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Winwin’s Lips Appreciation Posts

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Okay, I’m a hardcore Winwin stan ,and I have ALWAYS had a fascination with his mouth. I love his lips and his teeth and his smile liKE UGH WTFFF maybe I’m a weirdo, but I decided to rant my soft stan frustrations on this post.

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His teeth are cutest thing in this entire world

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He yell

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Watching Winwin talk makes me so soft I admire the way his lips look I’m so weird bye BYE JAEHYUN

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still perfect don’t even fuck with me this close up hell yes his lip color and cupids bow yeS

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Side view and pretty perfect plush lips  HE SHOOK HIS HEAD NO SO CUTE MY SWEET SOFT HONEY

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Elegant perfect lip shape and lip shade king of visuals king of lips king of life I’m #1 hype woman s2g

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So sweet

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My #1 favorite thing is watching him talk look at his glossy lips subtitles are right

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lip close up and yuwin

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His precious smile

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I hope I’m not the only one who cried after this post bye there’s so much more but I need to stop here bc this is unhealthy for me I love him

hit me baby, one more time?

word count: 2.5k

summary: dan calls himself daddy, and phil finds out dan has a pain kink

warnings: blood, degradation, pain kink, ddlb, swearing just general kinky shit

a/n: this is probably shit but oh well

“yes! daddy wins! daddy’s the best!” dan giggled as that round ended.

“stop calling yourself daddy it’s weird!” phil said jokingly as they continued the game. after the game ended, and they shut off the camera, phil turned to dan with a soft smirk on his face.

“really dan? daddy? a little bit of a stretch for you, don’t you think?” he asked as he settled a hand on dans thigh, squeezing gently.

“yeah i was just immersed in the game phil it was nothing!” dan replied nervously, his cock twitching from phil’s hand on his leg.

phil nodded. “good, because we both know who’s daddy here, don’t we baby boy?”

dan whimpered and bit his lip, trying to contain himself. phil stood up and placed his hands on each of dans armrests, looking at dan sharply. “ i asked you a question, so answer me properly.”

“well, i don’t know, i think that i could probably dom you,” dan mused.

“oh really? that’s a good joke, dan,” phil scoffed.

“i mean, you’re not even that good of a dom anyways, you barely even make me hard sometimes,” dan stated.

phil furrowed his brows. “i know you like it. stop lying.”

“oh i’m not lying. maybe i just need to find someone else. someone who can actually dom me well. you can barely even control me.” dan examined his nails nonchalantly. “i mean, you’re a bit of a wimp.”

phil growled low in his throat, bringing his hand back and slapping dan across the face, the contact creating a loud sound that reverberated throughout their office.

phil widened his eyes in horror. “oh god dan i’m so sorry i didn’t mean to, it was an accident!”

dan groaned at the impact, a harsh red already blooming on his cheek. “more,” he said breathily.

phil gasped. “jesus, dan, you kinky shit.”

“please, phil, just hit me again,” dan asked.

“um, okay,” phil complied and brought his hand down again, creating the same result as last time: a loud, low moan from dan.

“oh you like that, don’t you?” phil asked, his mind beginning to become more and more dominant. “you just wanted to get a rise out of me so i would hit you didn’t you?”

dan nodded. “i’ve wanted you to hit me for so long, slap me, punch me, whip me, please!”

phil found it almost scarily easy to become so dominant, so aggressive. he just couldn’t help it. dan was looking up at him with those pretty brown eyes of his, and all phil wanted to do was fucking ruin his innocent demeanor.

“oh my god dan you’re such a little slut. you’re already hard,” phil trailed his hand up his thigh and brushed his fingers lightly against dan’s bulge, making his breath hitch. “i barely even hit you, but all you want is more.”

“hit me, daddy. please mark me up, make me bleed,” dan whined. there was nothing that he loved more than phil hitting him. he wanted phil to find his dom headspace, where all of his energy was focused on using and abusing dan. he couldn’t get enough of it; the pain felt so, so good. the crack of the belt against his skin, the sting of the paddle, the pull of the clamps, all of it. he had gotten off in the shower many times to the thought of phil hitting him til bruises bloomed on his flesh and blood speckled his skin.

“oh baby, you’re going to love what’s coming.” phil trailed his finger down the milky expanse of dan’s neck, down over his collarbone, chest, and stomach, imagining how beautifully the dark bruises and scarlet blood would contrast against his pale skin.

dan whimpered. “sir please. i know you want to hit me, leave marks everywhere. abuse me. please?” he asked, looking up through his eyelashes at phil, trying to convince him. he needed this so badly. he and phil had lovely sex all the time, but lately it was just sweet, vanilla stuff with whispered “i love you’s” and soft sounds, and dan was craving more. he wanted, no, needed, this, needed to be put in his place by phil, by his master.

phil stood up. “downstairs. my room. clothes off, against the wall. now.”

dan nodded excitedly and lifted himself out of his chair, but phil put his hand around dans neck and squeezed roughly and pushed him back down. “i swear to fucking god, if you touch yourself, i will flog you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week.”

dan made a soft sound in his throat and choked out a “yes sir” with what little breath he had left.

“good boy. now go.”

dan immediately shot up and scampered downstairs, phil’s eyes following his sweet little baby’s ass as he left the room.

dan raced downstairs and entered phils room, quickly stripping and standing with his front towards the wall, his legs spread apart and his hands on the wall above his head, his chest rising and falling quickly in anticipation. a few minutes later he heard footsteps entering the room along with the sound of something else, possibly metallic.

“wow you finally managed to be a good little whore, i’m surprised,” phil said.

dan nodded, and turned his head to the side in hopes of seeing what phil had brought in, but he instead received and harsh slap on his ass, making dan rock forward and then push back for more.

“princess, be patient or ill just leave you like this, hard and pathetic,” phil growled in dan’s ear, turning him around away from the wall. dan looked slightly confused, as phil had told him to be at the wall, but didn’t have much time to think as phil’s fist came sailing towards his jaw. the impact made dan’s teeth clack together and he stumbled onto the ground from the surprise.

“yes sir, sorry sir,” dan replied, bringing his hand up to cup his jaw.

“get the fuck up, you stupid whore,” phil growled, pushing his hand into dan’s hair and yanking him up by his brown locks.

dan winced as phil pulled his hair, and scrambled to his feet.

“get in position you bitch, now.”

dan turned around and spread his legs again, straightening his posture and breathing in deep.

then he opened his mouth in a scream as he felt a sharp metal object hit the skin of his back.

“you answer me loud and clear or else i’ll gag you okay? here are the rules. since i am such a nice master, i’m giving you the pain you so desperately hope for. i will be using two objects to hit you, the first the leather part of the belt, the second is the buckle of the belt. i will be giving you twenty of the first and five of the second, and then fuck you if i feel like you deserve it. you will stay in this position until i say so. if you fall or move, i’ll not let you come for a month, got it?” phil asked.

“yes daddy,” dan answered, biting his lip in anticipation.

“color, baby?” phil inquired, suddenly turning soft and loving, making sure he did in fact have the okay from dan.

“green, daddy, please just get on with it!” dan whined, arching his back.

phil answered with a sharp slap to dan’s ass, jumping back into his dominant headspace, and slammed dan’s head into the wall. “don’t fucking tell me what to do.”

dan groaned and then smiled as he felt blood start to drip from his nose and down onto his chest. he was so hard already it hurt and his cock was blurting precome onto the floor.

“now, i’m going to fit you with a ball gag so the neighbors won’t hear your slutty moans okay?” phil growled.

“yes daddy.”

phil went over to his pile of toys and picked out the gag, which had a nice black strap and a bright red ball in the middle, and brought it over to dan. “look at me.”

dan turned his head towards phil, meeting his bright blue eyes that were filled with lust. phil leaned in and pressed his mouth to dan’s, kissing him roughly right from the start. their mouths melded together, teeth clacking and lips bruising. phil swiped his tongue on dan’s soft bottom lip and dan immediately opened, a soft whine erupting low in his throat. suddenly, phil pulled back and slapped him roughly again, making dan pant even harder. phil pushed the ball in between dan’s pretty pink lips and pulled the strap around his head, pulling it tight.


dan nodded, and phil pressed a soft kiss to dans nose, then turned away and grabbed the brown leather belt from his dresser.

“you ready, whore?” phil asked dan, as he took his place behind him.

dan nodded and moaned low in his throat, trying to say ‘please’ but only managed to let out a garbled plea.

phil smirked and wrapped the belt around his hand for a better grip, then pulled his arm back and whipped it forward, the leather hitting dan’s pale back, forcing a shriek from dans mouth. phil grinned sadistically at the bright pink mark that was already forming on dan’s back.

every hit that phil delivered made dan’s muscles tighten up and a small moan leave his mouth, but not once did he move from his position. phil was on the last hit with the leather, and this one was the hardest, the sound of the belt hitting skin was deliciously loud and dan’s muffled moans were even better.

phil stepped back and looked at his handiwork, dan’s back scored with red marks, some had purple bruises beginning to form on the outside. dan’s breathing was heavy and ragged and his cock was constantly dripping precome now.

dan could feel his hot breath bounce off the wall and the pain dancing up and down his back was warm and stinging.

the belt buckle was a relatively new torture weapon to dan, and completely new to phil. back then, with dan’s previous partner, he was scared of the metal, the blood it pulled out, the way it stung for days afterwards. but now? now he wanted it more than he had ever wanted anything, besides of course phil’s cock.

dan turned his head to the side and tried to say something, but his effort was unsuccessful.

“what was that, slut?” phil asked, walking to dan and facing him. dan tried once again to speak, but it came out muffled and incoherent. phil tugged the ball gag down and gripped dan’s chin. “what is it, whore?”

“d-daddy,” dan stammered, his voice shaky, “feels so good, want to bruise, want to bleed, please daddy more, more, want your cock too, i’m so hard, please!”

phil chuckled. “so impatient, so greedy. beg for it, you fucking cockslut.”

“daddy oh god please hit me more twenty isn’t enough! i want more, please. ruin me, mark me, abuse me, i need it! i want it, please sir,” dan begged, his voice dripping with desperation, his only thought was the metal glinting at the end of the belt still wrapped around phil’s hand.

phil sighed. “disappointing, thought you could do better. guess you just are a dumb whore.”

he stepped back and flipped the belt around so that the metal was dragging on the ground. phil had never been so aroused in his entire life, looking at his little cockslut in front of him, wrecked. but not wrecked enough, phil thought.

dan didn’t feel or hear anything for a feel seconds and was concerned that phil had left, when he felt the metal connecting with his skin. his mouth opened in a scream, the cold buckle pulling away before he could catch his breath. the pain shot through his body and his knees buckled, his head dipping low between his shoulders.

“ah, ah, remember whore, if you don’t stay in position you will get a punishment, and not one that your slutty little body will enjoy.” phil reprimanded, pulling the buckle back to him to prepare for another shot.

the buckle hit dan’s back again and another moan/scream ripped from his throat. he felt the warm blood from the harsh hit run down his back and he moaned again loudly despite the gag.

phil once again approached dan and pulled down the gag, whispering in his ear. “i want to hear your loud, whorish moans as i hit you, okay?”

“yes sir,” dan groaned, finally able to talk.

“good boy, such a good, slutty, princess for me.”

dan whined at the praise and arched his back, asking phil silently to hit him again.

phil grinned and complied, making the metal kiss dan’s skin again, and dan tipped his head back and screamed, the pain feeling better than any vibrator or other toy he had ever felt.

again and again the metal hit dans skin, and again and again dan screamed and moaned until his voice was hoarse. the last hit again was the worst, phil bringing down the buckle harder than ever before, opening up a bright red gash on dans back, blood pressing to the surface instantly. dan came instantly as the metal hit, unable to hold it in any longer, the pain just felt so overwhelmingly good.

phil looked at dan, his back painted with bright reds and purples and cum dripping slowly down his leg, and phil had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. it was his first time abusing dan like that, and phil loved it more than he cared to admit.

phil’s study was broken by a low whine from dan who was still in position and phil rushed to his side.

“don’t worry baby, it’s okay you did so good, let’s get you cleaned up, yeah?” phil asked gently, turning dan to face him.

dan’s face was a mess of tears and a bit of blood from his nose, and he looked absolutely exhausted. he still was breathing heavily and he looked up at phil with half-lidded eyes. “hurts,” he said softly.

“c'mere, love, can you make it to the bathroom?” phil asked gently, placing his hands on both sides of dans face.

dan nodded sleepily, his eyes drifting close as phil wraps his arm around his waist.

“i’m sorry baby, you have to stay awake just a bit more so we can get you taken care of, okay?” phil said, looking at dan to make sure he opened his eyes.

dan simply nodded again and they made their way slowly to the bathroom. when they got there, phil sat dan on the closed toilet seat while he began to fill the tub with water, not adding any bath bombs or bubbles as it might sting dan’s back. every so often he would turn around to make sure dan stayed awake, and to his credit, dan was trying.

phil stood from his position kneeling by the tub and went to leave, but he heard dan whine and turned around to see him making grabby hands at phil.

“i’ll be right back love. i have to go get some stuff for your back okay?” phil asked him.

“okay,” dan replied, all his energy spent.

phil smiles and kisses his curly hair before turning again and exiting the room.

he came back with some pain medication, salve, and gel to sterilize and soothe the marks. he set them on the counter and went over to dan to pick him up and help him to the bath. as dan sunk into the steamy water, he winced at the burn.

“do you want me to stay out here, princess?”

“yes daddy,” dan said quietly, but reached his hand out to phil, who grabbed it and began stroking his arm lightly.

“daddy?” dans soft voice carried to phil.

“yes, darling?”

“can we do that again?”

this is a lot longer than i thought it would be? also constructive criticism is always welcome as i’m new to writing

I Think I'm In Love (Shigezane x MC)

This has absolutely nothing to do with Forbidden Lovers ~ It’s it’s own thing I guess XD

Um, yeah, just had this idea randomly, hope you guys enjoy it XD

~ * ~

Her soft, brown hair trickled over her shoulder like a gentle waterfall, the slight bump as it fell over her breast and pooled next to her slender hips. The early morning sunlight lit up her face, exaggerating and softening her features in all the right places.


There truly wasn’t any other words to describe her.

With her sitting a few feet away from him it was difficult to focus on the report he was supposed to be writing. Sneaking glances out of the corner of his eye, he really couldn’t help the dorky smile on his face.

Definitely a welcomed distraction.

The book in her hand dangled on her finger tips, unread, her eyes had a far away look as she gazed out the open door.

“Everything alright, Doll?” He finally asked when a little sigh left her cherry colored lips.

“Yes … Maybe …” Her mumbling answer did nothing to ease his concern.

“Wanna talk about it? I’m all ears.”

A grunt was her only response as she opened her book once more, giving her full and undivided attention.

Something was definitely off.

He wanted to press more, find her enchanting smile. The twinkle in her eyes when she laughed could outshine any star in the sky. Her joy was his medicine. Her sorrow was his death.

But there was no coaxing her or she would crawl deeper into her shell. Only time would allow her to open up to him, when, if, she was ready.

The brush felt incredibly heavy in his hand, the ink a hundred times darker, the page much duller.

Busy pouting over over sheet of paper, he was completely oblivious to her stare.

Her pretty eyes peeking at him from under thick, dark lashes. They quickly when back to her book.

For a moment there was only the sound of page turning and a brush on paper.

“I think I’m in love-”


Shigezane had a rather difficult time processing what had just come out of her pretty little mouth. The splintered peices of the brush fell out of his hand.

“Uh, hm, really.” Something thick was lodged in his throat making his voice sound scratchy and horce. When did it get so hot in here?

“He must be quite a guy to have cought your eye.” A smile had never hurt so much.

Damn him.

Damn his family.

Hell, damn his cow.

He stiffly brushed the broken peices of the bush to the side.

“He is.” A bashfuly glow lit her cheeks, her eyes stayed glued to her hands. That smile he loved, he now grudgingly realised, was for someone else.

“I just can’t stop thinking about him.” The girlish giggle made him smile, even if he could feel it chipping away at his heart.

“Well, who’s the lucky chap, maybe I know him?”

He didn’t want to know.

He did want to know.


“You do. Your very close to him.” She still hadn’t met his eyes.

Probably for the best. He wasn’t sure how well he was hiding his conflict right now.


He did his best to sound intrigued in meeting him, but all he could think about was giving him a good fist to the face.

She began tracing patterns on the floor, a dreamy look in her eyes.

What he’d give to be able to make a girl look like that. Preferably her.

“He’s just so captivating to watch, especially when he spars. He has a great build.” She covered her face, her blush taking on a much redder tone.

Shigezane subconsciously felt his biceps flex. He’d never been one to be jealous over another man being more well built than him, but he sure as hell was now.

“He’s so sweet to me too. He calls me a cute name, and it just makes me feel all fluttery inside.”

He didn’t know what it was about that but it left a nasty tast on his tongue. Curiosity and the need to hit something began to burn stronger.

“It’s Kojuro, isn’t it?”

“What? No. He’s far to old for me.” She giggled. “He’s my age.”

Thank God.

He wasn’t sure what he would have done if she had said yes.

“Actually, he’s quite close to Lord Masamune, he’s related to him actually.”

This bastard … Was related to him!?

Fate was cruel indeed.

“He lives here?”

“No, but he visits alot.” She was twirling a strand of hair on her finger. “He has a wonderful sense of humor.”

“I bet he dose.” It came out much harsher than he had ment to, but with her high spirits she hardly noticed.

“So are you gonna tell me who he is?”

He just needed to know.

“I’m sure you can guess by now, Shigezane.” She stood up, hands clasped behind her she stepped outside. “When you do, could you tell him I’m waiting in the garden, please?” She smiled sweetly over her shoulder.

“Of course.” It hurt to swallow.

Shigezane stared at the wall as he listened to her footsteps fade.

Of course.

What else could he have said?

No, because, I think I’m in love too … ?

He rested his forhead aganst the table, his arms encircling around him. A moment … Just for a moment, he wanted to pretend that conversation did not just happen.

She’s waiting for him.

And he was supposed to go calmly tell her lover that.

And he would. He would do anything for her.

Of course he’d do as she asked … Then beat the shit out if him in a sparing match.

The thought healed a little of his broken heart.

The question was, who was he going to beat the shit out of?

He was here age, which also ment, his age. He was probably some inexperienced dolt who didn’t know how to treat a woman right.

There were many young men his age that could be her possible lover, but none of them where related to Masamune, or him for that matter.

Honestly, the only person who even fit her description was him.

His rested his head on his arm, pushing around the brush peices. He was happy for her, he really was. She was a smart girl, so whom ever she has set her heart on must have been a man worth her time. He only hoped that this wouldn’t end with he-


His hand stopped as his mind back tracked.

The only person who fit that description … Was him.

Her age.

Related to Lord Masamune.

Cute nickname.

Dosent live in the castle but visits regularly-

His feet slide on the veranda as he shot out. Briefly apologizing to the maid he had terrified he swiftly hops the railing.

Shigezane didn’t think he’d ever ran that fast in his life.

~ * ~


The next one I post with have zero angst. Just fluff and maybe some sexy action 😉

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Matching lip color anyone? Also can we please discuss how giddy those two got when they were asked if they’d seen T2?! I’m dying.

omfg I DIED when the reporter (who was adorable btw) mentioned T2 and Sam LIT THE FUCK UP. that night seems to bring back some fond memories for them :’)

and um hell yes matching lip color!!!!

Sam looks like he has more lipstick on than Cait in this pic



 In other news, I was trying to take a selfie today of my new LipSense color to share on the FB page I sell it on. It wasn’t until I went inside and looked at the pictures that I noticed a friendly (and probably terrified) eight-legged friend just chilling on the wall next to my face. Which I thought was kind of awesome, especially with @graciecatfamilyband’s amazing fic AND her delightful accusation still fresh in my mind! 

 So anyway I know that TECHNICALLY granddaddy longlegs are harvesters, not spiders, but they’re still arachnids and I still have a fondness for them so I thought I’d share with all my fellow Alderaanian spider stans here 😊

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You realize you're not the only artist of the tower when you walk into Bucky's room, his hair haphazardly in a bun w a colored pencil between his lips, coloring a sketch w another. "Yes, Doll?" He asked focusing on the drawing. "Nothin'." You skipped over to kiss the top of his head before dashing out, coming back with your sketchbook. Sitting knee to knee, you worked on your artworks together, ending up between his thighs & back to his chest while his hand guided yours to teach you a technique

hi yes i LOVE THIS 

Spinoff Saturday

Preference 2: Mating Season

Hello anon, thank you for the request/ask. I decided to make it short and sweet (i felt it would be better this way) and I added Aiden to the preference for the other anon who asked it of me. I really hope you like it, I had terrible writer’s block. I’ll post another request soon so thank you for the many asks! 


Don’t Ignore Me:

You could feel the heat of his gaze on the back of your neck. It was distracting.  “(Y/N) please, I don’t think I can take it for much longer.” Scott groaned behind you. Smiling you continued washing the dishes, setting the plates and cups to dry.  “(Y/N)…”  Silence. With a growl his presence pressed behind you.  You ignored him again. “You can’t ignore me for long.” He whispered, a smile in his voice.  You washed another plate, scrubbing the residue off.  His warm thick fingers drifted up the length of your thigh. Nothing. His right hand followed. Swallowing you pressed harder on the plate with the sponge. Pressing a kiss to the back of your neck he brought his fingers higher. The skirt bunching at his wrist, fingers delving over the tops of your thighs to curve in.  The cup in your hand faltered in your gasp, breath hitching in your throat.  There was a pause, a breaths span long. Your fingers curled around the rim of the plate, waiting, anticipating. His fingertip grazed your sex.  The air suddenly went hot, fingers numb. The plate clattered.  He pressed deeper. You grasped onto the sink as a moan ripped at your throat.  His breath was hotter as it fanned over your back. Pulling you away from the edge of the sink, he slipped a finger beneath your undergarment, sliding the fabric off. His burning palm squeezed your ass, pushing down on the cotton. The material pooled at your ankles.  Gasping you pushed further into him, feeling his hard length against your bare ass. His jeans felt wondrous against your skin.  Bunching your skirt on your waist with one hand, he unbuckled and unzipped his jeans with the other.  You couldn’t see when the clothing gave way but you sure as hell felt it. The hard but softness of his tip pressed into your inner thigh. Your legs suddenly felt heavy, head leadened with the anticipation.  His hands were on you again, traveling, grasping, burning. He was behind you again, breath more ragged on goose bumped flesh.  Arching your back you waited.  His hands traveled up your leg again, leaving fire in its wake. Fuck, fuck, fuck. The more he inched closer the more your heart thundered in waiting. After a few painful breaths his thumbs pulled at your ass and pressed on your thighs. Your legs widened and lifted for him. You tried to concentrate.  “Are you going to ignore me now?” His voice was like gravel, rough against your ear, it made you shudder.  You ignored him.  Laughing lightly, he did the first thing the one thing that would get you to answer him. Slowly, he let the skirt fall into place, stepping back to walk away.  You caught on quickly, grasping his hand and tugging him forward.  “Answer me.” he spoke to your neck.  Groaning you answered. “Please don’t stop, I don’t think I can wait for much longer.”  “Oh how the tables have turned.” was the last thing he whispered before he filled you.  Promises: His kiss pressed to the underside of your breast, the soft warmth of his lips trailing lower and lower.  “Isaac,” you breathed, back arching. “Again?” The heat of his palm ran up the length of your inner thigh, the pressure of his index soft. You shuddered. Flipping you over so you lied face down, he tore the fabric from your ass, the hard rip rough against skin.  You gasped, anxious and feverish.  The bed dipped behind you, his movements calculating and slow. Painstakingly slow.  “Yes.” It was hiss between clenched teeth, but you felt it against your ankle. Languidly, he rose higher and higher, curls tickling the taunt skin.  “That’s the sixth time this morning, not to mention all of last night and the night before.” you groaned, reaching behind you to lace your fingers into his hair. His nose met the apex of your legs before his lips did.  “You didn’t seem to be complaining while I fucked you the last time.” He murmured gently, tongue licking a bold stripe up the inner thigh.  You didn’t answer, too busy trying to gather the breath that left your lungs.  Isaac tenderly lifted your hips, pushing on his shoulders to widen the gap between your legs.  You parted for him like you always did, wet and so terribly ready.  “I promise I’ll be good.” Tsk-ing you turned beneath him and looked into his clear cerulean eyes. “Promises, promises.”  He smiled up at you, sitting upright on the featherbed.  You crawled over his lap, pushing on is shoulders until he lied patiently beneath you. “Let me be good.” “Is that a promise?”  Sinking down onto his length you laughed and moaned, perching yourself on his chest. Lifting you sank again, circling your hips before rising.  Isaac when slack beneath you, hands holding onto your hips and thighs.  “More like a fact.” you shuddered out, increasing pace.    Lose Control: His face was hard, serious and focused but you knew him better than that. You could see his hard dick press against his jeans. He was horny and moody, two things that didn’t go well. And if you knew Derek you knew that things could get real messy, real quick.  “What’s wrong sour wolf.”  “Go away.” he growled, rubbing his palms oh his jeans. “Just a little higher and you could release the tension that has you so up tight.” you joked, he didn’t laugh, just shot you a dark glare. You brushed it off. “Fine,” getting down on your knees before him had his breath in his throat. “How about I-“ “Stop.” His lips said it but you could already feel his hips buckle to your hands. Derek’s eyes dilated, red rimming the irises.  “Why?” you leaned forward, resting your head on his stiff thigh, trailing perfectly manicured fingers up and down his leg.  His eyes followed your fingers. Up and down, up and down, up and down. His head flashed a memory of you moving just the same. Up and down, up and down… bouncing so deliciously over him. Groaning he grasped your wrist in his hand, pulling you away.  “You know why.” He said through a shaky breath, closing his eyes as the wave of need vibrated. You were so fucking close, god if he could just- no. No.  “Tell me anyways.” Your breath misted along the cusp of his ear, he stilled. Too close. Too fucking close. Shifting closer, you ran your nose behind his ear. Your fingers grasped onto the lapel of his button-down, and tugged. He caved into your arms.  “Stop,” he began “I could lose control, I could-“ “Hurt me? Good. I like it when you take me roughly.” You tugged again, layering his weight over yours.  “Don’t say things like that.” He breathed again, using his arms to lift himself upright. Before he could, you swiftly wrapped your legs around his waist and forced him down, watching his face crumble as his hard dick dug into you.  “Lose control Derek, it’ll only make me scream louder.” Names: You could see him wavering, shifting between deft bodies, frame languid but lithe. He moved with a purpose, predatory but gentle. It was intriguing, the way such a wolf could be multifaceted but true.  He crept closer as you neared the wall, shadows swallowing until it swallowed him too. And then he was there, face strong and angular pressing into the places you desired.  “For a hunter, you’re a codebreaker.” he whispered, voice misting over the curve of your breast. “Former-hunter.” you corrected, lacing your fingers into his hair and pulling.  He followed, rising to meet his lips to yours, dark roots soft beneath your fingertips. His mouth was warm, lips soft and warm as they captured your own. Tugging at his roots he responded, mouth slanting a little wider, tongue tasting a little wilder. He devoured, lips and jaw forcing your head to meet the wall behind.  Quickly you lifted your skirt, pulling him in by his hips. He seemed to understand because the next second he was there, bare, length pressing into your thigh.  You silently sighed, hands fisting the fabric of his shirt.  “Are you sure?” “Respectful wolf.” you conceded, tugging his face into the light. His skin looked like shimmering copper under the florescent light, but you could tell it was lighter. Looking into his eyes, deep chocolate brown stared back. Then they turned electric blue, irises flooded with the brilliant color. You gasped.  “Yes.” you whispered. His lips crashed into you again, his hands traveling, gripping, ripping. He felt like a wildfire beneath you, over you, with you. He felt alive and fucking amazing. You opened up to him, wrapping legs along narrow hips.  In a flash of breaths and hair tugs he was at your entrance.  “Give me a name.” He rasped against the column of your throat, your hair balled in a fist.  “You ask for too much.” You whined back, tightening your legs to seek release. “Name.” “For what?” you snapped, pulling tighter but he remained still. “So I can whisper it when I come.” he laughed, leaning back to look into your eyes. You rolled them, muttering a “Typical.” “Name.” He ordered again, weight suddenly caving into you. His length slid deliciously between your folds, an irritatingly wondrous but small friction sparking the faintest of moans. More.  “(Y/N).”  “Cute…” “Let’s get this over with, please.”  “Don’t want to be caught consorting with a wolf?” For fuck’s sake! “You talk way too much for sex, especially when it’s in public.”  Smiling broadly, he reached down, taking the base of his head and guiding it. He didn’t even hesitate. Every inch grated along your walls, the slow burn curling at the quickness of his pace. “Aiden, if you cared to know.” It was what you yelled when he whispered your own name. Aim: “So what? Go deal with your own problem’s Hale. I’m tired.” you yawned, stretching your bruising body.  His blue eyes followed the lines of your muscles, sparking the burning desire already. “(Y/N) please.” “Never knew a Hale to plead. Must be a first.” You were climbing into bed now, and he knew if you closed your eyes, his hand would be the only company he had.  “Please… I’ll do whatever you want, just - God! - just put me out of this torture and fuckme!”  Scoffing you turned to him, lifting the oversized shirt from your head and tossing it to him. Peter caught it mid-descend, and tossed it into god knows where. As long as you didn’t find it, the better.  Walking over to him, you straddled his hips. He sighed in content at the weight of you. So warm, so good.  “We’ve been fucking for the better part of the last week like bunnies. Or rabbits. Horses even.” “Stop talking about animals when your naked.” He ground out, leaving a trail of kisses from your jaw to your breast. You heart fluttered instantly, the coil tightening already. “I could hop right off and take a nap.” You thought, playing with the hairs at the base of his neck. You felt him tense beneath you, and already you knew, the power, it was all yours.  “Please don’t. I’m about to go fucking insane.”  You didn’t bother answering, just took his length and guided it to your entrance. You both moaned as you sunk down, grasping onto each other like it was the last tether to the world.  “Fuck you feel good.” you gasped out, wiggling over his lap. “I aim to please.” he mumbled, grasping your hips and moving.  You bounced over him; up and down, up and down, up and circle.  He moaned out, nails grasping onto the chair and tearing in.  You did it again, watching and gasping when your body shook. “As do I.” you moaned, swiveling your hips. Your pace increased when the bloody flames grew. More… More… More. Your body sang, wanting harder, needing deeper. You responded, digging just a little bit harder.  His hands were still on your hips when you came, and it took three hip swivels and a hard gaze for Peter to crumble so mercilessly.  When his breathing leveled, and nails disappeared, the wolf had the omg to utter a word could bring him great pain, or great pleasures. “Again?“
Treading Dark Waters

*tries to write a simple mermaid drabble* *writes a 3k word fic instead*
I am literally the only one surprised by this honestly

Anyways, here’s a mermaid/pirate AU based off @ryuusadesu ‘s awesome art (thank you for letting me play in your sandbox!). Shoutout to @bye-byepetitepapillon for being wonderful and letting me chuck fic things at her and @silvvergears for helping me come up with a better title lol. As everyone following my main knows, I can never resist indulging my mermaid obsession so enjoyyy 

Adrien can’t stop staring.

The crew’s excited muttering blends with the gentle swooshes of the waves, mellowing into a dull buzz in his ears. Adrien scrapes just enough sense together to pick his jaw off the deck, though it doesn’t really save face since he can’t stop his eyes from bugging out as he gapes at the mermaid hanging over his deck.

She’s devastatingly beautiful in the way the ocean is during a storm. She has a wildness in her, from the way her golden pink tail still struggles against the netting to the way her fingers flex into claws as though she’s itching to tear them all apart. Her sharp eyes dart from crew member to crew member, cold and calculating under her pinched brow. They’re brief, dismissive looks until her eyes finally land on him and she bares her sharp teeth with a fierce hiss.

Everyone jumps back, their quiet chatter abruptly dying. Not even the waves can break the terrified silence. The mermaid’s eyes never leave Adrien, flashing dangerously in the early dawn light, and he suddenly feels like a lamb before a lion.

Don’t be ridiculous, he scolds mentally. She’s the one in the net.

Her lips draw further back and her razor sharp white teeth gleam in the sunlight.

Adrien gulps and takes half a step back before he can stop himself.

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