yes all women


My friend (marked in blue) posted her frustrations with being  called “girl” despite  being almost 30 years old, and how you wouldn’t call a man “boy”.
She expressed her anger towards being infantized…(which is so NOT a contoversial thing to say…It should literally go without saying WHY it’s not cool to talk to an adult like they are a child)….

….and two male family members just HAD to pounce in to mock her ….

One (marked in black)  being outright asshole-ish, the other (marked in red) kinda…goaded it on, like whooooaaaah LOL gonna make her so mad, LOLOL

I am just…so fucking tired of this…

So tired…

And my female friend just lost a father like 3 weeks ago, still mourning…and these male family members (who know she is mourning) treat her like shit…What the fuck? Can’t sexism and patriarchal bullshit EVER just take a break?

I am so tired of it….

But even after all this, showing this example of blatant sexism….I STILL have to reassure men that I don’t hate all of them…

So tired….

I will never understand why it is ok for men who are overweight to walk around the beach topless and nobody even looks or questions it but the second an overweight girl wears a bikini people stare and make comments such as “wow she should not be wearing that!” Like god forbid a girl that’s a little bigger has enough confidence to walk around proud of her body just like men do every single day.

I hate white feminism. Feminism is not something existent to benefit YOU and YOU only. What kind of feminist are you if you don’t let your poc sisters speak?? What kind of feminist are you if you only care about the issues that affect your privileged life? What kind of feminist are you if you dismiss woc’s struggles for being different as yours sometimes???

Well you’re not a feminist that’s for sure

This is far and away the most popular thing I’ve ever tweeted, and the responses I’ve been getting have been making me heartsick. The events in Santa Barbara yesterday were beyond horrifying and I’m not even capable of forming coherent thoughts about the ramifications, but if we’re going to take one positive thing away from this, I hope it’s that men listen, even if just for a day, to the innate fear that women live with every moment.