yes bb girl

omg that plot twist in episode 8 tho

I felt one coming

when they brought up We Got Married

I was like oh man they’re going to pull a “Greatest Love” and put Jin Jin on a dating show aren’t they?! And that alone had me freaking out because like I’m head over heels for Ji Won and he and Jin Jin need to be together like yesterday

and then it occurred to me that it won’t be just anybody Jin Jin “dates” on We Got Married 

It’ll be Anthony

Of course they’ll put her with him

here comes the dramaaaa: childhood first love Ji Won vs long time celeb crush Anthony

and tbh I was kinda excited at this point because: dramaaaa

and so I almost didn’t see it

the real plot twist

creeping up on me

until two second before the reveal

when I paused the episode

connecting all the dots

and shouted at my TV






and then the older stepbrother walked into the room

and it was Anthony

and I was like: :-0

forget childhood love vs celeb crush

it’s gonna be bro vs bro

omg plot twist


(I’m in, where’s the popcorn?)


“You promise, you gonna call me.”


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I hope you’re doing well in life as well in acads. I miss you! Catch up chat soon if you’re not busy, beautiful! Love you 😘

When hachu flooded you with likes, aaaaah missing this girl so much. Yes bb, ya girl still kickin’ and fightin’ don’t worry. ❤ Tayo pa ba? Hehe i miss you more bb and i hope you’re always HAPPY. I am always available for you naman hihi. I love youu!

“It was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice. “

And now, for some thoughts on Michiru and duty that aren’t just me sobbing and going “Michi-hi-ruuuuuu.”

Michiru Kaioh believes in nothing, and for most of her life, that’s served her very well. She’s simply pulled along in her life, doing what she should do, what she’s meant to do, just a stick in the stream of her own life.  

From the time she was little, any aptitude, any small gift that she displayed, was immediately groomed into a True Talent, something her parents could look at and say, “Yes, OUR DAUGHTER, the violin virtuosa. Did you know she’s playing in a concert next month? The headliner, of course.” “Oh yes, that’s just a flyer for Michiru’s next gallery exhibition, you know, at the last a few pieces were purchased for the museum’s collection, but we’ve come to expect that from OUR DAUGHTER.”

She is another jewel in the crown, like all the other expressions of wealth.

Did she ever love art? Music? Who can say, maybe it’s that she’s done them for so long, they are now a part of her, and she can never shake it. There’s a comfort in them, something she succeeds at effortlessly, something that makes her and her family look remarkable.

It is almost no surprise to her when the burden of being a Senshi is dropped in her lap. She will be remarkable, through no choice of her own. She will do the job she is meant to do. Play the concerto. Paint the canvas. Save the world. They can make her do it, but they cannot make it touch her. She owns her own heart. She hopes.

When she sees Haruka, the feeling is almost uncomfortable. Is this what it is to DESIRE? To WANT? This is not a thing her parents can give her, this is not a thing anyone has decided for her, Haruka is the first thing she’s ever wanted for herself. When Haruka rejects her, the taste of failure is like poison in her mouth.

She should, by rights, feel guilty when Haruka is revealed to be Sailor Uranus. But if Haruka will not allow her to love her, she can protect her, she reasons. It’s not selfish to want her to take up the mantle. If she was domed from the start, why shouldn’t Haruka be? Why should she suffer alone, always alone?

She will regret this, later, when desire deepens into love. When Haruka loves her back, and not for what she can do, but simply for being Michiru Kaioh.

But regret or not, Haruka’s love gives her a star to steer by. She has One True Thing, pure and untouched by anyone else. No one told her to love Haruka. In fact, the more legalistic of the Senshi might call it a dereliction of duty, a distraction.

She doesn’t care. She’s never cared.

Haruka believes in the dream, in the calling, and it’s beautiful. She fights for a future she believes in, a princess who is the soft and innocent person Haruka never got a chance to be, she fights to be good and brave and noble. Michiru is, in some ways, jealous of her ability to  have such dreams, such loyalties.

Michiru fights for Haruka. For Haruka’s dreams. For dreams she can never have for herself.

If you asked, point blank, if she would save Usagi, if it came down to her and Haruka, I am sure she would mention her duty to the Senshi, to her princess, to the future. How very important it all is, and she does not take that lightly.

Most people would take that as a yes, of sorts.

But Michiru realizes she’s dodged the question. For whatever her other flaws might be, she doesn’t like to lie boldly.

And she’s not sure.

The most honest Michiru has ever been when was she risked the world and told an enemy that “a world without Haruka isn’t worth saving.” The girls all assumed she knew. Michiru’s so clever, so elegant I’m sure she could read that guy like a book. Even Haruka tells her how impressed she is. Michiru just smiles her delicate, closed-mouth smile.

She knew a lot of things, at that moment, it’s true.

She knew that if she watched the life drain from Haruka, the world would be dead anyhow. Every flower would be a funeral bouquet, every child’s laughter would turn to sobbing, and the violin would play only elegies. She knew that the world would be covered in ash, and Michiru’s soul rent like a cheap garment, the moment Haruka took her last breath. And so, it didn’t matter if the world died with her.

The sea without the wind is a dead thing, on which no man can travel. That was what she knew.

Things were easier when she was untouchable. It’s terrifying, to have something to lose.

She is the weak link in the chain, and she knows it. She wonders how many others do. Rei, maybe, but every time she’s tried to say something Michiru turns things back around on her, so she simply stopped. Pluto, almost certainly, though she seems to accept it with the same calm resignation she’s accepted everything in her long life.

The sound of Haruka’s voice haunts her, a little bit. “I just believe in you.” Sappy, misguided,–and honest. True. It was Haruka in a nutshell, that moment. She could only look at her, could not bring herself to shake her head, to tell her that her faith was better placed elsewhere, that Michiru is nothing worth believing in.

She would let the world burn, the future die, and none of it would matter to her, if she could have Haruka. She would happily dance cheek to cheek as the world ended, rather than choose a future where Haruka wasn’t. She is no hero, and does not claim to be. Haruka is her one great selfishness, the one shackle she has chosen for herself, and she holds to it like a fanatic to her God.

Nobody ever speaks of them in Crystal Tokyo. Haruka doesn’t notice the absence.

She tightens her grip on her henshin wand, and it digs a line into her palm.

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can you inspire me to watch the walking dead? :) I need to watch something now that doctor who ended...

Well idk if I can INSPIRE you but here goes. 

Firstly there are a LOT of zombies:

But the real enjoyment of TWD is that it’s really about the characters. How people respond to the end of the world and tough situations like this, how they grow and develop, how they form new families, how they change, how they’re tested. TWD does an amazing job of showing all the ways people can go, how they can turn bad or hold on to their morals, and the thin line between all the options, you know? It’s really a character show more than anything.

Plus also there’s this sexy motherfucker:

I mean damn like is he trying to kill me, idefk. Cause if he is, it’s working. 

Plus also there’s my favorite character, who shows up in S2 but has a real slow burn arc and has become TOTALLY AMAZING and wonderful and strong and sweet and also a BAMF by the end of S4 and the beginning of S5, she is like my TWD!Rose Tyler, and that is saying something, I mean, this is my post apocalyptic warrior princess:


Ahem. Anyway yes. Watch TWD. Zombies and gore and violence, yes, but CHARACTERS and PLOT and EMOTIONS and just wow, yeah, wow. Plus it’s all on Netflix (minus the current airing season), SO IT’S EASY TO WATCH IT. 

External image

(Daryl Dixon coming to steal your heart as soon as you start watching.)