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Unpopular opinion: Barry does not deserve hate for this new timeline. Yes he messed up but he owned up to it and he’s living with the pain of the guilt. He’s also doing his best to protect his friends and family and to make things as right as he can (he just quit his job for Caitlin). And when he went back in time, he wasn’t in the right frame of mind. His dad had literally JUST been killed in front of him. A second time a parent was murdered in front of him might I add. He’s only human which means that he’s flawed. And after Cisco’s brother died, CISCO wanted Barry to do the exact same thing and save his brother. So any of them would have done the same thing in that state of mind with Barry’s abilities. He’s only human.

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I'm also annoyed that Barry keeps getting blamed for Ronnie too especially since it's probably going to be used to give Caitlin a pass for what she did because Barry believes if it hadn't been for him Caitlin would still have her husband and she wouldn't have those powers.

It takes away from Ronnie CHOOSING TO SACRIFICE HIMSELF. LIke…Eddie and Ronnie both made those choices to stop something else from happening. What Eddie did was petty, but Ronnie sacrificed himself more than once in order to do the right thing and to help people.

It’s ridiculous Barry can be blamed for either of those things. Flashpoint, yes, he can be blamed and feel guilt over the results of that and the fallout in S3. But Eddie and Ronnie? And Len? He ain’t got shit to do with their choices.

Can I just shriek about The Flash for a second?

Mayor Snart oh mY GOD


Also Hal and Bruce on the phone? Yessss

Joe as a singer!? Uh hell yeah. If, when Barry gets back, he doesn’t ask Joe to sing I will be so incredibly disappointed

Deadshot as a detective who can’t shoot worth a damn? Sign me right the fuck up.

Barry’s mom being alive? I almost cried as much as Barry. Ow. 3

Barry saying that no matter the universe, Joe and Iris are his family? All the yes. I don’t have to ship WestAllen to love their dynamic

Badass Evil!Caitlin & Ronnie are amazing and I love them and yes.


Evil!Cisco is great, even if he has the samurai thing going on, and I wish he’d been around longer.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, here are some things I want from part 2: even the slightest glimpse or recognition that Eddie is alive in this universe; Some Mayor Snart please; Barry2 being a massive dork; Barry & Jesse bonding?; Jay maybe getting his speed fully back?; An answer as to why Wally was at the station?; Barry coming back and hugging Joe ridiculously hard (bonus points if he says something to the effect of “Don’t ever hate me, okay”)

There’s probably more but I’m tried and this is all my brain will come up with at the moment.

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She did betray everyone by keeping it secret but it’s hard to be mad at her when nothing bad happened as a result. Also, the show hasn’t done enough from my perspective to show that Caitlin and Cisco should be willing to sacrifice for Iris in the first place; they’ basically never interact. Why should she give up a piece of the stone that could take away her powers for Iris?

YES. This is what I’m trying to say! Yes, she did a bad thing, but she didn’t think there was any harm - she was scared. However, had Wally not taken the stone, Caitlin’s actions would have helped the team, but WALLY freed Savitar.

Also, whilst I believe Cisco and Caitlin would help out in any way they could to save Iris, I can’t see them happily dying in place for her. Barry would sacrifice ANYONE for her, and they know that, so I don’t blame either of them if they were to do something for themselves.

Caitlin has done so much for everyone, and she has lost so many people, so Gods forbid she tries to help herself.

(Sorry, but I get so annoyed when everyone is like, anti-anyone-who-does-something-for-themselves-and-not-Barry. The fact people thought Cisco should just get over Flashpoint and it’s consequences just pissed me off. People are allowed to care about what happens to others rather than just Barry and Iris.)

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Probably someone already asked you this, but it does not hurt to ask again: Do you think there's a lack of Clara in this series? I know, the plot is all about her, but seem to me that's about her, without actually using her. Yes, Clara did amazing things this series, but if we compare with her earlier series, she is not as active here as she's supposed to be. I can't help but feel a little disappointed. Is her last series after all. She has potential to do so much more... What are your thoughts?

I am pretty much in agreement with Caitlin here and this post wonderfully describes Clara and this series:

To be honest, up to about Before the Flood, my feelings towards Clara in this series were rather similar to yours. I felt her character was being explored, but that the writing did not give her enough plot-relevant moments to really be satisfying. But I think beyond that episode, a very different picture has emerged and it’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that judging series 9 in a straight-forward comparison to series 8 - or even series 7 - was a mistake on my part.

Each of the three series has plots, and themes, and character arcs. However, in Series 7 Part 2, the Impossible Girl arc is used to further the storyline, give us insights into characters, raise thematic questions… it’s very much a plot-based series in that regard and there are people who struggle through it for that very reason. They’d feel that the mystery of the “Impossible Girl” overshadows Clara’s introduction to the point where they did not know who she was or lines like “born to save the Doctor” are misinterpreted without taking into account their context in plot and the series’ themes, to apply to Clara directly.

Series 8 is very much a character-arc based series. There is a plot arc (Missy and the Nethersphere appearing every now and then), episodes play with their intended genre in delightful ways, and themes are integrated beautifully. But it always comes down to the characters and their agency - a direct line between their action and analysis. It was still subtle; you could pick up on small details and an entirely new depth of interpretation would come to light. Nearly all of the episodes offer moments and lines which added a new step to the character arc, connected in a straightforward manner. This made for what I think is easily the most consistent series of the Moffat era and one which was a pleasure to read and write meta for.

In comparison, immersing oneself in series 9 is a bit of a shock.

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What the hell is wrong with people?

The Flash fans have to get over the comics. Seriously, this is a tv show, take it as an AU thing. They change things from the books everytime with bestseller inspired tv series. Why are superheroes so sacred that their story won’t be changed as well? They change it all the time in the movies. Killer Frost is not that important. If it is, they can alter her powers so that she can touch him without freezing him. Maybe, one day, Cisco will find a formula that will make Caitlin be able to retain her “frosting”. These writers have the rights now to do whatever they feel like it to their story. Yes, THEIR story. If you want killer frost and firestorm, great, go for the comics. You want Barry with Iris, his trophy-girl who only started to like him that way when she met the Flash, good, read the comics. Let the series have our snowbarry, which is showing to have such a better dynamic than both Cait and Robbie’s and Iris and Barry’s. If they can change it in New 52, why is the show forbidden to change its storyline as well? You already have your version of the facts, now let’s have another one. And, if you want a televised version of your facts, go for the 1990 version, shall you?


I find it a little pathetic that WestAllen shippers had to hijack my Relationship VS Friendship post.

I made a post about Barry and Caitlin being such great friends and sometimes how that’s more important than having a relationship.

The response from WA shippers? That Iris West is his best friend. I’m sorry, but that’s such utter bullshit. These idiots are so greedy for everything that they can’t even allow us to make a friendship post without saying that it’s something that belongs to WestAllen as well.

I’m sorry, but Barry and Caitlin interact more as friends in two or three episodes than Barry and Iris have in the entire season combined. Because of all the secrets and lies and Barry’s confession, Barry and Iris are no longer best friends.

Yes Barry and Iris have history, they grew up together, but we’ve only seen small snippets of that history. On the actual show, you know the thing we’re watching, Barry and Caitlin spend waaaaaaay more time with each other than Barry and Iris.

And only a small chunk of that is even because of work. Most of the time they’re just talking and laughing and being there for each other.

WA shippers are so GREEDY, that anything related to Barry doesn’t matter unless Iris is involved. Nevermind the fact that Barry and Caitlin have more scenes together even outside of their job than Barry and Iris have the entire season.

Who does Barry go to about problems in his personal life? Caitlin. Who has he leaned on the most during his more emotional moments? Caitlin. Who does Barry spend more time with than anyone else on the show? Caitlin.

But to WA shippers, none of that matters because of reasons that only need to make sense to them.

I swear to you, sometimes I actually hope they respond to one of my posts so that I can reinforce all of the reasons why I think the haters in their fandom are scumbags.

A quick note on Transphobia

Friends of color…Actually this is directed to all my friends & future acquaintances. I need everyone to understand what transphobia is.

First, here is something (most pple of color) can relate to: “You sound white. And you don’t act like a normal black person.”

Did you roll you’re eyes at this racial microaggression?
Ok good.

Let’s place this in a different context.

When someone says…But you look like a real guy *eye roll*….that’s because I am a real guy.

Likewise when someone says,

“Caitlin Jenner looks so beautiful…she looks better than Kris. She looks like a real woman.”

This ladies & gents is a transphobic microaggression.

Stop comparing trans*pple & their bodies to others. There is no such thing as a real man or real woman. If you are a man, you’re a man. If you’re a woman, you’re a woman.