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I’m gonna combine both of these if you don’t mind! Yusuke and Akechi can be found here if anyone’s interested! Anyway I’m honored that my blog inspired you to want to join!! ^^ I hope you do / did join the community because there is ALWAYS a need for imagines blogs. 

HSJKDFS I am the furthest thing from an angel but your kindness has cleansed me!! ;A; Thank you both so much, and I hope you enjoy it!


  • Naturally, Akira’s sweet to S/O, but he can’t prevent an amused smile from tugging on his lips whenever S/O groans from inside their self-made blanket fort.
  • He thinks they’re adorable even when they’re sick, and he brews an abundance of tea for them with raw honey (he’ll only include it if they request it, though).
  • Akira teases S/O if they complain or act melodramatic.
  • “Akira… I’m dying, save me…”
  • “Don’t worry, dear; I’ll make sure they use the finest granite for your tombstone.”
  • “Y-you’re the devil.”
  • Akira does whatever S/O needs / wants him to do, but most of the time he watches movies with them with a box of tissues nearby.
  • He has an exceptional immune system, so he doesn’t have any qualms about holding them or being close to them. It’s well worth the risk, anyway.


  • Ryuji hates seeing S/O appear so miserable, so he’ll do absolutely anything to make them laugh or smile.
  • “Hey babe, check out these moves!”
  • “…Did you just do the stanky leg?”
  • He checks their temperature every time they cough or sneeze.
  • Speaking of temperature, Ryuji’s body temperature is perpetually warm so he’ll seat S/O in his lap and embrace them, intermittently pressing a kiss to their head while the two watch Murder, She Wrote (it’s his mom’s favorite, and Ryuji’s commentary is far more entertaining than the actual show).
  • Ryuji pulls out all the stops; he’ll cook hearty meals, fluff their pillow, or simply brush their hair. His mother taught him well.


  • Ann refuses to let S/O consume any junk food, but she’ll absentmindedly eat it right in front of them and all they can do is stare longingly like a puppy until she inevitably gives them a small portion of it.
  • She’ll tell them anecdotes of her past endeavors to keep their mind occupied.
  • “Did I ever tell you about the time I blew my entire allowance on on roll cakes and then wound up being robbed by a flock of crows?”
  • “No, but I have to hear this now.”
  • Ann always refills S/O’s glass with iced water if it’s empty.
  • If S/O needs to vomit, she’ll escort them to the bathroom and brush the hair from their face while gently stroking their back with her fingertips.
  • Any embarrassment S/O retains over their unbecoming appearance is completely washed away by Ann’s reassurance that she still loves them no matter what they perceive themself to look like.


  • Makoto definitely cooks comfort food for S/O, such as rice porridge or various soups.
  • She rarely becomes sick since she takes great care of herself, so she’ll sit directly adjacent to S/O while she feeds them.
  • “M-Makoto, this is so embarrassing…”
  • “No one’s here. Come on, it’ll make you feel better.”
  • She’ll retrieve a cool, damp washcloth to apply to S/O’s face if they feel too hot.
  • Makoto will procure her acoustic guitar and hum a soothing melody while daintily strumming the strings. Her voice alone is rather pacifying as it echoes throughout the living room.
  • “Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.”
  • “…I heard that.”


  • Futaba’s room is permeated with her ‘relaxation’ playlist that she listens to whenever she needs to calm her nerves in public.
  • She’ll play computer games with S/O and hand them a tissue when they look as though they’re about to sneeze.
  • Futaba has boundless knowledge of the biology behind illnesses, and she’s prone to sickness herself, so she’s aware of how to nurse S/O back to health.
  • However, due to her frail immune system, she’d most likely end up sick alongside S/O.
  • None of this stops her from stocking up on unhealthy snacks to eat with them.
  • As a result, Sojiro has to cook food for both of them.
  • “Sorry, Sojiro…”
  • “You don’t need to apologize. Just worry about getting better.”


  • Haru does everything for S/O since she doesn’t want them to leave the bed.
  • She’ll give them massages or even wipe their nose.
  • “You don’t have to do that, you know.”
  • “But I want to take care of you, dear. It’s the least I can do.”
  • “…Did I die? Because I see an angel right now.”
  • “Hehe, what a coincidence! I see one as well.”
  • It won’t stop there either; Haru showers them with compliments while she perches herself on the edge of the bed, applying a cold, damp washcloth to their face.
  • She’ll brew the highest quality tea she owns, which essentially accounts for her entire stock.
  • The TV isn’t used much, Haru will snuggle with S/O while watching vintage sitcoms. 
  • Alternatively, she’ll narrate a book with her enchanting, musical voice.

guerrasfrias  asked:

finally got around to watch Project Green Gables and it's really great obviously and I'm in love with Anne but GILBERT?? he's so smart and cute and loves Buffy and badass female characters and he's also funny as fuck (a blog called the 'G-Spot', REALLY) and i just love him?? aren't we blessed to be living in a world with such good casting choices for Gilbert Blythe?

Hey! How are you? Aww, yay! I started watching it like six months ago, I think?And I love it too, so much! Yes, I agree! I love Anne (obviously) but yes, Gilbert! He’s such a dear (Juho is really good as Gilbert) and yes, I love that he’s a nerd haha, and loves Pinterest (and pretends that he doesn’t haha), pop culture and yes Buffy and poetry and wears sweaters, because that is how I’d also imagine Gilbert would be in the 21st century (he’s a little like Tanner Gillman’s portrayal in GGF) but so much better, oops lol, yeah, I kinda like Juho‘s more. Yes, his website name lol, I cracked myself laughing when I watched that episode. The writers of the series have really thought these characters - and especially Gilbert, the little things about the characters (which LMM doesn’t touch on enough in the books) Yes, we are :))) We’re so lucky. The series chose him so well.