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Theory time: Komaeda is Tengan’s other “project”

Hi, yes, hello, I am here with a wild theory that might be proven totally wrong, but makes total sense to me, so FOLLOW ALONG.

First of all, there’s this scene from episode 5 of Mirai Hen. Tengan told Munakata that he was wrong to think that killing all of the Despairs would birth hope. For that end, “they” began "the project”. Munakata interprets what he says as the Kamukura Project, but then Tengan replies with “Yes, there’s that” as if there were some other project. I’m sure people have noticed this before.

In English it’s not very obvious. For clarification, what he says is “そんなものあったな” which does indeed imply that there’s something besides the Kamukura Project. A clearer way of wording his line would’ve been “Well, there’s that too.”

Now, since it hasn’t been clear up until now what that other project might be, I’m here to propose the idea that Komaeda was involved.

“Komaeda?” you say. “But there’s no way he’ll come back! There are only a couple episodes left!”

It wouldn’t be a twist if you could catch it that easily.

Ah, hm, you know… Wasn’t this whole episode kind of weird? There were a lot of things in it that made me think that we would see a resolution to Komaeda’s character eventually. For instance, when Yukizome slaps him and says he isn’t trash, it made me think that we’d see the moment when he finally realizes he isn’t trash. Likewise, there was the scene where he ran into the big dog that had once been a small dog, something that was the opposite of his stated beliefs about the world. Not to mention, there was also the part at the end where Yukizome told the class to give him a warm welcome when he returned - which they have not yet. All of these scenes are unresolved as they are. They were meant to push Komaeda forward, but they haven’t yet.

On a related note…

That scene where Yukizome spoke to Komaeda was very visually similar to this scene between Hinata and Nanami in the previous episode. As we already know, Nanami’s words weren’t able to prevent Hinata from joining the Kamukura Project. I wonder if Yukizome’s words were able to stop Komaeda from making a similar decision… NOW THEN, CARRYING ON.

Now here’s where things get really interesting. Kirigiri Jin was always the one who most strongly supported the random selection of a “lucky” student. We know this from the novel “Naegi Makoto’s Worst Day Ever” (which Kodaka insisted that everyone read for some reason before this episode…) Jin had to struggle to get the school committee (you know, those creepy guys who sat around in a dark room awaiting Hinata’s decision) to select another lucky student for the 78th class (Naegi). However… He convinced them by bringing up Komaeda.

Yeah… Komaeda. The one who they wanted to expel, apparently.

Why would they change their minds and agree to accepting another lucky student after being reminded of the guy who could’ve blown up the whole school? Furthermore, they sounded intimidated by him. As soon as he was mentioned, they stopped talking. Mind you, Jin was using Komaeda as a selling point to them. That sounds like some strange logic to me. If I were him, I would’ve wanted to make sure everyone forgot about that incident.

Jin reminded them of Komaeda - a danger to himself and everyone around him - and yet that made them agree to having another lucky student despite their intimidation. These were men who thought luck was a totally useless “talent”, but suddenly they changed their minds when they remembered its immense and destructive capabilities.

This might just be me overthinking things here. The word he says here is “shuubousha” (首謀者) but the word the series usually uses for “mastermind” is “kuromaku” (黒幕). They both mean the same thing, though. I do think that Tengan was the mastermind of the DR3 killing game, but this line still made me go “Wait, what?”

Kizakura said “Luck is scary, ain’t it?” and there was this very slow zoom in on Komaeda’s profile image as if it were something significant that we were supposed to focus on and think about. Insert shots are important like that. That kind of line combined with that kind of shot would have been more likely to be seen before Komaeda did something “scary”. So what else is there?

I’ll also point out that Komaeda’s picture is cast in shadow. People have mentioned this about other shots in the show relating to the Despairs.

This insert shot of Komaeda’s class profile picture reminded me a lot of…

This shot of Hinata’s. (Which is very bright. I wonder if that’s significant?)

Following his suspension, Komaeda was missing for six months.

So was Hinata - because Hinata was involved in the Kamukura Project.

There’s just too much suspicion surrounding Komaeda’s absence. I ended up writing an entire story about it and I realized that everything that happens - from Komaeda being on a plane when he’s terrified of planes to his inexplicable knowledge when he returns to school - can be explained if you assume that he was a part of the Kamukura Project or some similar project. You know, like that other one that Tengan didn’t mention by name.

Throughout the series, I’ve wondered what Hope’s Peak’s fascination with luck was about. Hope and despair are nebulous ideas, but they’re treated like physical things with tangible power in the DR universe. Luck is treated the exact same way. Remember, Komaeda introduces himself in SDR2 by saying “I am Luck.” His SHSL title is literally “Ultimate (Good) Luck”, which sounds very similar to Ultimate Despair and Ultimate Hope.

Wouldn’t it be something if that other project was based around luck instead of hope?

Like, really think about it with me for a second here. Kamukura is probably NOT what the original founder of Hope’s Peak had envisioned when he created the academy for the purpose of cultivating a “perfect genius”. Kamukura is an emotionless killing machine.

And then there’s Komaeda, who appears to be capable of doing anything as long as his luck permits. Hmm… If only they could harness that somehow… That sure sounds like something the committee (and most likely Tengan) would have been interested in.

By the way, as a neato note, Tengan mentioned the other project in episode 5 of Mirai Hen. That came directly after Komaeda blew up the gym in episode 4 of Zetsubou Hen. As we know, whatever happens in one episode is relevant to the one after it.

One last thing…

What Komaeda said here was “君は…?” That could have been “Who are you?” like the subs assumed, but when I first watched it raw, I interpreted it as “You’re…?” In other words, the line is just ambiguous enough to let you assume that he may have recognized him.

Oh, and if you’re worried about Komaeda still being a Despair or a bad guy now…

Here’s another insert shot from episode 7 that vouches for his innocence.

Yeah, Saionji. I wonder what he was doing.

Of course, we all inevitably work too hard, then we get burned out and have to spend the whole weekend in our pajamas, eating cereal straight out of the box and staring at the TV in a mild coma (which is the opposite of working, yes, but not exactly the same thing as pleasure).
—  Elizabeth Gilbert

There should be a term used for the ship that should sail but don’t: THE ZUTARA SCALE.

For those ships that make you stare blankly at the screen or at the pages, because you don’t understand how all the development could have lead to anything else but them.

—  elviriel [x]
  • Draco:[to his therapist] What was the point? All those hours and all that money? What's the point? The world is a horrible place. Young people die of diseases and disaster. It makes absolutely no sense to try to be happy in a world that's such a horrible place.
  • Therapist:[to Draco] Yes.
  • Draco:What?
  • Therapist:Yes, horrible things do happen. Happiness in the face of all of that... that's not the goal. Feeling the horrible and knowing that you're not gonna die from those feelings, that's goal. And you're not done. You've made progress because you're feeling and you're telling me about it. Six months ago, it would've been just you and a bottle of Ogdens Finest. Remember, My door is always open.

Not only did Shailene Woodley fall for a stupid health trend, she fell for two. In a 2014 article for Into The Gloss magazine, Woodley, fancying herself an earthy-crunchy health guru, indicated she would totally open up elixir bars and use all-natural everything to heal toothaches, sinus problems, and probably Ebola if she weren’t so busy being awesome at acting. One of her preferred cure-alls? Eating clay.

She also has a solution for when all that scrumdiddlyumptious clay causes dry mouth: gargling with coconut and sesame oil. Yes, the same crap we use to fry eggplant, Woodley uses as a way to save money on her Listerine bill. And her “THE SECRET IS” explanation makes almost as much sense as why people still mess with Sasquatch: Apparently, oil whitens teeth, “because the plaque on your teeth is not water-soluble; it’s fat-soluble. So the lipids have to dissolve in fats, which is why oil works in your mouth.” But the only legitimate part of that quote is that the proofreader spelled it right.

5 Celebrities Way More Disgusting Than You


SRKajol + Makings of / Bloopers

Kajol: "Shah Rukh Khan and I share a close friendship that translates onto the screen. We have such fun working together. He has a great sense of humour.“
“I would love to do all my films with him!”

Shah Rukh: “We have a lot of fun with each other on and off the sets. I never really imagined that working with her could be so much fun!”
“If Kajol will say ‘YES’, I’ll love to have her in every film of me.”

Being hurt by something hurtful is rational. In fact, I’d argue it’s a smart evolutionary move, developed to protect people from hurtful things. Not just in the physical sense — okay, let’s not eat that again — but in the emotional one, too, because emotions clearly influence overall health, wellbeing, and happiness. The brain is doing a smart and good thing by telling me ‘hey, that wasn’t fun, let’s make a point of not being around that person in the future, because that person is clearly a jerk.’

Has that person made me feel inferior? Yes. Did I consent to it? No. I did not. And this is perhaps the thing that makes me angriest of all about this quote, the idea that people who are harmed by cruelty are just too passive, are just asking for it, should just be stronger and they’ll get over it. I don’t want to live in a world where people should be strong and shut up. I want to live in a world where people actually care about each other and work to protect and support each other given that right now, this is a place where passing few things come with kindness or love.

On Inferiority and Consent | this ain’t livin’

Yup. People assume that my being hurt or taking offense at things is somehow evidence that I have “thin skin” and can’t possibly survive in this world and isn’t evolutionarily adapted to Real Life and need their assistance in making me Rational.

Actually, the fact that I get hurt when people try to hurt me is probably the reason I’ve built up such an amazing social network. Because I will NOT TAKE YOUR SHIT.


I’ve gotten a handful of asks about this for never having made a post about it, despite Homestuck and Arrested Development being my two favorite things in the world, so here I go making a post about this!

The character on the left is Maggie Lizer, a blind attorney with black hair and red sunglasses who uses her keen sense of smell to navigate. 

Yes, Terezi Pyrope is an Arrested Development character.

Despite Terezi also being inspired by Daredevil, I do not believe this parallel to be a coincidence, as we know from all of the Arrested Development quotes at the beginning of Act 6 that Hussie himself is an Arrested Development fan.

Yes you so are 💪💪💪

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“Love is always stronger than hate” - Chris Singleton

Okay, so I rarely if ever post any art related to social events, but this time I felt that I had to.

Charleston has caused so many people so much pain. It’s only one of the many brutal events that have been all over the news lately, all stemming from hate and racial tension. It breaks my heart, and makes me so sad, that as a human species we can’t seem to just love and embrace one another. There’s no basis for the hate, there’s no sense to it at all. 

Chris Singleton, the son of one of the victims of Charleston, gave this quote when speaking about his mother, and it really just inspired me. The strength being shown by him, and Charleston, and the entire community lobbying for change right now has me awestruck.

This involves all of us, and yes, love is always stronger than hate. No matter what color you are, what you wear, what gender you express, who you love, what language you speak, where you live, anything, we are all of the same species. And now more than ever we need to band together and make a change. 

I just hope this piece reminds everyone to love one another, and be kind. It’s so important right now.

Why is Dark Swan protecting Killian?

And she feels that way and we’re going to start to see that some a lot of her selfishness and a lot of the things that she does she’s actually doing because of her love for Hook. It’s not going to all start to line up and make sense right away. (x)   

I read this quote and I immediately thought there must be a connection between Dark Swan protecting Hook and the secret Emma’s supposedly keeping that was teased about before the season premiere. 

Yes, that secret could be what exactly the Nevengers did that caused Emma to go full dark, but might it also have something to do with Killian that’s connected to what JMO teased in the interview? The shared heart theory has been tossed around a lot. Or maybe they did get married in Camelot. Either of these would give Emma reason to protect Killian. And how heartbreaking would it be for Emma to live with the knowledge that she’s married or sharing a heart with Killian, but for him not to remember it? We all know A&E love their angst and that storyline would certainly provide it. 

I’m not necessarily committed to a marriage or shared heart theory, but I think it’s increasingly likely that something significant happened between Emma and Killian in Camelot–something that would compel Emma, despite being consumed by darkness–to feel that she has to protect Killian. What that is, I’m not entirely sure. But it has to be something MAJOR. 

Mic posted quotes of Trump “body-shaming” women (and that post doesn’t deserve my reblog). Yeah, “Women always were the primary victims of war” sounds so much better and makes so much more sense.

Yes, if a man said something along the “90% of the opposite gender should be eliminated“ line, he most probably wouldn’t do it with a shit-eating grin and flappy eyelashes. And you know what? - It’s more honest. It’s objectively better than when a woman tells all men how they are either guilty, irrelevant or disposable, with a face like she’s delivering a comedy line in a kids show.

anonymous asked:

Totally agree with you about the consuming love and I think the viewers would've been ok with that happening and I thought that's what road the show was going to take. I think there's a KW quote about how SE are epic but Elena doesn't know it yet. The journey for her to 'know' was what I thought we were on until it wasn't. If DE was really it then why couldn't we have a decent story told about them? Why couldn't anything about them make sense? Why all the rewrites? You would've done a better job

Yes, I know what quote you’re talking about.

Kevin Williamson: This is a story about Stefan and Elena’s love story. I think it’s fun to watch the twists and turns that we take. Because you know what? She doesn’t know. (source)

Damon was supposed to be a turn but one that inevitably leads her back to Stefan but somewhere along the way they lost sight of that. And I’m just like, seriously JP, if you have to create a supernatural reason for why Damon and Elena get together because there is absolutely no way that Elena on her own would go thee then maybe it isn’t a ship that’s supposed to last?

And it bothers me that we’ve been subjected to DE for so long when their relationship isn’t even what it’s supposed to be. If you’re going to go on and on about a consuming love then give me a consuming love.