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some of u cool dudes requested a speedpaint a while ago right but i tried recording while i drew & no joke it was an absolute pain to watch ghgghhgfhd

so i made some process gifs!!!! ta-da!!! as u can see my process is basically lines-flats-shading-rendering. most of the time i don’t sketch and if i dont like how the colors turn out in the end i slap a filter over it swEAts

i hope this is…….somewhat…..helpful? hfdjgfd yeah bye ilu!


I wanted to do some sort of remake of those ugly yet funny Valentine Cards with the pink background and sometime weird text font~ I can’t wait to see some others next week x)

It’s really sketchy, but I like it heh~

That some Valentine vibe for @snajey to thank her for her amazing BrotherhoodAU  ❤︎

Random Thoughts About Tracer…

but she must be like… an amazing runner.

Yes, obviously, Bene, well done you pointed out the most obvious thing in the game, A+ observational skills.

Right, but no. Look, I was thinking about what would happen if Tracer lost her ability to “blink” but I realized… she’d still be an amazing runner. Not like she is when she’s all amped up and superpowered, maybe, but still blow-your-mind amazing. Because Tracer isn’t actually “blinking” into a new spot.  This isn’t teleportation.  Since it chronal disassociation, in theory she’s just altering her own timeline, right?  Like when she “recalls” she’s actually moving backwards through her own personal timeline to an earlier point, right?  You can see her literally moving in reverse like a rewound vhs.  And blinking is the opposite.  She’s speeding up her timeline.

Which means, in theory, wherever she travels by blinking, she is actually physically running that distance, but it’s just then sped up in her timeline compared to everyone else.  So like when she’s running up all those spiraling stairs in the short?  Or running around London on Christmas?  In theory she is actually running those distances she just appears to get there quicker because of speeding up her timeline.

So if she lost her ability to blink maybe she wouldn’t be the greatest sprinter but holy fuck she has endurance coming out of her ears and she’d kick ass at long distance running.  This girl does not skip leg day.

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Oh my gosh, I saw your art for Foxy on the FNAF Tag and I clicked on your blog to see your other art, and I got SO EXCITED when I saw all of your Chack fanart and just the general Xiaolin Showdown art! I didn't know people were still into Xiaolin showdown! I'm just generally happy that I've stumbled up your blog, and I just love your art!



Deeply Wired - cp. 1

Prologue | Ao3

Summary: It’s 2904. A mechanician known as the Doctor finds a broken android, Rose, and decides to take it with him and fix it. The two become closer quickly but soon a mysterious virus inside Rose starts acting up and revealing its true capabilities, changing everything.
When Rose’s previous owner comes around and tries to get a hold of the Bad Wolf virus, the two are left with no choice. What lengths will they go to keep Rose away from the evil hands of the Master?

Pairing: Tenth Doctor x android!Rose Tyler (au)

Chapter: 2/?

Rating: T

Wordcount: 2494

Notes: First chapter after the prologue is here! I’m having a lot of fun with this story! This chapter was beta’d by the lovely @wordsintimeandspace and @starlightkissedsmiles! They’re the best

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 è molto divertente che di solito sono quella che ma nooo stai tranquillooo andrà tutto bene daaai ye ye ma non serve essere ansiosi, non preoccuparti e stamattina invece ho sbarrato gli occhi che quasi non respiravo dall’ansia che mi ha assalito per la mole di cose che devo fare - ed è ilare davvero pensare che comunque anziché porvi rimedio e darmi da fare, guardo puntate di Friends a oltranza.


Bob and his salad

dear diary,
I just came from school and i decided to make a salad. I got the stuff i needed and started to make it. Lettuce,bananas, some sauce that looks like gako but i put it on my salad anyways. I was sitting at the dining table and began to eat my meal. Out of no where i heard a loud noise. It sounded like moaning. Bursting through the door was FUCKING KEVINS BITCH ASS and YUTA. They’re fucking yelling. “OOPH FUCKA GAKO INSIDE IMMA OOF YUTA BOABA OOF YES BENE”. Yuta throughs kevin on the dining table and started spanking kevin. Bitch, why me? I stood up and yelled “RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY SALAD”.

something i learned today. Dont eat a salad after school when yuta and kevin aren’t home.

Signing out, Bob

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What would happen if Grantaire didn't show up for two or three meetings and then when he came back he was just casually holding a few months old baby?

Shit would hit the fan, obviously.

I mean when he missed the first meeting?  No big deal, that’s relatively normal.  And yeah, Grantaire tends to be one of the most dedicated of the group (when it comes to sitting and watching Enjolras talk, at least) but they’ve all missed meetings for things.  He could be finishing up a school project, or working a late shift, or be drunk, or hung over, or any number of things really.  Nobody really paid it more than passing interest, though Jehan took the time to send a quick text saying “meeting was great, we missed you tho :)” just because they knew Grantaire would like to know his absence was noted.

Even the next absence, at the end of the week wouldn’t have called for any immediate concern – after all, they have two meetings a week, and with midterms coming up Grantaire could have very easily just gotten caught up in something, or he could be down with a cold, or he could have just decided he needed a break from people for a while and be relaxing around his apartment, or something.  It was likely nothing to worry about and things settled quickly.

That is, until he missed a third meeting.

Enjolras was beside himself.  He was cursing Grantaire and his inability to keep appointments and how willing he was to slack off but for all his growling and snarling it was clear to anyone that looked the concern etched in his face.  (And, as he would admit only to Combeferre later, the fear that he had finally driven Grantaire away.  That if he was coming to the meetings for Enjolras that he had finally decided it wasn’t worth the effort and left.)  Joly was worried that he must have caught cholera or something and died in his bed. Bahorel and Feuilly were discussing whether they had heard or seen anything of Grantaire over the past week (a no for both parties), Bossuet was confirming that he hadn’t heard about any plans that would take Grantaire away, and basically chaos and concern reigned. Of course, it could just be that Grantaire had had a busy week or had forgotten to tell someone about his plans.  Finals were coming up so he might just still be working on something for school if it’s due next week.  If it was someone else, they might not even be so worried – Combeferre had definitely disappeared into his studies for days at a time only to emerge slightly dazed and not sure what the date was.  But Grantaire didn’t necessarily have a good history, and there was some worry that it might not be a busy week so much as a Bad Week.  So some more text messages were sent out, just friendly, gently probing ones since no one wanted to come out and admit that there first worry when met with radio silence from Grantaire was that he had fallen into one of his depressive episodes that he had had under such good control lately.

Well, the texts were responded to with vague but cheerful replies.  Most informing them that he was too busy to talk long.  Grantaire seemed to be doing okay, or he was at least doing well enough to have the energy to pretend he was doing okay.  People made sure to keep lines of contact open even though they didn’t get anything specific back. When Joly and Bossuet stopped by Grantaire’s apartment over the next few days they found it barred each and every time, which was odd for Grantaire who always left his door unlocked if he was at home. Finally, a few days later, they were concerned enough to ask his landlady who informed them that Grantaire had left with a bag just over a week ago and as far as she knew hadn’t been back since.

And then the big day.

It would be the fourth meeting since Grantaire had disappeared, and there was an unspoken tension, waiting to see if Grantaire would return.  When the door opened and every head snapped up, it was at first intense relief that greeted Grantaire – there were joyful exclamations and people standing up to greet him.

But with everyone already feeling high strung it didn’t take long for that enthusiasm to turn to almost overwhelming shock when they saw that the thing in his arms wasn’t actually his bag or sketchbook but a tiny, living, cooing human.

A very tiny human with a brush of black hair and wide, brown eyes, Grantaire’s exact colour.

The next fifteen minutes or so was completely insensible.  It was a riot of noise and panic and amazement and relief and horror.  Where did it come from?  Was this why Grantaire had been missing?  Who was it? Who’s was it?  Who did Grantaire get pregnant?  Had Grantaire known about the child?  Are they still together?  Are they still together? mouths Enjolras to Combeferre, horror and heartache thick in his chest.  Had he lost his chance with Grantaire but for a whole different reason than he had feared?

And meanwhile Grantaire sits in the middle of all this like a single rock of (slightly bemused) calm in the storming sea.  He just looks down at his little nephew he’d gone over to his sister’s place to help take care of while her husband was away for work and silently thanked the little guy for somehow giving him the most amusing ABC meeting he’d attended in quite a while.  Missing meetings to stay home and changing dirty diapers while your sister was working apparently came with perks.  Of course, he would have to explain but… he thought he could let them tire themselves out a little bit more first.  No point ruining all his fun.  His nephew cooed and laughed along with him.