yes adorkable

OK but

What about a big snb happy family? Just

Kaisar and Jeanne as parents, Mugaro/El as the son everyone would be the parent of, Azazel as the second former father or the onii-chan you should not look up to and Rita, Rita as the second former mother or the grandmother, babysitting all of them

Can you imagine,
Mugaro following Azazel around here and there
Aza using words children shouldn’t know about and then Mugaro repeating those same words to Jeanne.

Jeanne and Kaisar as shocked af parents who can’t believe El actually said that and both freaking out
Kaisar grabbing his head with both hands, internally and almost externally screaming
Jeanne babbling about incoherent things and randomly start telling El about the flower and the bee.

Rita rolling her eyes so hard, while Rocky facepalm on the floor.

precious family


Shigeru: *Fm*
Satoshi: Eh, Shigeru?
Shigeru: Yo. So you finally opened your eyes.
Satoshi: OIII what are you doing??!
Shigeru: Fishing.
Satoshi: I know that much!
Shigeru: Then isn’t it fine? It’s a good place to philosophize.
Satoshi: ‘Philosogo—’ ? What’s that? A new Pokémon?
[…] Shigeru: Although Koiking is the weakest pokémon…
Satoshi: … Really?
Shigeru: Well~ You know his moveset?
Satoshi: THAT’S EASY!
Satoshi: Well…
Shigeru: You don’t know, mm.
Shigeru: Splash (Haneru), Tackle (Taiatari), Flail (Jitabata). Flail is what you got earlier~ Aren’t you a fan of my grandfather, Ookido-hakase? Don’t you read the books my grandfather wrote? Sa~~toshi-kun~
Satoshi: I do read them…




Interviewer: Well, you’ve accomplished so much. To you, what’s your biggest accomplishment?
Hank: I have a really, like, happy marriage. 

edwardspoonhands : Yes, you do, Hank. Yes, you do.

Imagine explaining the word “adorkable” to the dwarves while using Bilbo as an example, but him suddenly standing behind you and him finding out your feelings for him this way

Words: 1860
Based on this imagine from the lovely imaginexhobbit

“Imagine explaining the word ‘adorkable’ to the dwarves while using Bilbo as an example, but him suddenly standing behind you and him finding out your feelings for him this way”

You would never be able to provide an explanation, to yourself or anyone else, as to exactly how you had ended up in Middle-Earth. One minute you had been lying in your soft bed in your apartment—the next, you’d opened your eyes and found yourself in the middle of a forest, wearing nothing but your pajamas. Thank goodness that hadn’t been a night you’d chosen to sleep in your underwear.

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