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Sad/happy/mad/worried that people like jaehwan and sewoon are only being appreciated now... they've been good since day 1 and I'm relieved that Korean fans notice them more than international fans

Hi anon. Since they are completely =/= cases I’ll talk about them separately :) hope it’s okay. Also i love you?? ty for this you didnt want a long answer but…. oops

i really feel exactly that, probably 30% mad, 61% worried, 7% happy and 1% sad the rest is miscellaneous ghjfghj (btw i listened to imagine dragons, bastille and kendrick lamar while writing this so excuse me if i get over emotional)

Since you support them both you should read this relatable pann that talks about how they should both be on top 11 here (op knows talent and i 100% support them).

Let’s talk about Jaehwan:

Vocal opportunities

Jaehwan had a lot of opportunities to shine (vocal wise) vs. Sewoon who only got a main vocal position in the last performance.

Jaehwan has been constantly the main vocal (you can check his line distribution of all the songs - Sorry Sorry; Downpour; Never) he has around 40% of all the lines in all the performances which puts him in a position of advantage.

As I said Sewoon only got his chance to shine in the last episode: Be Mine (he got 10% of all lines and was the 2nd with the least amount of lines, i’m not even gonna talk about his screentime… you can check some comments about it on here from his naver fancam); Playing with Fire (20%); Oh Little Girl (50% - *i’ll continue this discourse a little bit down).

The rest of the discourse™

(Sidenote: I’m still not over his ‘Hey Mama’ performance, i think everyone knows i’m an exo-l right?? i know how hard that performance is!! Xiumin, Baekhyun and Chen are some of the most stable members and to be so close to their level of performance is amazing! i have no words.)

Jaehwan has been one of the few trainee’s who has been constantly rising (ignoring the last elimination lmao) he’s on the 2nd page of this masterlist of all the rankings if you want to check. And i think he has a good chance of being part of the top 11.

His begining: He was on Korea’s got talent, he actually debuted 3 years ago but his band didn’t promote on music shows and usually performed covers + he’s an independent trainee and ofc that brings a few difficulties for this type of shows. I think “Sorry, Sorry’ was a great attention catcher but ‘Downpour’ was what really grabbed people’s attentions because it’s a song that can show his vocals a little more.

A great thing that happened was that he actually started to blend with the popular kids 👀 which kind of got him more attention. He’s also in a few ships i swear to god i hate this ship stuff so much bc that’s not what should matter but wtv mainly Sungwoon, Pledis and Sewoon (just an fyi he’s actually quite known in the Sewoon fandom but it looks like the opposite isn’t as true). This favors him in the 2-pick vote.

Let’s not forget he’s part of Never team that completely took over the charts (i mean olg did too but in a smaller way and nobody cares dfghj).

Overall did I think he should have been more “famous” since the beginning? Yes. But I think he has a great chance to make it to the top 11 so let’s not feel discouraged!!

Now Sewoon aka the loml:

1st. Let’s be honest the only people who actually appreciated his voice were his fans.

So he began in 13th, a pretty nice place right? I’m almost sure this place was carried by a lot of kpop star fans that knew him before this show (this is based on what i see/people i follow online). And he has been dropping ever since because of the lack of screentime.

*(continuation) The first time he really got a chance to shine was in the 9th episode, since he was never a main vocal (kendrick is telling me to be humble but kid get up, be greedy be greedy). Really Kiggen is the king of the fandom, our god, our saviour and the only person that truly matters after our ponyo. I WOULD DEVOTE MY LIFE TO HIM IF HE ASKED ME. Some Sewoon stans were so grateful bc Kiggen was constantly praising and telling facts about Sewoon that they dm kiggen thanking him, like what you see here).

Some of Kiggen’s compliments to him and his team: x x x x ( “For someone who hasn’t even released an album, he catches onto the rhythm well”!!!! you heard him??)

There’s actually a news’ article talking about how he started gaining attention for his voice and good personality in ep 9 here (thanks to Khaerina for showing us this, i think Via (aka sewoonari) is gonna translate it soon).

From what Via (aka sewoonari) said he has gain more attention in the last episode and hopefully he can rise :(( you have a pann here.

This rise in popularity is also clear on yt comments since he used to be kind of ignored ifans, omg am i glad we can’t vote, but now there are actually a good amount of comments about him on ‘Oh little girl’ video here.

to consider pt 1 - editing: Sewoon was victim of ‘evil editing’ (if you want to call it that, i don’t think it was evil editing since i didn’t see anything wrong with what he did but he did got hate).

To consider pt 2 - fandom: I think he actually has a strong fanbase and 1 pick would be a blessing and actually what the show should apply. Now 2-pick favors ships….. lol ……

Also Maé talked about both of them, their talent, why they deserve to be on top 11 and the hate they receive here i think it’s a great read.

Sum up: I’m actually more worried about Sewoon than I’m for Jaehwan, not because Sewoon is my bias but because of the rankings and how they are seen. I think Jaehwan has made it clear to be a strong vocal and he actually said he’ll be produce 101′s main vocal haha. However, Sewoon is still not seen as one by some people. I’m also happy Jaehwan fandom grew this much and i wish both fandoms can grow exponentially.


So I can finally say I’ve made it. We all did. School seems to go on forever but #walangforever…. haha it was good while it lasted. Here is a photo heavy post of graduation! Read on! the actual text post kwento is below, continue breezing through the photos!

Hey there! If you’ve reached til the end of this post then cool! As I’ve promised, I’ll make a backlog post about the events that transpired from an almost 3-month hiatus. (ps. my mem card got corrupted where photos with all of my friends are, although I have selfie pics with all of them I guess it’s enough memorabilia)

Ahh, it’s still surreal. As my readers would know, I’ve set up objectives for myself to attain. Dream big they say, so if you fall short at least it’s near to where you want to be. I’m not really a studious person, I’m not the type to review frantically for quizzes and such but I do get shit done and I am passionate about learning. I do believe in having a good balance betwixt having fun and being responsible with my tasks as a student. Looking back, I’ve had a pretty amazing college life. I am so overwhelmingly blessed and I will be forever grateful for all that has been bestowed upon me by Gman while I work hard for what I want. You see, nothing is impossible. That day, everything paid off. All of the sleepless nights, the sorry-I-can’t-go-out-with-you-guys-today-I-have-to-do-something scenarios, the aching wrists as I type 1000 word essays (that got a perfect score damn #braggingrights *sheds tear*), all those nights and days of making character designs, acrylic paintings, editing videos, shooting films, going to school with no sleep, torn scripts, deadlines deadlines, deadlines. It’s not just academic work I’m submerged in, all those hosting duties, events, shoots, that I have to juggle while studying, hah, also being an entrepreneur at 18 and making my own money from my art that I’ve put so much work on. It’s tough, challenging, and amazing at the same time. Sometimes, well most of the time, I can’t really internalize my achievements and I feel like I’m just not enough. Not for the sake of fishing praises or whatever but I guess it has a lot to do with wanting to make my parents proud and happy and being the eldest daughter I had to set a standard or an example towards my younger siblings. Although my family did nothing but to support all out with my endeavors, always making sure I get to and fro school safe, (side story: I’ve been carpooled for more or less half of my college life not because I do not know how to commute but they love and care for me so much that they want me to travel safely and my gosh, I’ve no complaints it’s a big relief cos I’m always late and ang hassle mag commute whenever they’re too busy to make hatid or sundo haha), so I guess, it’s just me. I’m always in competition with myself. And during that day, I’m really happy and contented. I feel so utterly blessed and full of bliss. I have had my fair share of detractors and haters (everyone has one) but I’ve continued to focus on the positive and making myself better instead of being a hater myself. I’ve proved to myself through and through that I can do this, and I did. The people who are there for me, my family, mentors, friends, and forever-supporting readers, you have my unending thanks. The ones who have been with my adventures since I started this personal blog of mine, I guess you could see my growth and the challenges I had to hurdle to get where I am now. Yes, some may say grades do not measure your intelligence but I say, it measures your perseverance, your diskarte in multi tasking, in balancing your social life, school, family, love life (hirap mag aral tapos nag away kayo?Then I actually get a good grade on my exam. I deserve an award!!!! Char) (side story: amiga of mama: ang ganda naman ng anak mo! May boyfriend na ba??? Mama: Oo amiga: pinayagan mo? Mama: Oo, responsible si Pau eh, kahit ba may boyfriend o wala, maayos ang grades, in fact constant dean’s lister siya so no problem. BOOM AMIGA U JUST GOT BURNED) and other extra curricular tasks, I say I get good grades cos I am in love with what I do, I am passionate with the program I took up so I give it my 100% no excuses. I remember an anon way back in  2011 saying before “sabi nila maganda ka lang daw” and I just smile at the thought of it now. I believe, beauty is nothing without brains, and brains are nothing without good character.  Hah, I pardon if I am speaking well, writing, in a somewhat fragmented manner. I guess I have a lot of stories to share and to my new readers who might feel lost with what I’m talking about feel free to back read hehe. To end this post, I say, just do your thing. Be you, be a better person each day, use everything around you to be a positive force in the universe, let go of toxic people, the ones who can’t be happy for you, let them go, the ones who deserve to stay in your life will always be proud and be there for you, make mistakes, learn, we are not perfect individuals, we will never be, be true to yourself, to the people around you, sometimes it’s better to be hurt than to be the one hurting others, be patient: you are a work in progress, it’s okay to rest, YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER, banish this image of instagram perfection, bask in the joy of knowing life first hand, go out! Go to actual mountains instead of googling them, remind people that you’re there for them, say thank you to those who have affected your life in a good way, even to those who didn’t, be thankful, for you will grow and be a better individual. Show your love to your parents, your grand parents, they won’t be around forever, as well as your siblings, they won’t be little forever. I say this now to you, at this moment, you are enough. You are worth it. Stop saying that “I’ll be happy when…” No, you don’t have to acquire things or be something so you could say you’re happy. It is within you. Celebrate the little things! Celebrate your achievements no matter how small or big it is. Work hard, stay humble. Live one day at a time, enjoy school, enjoy learning, stay inspired,everything has its own time. I’ve made it. And so will you.

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helloo, your dai screenshots are absolutely gorgeous. would you mind posting your dai cinematic tools setup? ive just started using it and it's a bit hard to manage!

hellooo lovely anon ♥

oh bless you! thank you! and i wouldn’t mind at all. i’ll pop some stuff behind the cut for you!

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