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Shifted - Part 6, Chapter 10

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting a chapter from my brand new AU story. The  premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated  their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous installments…

Part 6 - The Honeymoon

Lallybroch, Summer 1763

Chapter 10

Silence. Utter silence.

Claire looked between her two children. Brianna’s brow was deeply furrowed, processing the information. William, poor lad, just looked bewildered, mouth slightly agape.

Jamie pressed his hand to hers on the mattress, twisting her ring between his thumb and forefinger.

“I’ve never seen the two of you speechless before.”

That woke them up. “I dinna understand, Mama,” William said softly. He scrubbed his hair with his hands in a mannerism that was purely Jamie. “Ye’re no’ a fairy, and no’ a witch – Da said so. And these things happen in fairy stories. So why did it happen to you?”

She smiled and cupped his cheek. “I don’t know, love. I’ll never understand it.”

“But did ye try to go back?” Brianna asked. Her eyes darted from Jamie to Claire. “Can ye go back and forth, from this time to that time?”

“No, I haven’t tried to go back. I wanted to go back, right after I arrived. But I never followed through on it.” She paused. “Your Da tried to send me back, but I wouldn’t go.”

“What?” Brianna eased closer to Jamie on the bed and laid a hand on his arm. “When, Da? And why? Anyone wi’ eyes in their heid can see that ye canna live wi’out her.”

Jamie squeezed Claire’s fingers with one hand and Brianna’s with the other. “I didna ken where she’d come from until we’d been marrit for a few months. And then I tried to send her back, because it was a very dangerous time for us. But she wouldna go.” He swallowed, steeling himself. “And then when we found out yer Mam was going to have you, Brianna – right before Culloden, I took her back to the stones. I wanted to keep the both of ye safe, and I feared I’d not be able to do it here, in our time.”

Brianna settled into Jamie’s side. He held her tightly and kissed her forehead.

“Truly, Da?”

“Aye. But she wouldna go then, either. So we came back to Lallybroch, and we’ve been here ever since.”

Claire turned to William and opened her arms. Quickly he crawled into her lap, and she held him close.

“Did ye really want her to go, Da?” William asked in a small voice.

“No, a bhailach. It was the last thing in the world I wanted. But when ye love someone, ye always have to put their needs above yours, ken?”

William nodded.

“So – I didna want her living in a time of hardship. Ye won’t remember this, Brianna, but when you were a wee bairn, things were verra difficult here. Redcoat patrols, people not having enough to eat. Drought and puir harvests. Yer Mam knew that was all coming, and I didna want her – or you – to live through that.”

“That’s verra romantic, Da,” Brianna teased.

He pulled back his head to meet her gaze face-on. “It’s the truth, a leannan. Dinna make light of it. Ye have no idea how much of a sacrifice I was willing to make for ye.” He traced a finger over her cheek. “I was willing to go my whole life wi’out seeing yer mother again. Wi’out ever meeting ye, wi’out watching ye grow up. Because I love you.”

Brianna’s cheeks colored and she looked down at her hands.

Silence again as the children continued to process the information.


Claire kissed the top of her son’s head. “Yes, William?”

“Do ye want to go back now?”

She held him tightly. “No, love. I don’t want to go back. I’ll never go back – because I’d never want to leave the two of you, or your father.”

“But don’t you miss yer family?”

Claire sighed. “My parents died when I was small – you know that. I was an only child. I was raised by my uncle – you know that, too. But he died long before I came here.”

“That’s verra sad,” William remarked, snuggling deeper into his Mam’s shoulder.

“It is. But I don’t ever think about it, because now I’ve got more family than I know what to do with – I’ve got the three of you, and Auntie Jenny and Uncle Ian and all your cousins. This is my family. This is my home. Why would I ever leave you? Leave this?”

“I dinna think Da would let ye leave anyway,” Brianna said softly.

“No, I wouldn’t.” Jamie moved closer to Claire and wrapped his arms around her and their children. “We decided to tell ye because ye’re both old enough to understand these things. It’s part of who ye are. But ye must know how important it is that ye never, ever tell anyone else about this. Why do ye think that is?”

“Because folk willna understand,” Brianna said softly. “Ye always say that people fear what they canna understand, Da – so we must protect her from anyone who may try to harm her.”

“It’s my duty as a man to protect her, right, Da?” William said softly.

Claire’s eyes met Jamie’s over the heads of their children. Her eyes filled with tears.

“Aye, it is. Ye’re a braw lad, William – and you,” he addressed his daughter, “are a fine braw woman, Brianna. We named ye after strong people, and ye’ve honored those names weel. And ye can continue to honor them by minding yer Mam a wee bit more, aye?”

Both heads nodded.

“I love the both of you so much,” Claire whispered, holding her children close.

“Mama?” William said after a while.

“Yes, love?”

“I still dinna understand it, how ye came to be here. It would have been much easier if ye’d been a fairy, because at least I can understand that.”

Jamie’s eyes met Claire’s over Brianna’s bright head. His face split in a grin.


-Honda Center was really bad at letting everyone in on time we got in literally at 8
-But it’s chill we made it to our seats in time
-Okay so they started w Not Today and I literally died on the spot
-Jimin was so extra he was like a walking sin
-Jungkook was adorable and his English was so good
-Hobi’s smile literally shined its way to my heart
-Yoongi. Yoongi. Yoongi. Every time I looked at him I wanted to cry because I was like ???? He is literally the most beautiful and amazing man on the planet and I was feet away from him W O W
-Their solo stages were all perfect. Like literally I can’t even describe them in words
-Namjoon’s hit me so hard I started crying Reflection is so good
-The special effects were on POINT
-So they played Baepsae second and let me tell you I was NOT ready for those hip thrusts especially Yoongi’s I literally stopped breathing
-Anyways back to the solo stages
-Jungkook’s was so good his dance was AMAZING LIKE BOY CAN MOVE HIS BODY WOW he seriously did so so so good I cant
-Jimin’s was straight gorgeous like he has 0 flaws 10/10 would die for Park Jimin
-Yoongi’s made me cry also because the emotion was basically tangible. Boy is so passionate.
-Literally Yoongi is perfect someone help
-Jin basically made me cry too good job with those high notes I fell over inside
-21st Century Girl was also so fun you could tell they were just having a blast and like they all killed me at the same time it was magical
-ALSO THEY RANDOMLY performed Dope like I was not expecting that and it was SO GOOD THE BEAT WAS INCREDIBLE
-Lost was hecka emotional my vocal line is so good
-So at one point they did this giant mashup of a ton of their older songs like N.O. started playing and I was like hOLD UP
-Like War of Hormone too I think and tons of their other songs and Kookie started rapping and I was like THROWBACK TO THE FIRST TIME I DIED
-Like Mama was L I T and then at the end he just kind of said really quickly “THANKS MOM” and it was HILARIOUS
-Boy Meets Evil was so intense I pooped
-Literally as soon as it started I was just like “oh no”
-If u didn’t know Cypher was the song I was most pumped about bc Yoongi’s rap k i l l s me
-All 3 of them were wearing these like crazy sugar daddy robes RIP
-So Namjoon comes out just blasting right
-And I fell over inside again but this time I actually died
-Like they were so freakin lit I’m dead
-Hobi slayed everyone within the first 2 seconds of his part
-Okay yes anyways
-Cypher ended my life the end
-jk moving on before I have another heart attack
-So after Cypher I’m WINDED
-oh no
-I’ve seen the fancams
-Like the dance break toward the end just
-J I M I N
-Also side note like most of the time when the whole group was performing I couldn’t take my eyes off of Namjoon he just has such a strong stage presence and he’s SO TALL I LOVE HIM
-okay where were we
-oh yes fire
-after fire they talked for a little bit and it was cute and my voice disappeared bc I screamed too hard during Cypher
-So I know I’m skipping around everywhere sorry it’s all I giant mushy jumble in my brain
-But they did Run at one point and it was so exciting bc they had giant gold streamers just shoot everywhere and I felt like I was in a movie it was so perfect
-Did I already talk about 21st century girl? I think so BUT
-It was so lit okay so lit
-So after that they talked to us again for a while and their English was so good you could tell they were trying and I LOVED IT
-They looked AMAZING during it like wow the most attractive men in the world I swear
-So then Namjoon was like “bYE” and they all ran off stage and we were like ??????
-And so we did the rainbow ocean thing and I wanted to cry again
-So united and wow
-so after like 5 minutes of all of us just yelling
-They came out and did Outro:Wings and it was so good bc they were on the close stage and I swear Namjoon is so attractive help I’m swerving
-Oops ok here we go
-So after Wings they talked and again they were so good??? AND AND
-Namjoon was like “I’d like to take this time to thank my mom for emphasizing learning English because now I can talk to you guys”
-And I cried again bc Joonie luvs his mom how sweet I’m dead
-Yoongi was like “never forget me” and I was like BOI I COULDNT IF I TRIED
-Jungkook seriously sounded so fluent I was so proud
-Jimin was adorable
-Hopie was wild
-Tae was also wild
-Jin is so so so funny and cute
-Rapmon looks amazing in baseball hats
-So then after they talked rapmon was like “Kay last song”
-And again we were all like ??????
-But then 2!3! Started and I was like
-Here come the tears
-Like they were all just standing in a line on the close stage and they were so emotional I was so emotional everyone was emotional
-Jin hit those high notes like a god
-Jimin hit those high notes like a god
-Tae and Jungkook ended my life too
-Rap line was so passionate I could see Yoongi’s neck veins
-So after 2!3! Namjoon’s like “Kay last song” AGAIN
-and I was just like STOP LYING
-And then Spring Day started playing and I just lost it
-It was so emotional
-They were so beautiful
-Oh yeah and at one point You Never Walk Alone was playing while this video played about how all the recent concepts are intertwined and IT ACTUALLY MADE SENSE
-It was talking about how it was seven boys with one heart and one boy with seven hearts and they all reflected each other and were only happy and able to smile when they’re together IM SOBBING
-That probably made no sense to u guys I’m sorry
-After Spring Day ended they all came out on the stage and ran around and smiled and danced and were super cute and
-I just couldn’t believe I was actually there
-With them
-I’m so grateful
-so so grateful
-They stayed and ran around the stage for a good ten minutes and then it was all over
-My friend and I were just in shock we sat there dying for like fifteen minutes after it ended
-Just like freaking out right
-and we were waiting at a corner
-I can’t even describe how beautiful he was even through a car window like he was FLAWLESS his eyes were so big and beautiful WO W
-I doubt anyone actually read this far so I doubt anyone will know that that happened to me BUT JDNDKDJDFMDFJEKDMSLNDKSAMKXNSLDFJEKXKDNKDJC
-Overall it was probably the greatest night of my life and totally worth driving across the country for. 11/10 would do again in a heartbeat.
-If you guys have any questions or want to freak out w me please message me!!!!!

Shit Daily Vlogger


“Good morning love” Joe greeted you with a kiss as he pushed your hair out of your face. 

“Morning.” you smiled blinking your eyes open.

“I’m vlogging today so wake up!” He said giving you another kiss before leaning over to the bedside table and grabbing his camera. 

He turns in his camera and smiled widely for a moment before starting the intro.

“Good morning guys!” He says loudly as he pans the camera over to you. You wrinkled your nose up at the sudden burst of energy that he had presented so early in the morning. 

“Morning guys” you waved. 

“So I thought that I would vlog today even though Y/N and I don’t really have any plans but you guys leave loads of comments about how these are your favorite kinds of vlogs and now that you guys know about Y/N and I, I feel like I can do them more often!” 

“Well if you would’ve told them you had a girlfriend sooner, you could’ve” you raised your eyebrow at Joe before getting out of bed.

“Anyways,” Joe said bringing the camera back to him, “we are going to go get ready for the day and I’ll check back in with you guys once we decided what we’re doing.” he said before shutting off the camera. 

“Are you not vlogging today?” Joe said watching as you stood over the bag you had packed the day earlier looking for your outfit for the day. 

“Nah, I think you’ve got this one. Besides I don’t vlog that much, you would know if you watched my videos” You said looking over your shoulder. 

“Hey I watch your videos!” Joe defended himself as he jumped out of bed. 

“Mhmm sure, just like how you’re not a daily vlogger” You winked, moving past him and into the bathroom. “Are you coming or are you going to make me shower by myself?” 

“I’m not a daily vlogger” you heard Joe mumble under his breath as he followed you into the bathroom.

“Alright guys,” Joe said into his camera, “I have decided to show Y/N just how great of a pancake maker I am this morning” he said panning over the ingredients that were spread over the kitchen worktop. 

“Do you need help mixing everything together” You laughed at his expression he made as he looked down. 

“Umm, maybe” he said bring the camera up to you just in time for him to capture you rolling your eyes at him. 

Joe placed camera on top of his stove as you came to join him in front of the stove. 

“Welcome to Y/N and Joe’s cooking show, today show is all about pancakes” He said looking into the camera. 

“You’re an idiot” you shook your head as you measured out the flour. 

In no time at all the mix was ready to be poured into the hot pan and Joe was fully ready to take over. 

“Alright love I got this!” Joe said rubbing his hands together before he poured the first pancake into the pan. 

“Geez Joe, how big do you want” You laughed as you watched him pour way too much batter into the pan.

“Whoops” he said making as face. 

The rest the morning was spent eating breakfast and clearing up the mess the two of you had made in the process. 

“Alright Y/N, what are our plans for the rest of the day?” Joe asked you and his camera as he flung an arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer to him. 

“Um, we are going outside today, maybe to the park or just have a walk around London. Its a nice day for once and I don’t to be cooped up in your flat all day” 

“Yeah we need to take advantage of what London give us.” he said kissing your temple, making your smile. “So lets go!” 

The two of you decided to walk to the park near Joe’s flat and then make your way to the shops the were close by to pick up a few things. You two walked hand in hand down the street, laughing at jokes Joe had made and catching up on all the things that the two of you did have have time for last night before the two of you fell asleep. 

When you two made it into the park, Joe pulled out his camera making sure to get the both of your in shot. 

“So we’ve made it to the park and it is filled with dogs! You know I’ve really learned to love dogs, Y/N I think we should get one.” Joe said looking over at you with a smile. 

“Yeah, and who’s flat is it going to stay at?” You said looking back at him. 

“I guess we’ll just have to move in together then” He said winking to the camera, flinching when you hit his arm. “Ow! Sorry guys, we aren’t moving in together, not yet anyways.” 

“But yes, we can get a dog. I’m perfectly find with that” You said linking your arm through his as the two of you continued your walk through the park. 

It was later in the night when Joe finally remembered to pick back up his camera. The two of you were laid out on the couch having just caught up on the current show you two were watching.

“So guys, it is much much later in the evening and in classic Joe Sugg style, I forgot to vlog.” He said after pulling out his camera. 

You were snuggled up against Joe’s chest, his free hand twirling a piece of your hair around his fingers. You looked up at the camera, a yawn escaping your lips before you nestled your face further into Joe. 

“Awe, someones tired” He said looking down at you. 

“We did a lot today which you did a very good job at forgetting to vlog” You said looking back at the camera. 

“Hey, I try. This is why I’m not a daily vlogger.” 

“Yeah, yeah” you said in a mocking tone. 

You’re eyes closed for a moment so you didn’t see Joe set his camera down on the coffee table but you felt yourself become squished all of a sudden as he leaned over you. 

“What are you doing” You groaned. 

You were just about to get comfortable again when you felt a quick hand move to your side followed be a pinch and a tickle. 

“JOE!” You yelled as you tried to squirm away from him but failing as he continued to tickle your sides. 

“Joe….please STOP!” You managed to get out in between your shrieks of laughter, yet he persisted. 

You continued to squirm away from him, not paying much attention to the fact that you were laid on the couch. As you finally pushed yourself free, you also had pushed yourself off of the couch. On your way down you managed to grab ahold of Joe’s shirt, sending him to the floor with you. Luckily he was more prepared for the fall than you were and he was able to brace himself with his hands to avoid crushing you. As Joe held himself above you, he also attempted to catch the falling camera but failed as, it too, fell to the ground. 

“Aww, are you guys okay?” Joe said picking up the camera and making sure it was still working and recording. 

“Yeah Joe I’m good, thanks” You said from your position on the floor. 

Joe moved from above you and helped you up pulling you into his chest when you were up straight. 

“You alright?” he said kissing your forehead. 

“Yeah, thanks for pushing me off the couch” you said rubbing your elbow which you were pretty sure what was used to knock the camera off the table. 

“Oi you did that yourself!”

“But it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t tickled me.” You said wrapping your arms around his torso while sticking your tongue out at him. 

“Your the one who let your guard down so I believe thats your fault” he said leaning down to lock lips. You pulled away quickly and looked at the camera in his hand.

“Alright guys. I’m going to call it a night here, or at least end the vlog here” he winked to the camera as you shook your head and unwrapped your arms from around him. “Make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Theres another vlog right here that you can watch, and you can subscribe right here if you haven’t already. I will see you tomorrow with another vlog but remember….” He paused as he searched for you in the viewfinder from your position in the kitchen.

“You’re a shit daily vlogger!” You shouted.

“That works. Goodnight guys!”

good news: i saw a specialist yesterday and she thinks she knows whats causing my passing out episodes and me feeling bad all the time

bad news: for tests the hospital had to draw like a ton of blood and bc of other reasons im just tired nd sick af

time to channel these vibes into gt fluff

Cause You're My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x

 Part: 16/? 

 Pairing: Jamilton 

 Inspiration: this post and this song 

 Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color. 

Warning: cussing 

 Word Count: 5,332 

 Dedication: @i-live-i-die-i-tell-my-story, @schokoobananaa, @aphamericanhero, and a couple of anons for guessing correctly on some of the things that are gonna happen in this chapter. 

 Tags: @randomcakes410, @midnigtartist, @kneel-to-maria, @halpdevon, @wildlittleman, @exadorlion, @closestfriendivegot, @celestialqueerfeminist, @schokoobananaa, @cometviolet, @justsmilingandnodding, @lapiamedots, @semoka, @jayceemayy, @kyller-biis, @focusofthememes, @sarcastic-swl-dragon, @starspeckled, @yourapplepiebetterbeworthit, @saturn-sails, @tallish-hobbit, @angelica-eliza-layafette, @sugarshark420, @gunsandshipsandpeggy, @doot-doot-cats, @thatdewdlesperson, @lafbagxette, @hamilton-trash-1, @cutebridge, @siguikinworld 

 A/N: Okay. Enjoy. Not giving anything away but here’s the cheesy ass song I mentioned in the chapter.   

It was Friday.

Philip was still in the hospital, however, he was being released. He no longer had any bandages on his nose, his bruises were beginning to fade, and the stitches on his arm were beginning to heal.

Philip was in good shape, and Alexander was glad of it.

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You and me

Sequel to You make everything better, but can be read as a stand-alone.

Word Count: 1.3K
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader (No gender specified)
Summary:  After Peter recounts the events of his fight with Captain America and his team, confessions are made.
Warnings: None.
A/N: I wrote this today because I wanted to take my mind off of the other things I’m writing that have backstories and more complicated plots– which means that this is fluff and a lil angst and then fluff again.

You’re sitting cross-legged on Peter’s bed, running your fingers through his hair while he rests his head on your lap. He’s talking animatedly, and from the faraway look in his eyes you can see that he’s lost in his own memories.

“And Bucky Barnes had this super cool metal arm and I touched it! And the Falcon had this awesome drone that threw me out the window and there was this man that Mr. Stark said was called Ant-Man who was like, super tiny.”

“Like an ant?” You ask, straining your face muscles to stop yourself from smiling. He stops talking and gives you an unamused look.

“Yes, obviously. Anyway–” He moves to sit up and you take your hands off his hair. “Spread your legs.” Your eyes widen in surprise and you laugh out loud.

Damn, chivalry sure is dead.” You say in amusement– but the joke takes a couple of seconds to land on Peter. Once it does, his eyes widen and he blushes furiously– jerking back and lifting his hands up, shaking his head.

“I didn’t mean it like that! I– I just wanted to sit between your legs!” You fall back against his pillow, laughing heartily.

I know, babe. Come here.” You manage to say once you’ve controlled yourself. You sit back and spread your legs, opening your arms for him. He covers his face and sighs exaggeratedly before moving at a snail’s pace towards you until he’s finally sitting in front of you, leaning back against your chest.

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“Alright, here’s your fortune: you’re going to live a happy life filled with a loving and caring family.”
“…I have already acquired that.”
“Aw, Cas, you sap.”



Yes, still alive. Got the flu on move day. Did it anyway, because as good of a time as I was having with Wolf, I was fucking tired of not having anywhere to live. And I’m paying for it today. I’ve felt even worse.

No heat or fridge right now, which is awesome.

Not even slightly unpacked.

I’ve just been trying to rest and keep warm so I’m not even worse tomorrow. I had to cook spaghetti with a fucking kettle because I literally have no other options for heating food (do not recommend; it’s gross, but edible, and I just needed edible). That’s the level of “my shit is not together” we’ve working with, here.

I should have been getting closer to a final printing of my deck by now, and I’m not. I’m trying, guys. The deluge of shit hitting me is just never-ending.

anonymous asked:

👀 has there ever been a time where satan became self aware and was like " doing this for billions of years is kinda getting boring " or does he never fall out of torturing souls ?

     there is a clear divide as the answer is both  yes and no.  and it all depends on the mood he is in on the day.  satan, unlike god has become very human in terms of changeability, and that means that one day he can resent his position and the next he can adore it.  the devil is a constantly growing influence, whereas god is a constant that does not fluctuate.  i believe that, with his loss of divinity, satan became able to house humanity, even if it was a very twisted version of it.  that is something god will never be able to do.  he is too detached from his own creation due to overseeing it but never integrating with it.  there lies the delicious irony in his supposed ‘benevolence’.

     anyway, moving on to a more focused answer:  yes, self-awareness has come to him.  in fact, several thousands of years ago it did.  however, he sees no way to change what he has become, so instead of despairing over it, he owns it.  a very prideful being, it is easy for satan to justify his own tyranny with the common excuse ‘ it was what i was meant to do. ‘ as, while not a believer in destiny ( come on, he outwardly destroys that trope just by existing ), he will forever blame others for his downfall.  

     so yes, while boredom has come to him, it does not really hinder his position.  granted, he will have some days where he just doesn’t want to do anything, but he will not replace his behaviour with another format.  he will just be lazy.

What's Up With Ghostkin?

Because I know a lot of you (including kin) don’t quite get this kintype. Well, you’re in luck, because a literal ghost is going to help you out.* How is it possible to identify with something dead, and potentially human? Simple. Not all spirits have trouble moving on. So naturally, the energy would travel directly into another life. Hence, here you are. But as you would imagine, some energy gets trapped for one reason or another.

How does it happen? Well, right as your dying, you’ve got a window of time, where your brain is still flickering; still able to process thoughts. What your last thoughts are, conscious or not, depend on if you move on. If you have regrets, you’ve got the biggest chance there is to get trapped. Your energy suddenly feels tethered, because your lasts thoughts were the need to make things right, where they weren’t. It could be as big as “I killed people and I’m sorry,” or as little as “oh shit I owed him money”, and your energy could be trapped. Yep. Chances are a couple of your past lives got caught as a ghost.

Another possibility is unfortunately brutal and memorable murder or suicide. Unnatural death bothers the energy, because it feels unfinished. Once again, back on unfinished business. But with murder, it’s confusion, revenge even. “How dare they?” Or, “why did they do it?” Now, spirits aren’t trapped here forever. They can be a ghost for hundreds of years, yes, but they can always move on. It’s never too late. Anyway, it is true that the longer a spirit stays, its personality changes.

Take me, for example. I’m one of the better examples because I’m not vengeful and no birdie killed me. I am not out to hurt anybirdie, I did what I did for my own and everybirdie else’s sake. But I do know (benefit of being stuck between multiple canons) I have grown cold. I do not smile, I do not laugh, I treat my own friends like they’re disposable. I don’t mean it, it’s not my intention, but I can’t really connect with human emotion anymore, I’m just energy, unable to regenerate.

Sometimes it’s worse. That’s where those shitty movies come in and exaggerate and try and make you afraid of something you shouldn’t be. Ghosts can’t kill you, ghosts aren’t the typical “gEEEETTT OOUUUTTT” monsters you’re used to.

“Well that’s all fine and dandy Grey, but what’s that got to do with ghostkin?”

Ghostkin are those who remember being a ghost for a long time. No matter the life, being a ghost for so long really resonated with them. It made their way of life adjust, and now they are suddenly back in a physical body, trying to readjust to something they had forgotten how to do.

I personally experience it to be very… Hazy. It’s sad, it’s dead, it’s quiet, it’s peaceful. Sometimes I forget people in my canon I remember in the AU where I’m alive and still know them. Sometimes I forget things I really should remember. The feelig of “dead” is hard to explain. A lot of birds describe being ghostkin as “dissociative”, which is why some believe they’re mistaking a kintype for a mental illness.

And you know, some ghostkin are ghostkin for coping methods, so if that’s your case that’s f ine as well. But I personally don’t find it… Very dissociative, and I do have DID. It’s just… What it is. I hope I educated on a few things. I promise I’ll make a post better explaining ghosts, but for now here you are. *I’m a fictive and I am a ghost canonically.

Overwatch: We Play To Win!

So @robopon003 made this super cute thing for me and Nika and I just thought it was so adorable I just wanted to write about it sooooo here we go!


D.Va Online! Live stream will begin in


The screen buzzed to life, revealing the face of the one and only. 

“Gooooood evening loyal viewers and welcome to a very special livestream of yours truly, D.Va~” she grinned, throwing up a cute smile and peace sign.

A snicker was heard out of frame.

“That was bloody adorable…” 

Hana rolled her eyes and gently adjusted the camera on her laptop, the sides of the screen were covered in texts from her fans, screaming in their own respective languages. She couldn’t contain her smile or excitement, tonight was going to be a good one she could feel it, “Today we have a special guest-”

“So what am I doing exactly?” again the voice from afar asked, Hana huffed, waving them off. 

“Sit there and look pretty” 

They laughed, “I’m already doing that thank you” 

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The Countdown - Soulmates AU

Inspired by this post.

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Lexa wakes to a bright ray of sunlight streaming through a crack in the curtain that’s positioned just perfectly so that it’s only blinding her and not the woman lying behind her with her arm wrapped around her. Lexa grumbles and pulls an abandoned pillow into her face to cover her eyes so she can go back to sleep. The arm around her tightens and she snuggles closer to the warm body against her back. It was always like this: she and Clarke started off the night with Lexa being the big spoon and Clarke snuggling up to the protective and loving embrace of her lover, but Lexa always woke up to being the little spoon and snuggled into Clarke’s loving and comfortable embrace.

Behind her, Clarke shifts further into her body and Lexa knows she’s awake too before Clarke kisses the broken infinity tattoo on the back of her neck and says in her husky morning voice, “Does the pillow smell good?”

Lexa grunts a small laugh into the pillow and intertwines her fingers into Clarke’s that are rubbing circles on her stomach. “Best pillow I’ve ever smelled in my life, thank you for asking.”

Clarke laughs and places another small kiss to the nape of Lexa’s neck. “Is it the curtain again?” That brings an annoyed groan from Lexa that makes Clarke laugh more.

“Isn’t it always?” Her words are muffled from the pillow.

“We need to get new curtains.” Clarke says.

“Or move the bed.” Lexa offers back.

“We’ve been talking about getting new curtains anyway, Lex.”

“Yes, but moving the bed to the other side of the room is free.” Lexa says. “Free is good.”

Clarke scoffs. “Since when does money matter to you?”

“Since I have come to the realization that if I were to get new curtains, you would be accompanying me and we’d be shopping for hours and hours.” Lexa deadpans. Clarke bumps her forehead into Lexa’s back and receives a little back shimmy from the little spoon in response.

“You know, for someone who claims to hate shopping, you sure do spend a lot of time in the mall buying clothes.” Clarke argues halfheartedly.

“That’s different.” Lexa defends, and Clarke doesn’t need to see her lover’s face to know she’s pouting.

“Sure it is, Lex.” Clarke hugs Lexa into her and sighs. “Good morning, babe.”

Lexa nudges the pillow out of her face and brings their connected hands toward her lips to kiss each of Clarke’s fingers. “Good morning, beautiful.”

When she pulls away, she looks down at their hands, palms facing her. The inside of both wrists are tattooed with the same thing:



“Eight hundred and seventy-five hours left, huh?” Anya says from the passenger’s seat. They’re sitting in Lexa’s car parked in a Sonic parking lot and eating somewhere in Missouri. They were a little less than halfway to their new home in Colorado now.

Lexa looks down at her wrist. The last numbers of the sequence are ticking away as always. Lexa nods silently as she chews away on her bacon double cheese burger.

“How many days is that?” Anya asks, tilting her head in deep thought, half chewed tater tot still in her mouth.

Lexa shakes her head at her best friend’s scrunched up face. “About thirty-six days.” She answers nonchalantly.

Anya looks over at her with a look Lexa knows all too well. The teasing smirk planted on her face tells Lexa that Anya is ready to harass her for the fact that she has two countdowns: The one on her wrist counting down the hours, and the one in her brain counting down the days. Lexa waits for it, because this is the perfect opportunity for Anya to be sassy as hell; Lexa, the hard-ass introvert lacrosse team captain of their school that barely had any friends and shut herself out when Costia moved across the country in their Junior year, is actually a hopeless romantic double counting down to the moment she meets her soulmate.

To Lexa’s surprise, however, Anya simply bobs her head up and down repeatedly and tosses another tater tot into her mouth. “I’m jealous.” She says and Lexa looks over at her. She lifts her own countdown up to view. “I’ve still got ten thousand nine hundred and twenty-six hours left. You’re in the three digits already and I’m in the five digit hours. That’s like fours years away.”

Lexa laughs at her friend. “That’s definitely not fours years, Ahn. Four years would be way more digits than that. It’s probably like a year and a half or something.”

Anya sighs exaggeratedly. “It’s still not a fucking month. Are you excited? You think she’ll be hot? What if it’s a guy?”

Lexa laughs at the last question. “If it was a guy, I’d avoid him like the plague. I’d rather be single for the rest of my life.”

Anya bellows out a laugh too. “He’ll come knocking on our door and you’ll just be standing on the other side like–”

Lexa clears her throat and uses her best grandma voice, holding her hand close to her and hunching over slightly for visual effect. “Listen here, young man. We don’t want to talk about your holy saviour Jesus Christ. You may leave now.”

The two of them are laughing loudly now and Anya laughs even harder when she looks out her window to find their neighboring car passengers staring at them. When they calm down and get back to eating, Anya speaks up again.

“I wonder if my soulmate is a girl or a guy.” She says. Lexa looks at her expectantly. “I hope it’s a girl.”

“Why’s that?” Lexa asks, taking a sip from her bottle of water.

“Girls are better.” Anya says in all seriousness. “I mean… Boobs.”

Lexa chuckles. “Amen, sister.”

There’s a whining in the backseat and Lexa turns around to see her golden retriever watching her eat. Lexa sighs and tosses a fry at him, which he catches happily.

“That’s the only one you get, Fish, got it? Fries are fatty.” Lexa says as she puts a couple of fries in her own mouth.


Lexa is sprawled out on the couch that had just been placed in the living room. Her forhead is wet with sweat from helping to move all of the heavy furniture around the building in the hot summer sun, but despite the heat, she holds a mug of hot coffee. Anya comes into view and throws herself onto the couch with a tired sigh. She takes the mug from Lexa’s hands and takes a sip.

“There’s more in the kitchen, Ahn. Get your own.” Lexa says.

“I don’t think I can use my legs anymore.” Anya grumbles, resting her head on the back of the couch. “Carrying that dresser up those stairs is actual death.”

“I find it funny how the workers were joking about us not being to handle the work because we’re women, yet they were the ones that almost dropped this couch down the porch stairs.” Lexa says, mimicking Anya’s action and setting her own head on the back of the couch as well.

“If it wasn’t for you, they would have.” Anya says, lifting her fist up. Lexa brings her own fist up to tap hers.

You know…“ Lexa says, closing her eyes. "I think I’m gonna like it here. I’ve got a reall good feeling about it.”


Sixteen days left. Two weeks and two days. Lexa runs her fingers over the black numbers showing on her wrist under the dim light of the desk lamp. Her heart jumps at the thought that, very soon, her life is going to change. She can’t help but imagine what the woman will look like. Tall and dark haired with dark skin and dark eyes? Short with caramel skin and a cute Spanish accent? Thin and light skinned with bright eyes? Lexa doesn’t really have a type, so she doesn’t care what the girl looks like, but she can’t help but wonder.

She shakes the thoughts out of her head and focuses on the file in front of her. It’s of a thirteen year old girl named Charlotte. Since her parents were both shot dead during a peaceful march for equality two years ago, she had been in four foster homes and one group home. Her track record wasn’t so good; she was disobedient and troubled, getting into trouble with the police and with her social worker. Lexa didn’t have a problem taking in trouble makers; most of the girls and boys had quite a bit of trouble in their history. With her and Anya’s door open for any child and teenager in River & Woods Group Home to listen to their problems, and Fish’s loving companionship, the kids normally find the help they need to get back on track.

The bark beside her chair makes her look down at her dog. It’s his way of telling her she’s worked enough for the night and needs to get to sleep.

"Alright, boy. Let’s to go bed.” Lexa says, patting his head before getting up and walking out of the office and to her bed.


The countdown is different now. The third zero in the hour part of the sequence is gone now, leaving it at six numbers now.

Lexa shuffles down the stairs and into the kitchen to start breakfast. She’s late in waking up and needs to hurry up before the kids all leave for school. When she walks in, she finds everyone already sitting around the table and at the kitchen counter eating plates of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. She freezes in her spot at the sight of it. She’s still standing there trying to decide if she’s just dreaming or something, since none of the kids have even noticed she’s there, when she gets bumped into from behind.

“Shit, Lex. I didn’t see you, what are you–” Anya stops mid sentence when she sees the scene in front of her too. “Am I still asleep?”

“I’m trying to figure it out myself.” Lexa mumbles back.

At that moment, Aden looks up from spilling a few strips of bacon onto Adrien’s plate and smiles happily at them. “Lexa! Anya! Good morning!” The room echos with mumbled morning greetings as Lexa and Anya walk completely into the room.

“You cooked?” Lexa asks, looking around at the twelve boys and girls.

“I made the pancakes,” Aden says with a grin plastered proudly on his face. “Sarah made the bacon, and Charlotte made the eggs.”

At the last bit of information, both Lexa and Anya stare wide eyed at Charlotte, who shrugs. “I actually don’t hate it here.” She says. “I thought I’d say thank you by helping with breakfast.”

Anya goes to ruffle Charlotte’s hair, earning a grumbled complaint and a swat at her hand. Lexa grabs a plate to serve Aden, who seems to be more focused on serving everyone else.

“I’m sorry I woke up late.” Lexa apologizes to them all. “I had a long night. We’re going to be having a new girl come in some time later today, so be nice, okay?” She hands Aden his plate and he smiles happily at her. “Thanks for cooking, Aden.”

“No problem at all.” He says back and sits at the table with some of the other kids.

Anya and Lexa pile food onto their own plates and set the leftovers in the middle of the table. Phoebe grabs a couple of bacon strips from the plate and throws them over the table before Lexa has the chance to stop her. The strips go flying and land in Fish’s waiting mouth. Lexa gives the twelve year old girl a glare that turns into an eye roll as she lets it slide (like always).

“You guys are going to make him fat.” Lexa scolds.

“You cancel it out by taking him on all those runs and walks every single day.” Sarah says.

Lexa mocks the teenager with a high pitched voice and gets a bacon strip thrown at her face. They eat with much chatter exhanged as always, when Anya points something out on Lexa.

“Ninety-nine hours?” She exclaims. “That’s like right around the corner!”

Lexa looks down at her wrist and smiles. “It’s coming up, yeah.”

“Are you nervous?” Aden asks, the conversation grabbing everyone’s attention.

Lexa nods her head admittedly. “I am, actually.”

“I’m nervous for you.” Anya says with a mouthful of eggs.

“Are you going to be leaving us when the time hits zero?” Charlotte asks.

Lexa looks shocked by the question and looks at everyone’s sad expression. “I most certainly will not. Anya and I moved here to open this place. I’m not going anywhere.”

Most of the kids have returned from school, and Lexa hooks Fish’s leash onto his collar. She steps out into the sun and starts her run. Every day after the kids come back, she goes on her run with her dog to the Panera a few blocks away. When she reaches the café, she takes her usual order to one of the tables outside and sets a bowl of water on the ground for Fish to drink.

Halfway through her meal, she looks up and around at her surrounds. Her eyes catch a beautiful blonde girl that’s leaving the entrance of Panera and at that very moment, a sharp pinch on her wrist makes her jump and look down at it. Her eyes widen at the sight before her. The six numbers on her countdown are all the same.


She looks back up at the blonde. Could that really be her? The blonde who is looking around at the tables for a place to sit? Her eyes are searching the front of the building. The moment the blues eyes catch Lexa’s she flinches and grabs her own wrist before looking down. Lexa watches as the expression on her face turns from confusion to complete shock as she shoots her eyes back to Lexa, who just can’t take her eyes off of the woman.

The blonde haired, blue eyed girl slowly walks toward her and Lexa stands from her spot. They’re right in front of each other now and still haven’t said anything.

“Did your–” Lexa starts at the same time as Clarke speaks.

“My countdown–”

They stop so the other can speak at the same time and the blue eyed girl laughs in a mild daze. Lexa thinks it’s the best sound she’s ever heard in her entire life.
The blue eyed girl brings her hand out to Lexa with an awestruck look and a beautiful smile. “I’m Clarke Griffin.” Her voice is husky and Lexa’s heart dances in her chest from it.

Clarke Griffin, she thinks. What a beautiful name.

Lexa takes Clarke’s hand in hers and shakes it. Clarke’s hand is soft and warm and Lexa knows her own hand is rough and sweaty.

“Lexa Woods.” She says back and the smile on Clarke’s lips gets bigger. They stare at each other in silence for a few beats until Lexa remembers that she should probably speak. “Would you like to sit?”

Clarke nods and they sit together. Clarke laughs lightly and Lexa looks at her questioningly.

“I never come to Panera. For some reason today, I was just craving it and decided to come after work.” She explains.

Lexa smiles back at her. “The world works in crazy ways.” She says, and before she can stop herself, she says, “You have a beautiful smile, Clarke.” She looks wide eyed at Clarke when she realizes she said that outloud and is about to apologize when suddenly, Fish is pawing at Clarke’s lap.

“Fish!” Lexa calls to him. “No, sir! Down!”

Clarke laughs and starts to pet him. “He’s so cute!” She says. She looks back up at Lexa with her eyebrows furrowed. “Did you name your dog Fish?”

Lexa laughs back. “I didn’t name him Fish. My kids did.” Clarke’s eyebrows shoot up at the words ‘my kids’. “No, not my kids.” Lexa explains. “I worked at a shelter home when I was in high school. When I got a dog, I let the kids there name him, and they voted for the name Fish. They thought it was the funniest thing ever.”

“Well it is pretty funny.” Clarke agrees with a big smile. “So what do you do now?”

“I own a group home a few blocks away.” Lexa says.

“River and Woods?” Clarke asks, looking surprised.

Lexa nods. “That’s the one. You know it?”

“I do.” Clarke nods back. “One of my students lives there.”

“Students? You’re a teacher?”

“I’m an art teacher.” Clarke says. “Aden is one of my best students.”

Lexa lets out a long sound of recognition. “You’re the Miss Griffin he always talks about!”

“Good things, I hope.” Clarke laughs, taking a sip of her drink.

“Very good things.” Lexa confirms.

“What are the odds, huh?” Clarke says with the most gentle of smiles.

“What are the odds.” Lexa repeats as she brings her cup of coffee to her lips, eyes not leaving the blue skies that are Clarke Griffin’s.

Lexa brings Clarke’s wrist up to kiss the numbers. “I don’t want to get up.” She mumbles against her skin.

Clarke hums behind her. “We don’t have to yet.” She says with a hinted meaning of something else.

“Oh?” Lexa says, turning her head so Clarke is in her view.

“Well, it’s Saturday, meaning I don’t have to go to work.” Clarke says with a smile.

“But I do.” Lexa pouts.

“Lexa.” Clarke says. “We’re already at your work. I’m sure Anya won’t mind if you get out of bed a little later.”

“That’s a very good point, Clarke Griffin.” Lexa says, twisting her body around to fully face Clarke. “The kids are going to be annoying about it.”

Clarke chuckles. “Aren’t they always?”

Lexa kisses Clarke. “Another very good point, my love.”

“I do tend to make those quite often, don’t you think?” Clarke says. “Ten minutes?”

Lexa smiles slyly. “Long enough for two rounds for you.” Clarke laughs loudly and smacks Lexa’s shoulder when she rolls on top of her after tossing a mint into her mouth.


Lexa is kissing Clarke’s collar bones, pulling at her shirt and earning a soft sigh from the blonde, when a bark grabs their attention. Fish is sitting beside the bed, watching them with his tail wagging.

“There’s my soulmate!” Clarke exclaims. “I swear, it isn’t what it looks it! She means nothing to me–”

Her laughing cuts her off when Lexa brings her fingers to Clarke’s ribcage and starts squeezing. Clarke is squirming and giggling and Lexa has her pinned by the hips and Fish is barking and jumping onto his hind legs.

“Fish is your soulmate, yeah?” Lexa says between her own giggles. “I guess you can sleep in the dog bed with him tonight, then!”

Clarke is hitting Lexa’s arms trying to pull her off. “Maybe I will!” She bellows.

A banging on the door of their room stops them from their wrestling. “Stop being so loud and cute or I’m going to hurl all over the floor.” Anya’s voice comes from the other side, along with a few giggles from some of the kids.

here’s the thing, though. i’m really not a pro-accords, pro-SRA person.

let’s stick to mcu for this particular rant. yes, i absolutely refuse to ignore the fact that t’chaka and rhodey are arguably the soundest and most objective moral centers of the film, i categorically reject anti-accords discourse that indiscriminately demonizes all parties involved in the accords based on the premise that the pro-accountability stance is somehow morally deplorable, i myself agree with the pro-accountability stance, and i think that if 117 countries are talking, you need to listen.

however. it does come down to the old “flawed execution” argument for me, which i personally don’t take lightly in this case. speaking as a non-american citizen and a latina with… relevant personal/familial baggage that i’m certainly not about to publicly discuss on this shitty blogging platform: you show me a scenario where people can be imprisoned while their right to a lawyer and fair trial is reduced to snickering by martin freeman in a suit? nope. absolute, instant, glaring NO in my book. like, no matter how good the concept is, this sort of thing is the negative number multiplied into a however endless string of positives, the final result will be a negative anyway. there’s no getting around that for me, no amount of tony stark desperately promising that “documents can be amended” that can make something like this feel even remotely comfortable.

so yes, i do understand and i can relate to all that stuff about the accords being bad. what i don’t understand is whatever logic that leads people to categorize tony stark as a malicious or naïve/privileged perpetrator of this Bad System, when he’s deliberately, and at great personal expense, putting himself out there as a political buffer between the avengers and said system

my god, speaking as someone who’s very familiar with Deportation ~Paranoia, yes, yes, there is something immensely satisfying in the escapist fantasy that the superhero genre provides, the whole “standing up for what you think is right, no matter what,” very steve rogers concept. you disagree with something in a visceral level? middle finger it. fight it. i do appreciate watching that in characters who are acting out of a fundamentally good drive. even if and when i don’t agree with what they’re doing. if my little brother fucking came home to me with some story about how he mouthed off to an authority figure who was being unfair to him, i would be fucking furious at him first thing, because rule number fucking one is DO NOT ARGUE IN A WAY THAT’S GONNA GIVE THEM RELEVANT REASON TO GET YOU IN LEGAL TROUBLE, because how fucking stupid can you be, but like. like. i would certainly god damn watch the entire episode

(by the way, that’s why the steve/tony dialog that goes “when i see a situation pointed south, i can’t ignore that. sometimes i wish i could” “no, you don’t” “no, i don’t” “sometimes i want to punch you in your perfect teeth” rings so true and compelling to me, and i particularly relate to it on tony’s end, because what i read into it is really not something i can quite verbalize, it’s just. honestly. that feeling when your little brother insists on doing something stupidly misguided out of a stupidly reckless drive that is nonetheless heroic, and you just eye-twitch into infinity because you wish he would chill but at the same time you’re glad it’s still him, that’s the feeling.)

anyway, yes. the whole “no, you move” thing speaks to my fantasies. but what spoke to me, personally, in this whole civil war construct? this thing where tony cannot move. tony having to act while politically and legally restrained – not in the “this is how cops and people with guns should be supervised” sense, but in the sense where he’s dealing with threats of unjust incarceration for his friends, and even threats against their lives

that’s what lives at the heart of my unhealthy fascination with the berlin sequence, i guess? everybody and their mothers know that i’m obsessed with tony being stressed out as fuck while still having to hold his own, self-restrained and beyond possible reproach, in atmospheres that are hostile and biased against him. hell, surprise, i relate. i still insist that at that point in the movie, the hold that the accords had on tony had more to do with his fear than his principles. their initial discussion is the only time we see tony actively argue using principles of accountability as a basis, after that, when trying to persuade steve, he keeps harping on the same point about consequences that he had already touched on during the first discussion. from berlin onward, he tells steve he’s doing what’s necessary to stop something worse, he says he’s trying to protect wanda because she’s politically vulnerable, he tries to convince steve and the rest of team cap to come with him “because it’s us” and not a damn killing squad. and then in the end, we do see the manifestation of “something worse,” what tony was trying to avoid, when we see the avengers locked up in the raft.

i said it once, i’ll say it again: when push comes to shove, tony’s not going after steve because he thinks steve’s position is morally reproachable and because the accords are Justice, he’s going after steve because steve running off after not signing the accords is actively making their situation worse

and i suppose that this kind of thing just invites the sort of reductive argument fandom has been indulging in, the whole like. who’s Right, who’s Wrong, tony’s taking the ~path of least resistance of the accords out of cowardice/malicious intent/naivety, or because that’s the path that saves his ass, etc etc etc. well, speaking again from my personal life perspective: when somebody subjects themself to a system out of fear of consequences for noncompliance that their family, friends, and self might be exposed to, and someone else jumps in and says that person must be a coward or lazy or bigoted or whatever because they didn’t explicitly middle-finger @ The System, it’s hard for me not to assume that the second person isn’t pretty much like one of those white american fratboys smoking weed in public because “fuck the system” am i right? like. clearly this sort of person doesn’t know what it’s like to sit your little brother the fuck down and tell him to fucking chill and endure a measure of injustice because you’re scared of what will happen if he doesn’t          

and like. give me a break, every day of my life i need to make a conscious effort not to call myself a coward for not Taking A Stand. even in a tony level, i have indeed tortured myself by briefly considering the possibility that tony may not have been heroic in cap 3 up until he rebelled, told ross to fuck off in not so many words, and went after steve, but hey you know what? nah. that’s not true. tony’s drive was heroic from the very get-go, and it gets especially so when steve steps into the room and tony’s already on the phone with ross, trying to alleviate the situation and basically offering up himself and his name as collateral. he’s heroic even as he tells ross “thank you, sir” after ross gives him 36 hours, instead of the requested 72, to apprehend bucky/team cap without resorting to lethal force – why? because he’s subjected to inhumane levels of pressure and fear and he still won’t “fuck off” out of the situation because he’s scared of what rocking this particular boat will mean to the avengers. 

it baffles me that people don’t seem to understand how huge this is, but then again, i don’t know, maybe it’s just a perspective thing. in the narrative itself, i don’t think steve & co really acknowledge, appreciate, or maybe even comprehend the level at which tony is acting in his attempts to protect them, so like?? this is probably a lost battle

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i-am-human-and-only-human  asked:

Subaru husband headcanons? Thank you Matt-senpai! >3>

- His proposal was awkward and he was nearly dying with embarrassment, but she said yes anyways.

- He would leave the house and move closer to his mother, or stay with her while he built a house for his lover and him.

- Subaru’s favorite thing about his marriage is knowing that his lover really loves him and wants to be with him forever. 

- He gave his lover a ring that looks like a blossoming flower, white and silver. His ring is a silver band with a few words on the inside, words his lover always told him, ‘I love you, forever and always.’

New Preference #13- You Talk About Him in an Interview


You were out promoting your new album, so you have been doing quite a lot of promo the past few weeks. You were in the UK and you were filming a segment on the Alan Carr Show. 

“Everyone, welcome back! We’re here with the beautiful and fabulous Y/N.” He says. “Now, what would you like to drink?” 

“Uh, whatever you got.” You smile. 

“Oohh, let’s see here.” He smirks looking through his stuff and opens a drink for you. 

You take a sip before sitting it down on the table. 

“Okay, so let’s get into it.” He smirks. “How have you been lately?” 

“I’ve been great. Traveling, working on the album, it’s been a great couple of months.” You smile. 

“Great huh? It wouldn’t have anything do with a certain English boyband member would it?” He says. 

“Uh.. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You smirk. 

“Oh, well you can say that, but I believe we have photographic evidence of a little rendezvous with a certain member of One Direction. “ He says. “Can we get some pictures here?” 

You look over at the TV screen behind you and you blush a little laughing when you see pictures of you and Harry, some from instagram and some that Paps have taken. 

“Still have no idea what I’m talking about?” He asks. 

You smirk and take a sip of your drink again. 

“You know, I was hoping for a bit more of a exciting conversation.” He says shaking his head. 

“I’m so sorry.” you joke. 

“Well, we’ll move on, I guess.” He sighs. “But let me ask you this… has that man in the pictures who you know nothing about given you any of his gravy?” He smirks. 

You can’t help but start laughing. “Oh my god. You did not just ask that.” 

“I know! I know! I’m dirty. You should know this by now!” He jokes. 

You laugh. “Anyway, let’s move on shall we.” 

“Yes, let’s move on.” He says. “But I will add that she did not deny it.” He smirks to the camera. 


You were on the red carpet for your newest movie. Liam was on tour and was really upset that he couldn’t make it to your movie premiere. You were taking tons of pictures and now you were approaching the interview part of the carpet. 

“Y/N, you’re looking absolutely amazing tonight.” The interviewer smiles. 

“Aww thank you.” You smile. “This is my favorite color, so when I saw the dress I fell in love with it. I’m just glad it didn’t look terrible on me.” You laugh. 

“Not at all. It looks very good on you.” She smiles. “Now, I can’t help, but notice that you’re solo tonight.” 

“Oh, yeah. Well, actually I’m here with my Mom. She didn’t want to walk the carpet, but yeah Liam is on tour right now and they have a show tonight.” You say. 

“Oh, I bet he’s wishing he could be here.” She says. 

“Yeah, he does, but he also loves being on stage.” You smile. “But I know that he’s proud of me and he actually sent me a text on my way here, so that was really nice and thoughtful.” 

“Aww, that’s so sweet of him.” She smiles. 

“He is pretty damn sweet.” You laugh. 

“Well, we should let you get going and tell Liam that we said hi.” She laughs. 

“Will do!” You smile waving to her and moving onto the next interviewer. 


You were on the carpet that you were attending a fashion show. You pose for some pictures before coming up to some interviewers. 

“Good afternoon, Y/N.” They smile. 

“Hi.” You smile. “How are you?” 

“We’re great, thanks, how are you?” He asks. 

“Great. It’s been cold today, but great.” You laugh. 

“Well, at least you have a beautiful coat to keep you warm until you get inside.” He says. 

“I do! Yes, it’s really warm. It was a gift from my boyfriend a few days ago.” You smile. 

“Oh, Well, Louis you have great taste.” He smirks. 

“Well, not exactly.” You joke. “He knew that I had been wanting it, sooo.” 

“Oh, well, he’s still a good boyfriend by getting it for you.” He says. 

“Yeah, he is.” You smile. 

“Speaking of, where is he today?” He asks. 

“He’s actually in the studio today. He was going to come, but then he had some meetings and such, plus I know these things aren’t really his thing, so I invited some of my closest friends.” You smile. 

“Well, that’s great to here and we hope you have fun tonight.” He smiles. 

“Thank you.” You smile before making your way inside.


You were on Ellen promoting your new TV Show that was coming out. It was actually the first time that you’ve been on Ellen as a guest on the show. You’ve been there before when Niall was on and was in the audience. 

“So, you know, I was just about to say that it’s glad to have you back on the show, but you actually haven’t been a guest  on the show before. This is your first time.” Ellen says. 

“Yeah, I have been here in the audience before and we’ve met, but no, I’ve never been on the show.” you laugh. 

“In case you all in the audience and at home are wondering, we’re talking about a few months ago when we had One Direction on and Y/N was here in the audience as a guest for her boyfriend and it’s Niall right?” Ellen asks. 

You nod. “Yep, Niall would be the one.” You laugh. 

“You know, some tend to think that him and I could be twins.” Ellen says. “What do you think?” 

“I think there is definitely a bit of a resemblance.” You giggle. 

She laughs. “So, what’s it like dating a member of the biggest band in the world?” 

“It’s great. I mean he’s a great guy and with both of our schedules its a bit difficult sometimes, but overall I don’t really think of it as dating a member of the biggest band in the world.” You laugh. 

“That is probably the sweetest thing ever.” She laughs. 

You giggle and continue on with the interview.