yes cas is reading the hobbit

What I loved about Supernatural 10x11 "There's No Place Like Home"
  • effective use of handcamera in the teaser
  • Dean EATING HEALTHY I never thought I’d see the day omg
  • The banter throughout the episode: “That’s three steps.” - “Shut up and eat.”
  • Dean calling the mark a “demonic tramp stamp”
  • Sam being worried about Dean but still trusting him enough not to intervene immediately
  • Winchester nicknames: Special Agent Gabriel and Collins, Rocket and Groot, Sam “Albatros” Winchester 
  • Dean’s description of Charlie: “Ye high? Wouldn’t hurt a hobbit, practically sparkles?" 
  • Srly, the writing this episode was amazing
  • Dean trying kale
  • Dean reading Fitness Now
  • bad!Charlie not only slashing Baby’s tires but also STEALING her
  • Dean being the car wizard that he is and changing Baby’s tires in the speed of light
  • Dean trying to stay sober 
  • Cas checking in with Sam to talk about Dean
  • all the parallels between Charlie’s evil twin and Dean’s dark side, plus the foreshadowing that it can all work out because Charlie found her balance :)
  • Sam’s correct use of "whom”
  • “I forgive you.” - “Yeah, well, I don’t.” - “I know. It’s kinda your move.” You tell him, Charlie!
  • They didn’t depict bad!Charlie as overly sexualized with the black pants and sexy fighting skills, which I feared would happen

Seriously, from the writing to the foreshadowing and Dean really trying to Charlie being back, I am so in love with this episode!