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I’m so upset rn guys. So i left the library and drove by macdonalds on my way home. I get to my apartment and come out of the car… only to spill my large fanta on the ground. I’m so stressed about this thesis that i nearly cried coz i spilled drink… to top it off i don’t have anything to drink at home so i’m stuck with tap water. LOL first world problems

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So, my lockscreen is a pic of the pie my sister and mother had made for my last birthday (it’s like a f.r.i.e.n.d.s. episode 😍).
My homescreen is a pic I took last saturday of the view from my dad’s house, which I really really love.
The last song I listened to is Barely Breathing by the Glee cast which came on shuffle and I adore. (Yes, I have almost all of Glee’s discography on my phone…no, I don’t want to talk about it)
The selfie is one I took just yesterday when I decided to wear some dark make up (I took like 53 selfies and I like 9 of them at most 😂)

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concept: shiro and matt are safe, on earth, laying on a blanket beneath the stars.

“they’re beautiful,” shiro says. matt turns to him with a grin.

“know what’s more beautiful?”

“what?” shiro answers, bracing himself. he hears matt pulls something from his pocket.

“my fiancé.” shiro looks over in confusion. matt is holding a ring and shiro stares, mouth open in shock.

“matt, are you serious?” he asks. matt’s grin gets even wider.

“no,” he says, pointing upwards, “that’s sirius.”

Groundbreakingly profound thoughts
  • I love how you know a fandom made it when it's drowning in all the gays, the gayer it is the stronger its fanbase... or maybe it's the other way around who knows.
  • Either way we're some thursty motherfuckers.
  • Can't say I disapprove.

Guess what musical did I see in the theater last Friday

Finally able to sit down and babble about the newest chapter, because, guys, this was such a different chapter! We got to see a clash between Shigaraki’s villains and the new guy Overhaul, and the chapter ended on a short moment with All Might…

… but honestly, I don’t even want to talk about that. It’s awesome, it’s great, I can’t wait to see more, but here, I want to talk about this guy here:


Look at this cute, easily excited guy! A real nerd at heart, obviously, and I laughed out loud when I saw this panel. Dark villain-meeting or not – he’s more excited about the prospect of meeting a real yakuza.

I have to confess, I almost forgot that this fanboy is part of the league of villains. I remember him vaguely from the trainings camp, but not more. He’s Magne, or Hikishi Kenji if you want to know his real name, and he gets a few panels this chapter.


See this here? Nothing fanboy-ish here, huh? From what I’ve seen this chapter, Magne seems to be slightly cute and dorky when it comes to things that he likes – why does this remind me of Izuku a bit – but as soon as it gets serious, he has his head back in the game. He is ready to fight that yakuza, be it for Shigaraki as a boss he is loyal to or because he sees his dream getting endangered. Because his dream, guys, his dream – let me just say, this pulled at my heart strings when I saw it:


This is a friend of Kenji. We don’t know her name, and he describes her as shy and timid – and the first thing I thought was: “Is this Tiger from the Pussy Cats?”

But nope, it’s not. It’s not Tiger, but still, it seems as if Magne’s friend is a transgender woman – and honestly, suddenly I wish Magne and Tiger would have had met under different circumstances, with the possibility to talk and get to know each other. Because look at what Magne’s reason for becoming a villain is:


Magne wants to be free of chains. Possibly, most likely, the chains society gives people. And with the fact that one of his good friends (a friend that stays his friend even though he is a wanted criminal) seems to be transgender, I dare believe that Magne means the chain society puts not only on him, but on people who are different – different gender, different sexuality – simply people that are viewed as “not normal” by some dumb people in society.


That’s a big deal, at least for me. A very big deal. Because – what is wrong with that goal?


Exactly. Nothing. Everyone should be free of chains, should have the chance to be who they really are, and there is nothing wrong about that.

Magne’s whole reason to become a villain is because he wanted to give people freedom, and because he couldn’t think of a legal way to achieve that goal, he is ready to fight the whole hero society.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone. Him being a criminal, attacking people, attacking even the students of U.A., is far from okay. And if I remember correctly, he even committed murder before joining the league of villains. That is not okay, and his goal doesn’t make any of that better.

But his deeper wish for freedom – I think there is really nothing wrong about that. Especially not if that wish was born because Magne wished for equality for everyone.

And just when I am this close to melting and basically adopted this guy (never mind the murder part), this happens:


Like… Horikoshi, why do you make me love this character in a few panels when you kill him off right after that? Why? My heart is fragile, you know, it doesn’t handle such pain that well!

Basically, I find a new good character, and he dies right after.

Karma? Perhaps.

Anyway, I now dearly wish for Tiger to find out about Magne’s death and that Magne’s friend and Tiger somehow meet. Not only did the two – Magne and Tiger, I mean – fight each other, and, if I remember correctly, Magne even tried to do some Small Talk during that fight, but also I just… I just want there to be someone who comforts Magne’s friend when she hears about his death. Someone who will protect her in Magne’s stead, you know? I really hope for that.

At least give me that, Horikoshi, after you just broke my heart.