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i am physically and emotionally crying he revealed his real name and identity to the summoner he trusts them THAT much AND HE VOWS…TO FIGHT FOR THEM…….AND WITH A WIDE SMILE WHILE HES AT IT IM SO…………………..

Depth Over Distance

For my favourite person on her birthday. Happy birthday, Maplevogel!  You said you wanted a domestic piece so I hope this counts.  A little bit of sharing and caring and patience.  

Inspired by the song ‘Depth Over Distance’ by Ben Howard.

Depth Over Distance

The hinges on the door squeaked in warning as Canada pushed it open.  The house was stale and dim but he could hear the ‘click, click, click’ of an oscillating fan in the distance.


He slipped out of his shoes and dropped his suitcase on the worn hardwood.

“Gilbert?  I’m home.  Where are you?”

He squinted into the kitchen as he passed and sighed at the pile of cardboard boxes and garbage. The stove was blackened, the coffee pot was filled with noodles, and the sink was stacked with unwashed dishes.  

He knew what that meant.

Canada squared his shoulders and marched up the staircase with his heart in his throat. Kumajirou was sitting outside their bedroom door with his nose scrunched up in displeasure.  Canada tapped him on the head twice before pushing the door open.

The hinges seemed to screech even louder than before in the silence.

“Gilbert?  Are you in here?”

“No,” the bundle of blankets on their bed replied.  

“Are you sure?” Canada asked, sitting down on the edge of the mattress.  Prussia had drawn the curtains but he could see piles of clothes and more unwashed dishes scattered around the room.

“No,” the blankets repeated.

Canada bit his lip and tried not to laugh.

“No, you’re not here?  Or no, you’re not sure?”

Prussia peeked out from under the covers and blinked at him.

“…  Both?”

Canada chuckled, he could not help himself, and reached out to smooth his tousled hair.

“Bad day, then?”

“Bad week,” Prussia pouted, but he leaned into his hand.  “I missed you.”

Canada hummed in understanding.  He had missed Prussia too.  But he knew that it was more than that.

“Are you going to get up?”

“…  I don’t want to get up today.”

Canada clucked his tongue and nudged Prussia until he scooched over.

“Then move,” Canada said.  “I want in.”

Prussia raised the corner of the blankets and Canada slithered underneath.  He wrapped his arms around Prussia and pressed wet kisses to his shoulder and collarbone.  

Prussia clutched the back of his suit jacket.

His hands were shaking.

“I’m sorry you had a bad week,” Canada mumbled against his skin.  “You should have told me.  I would have come home sooner.”

“I know.  That’s why I didn’t tell you.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot.”

Canada smiled even though he felt like crying.

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People who civilly ship expensive headphones (Rich x Michael) and Boyf riends (Jeremy x Michael). Ya’ll are the best, I’m handing you an imaginary emmy. YOU DESERVE IT.
Anyone who can ship more than 1 thing that may conflict another ship and not act like its the end of the world, I’m giving you all awards. You make my dash beautiful


f i c s p a m : THE TRAVELERS

She snorted. “You don’t have feelings.”

He smiled slightly. “I like to think that I do.”

She turned to him, and narrowed her eyes a little bit, assessing him. “I don’t think so.”

He shrugged. “You haven’t died yet.”

Though he was trying to convey it as a serious point, she seemed to think it was funny. “That’s true,” she said, smiling, “But who says that I’ll stay alive?”

He frowned. “Of course you will.”

She raised an eyebrow.

“I won’t let anything happen to you, Caroline.”

She rolled her eyes. “Is that what you say to all the girls?”

“No,” he said, his honest answer coming out before he could think it through.

@xxtorchxx made this beautiful manip and I begged her to let me make words. This is definitely not my normal medium but I just couldn’t resist. Thanks also to @bridgetteirish and @fictorium for helping make this acceptable to share with y’all. so anyway, here goes……. 

The elevator slid shut as Kara was still rattling off Cat’s agenda. She was so wrapped up in the urgency of the morning she hadn’t even realized she was now talking to closed silver doors. Without thinking, she took off at a sprint down the stairs. Taking them five at a time and concerned only with catching up before Cat drove away, she never stopped to consider if she should catch up.

“Well well, if I didn’t know any better, I’d suspect Supergirl lent you some of her speed.” The wink Cat threw Kara’s way as the elevator opened nearly knocked her off her feet.

“Um… No, I… That’s impossible, Ms. Grant.  She can’t give someone her speed.” For all her stoic composure when in the super suit, dressed as Kara, she continually lost herself to the bumbling denials and bashfulness.

“Mmm.” Cat rolled her eyes, “Yes, yes, darling. So you say.” And with a subtle flip of her hand, she quietly signalled for Kara to continue the previous conversation about her agenda as they made their way out to the waiting car.

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This Will Destroy You by YesMyDarling []

She recoiled in shock at the still-red scar bisecting his face.

“Why- why didn’t you heal it?”  Rey’s words came out confused, guilty and angered all at once.  She shook her head.   “Surely the First Order has adequate enough medical facil-”

“I wanted a reminder,” Kylo interrupted, silencing her.

Rey stared back at him, following along the trail of her handiwork before settling on his eyes once more.

She hesitated further, fearing his reply to the only thing she could think to say next.

“A reminder of what?” she whispered.

Kylo’s heady gaze bore into hers.


30 Day OTP Challenge Day Thirty: Doing something Hot

Note: NSFW,Vaginal fingering, hair pulling, spanking(slightly), and Loki’s possessive behavior, If you are under 18 please refrain from reading loves! Go to the Author’s note at the bottom to find out new information!

Words: 1925

You dropped your duffel bag onto the floor of your apartment as a sigh of relief coursed from your lungs. You were finally home, two weeks of hell with Tony and Steve bickering like a couple the entire time made one weak. You immediately ripped off your shoes as you walked over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. It was quiet, which means Loki isn’t home yet and that alone made you whine because you really need him. He always helped you when you were stressed to the point of exhaustion, when you were ready to break down and cry.

You drained down half the content of the bottle before gasping for breath as you wiped your lips looking around the apartment. You started to pop the button on your suit before pulling down the zipper as you sighed happily from the sweat pouring off your body. You grunted as you pulled the top of your suit down to your waist relieved to have cold air brushing your skin considering you wore only a bra underneath your suit. You were about to walk over to the couch when the doors to the elevator opened to reveal Loki who walked in before pausing as he took in your attire.

“Well good evening my darling.” He said as you waved before collapsing onto the couch when he frowned softly. “Bad mission?” He asked quirking an eyebrow. “Steve and Tony screaming at each other in a small space for over eight hours is not the highlight of my week.” You mumbled sarcastically before looking at him. “Sorry.” You whisper as he walks over to you running his fingers through his hair. “I’m sorry my love.” He spoke gently as you sighed at the tingling feeling in your scalp from the sensation of him playing with you hair. “Thank you.” You smile wearily to him.

“How about I give my wonderfully courageous darling a massage? Help take down the stress of this horrendous job.” He suggests as you look at him blushing profusely. “Y-You mean it? R-Really?” You asked as he chuckles leaning down before placing a kiss onto your shoulder gently. “Yes my darling, really.” He whispered as you nod. “Yes please, I would love that.” You mumbled sheepishly when he stood up offering out his hands. “Come, it’ll be easier on our bed.” He said as you nod taking it before allowing him to lead you back to your bedroom.

“Thank you.” You turned when he unzipped the rest of your suit before slowly sliding it off your hips as his hands trailed along with it to the newly exposed skin. You shuddered softly as he removed the material from your body before standing up with a wink. “Please get comfortable my darling. Allow me to take care of you the way a Queen should be taken care of.” He whispered as he unclips your bra causing your face to heat up due to not being naked in front of each other that often. He gestured for you to lay down as he opens one of the draws by his nightstand to reveal cherry scented massage oil.

“You have a think for cherries?” You asked, but he merely smiled not answering that questioned before you laid down onto your stomach turning your head to the side. “Hush now, and enjoy the sensation that I bring to you.” He said sitting on the bed behind you. He straddles your waist as you blush burying your face into the pillows that smell like him before you gasp in shock. A shiver rippled through your body at the coldness of the oil when his warm hands placed themselves onto your shoulders. “God that is frickin’ cold.” You whine before your breath caught in your throat when Loki’s palms dug into the knots on your back.

A moan slipped passed your trembling lips as the tension started to melt away from your body at his magical hands. “You have the hands of a God, pun intended.” You comment as he lets out a small fit of laughter. “I thank you for the compliment my darling.” He grins as his hands trail lower onto your back when your face heats up before you bit your lip. “L-Loki…” You whispered before moaning as he gently massages away another knot that had caused you the most pain. “Yes?” He asked, you could hear the smirk in his voice as you huffed wanting to snip back, but couldn’t.

“So mean.” You frown as he leans over to be in your field of vision. “Really? I’m mean to you? I’m giving you a massage right not to help you, but I’m mean?” He asked quirking an eyebrow as he starts to move away. “No! No no! Okay I’m sorry you’re not mean, please don’t stop.” You whimper as he chuckles before going back to massage your back when he leaned down kissing your shoulder. You bit your lip as he gently kissed his way down your spine when your fingers dug into the comforter underneath you causing you to whimper at the feeling. “Feeling good?” He questioned.

“Y-Yeah.” It was more of a moan than an answer at this point causing him to grin. “Do you want more?” He asked softly sitting up as he wipes his hands clean on a small towel in the drawer. “Yes.” You whispered before looking to him as his fingers danced their way over your thighs up towards your slightly soaked panties. Your breath quickened at the tingling feeling that was causing you to rub your thighs together to get friction that you desperately needed. “What was that? I don’t think I heard you properly my darling? You need to speak up.” He scolded softly to you.

Opening your mouth to resort something back because you hated when he was like this only to cry out at the small slap that was placed onto your ass. Your eyes widened, but there was a burning lust for another as you looked up to him seeing a smirk on his lips. “Naughty.” He comments as you bit your lip before whimpering when his fingers trailed down your covered folds. “Fuck.” You hissed before burying your face into the pillows to muffle your desperate sounds when Loki threw them off the bed. “I want to hear you.” He whispered in a stern tone.

To show that he meant what he said his fingers entangled into your hair before giving a gentle tug, nothing too harsh, but enough to make you moan. “Yes my king.” This isn’t the first time you’ve done the act saved only for lovers so you knew what he wanted to hear and judging by the growl from his throat you had answered right. You squeaked when you garment was ripped from your body as you looked back to him with a glare. “Really? I need those! You think they grow on trees or something?” You huff causing him to roll his eyes. “I’ll get you new ones.” He informed you.

Still, it didn’t stop you from grumbling in protest of how those were one of your favorite pairs and he was gonna find a pair just like those. Suddenly all thoughts were erased when he started to move in tight circles around your clit making you gasp out. You dug your fingers into the comforter again before arching your hips up as you jut back. “S-Stop teasing me.” You hiss out when he chuckled grabbing the massage oil. “I was only trying to draw it out, make it more pleasurable.” He comments as you forced yourself not to hide your noise into the bed.

You cried out in both pleasure and surprise when his slipped an oil covered finger inside your body. You started to pant softly as the pad of his finger rubs across your velvety walls causing you to moan. “L-Loki–” You gasped feeling heat start to form in the pit of your stomach as you rocked back against his finger before moaning when he slipped another finger inside. Your blush trailed down your chest as sweat started to bead onto your skin from the pleasure. You cried out as he started to scissor and move his fingers faster, feeling like he was hitting all the right place.

“Are you almost there? Are you going to come for your King?” He asked twisting his fingers as your back arched making you scream out in pleasure. “Yes! I’m gonna come.” You whine as your nails dug into your palms from gripping the sheet under you so hard. “Beg.” He commanded as you looked to him when he started to slow down his movements. “P-Please.” You whimpered as he looked at you. “Please what my darling? You have to tell me what you want.” He said in a teasingly calm tone as a smirk danced across his lips.

“Please let me come!” You cried out as your face grew hotter, at this point you didn’t care how desperate you sounded, you needed this. “Who do you belong to? Who brings you to this state?” He demanded picking up his pace as he twisted his fingers again causing you to sob in pleasure. “Y-You do! You do my king!” You cried as his free hand dug his fingers into your hair pulling it back again. “That’s right. No one else can satisfy you the way I can. Do you understand me? You belong to me, and me only.” He growled in your ear possessively.

With the tone of his voice and the words he spoke made your body tense from the impending orgasm that was just there. “Come for me my little pet.” He whispered darkly into your ear as your eyes snapped shut and all you could see was white. You cried out loudly when your body jolted from the intense pleasure rushing through you as you sobbed out Loki’s name. If felt like hours before you finally were able to breathe properly when you sunk down onto the bed. You grunted in disgust at the giant wet spot from your release soaking the sheets beneath you.

You shivered as Loki slowly removed his fingers when the pain started to settle in your body, but you were too boneless at the moment to care. You looked up to see Loki travel into the bathroom before coming out with a washcloth as he cleaned you up. You shuddered from the sensitiveness of your body before he set the cloth down as you smiled tiredly to him. “Are you feeling better?” He asked as his voice grew soft not like before when his fingers slowly caressed through you sweaty hair. Your eyes fluttered before you whined as he picked you up bridal style.

“What are you doing?” You asked when he removed the sheets from the bed with his magic and replaced them with new ones. “My Queen isn’t going to lay on dirty sheets.” He said before laying you back down onto the bed as he walks out grabbing a water for you. “Here, drink. You lost a lot of fluids.” He comments as your face lit up before you took the water and gulped down over half of it. He pulled back the covers before crawling beside you as you turned snuggling into his chest when he wrapped you both up. “Thank you.” You whispered softly. “No need my love. Rest.” He whispered and before you knew it your eyes fluttered closed and you fell asleep.

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Author’s Note: This was supposed to be the last day, but I feel bad that it’s smut, so not everyone can read it! People don’t want this to series to end and some have asked me to continue it, because there’s a lot that didn’t happen! If you have an idea for this series ask me! Please! I want to continue this series for you lovely muffins! You’re so supportive and I want you to see your ideas come to life! So if you have an idea throw it out there! DM or send an ask and I’ll credit you for the idea! Thank you so much loves! Have an amazing day or night :D

miyakokurono  asked:

Ello can I request a hc for 707 and Zen react to MC coming home drenched from the rain but not in the 'cute/hot wet shirt way' but instead the " I look like I hate the world and look like a drowned rat" kinda way ? Thank you☺


  • immediately bursts out laughing when he sees you
  • is all ready to joke about your state but stops when he realizes that you’re not smiling back as you usually do
  • panics
  • asks you a flutter of questions, incredibly worried
  • you are lost in his train of disjointed thoughts as he runs around
  • you sneeze and he almost goes into a seizure
  • “No, no, no you’ll get a cold-”
  • He goes over, lifting your shirt before you can argue
  • “You’ll need to take your clothes off-”
  • you gawk and blush heavily, swatting his hands away
  • “What are you doing?”
  • he looks confused
  • “…helping you?”
  • he suddenly realizes what he was doing and comes back to his senses, a faint pink on his cheeks as well
  • he rubs out his glasses that fogged, chuckling nervously
  • “Right, right”
  • He lifts you off your feet, leaving you more flustered while he grins boyishly
  • “Lets get you dry while I draw a bath, hmm?”


  • from the very beginning he freaks the hell out 
  • you’re still in a bad mood from being drenched but can’t help but be curious when he runs out of the room
  • he comes back with the biggest towel you have ever seen
  • actually where in the world did he get that from
  • he wraps you up in the fluff, setting you down in the couch
  • he’s zipping away again, heating up the thermostat so that you feel comfortable
  • you swear he’s a blur at this point when he disappears into the kitchen
  • two minutes later he’s coming back out with a mug steaming in his hands
  • he hands you the cup of hot milk
  • all you can do is stare, overwhelmed slightly
  • He wipes his forehead, a bit flushed and offers you a smile
  • “Are you ok now, babe?”
  • you stutter
  • “U-uh yeah”
  • you honestly did not expect all of that
  • he narrows his eyes and just watches you for a bit with genuine scrutiny, in case you were still uncomfortable
  • you find your voice again, looking down, cheeks burning with a smile
  • “Really, I’m fine. Thank you.”
  • his face brightens and he sits, wrapping an arm around you and planting a kiss on your forehead


Yes and No

Bucky Barnes x reader

Bucky plans a proposal for you but pops the question on the night just before. You decide to still go through with it but this time, making your next move in the never-ending prank war with your friends. [~3300 words]

warnings: language and Bucky Barnes proposing three times which needs a warning for itself

A/N: the word ‘happy’ is in this about 3095328 times but we’re going to ignore that. 

Originally posted by little--batman

The knock on his door was hesitant but not but not quiet enough to not be noticeable which is why Steve wanted to kick the person on the other side right in the solar plexus for disturbing him in his much-deserved sleep. After the mission, Steve had been so tired, he hadn’t even taken off his suit properly but instead had only undone the zipper to at least breathe.

“Come on in,” he said, nevertheless, because he was Steve Rogers and that is the sort of thing a Steve Rogers does.

“Steve, I’ve got a problem.” It was Bucky. It was Bucky and for that reason, Steve was already more awake and even sat up in his bed.

“What is it, buddy?”

There was silence. Bucky shuffled over to the bed and planted himself onto it. Then, he played with his fingers.

Steve waited, Bucky usually took a bit longer finding the right words to-

“I think I want to marry her.”

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