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When you pause the livestream at the right time -dabs-

Title: M II R

Author: steggyisimmortal

Rating: All audiences

Fandom: Captain America (MCU)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter

Summary:  No one wanted Peggy to fall in love with the American. What princess would marry someone who didn’t come from titles? Fortunately, the heir presumptive was used to getting her way.

Inspired by The Crown

Special dedication: @take-me-to-ny because I owed you an AU from Steggy Secret Santa but it didn’t happen in time and @arealcharmingprincess because you share my immense love of The Crown and Steggy :)

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When your SUPER HANDSOME BOYFRIEND™ is also really cute and won’t let you go to work 🐤

Leaves from the vine, falling so slow.
Like fragile, tiny shells,
Drifting in the foam.
Little soldier boy, come marching home.
Brave soldier boy, comes marching home.

if all timelines are possible, and even just some of those follow through… then there’s timelines after Asgore has killed Frisk.

maybe… for any reason at all, Frisk’s soul or the others disappear, or maybe they just do not destroy the barrier. maybe the monsters lose hope. maybe they all, eventually, Fall Down.

maybe one day, Asgore… Asgore is the only one left. and he won’t Fall Down.

maybe the last of the monsters, their once-King, does not feel he has the right to.

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For the prompt thing white rose with either 11,46 or 50 or all of them in one :D

“Same time tomorrow?”

“Shut up, I’m a delight!”

“Why does anyone have to be naked?”

Oooh, I see a theme here! ;)

Still trying to regain her breath, Weiss’s eyes fluttered open to see Ruby still on her knees before her and she almost lost herself all over again.


“Yes, princess?” the younger girl quipped with a sultry grin. “Was that to your liking?”

As the girl made to stand, Weiss attempted to push herself off the wall she had spent the last…how long had it even been? She had lost all track of time since Ruby had pulled her wordlessly into a random bathroom on their way back from dinner and locked the door behind them. 

They were lucky no one had come knocking during their little tryst. 

“As much as I enjoyed that,” Weiss spoke in a dignified tone, like she hadn’t just been dominated by her partner and screaming her name just minutes before, “a little warning next time would be nice.”

“Well, maybe I’ll just get my satisfaction elsewhere then,” Ruby told her, though her grin told Weiss all she needed to know about how ‘serious’ Ruby was about her claim. “You’re pretty loud; luckily we were one of the last ones to leave the dining hall, otherwise I’m sure someone would have alerted the teachers to the ‘screaming banshee coming from the girls’ bathroom.’”

With what was meant to be a scoff, but came out more like a giggle, Weiss shoved Ruby by the shoulder.

“Shut up; I am a delight and you know it!”

Ruby just rolled her eyes before pressing another searing kiss to the heiress’s lips, knowing how she could almost quite literally melt the alleged Ice Queen just from the simple action.

“In place of warning you for next time,” Ruby mumbled against her lips, “Same time tomorrow?”

Weiss pretended to mull over the offer. Letting a grin of her own cross her lips, she planted a kiss of her own behind Ruby’s ear, where she knew evoked a shudder every time.

“On one condition,” she whispered in her most seductive tone, “we take advantage of one of the many beds in our dorm.”

Ruby squirmed, and Weiss’s grin turned into a smirk. She knew the younger girl was still reserved about seeing Weiss’s body and baring her own in response. The heiress found it all quite funny; the fact that Ruby was so shy about that detail, but had no problem ravishing her at random times and in random places. This latest escapade had to make the third time this week.

And it was only Wednesday.

“B-But…” Ruby mumbled, staring down at the tile floor between their boots.

Deciding to put the poor girl out of her misery, Weiss’s smirk turned coy, yet comforting, as she lifted Ruby’s head by her chin. Leaning close enough that they could basically be merging together if the laws of physics didn’t exist, Weiss spoke seven simple words that immediately had Ruby sold.

“Why does anyone have to be naked?”

I swear, one of these days I’ll get around to actually writing White Rose smut, but until that day comes, here’s this! :p Thanks, @dontbadgermatt!


Did I say Michael is a young guy? And also so thinner) and very, very happy! This is seen in the smiling eyes, in a cheerful voice, an energy that is felt all around.
Michael remembered me instantly and said Welcome back, nice to see you again. We had a few minuts but I couldnt say him how glad to see him on the stage and how he is beautiful in Wakey wakey.
This portrait is my thank him for all that Michael is doing.
He would be shocked and said It’s so big work. At first he thought it was drawn.
So I gave him a portrait Carrie. And had many thanks. He was really gentlman)
Finnaly we hugged and Michael with the words See you again left for a break between performances.
PS. He smells very tasty))))
Cant wait next performance time!
Well, oops we did it again, yes.

ok star wars fandom do we have to go over this again

because yes, diego luna is on the pale side, but when you put him next to his white co-stars?

yeah, there’s some noticeable difference.

tl;dr apparently some artists haven’t learnt this the first time around, so let’s try this again and, yknow, not whitewash ppl

that’s all

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Can I tell you what I love????? Either as a pairing or platonic like really awesome bros McCree and Genji, like when these two are just the menace of thenold overwatch days because they had the same level of humor, were both broken, both just clicked and were like running through overwatch on each others backs just YELLING but put them on a team??? Deadly fuckers, they were best friends and loved each other but respected the others leaving overwatch and were happy to see each other again like ye


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since it feels like we'll never get anywhere with twitter... or at least i feel that way... what do you think comes next? another attempt next weekend? or wait until march eighth?

we did AMAZINGLY today. much better than the last attempt, and i think everyone that joined in should feel immensely proud of that fact. i think we will be trying again, yes. we’re talking about it now and we’re going to try and be a lot more organised timewise/date wise. there was a bit too much confusion about the date and what counts and what doesn’t etc so we’re going to do our homework and tackle it head on. 

hopefully third time will be the charm

 5  Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water andof the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

 6  That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

 7  Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.

John 3:5-7 KJV

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Thanks for answering my questions so thoroughly! I should have clarified - my character also has pretty severe depression, so could a bad/low energy/etc day caused by depression sometimes cause her to be nonverbal? Because it takes too much energy to force herself to speak out loud? (I feel like I've answered my own Q here but I'd like to double check) Thanks again! :)

Yes indeed, that’s completely possible. Communicating verbally can take up a lot of energy/spoons, and when one doesn’t have much to begin with because of depression and a “bad depression day”, talking might be too hard and not worth it. Sometimes being nonverbal is not “I absolutely can’t talk at all under any circumstances” and more like “Maybe I could talk but at what cost?”

-Mod Cat