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Be careful who you call ugly in middle school… 👀

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Me meeting the queen of England
  • Me: your majesty, is it true that here you guys call boogers "bogeys"
  • The Queen of England: why, yes.
  • Me: what the FUCK

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Alex x Astra; royalty AU - Princess Alex sees Queen Astra for the first time at a ball

The training yard is empty, except for a single figure, a woman whose sword gleams a blinding silver in the sun, whose movements are fluid and precise, and Alex can see the strength in her, signs of a hardened, experienced warrior, and she wonders what this woman is doing out here, when everyone else is preparing for the ball.

Perhaps she’s there for the same reason as Alex, perhaps she’s less than comfortable with the intricacies of politics that lay hidden beneath the glamour and beauty of these events. ‘You’re good’, Alex calls out, stepping out from beneath the worn stone arch, her hand resting on the pommel of her own sword, ‘you must be one of our guests, right? I’d remember that style’.

The woman turns, lifting her sword with ease to rest the flat of the blade against her shoulder, and Alex feels her breath hitch in her throat, because she’s seen this face before, she’s seen those proud, high cheekbones, the beauty and grace of her quick, amused smile. ‘I hear you’re not too bad yourself, Your Highness’.

Alex blinks, reflexively bowing her head in that practised sign of respect and welcome, stunned to find one of the Dragon Queens in her courtyard. ‘Your Majesty’.

‘Please’, the woman’s smile is as quick and sharp as her blade, ‘call me Astra’.

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Music Challenge

Rules: we’re snooping on your playlist!! Set your entire music library to shuffle and then report the first 20 tracks that pop up! Then tag ten additional victims.
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(I have a crap-ton of learning language audio so I’ll skip those tracks.  Just know that if I shuffle all, every other track is likely how to say some word or phrase in another language…  and I have devoted exactly zero time to listening to these so far…  And I also haven’t downloaded any new music in more than five years so er…  these will all be old.  Mostly I just listen to youtube now…)

1. Survival on the Street of Insincerity - Hellsing OST
(aka the cat jumping on a keyboard song as a long-time friend and I used to call it.)

2. Save Me - Queen  
(Yes, good.)

(for the sake of fairness this is where my computer hiccuped and I had to start the shuffle over again…)

3. Artifact - Ayabie
(Oh…  I forgot I had this…  it’s short but has a nice creepy sound.)

4. Shoujo - Duel Jewel
(Actually not one of my preferred ones.  It feels a little jumpy and off key for my taste.  But I still like the guitar in it.)

(Oh.  Hmm.  Apparently when I said “shuffle all” It certainly did.  It included my Dad’s lists too…  For fairness it was a Sarah Brightman track, actually a really nice song but still not one of mine so I’ll skip it.)

5. Sympathy - Sid
(Hmm.  I never did listen to all of the Sid playlist…  And it’s been…  ha ha ha 8 years now, I think…  oops.  Hey this is a fun song, though.  It has a happy/energetic beat.)

6. Until the Last Day - Gackt
(Another that I may never have listened to and it probably came from my mom’s list…  Feels a bit hmm…  erratic? for my taste…  Still has some good sounds though.)

7. …To Die For - The Lion King OST
(Wait?  What?  Where did this come from?  I used to love this soundtrack but it was on cassette tape!  How did it get on my playlist?  When did this happen?  Well…  Yay, I guess!)

8. Knockturn Alley - Harry Potter OST
(Ah good art/writing music!)

9. Inner Universe GITS OST
(Wow, I guess if it was going to pick one from that playlist, this would be the most recognizable…  Damn I used to be able to sing this one.  Pretty sure it would sound like a drunken cat fight now.)

10. Okami Image Song Prototype II - Okami OST
(My go-to music for that mood where I need to listen to something but nothing sounds like the right thing.)

11. And She Said - L'Arc~en~Ciel
(Ahhh still one of my all time favorite bands.  I don’t think they’ve ever created a song I didn’t love.)

12. Waiting For A Girl Like You - Foreigner
(Oh noes!  It found my 80’s playlist!)

13. Had A Gun - FAKE?
(Oh yes!  *Turns the volume up*  Damn I love everything about this song…  Which is odd because it has rap elements and I’m suuuuper picky about liking those but it’s so perfectly synced, balanced, and integrated and just pleasing to my ears.)

14. Driven By You - Queen
(Oh another Queen song.  Yes please!  And Brian May’s vocals make me happy.  Obviously Freddie’s do too, I mean, I learned to sing listening to him, but I also love Brian and Roger’s vocal work.)

15. 蝶 (Chou) - Acid Black Cherry
(LOVE!  Absolute love!  Everything about this song is perfection including the video for it.  That violin is just…  how can it make me happy and sad at the same time?  IDFK but it does.  It sounds like it’s acting upbeat while hiding an inner despair.)

16. Redemption - FAKE?  
(Oh man yes.  Holy crap this song is intense.  Seeing it live is something I will always remember.  When they hit “say goodbye” I’m just done.  Broken.  Chills.  The vocal layering and building intensity and then the melancholy lull that hits with “all the things I couldn’t do for you.”  *dies*  Damn, Ken, your vocals just know how to hit me.)

17. Guru Guru Gravity - Beautiful Katamari OST
(Happy time!  This is so cute and bouncy…  And perfect for rolling a beautiful katamari.)  

18. Odd Ones - Cowboy Bebop OST
(Ah yes, more good drawing music.  Nice and jazzy.)

19. Murder, Murder - Jekyll and Hyde
(For all of your having fun singing along to several different voices needs…  No, really, this one is far to fun to sing along to…  in private.  Where no one can see or hear how much enthusiasm you’re injecting into it…  Shhh.  I definitely have never done this… Ever.)

(Hmm.  Another Sarah Brightman one.  Still good but also still not from my list.)

20. My Way - Frank Sinatra  
(Ah, ending with a classic.  That’s good by me.  Seems an appropriate ending song.  *fights urge to sing along because there are other people in the room and I have a complex about other people having to hear my warbling.)

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Every time I take a star wars character test I get the emperor. At first I get a little disappointed and confused, but then I remember the winter of second grade when I started a snow fort empire on the playground that got so out of hand it had to be shut down by the teachers. It went on for weeks. I had people working under me doing assigned jobs, one kid with a clipboard making sure everything was going according to plan. I had everything on a schedule and planned out. I had a ton of kids working for me. When another group of kids tried to build a rival fort I organized a sabotage group and had them steal their snow and add it to the fort. My reign only ended when one kid told on me and the teachers made us stop.This was me at second grade and it wasn’t even a unique incident.  Once in the span of a few hours on a playground I had a band of kids go from playing normally to full on lord of the flies with a structured hierarchy with me as their queen (yes, they called me queen) and my loyalist follower was designated as my successor upon my death when my parents came to pick me up. So I guess I am the emperor in the body of an innocent-looking young girl. 

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AU. Regina and Robin of Locksley are happily married. They own the most popular tavern in the Enchanted Forest. However in the Sherwood Forest, where they live, is a lot of criminals. One of them, named “Hood” is the legendary leader of the gang of thieves called “Merry Men”. His biggest opponent is the mysterious bandit called “the Queen” because it’s all what people know about this bandit.
Is there a chance that these two will ever meet? And what in common with this situation have Mr and Mrs of Locksley?

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It’s a quiet evening in the lair, too quiet, and when Oliver and Roy’s feet touch the bamboo mats only Diggle’s there.

“Blondie sick or something?” Roy asks, hands shoved down the pocket of his red hood as he walks over to Diggle at the computer desk.

“I was hoping she’d turn up with the two of you,” Diggle says, looking from Roy to Oliver. Not five seconds pass before Oliver’s fished his phone out of his pocket; it takes him less than that to find her name and press call. Seconds stretch into moments that expand and contract.

“Hi,” she finally says, her voice coming from a distance.

“Felicity?” Oliver adjusts the phone next to his ear. “Is everything alright?”

“Yeah. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? It’s just, I won’t make it in tonight. I’m a little preoccupied, Ollie.”

He goes cold. Chest goes tight and his breath becomes stifled, like breathing through a straw.

“Alright,” he says, eventually. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The next sound he hears is the call being disconnected.

“She called me Ollie.”

Roy frowns. “Yeah, so? Lots of people call you that. Thea used to call you that, all the time.” 

“Felicity doesn’t.”

Roy’s brows pull together. “So… what does that mean?”

Oliver’s already gone after his bow, so it’s Diggle who says, “It means Felicity’s in trouble.”

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Brave Queen (Merintosh)

So I totally didn’t mean for this to happen…I originally was so distraught by 5.08 that I couldn’t understand the point of 5.09…so when I saw a post on Tumblr about this ship, I had to rewatch the episode. How in the world do we become such trash for a ship that only had about ten seconds of actually tolerating each other?? Alas…I am unashamed to be part of the merintrash clan, and this happened as a result. Let me know what you think? ((This is purely speculation because I refuse to believe they are just going to drop the whole Camelot/Brave arc after all of the buildup. So here ya go.)) 

 Merida smiled sadly at Belle as she prepared herself to return to her own world. She had no clue how long they’d been in this strange place, but she knew she was more than ready to return to Dunbroch. 

 When they reappeared in Camelot – sans that bloody bastard Arthur o’ course – Merida felt a bit disoriented. It would be quite the journey back home. Too bad that wicked witch wasn’t around anymore to make the journey a wee bit quicker. 

“Your majesty,” a gentle voice called from behind her. The Scot turned to face Queen Guinevere, clinging tightly to Lancelot’s arm. “Please, take a horse. You need to get back to your kingdom…it’s the least we can do after everything Arthur put you through.” Merida smiled gratefully to the beautiful royal, and found herself feeling sorry for what she’d suffered at her husband’s hands as well. 

 And so, before long, she was astride a beautiful steed and galloping towards home. It would be at least two days’ ride, and she was worried of the state of the kingdom. She’d only just proven herself worthy to the clans…who knew how long she’d been gone by now, and what the other leaders had done in her absence. 

 Merida had become so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice a shadow approaching her. It wasn’t until a solid mass collided with her did she recognize the danger. The redhead yelped in surprise, then cried out when her back and head made a painful connection with the ground. 

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This is No Accident

Title: This Is No Accident
Chapter/One Shot: Chapter 17
Original Imagine:
Imagine Loki meeting a single pregnant Midgardian woman during his exile and falling in love with her and her unborn child.
Author: starrynight35
Rating: M
Once again, thank you for your comments, likes, and reblogs!

Chapter 17

As the guards moved to take Loki back to his cell, Odin addressed Thor.
“Thor, I am tasking you with the job of retrieving the Midgardian woman. If Loki returns himself, I fear he will not come back willingly.”
Loki glared at Odin.
“She has a name. I trust you’ll use it when you speak with her,” he sneered.
The guards jerked Loki’s chains, pulling him toward the hallway and into the darkness of the dungeon.

When Thor reached the Bifrost, he stopped. “Heimdall, how is Lady Emma?”
Heimdall gave Thor a reassuring smile.
“She loves your brother very much. She misses him. I believe she would do anything for him. These days have proven to be her worst days ever. Go now.”

Rather than barge into Loki’s flat as he had in the past, Thor decided to knock in case Emma was indisposed. He waited, hearing light footsteps coming closer to the door. When Emma opened the door, he immediately understood Heimdall’s haste.

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There’s only one thing I want from next week’s episode. I mean I know it’s going to be heartbreaking, it’s going to be angsty, etc, that’s fine.

I just really, really hope they do a better job with the Emma/Regina team-up this time. Without hypocritical blame and misplaced snark and “hi my name is Emma Swan and I turn into a doormat occasionally and ask for friendship from people who just spent the whole episode bitching at me” and “hi my name is Regina Mills and I’ve come a long way but occasionally get reset to almost zero for some reason”.

I just want some respectful sensible actual friendship moments. I don’t mind snark. But I don’t want a repeat of the 4x05 dynamic. Please give me an actual friendship that I can understand and support without having to retcon it in my head. PLEASE.

  • Emma: Hey honey.
  • Regina: Honey? Emma I was a queen.
  • Emma: I know. You're Queen Queen.
  • Regina: What?
  • Emma: Regina is Latin for Queen so you're my Queeny Queen Queen.
  • Regina: And you're an idiot.
  • Emma *puppy pouting*: An adorable one?
  • Regina: Yes. Just don't call me Queen Queen or honey.
  • Emma: Fine.
  • *Regina sits down to cuddle next to Emma*
  • Emma: What about sweetheart?

In other words, if you started listening to Queen at 8:00 am, then you would be sitting there until 10:00 PM. (Yes, I did sit here and do the math, call me lame)

“I Feel Love”

A fateful meeting brings Felicity Smoak, an Empath, into the life of Oliver Queen.

AU eventual Olicity. Rated M for violence and language.

Flashbacks will be made bold and italicized.

Previous Chapters can be found HERE or on AO3 and FF


Chapter 4

Two days later, Felicity arrived home to find a box waiting on her doorstep.  She smiled as she recognized the handwriting and carried it into her kitchen.  She was excited as she peeled off the brown wrapper and opened the care package from her grandmother.  Grandmama always knew when she needed a gift of encouragement or just a hug.  In the box lay brownies.  Not just any brownies, but  “magical” ones, at least they had been to a sad little girl.  When people around her had made her feel weird and ostracized for her gift, grandmama would whip up those delicious treats and Felicity would feel better and the world wasn’t such a mean and harsh place anymore.  Brownies were hugs and love.

Felicity had thought about calling her Grandmother the night she first met Oliver Queen, but she had never heard of anyone in her family ever encountering anyone who could infiltrate their psychic walls. Oliver was an anomaly.

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