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can you inspire me to watch the walking dead? :) I need to watch something now that doctor who ended...

Well idk if I can INSPIRE you but here goes. 

Firstly there are a LOT of zombies:

But the real enjoyment of TWD is that it’s really about the characters. How people respond to the end of the world and tough situations like this, how they grow and develop, how they form new families, how they change, how they’re tested. TWD does an amazing job of showing all the ways people can go, how they can turn bad or hold on to their morals, and the thin line between all the options, you know? It’s really a character show more than anything.

Plus also there’s this sexy motherfucker:

I mean damn like is he trying to kill me, idefk. Cause if he is, it’s working. 

Plus also there’s my favorite character, who shows up in S2 but has a real slow burn arc and has become TOTALLY AMAZING and wonderful and strong and sweet and also a BAMF by the end of S4 and the beginning of S5, she is like my TWD!Rose Tyler, and that is saying something, I mean, this is my post apocalyptic warrior princess:


Ahem. Anyway yes. Watch TWD. Zombies and gore and violence, yes, but CHARACTERS and PLOT and EMOTIONS and just wow, yeah, wow. Plus it’s all on Netflix (minus the current airing season), SO IT’S EASY TO WATCH IT. 

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(Daryl Dixon coming to steal your heart as soon as you start watching.)