so intriguing at the same time.

“I love you (y/n),” he spoke while walking over to embrace you lovingly once more, “I’ll always be here to protect you.”

You hugged him closer and leaned up to kiss his cheek. “I’ll always be here for you too.”


@calliophies tagged me to post 10 songs / 10 mutuals,

here are ten songs from my Femme Fatale playlist:

  • Rise Up - Andra Day
  • Stompa - Serena Ryder
  • Raise Hell - Brandi Carlile
  • Criminal - Fiona Apple
  • Castle  - Halsey
  • Glory And Gore - Lorde
  • Take Me Down - The Pretty Reckless
  • Swan - Willa
  • Beggars - Krewella
  • Up in Flames - Ruelle

i’ll tag @anothercallowaysister, @devil–in–suit and @the-rose-alchemist if they want to do it, and anyone who wants to do it is welcome to tag me (especially if you have recs for my playlist)

EVERYONE appreciation day

we are just so purely blessed in this fandom with amazingly talented people. so here’s to:

the fic writers who stay up late, who get up early, and who sneak in a few chapters at work

the gif makers who capture those loving looks and lingering touches and sweet smiles that add fuel to our fires

the manip creators who push and pull and bend our ideas into life

the artists who give us words through their steady hands and bold colors and soft lines

and most importantly -

the readers who share and like and comment and reblog. who spread the word and send messages and give us the motivation to tweak that line and craft that scene and to linger in the moment. who push us and guide us to that last satisfying sentence…

i know i couldn’t keep doing what i do without all of you. so thank you, yes you, my dear friends - i appreciate you all.

Imagine: attending a wedding with Dean.

Dean X Reader

Content: Basically just Fluff

Request by @rosiesstanderds : “Could you do a fic where the reader and Dean have to go to a wedding for a case and Dean helps the reader pick out a dress. And it maybe end with the reader catching the bouquets? Love your work btw.”

“This… is… Ugh… Oof!” The fabric gave way suddenly allowing your head to spring through the confines as if you were a baby pushing it’s way into the world. “Inane. This is inane.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not happy about it either.” Dean grumbled on the other side of the paper partition. “But the sooner we get this over with, the sooner we can gank the bitch and go home.”

You twisted your body wrenching the material around the curves of your body. The snug bodice slipped into place and you began yanking the skirt from being tucked in on itself. The fabric fluttered to it’s length, which ended at an odd space at lower shin. You grimaced at the dress. Not only was the cut generally unflattering and the style nonexistent, but the color was that of dry yellow moss. You jerked the skirt in frustration. The adjustment didn’t help.

“Easy for you to say.” You slid around the partition, hiked an elbow up, and leaned on it as you watched Dean fumble with his bow tie. “You get to wear a suit. I have to wear this abomination.”

Dean’s eyes flicked up in the mirror, his mouth parted to supply his usual aggressive placations. He flinched. His eyes touched the dress and his body froze violently. You groaned. The man could gank ghost or ghoul without batting an eye, but this dress was scarier than either. He licked his lips. Turning towards you slowly, he eyed the dress straight on. His mouth opened, then shut.

“It looks…” He shrugged searching for anything to say.

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