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Pairing: Hotch x Reader

Word Count: 1,702

Request: yes!  Leave requests here.

Warnings: angst - not a happy ending im so srry babes

Summary:  @winterladybr asked:   “Don’t Test Me” was sooo good ❤ Do you write anything other than smut? If you do, can I get one where the reader and Hotch were dating when he decided to get into Witness Protection, and he broke up with her because of it and she didn’t get to tell him that she’s pregnant? Thanks !!! 😘

Anon asked:   Can you do one where Aaron and the reader have a baby

A/N:  I am currently only on season 6 of the show, so if there is any information about Jack’s stalker wrong, please forgive me.  I did as much research about it as I could so I hope everything is correct/makes sense.

These requests were similar, so I combined them.  I know this isn’t really a good way to fulfill the request of the anon, but that just means that maybe this story should continue.

I’ll make this into a multi-fic only if I’m asked to.  The ending is unhappy so if it gets good feedback, I might continue.  Just let me know if you want more and a happy ending, but really, that’s ultimately up to me to decide.

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You sighed at the sight of the two blue lines.  Of course, you were happy, but there was too much on your mind.

You’ve been dating Aaron for a long time, almost three years, there’s no doubt he’ll be happy, too…  Right?

Get it together, Y/N, you thought to yourself.  He was going to be home any minute from Jack’s soccer game, so you needed to get rid of the pregnancy test as soon as possible.

Quickly, you tossed the test and its box into the garbage can, even lifting up some older trash to shove it further down.  You wanted to make sure you were 100% indeed pregnant before you said anything to Hotch.  You were sure he’d be happy and excited, but you didn’t want to tell him and give him any false hope if it turned out you weren’t actually pregnant.  So to play it safe, you would go to the doctor and get everything checked out.

Two minutes later, you were on the phone with JJ, explaining the situation.

“Well, drug store tests aren’t always completely reliable,” she told you.

“I know.  That’s why I want to go to the doctor, but I really don’t want to go alone,” you replied, chewing on your fingernails while pacing back and forth.  Aaron and Jack could walk through that door any minute.

“I really think you shouldn’t worry about it and talk to Hotch, he’d be excited, you more than anyone should know that,” JJ said.

“It’s not his reaction to the baby I’m worried about.”  You thought for a second before letting out a sigh and admitting what it really was that was scaring you.  “It’s Scratch.”  You could hear JJ’s breath hitch at the name.  “Aaron’s had his suspicions and I don’t want him to worry about another child.”

“Y/N,” JJ started, but that’s when you heard the front door open.  

“I’m sorry, I need to go.  I’ll call you when the appointment is set up,” you said quickly before hanging up the phone.

“Y/N!” Aaron’s voice boomed through the house.  “Go to your room, Jack,” you heard him tell his son.

“Everything alright?” you asked, giving him a peck on the cheek and giving Jack a pat on the head as he ran passed you to his bedroom.

“I thought so,” Aaron said, loosening his tie.  He looked worn out and worried.

“What is it?” you asked, pulling out a chair from the kitchen table for him to sit.  Once he did, you sat in the seat across from him.

“I saw Peter Lewis there today,” he said, rubbing his face in defeat.  Mr. Scratch.

“At the soccer game?” you asked, your heart race speeding up.  All Aaron did was nod, his demeanor defeated.

“You’ve got to tell your team.  They can help you, we could-”

“Enough Y/N,” he shouted over you.  You jumped, unable to look at him.  “I want you to stay out of this,” he said quietly, getting up from his chair and making his way to the room you share.  You couldn’t help but feel angry at his sudden cold shoulder.  You love him and Jack more than anything in the world and it suddenly felt like the feeling wasn’t mutual anymore.

Stop jumping to conclusions, you thought to yourself.  He loves you, too, there’s no denying it.

You picked your cell phone back up and called the doctor to make the appointment.

Tuesday afternoon was the only the doctor could fit you in, so you called JJ and let her know when to come pick you up.  

The weekend consisted of Aaron continuing to give you the cold shoulder and telling Jack to stay in his room as much as possible.  The only conversations you had with him usually consisted of asking about his day and him giving you short answers before turning on the TV.  You felt utterly alone, and you planned to let him know as soon as you knew about whether or not you were actually pregnant.

JJ picked you up from your house while Aaron was out getting groceries.

“You ready?” she asked when you got in the car.

“Do I have a choice?” you replied with a sigh.  

The fifteen minutes to the doctor’s office was a quiet drive, but you preferred it that way.

“Everything’s going to be okay, you know?” JJ told you while you waited for the results.  You were sat on the tall, uncomfortable bed while she stood next to you holding your hand.

“But what if he’s right?  What if Scratch really is gonna try to hurt him again, or Jack?  He wouldn’t be happy about another kid coming into his life, he’d just be scared for it, too,” you said, your eyes beginning to water.  You couldn’t handle the thought of losing Aaron or Jack or the baby that might’ve been growing inside of you. 

“Alrighty Ms. Y/L/N.  I have some good news.  You are in fact, pregnant,” the doctor said after she walked into the door.  “About twelve weeks to be exact.  We need to get you on prenatal vitamins and set out a diet plan for you-”

Slowly, you tuned out the words coming from your doctor’s mouth and instead thought about Aaron and what he was going to think.  Instantly your mind whirled, wondering if you were having a boy or a girl and what you wanted to name him or her.  Which room in your house would have to become the nursery?  How excited was Jack going to react to the news he was going to be a big brother?  Would you have to take on the role of stay at home mom?  

So many - too many - questions raced through your mind, making it hard for  you to concentrate on anything the doctor was saying.  Despite being nervous about your boyfriend’s reaction, you couldn’t help but feel excited about the tiny human being living inside of you, knowing you loved it with every fiber of your being and feeling your heart race at the fact that it was all yours and Aaron’s.  You were going to be parents together.

“So I will see you in two weeks for a follow up,” the doctor said.  She shook your hand.

“Thank you,” JJ said for you since you were still a bit far from reality.  Once the doctor left the room, you finally smiled for the first time that day.

“I’m going to be a mother,” you said to JJ.  

“Congratulations, Y/N,” she replied with a smile.  A single tear rolled down your cheek and you hugged her, thanking her for coming with you.  “Of course.  You know, Hotch is really lucky to have you.”

“Thank you.  I’m lucky to have him, too.”

“Well, why don’t I take you home and you can tell him the good news?” she suggested.  You nodded, wiping away your happy tears and followed her out the door.

Fifteen minutes later, you were back home.  JJ congratulated you again before driving off.

You smiled when you saw Aaron’s car in the driveway.  He was home.

Walking inside, you sat your keys on the table next to the front door, preparing yourself to tell Aaron your news.

“Aaron!” you shouted through the house with a bright smile on your face.  “I need to tell you something.”

When there was no reply, you walked back towards your bedroom.  “Aaron?”

The door was cracked open.  You stopped right outside and listened, but you heard nothing.  “Babe?” you asked while opening the door all the way.  The room looked almost untouched from when you left earlier this afternoon.  But the only difference was that Aaron’s cellphone was sitting on his nightstand.  You walked over to pick it up, seeing that it had quite a few missed calls on it.

Your heart began beating in your throat, your palms became incredibly clammy.

No, you thought.  No no no no no.

Quickly, you ran to the closet, opening the door to find exactly what you were hoping you wouldn’t.  Aaron’s clothes were mostly gone, only a few of his suit remained hung up, and all of his tennis shoes were missing from the floor.  Tears were free falling from your eyes at this point, your worst nightmare was coming true.

You ran out of the bedroom to Jack’s, knowing what you would find.

It was about the same, mainly untouched with many missing clothes.  Your crying escalated into loud sobs, echoing throughout the house.

“No,” you said out loud, unsure of what to do.  You couldn’t breath.  This can’t be happening.  Please.

You searched the rest of the house, noticing it was all the same except for the kitchen.  There was a note.  As you read it, your tears fell to the paper, making the ink of Aaron’s handwriting run a bit, but you knew what it said.  It was the one thing you were afraid of most, and it was really happening.  This was real.

Through your tears, you read the note, almost unable to accept the words written so sloppily, you knew he had to be in a hurry.


I love you.  That’s what I need you to remember.  You always need to remember that.  Please never forget that. 

Don’t try to contact us, don’t try to find us.  You’ll only be putting yourself in danger, as well.  And I can’t have that.  Please just let go.

If we ever see each other again, please don’t try to say hi.  I want nothing more than to be with you, but I can’t. Jack and I want to continue on without you, and that’s as hard for us as I’m sure it is for you.

I’m sorry it had to end like this.  But don’t forget that we love you.  We always will.


Your sobs continued to echo throughout the house, and suddenly your legs failed you.  You sunk to the floor in a fit of screams, holding onto your stomach so tenderly, unable to breath.

They were gone.  The boy you loved like a son was gone.  The father of your own child was gone.

They were gone.

They were gone.  

They were gone.

Bully (JB)

Request: Can I get a scenario where Jaebum is the school’s bully who is in love with you. He decides to ask you out on a date randomly and he turns out to be a lot sweeter than you expected.

Length: 2,153 words (yikes! Got carried away hehe)

Happy New Year’s Eve guys! Hope you’re having a great one! When I was writing this, it felt like it was starting out to be a fanfic with how long it ended up being hahaha. Also, my wifi was been spotty so while I have been writing the scenarios, I can’t post any or put them in the queue :-( But alas, it is temporarily back! Hope you guys like this one!!

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BTS Reacting To their Girlfriend being a Victorias´s Model

Hi Guys, this is my first Reaction. Hope you like it :) If you want more, my request box is open.


The first Time he saw you in Show was when the both of you were sitting in front of the tv on the couch. He would be taken aback at first, but then super proud. “Why don’t i go into the Kitchen and cook something for us and you put on some of your work cloths?” *He is probably gonna prepare some chocolate covered strawberries and whippet cream*

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Both of you were lying in your bed cuddling. When you noticed Suga was about to fall asleep. you loudly blurred out, that you are a Victoria´s Secret Model. First he was like “Yeah Sure” You took out your phone to show him some Behind the scenes pictures of you and the other Victoria´s Secret Girls. “Well, now that you stopped me from taking a nap, you should model something for me.” *If you stop our Yoongi from sleeping, you have to reward him ;)*

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He was actually the one who found out himself. He somehow ended up watching the Victoria´s Secret Show on Youtube and there you were walking the Runway. No need to tell you how turned on Joon was by that. Later when you came Home he confronted you. “Damn Baby, now i have to punish you for not telling me sooner.” You two spend the next Hours in the Bedroom. Him punish you real good. *Yes exactly what all you naughty minded people think*

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One Time Jhope came over your Apartment, whitout telling you beforehand, as always. You were still in the Shower, so you told him to wait for you. Suddenly you heard a high pitched scream. Running out of the Bathroom, you found Jhope looking through your Victoria´s Secret Magazine, at a picture of you. He was totally fascinated. “Thats what you do for a living? I like!”

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You were currently busy in the Kitchen, when you phone rang, so Jimin awnserd it for you. “(Y/N) Phone? Handsome Boyfriend Jimin speaking.” “Hello this her Manager, can you tell (Y/N) that Victoria´s Secret wants her in this years Show again. Thank You.” He came running into the Kitchen. “You model Underwear? But you are so innocent and shy. Wait, every Men can see you like that? Thats only meant for me.” *Jelouse and Pouty ChimChim activated* Making you go red form embarrassment. “Oh, Jiminie, i only love you.” That made him smile that Beautiful Eye smile of his.

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The first time you told him about you job, he was really confused. He started asking you all types of questions. How you got into this Job? What exactly you do there? What people you work with? After awnsering literally a thousand of them, he would still be cutley clueless. Trying to make sense of all the informations. “ Im not a hundred precent sure about it yet, but i think i like it.” He would pull you into a tight hug and shower you in kisses.

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This innocent cutie got really shy when he saw pictures and gifs, his fans send to him, of you modeling for Victoria´s Secret. Finding it funny you decided to tease him a bit. You came from behind, wrapped your arms around him and laid your chin on his shoulder. “Do you like what you see?” That made him turn bright red. “ Im just kidding Kookie. You are so cute.” That didn’t sit well with him, he turned you around and pulled you close to him. “Yah, don’t call me cute. Im a Men and Im gonna show you.” *uhh dominate Kookie* He pulled you into a deep kiss and started touching you all over, before groping you butt, making you moan.

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Friendzoned - Stiles Stilinski

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prompt: You and stiles like each other but you guys keep friendzoning one another

Request:  “ Can you do a teen wolf imagine where Stiles thinks the Reader is friendzoning him and the Reader thinks Stiles is friend zoning her. Stiles accidentally confesses and starts apologizing but the reader interrupts him by kissing him and maybe smut?” - @fanfreakandco

Warnings: None??

Word count: 624 (short but cute)

Your Name: Submit What is this?

You and Stiles have always been the best of friends ever since you were 3 years old. Ever since then, you had this huge crush on him; you always thought he just wanted to be friends and nothing more. There was one time, about 2 years ago, where you were thinking about asking him out on a date but then he friendzoned you; he had asked you a question, and once you had answered it he pulled you into a hug and said “Thank you y/n, you’re the greatest friend ever.” Now that stung.

Almost everybody knew that you liked Stiles, except for him. So when Mr. Harris asked you to stay behind after class you got a little worried. “Yes Mr. Harris?” you asked not knowing if you were in trouble. “You’re starting to get low grades in my class and I’m getting a little worried.”, he said crossing his arms. “Oh well I can certainly work on that.”. you said getting ready to leave when “You need a tutor, you’re too close to failing my class.”, he said uncrossing his arms and sitting down. “Oh, well I’ll ask and see if anyone is free to tutor me.” you said quickly leaving the classroom, desperate to get out of this situation.

You found Stiles talking to Scott when they instantly stopped talking when you had approached them. Weird you thought “Hey Stiles, can you do me a favor?”, you asked hoping he would say yes; you really didn’t want to fail any classes.“Yeah sure.” he agreed. “I need you to tutor me for Mr.Harris’s class he says I’m almost failing and I really don’t-” Before you could finish stiles cut you off by saying, “Yeah totally, sure, uh wanna come to my house after school?”. You smiled and pulled him into a hug “Thank you so much Stiles. You’re the greatest friend on earth.” You pulled away and left to go to your locker. After you were far away from the boys Scott said “Dude you just got friendzoned. Bad.” he then left Stiles to go to his next class.

After school ended you got out of the building and waited by Stiles’s jeep. A few minutes later he came out with Scott, he said something to him and then Stiles made his way to you. “You ready?”,he said getting in the drivers seat. “Yeah.” you nod getting in after him. Once you got to his house, you went up to his room so you wouldn’t be disturbed.

As you were going over the homework Mr. Harris gave you Stiles began talking “So are you and Isaac together?” you were confused for a minute but then you remembered “I mean we went on one date but i wouldn’t say we were tog-”you we cut off by Stiles blurting out “I don’t want you dating him” You looked at him shocked “You can’t decide who i date” Stiles looked like a tomato before quickly apologizing “No no that’s not what i meant i just really like you and-” he cut himself off when he realized what he said. “Oh my god i’m so sorry i shouldn’t have said anything now you’re gonna think i’m we-” Before he finished his sentence you cut him off by smashing your lips to his. Things quickly got heated, you had your hand in his hair, his hands were roaming your body, leaving hickeys on the base of your neck and you doing the same; but before you could go further, Scott interrupted your makeout session “Woah, don’t swallow each other” Stiles threw a pillow at him before saying “Get out!”. After Scott left the room you smirked and said “Now where were we”


A/N: this is not all the requests, but y’all wanted info on what i was working with/plan to and here you go!!! if you really wanna see something else for ANY group ( girl groups too ) then tell me, this is just whats in my notes as of now, will continuously update 


  • Gender fluid partner has a nightmare
  • Kai CEO themed elevator smut, it’s wild postponed for now in memory of my Kai hoes
  • Luhan + facesitting smut
  • Dating Kris would include
  • Sekai threesome (chicken boy and limp noodle)
  • Yixing + BDSM + blindfolds + public teasing (aka all the traits my son dont have yall makin me sin)
  • Doggy daycare!jongin au (postponed for my Kai hoes until yall get better)
  • Baekhyun daddy smut (plot twist hes the one calling you daddy)
  • Chen + jealous professor smut
  • Ksoo + BDSM (natural)
  • Ksoo + face sitting + squirting + daddy kink
  • Sehun + how to kiss (fluff probably)
  • Yixing being dorky and trying to cheer you up fluff
  • Chen + nsfw!catboy au
  • Chanyeol + very awkward strip tease and beet red ears
  • accidentally sent the wrong text message to you and it was a picture of my dick but you dont seem too mad so hey with sehun 
  • phone sex with minseok because our schedules are terrible and youre halfway across the world but i need to get off
  • au where chanyeol doesnt know how to talk bc hes mute and fuck how does he tell you you look so pretty today if he cant even say hi to you on the bus in the mornings??? fluff
  • ksoo + jongin threesome in which they find out you can squirt and it turns into a fucking competition and youre running out of panties


  • College professor Jaebum smut (fuck me u[p)
  • Dating jinyoung (jr)
  • Dating youngjae
  • Romantic/smutty married morning with husband Jackson (he burnin some pancakes but you still give him pussy for effort)
  • Jackson + orgasm denial
  • Jaebum competition with jacksons extra hyper friend smut like yall going in on competitions like “i bet i can run faster than you” but then hes like “bet i can make you come in less than 10 mins” and its wild 
  • Mark + bath bombs “wow look its fizzing what the fu-”
  • Got7 orgasm competition on you smut (2nd place winner)
  • Jaebum fluff, teacher!au (this gonna be so cute….)
  • HIGHSCHOOL!AU where jackson makes it his senior wish to take you to prom featuring an unreluctant you and some help from chess player!youngjae, apperances by jock!jaebum and others 
  • au where jinyoung is your super harsh boss and fucks you just as harshly against glass windows 


  • Taehyung breakup + makeup idol!au
  • Bts reaction when you’re a makeup artist and they have a crush on you
  • Namjoon sub (maybe idk I am not big on writing other ppl besides me as a sub lmao)
  • Angel!jungkook au, where he watches over you plus lots of fluff and maybe some wild angel sex and a sarcastic demon!namjoon 
  • Jin + blowjob in the supermarket while hes looking for cheerios 
  • Jin + jhope threesome
  • Serial killer!jin smut (trust me on this itll be good)
  • Yoongi rapper!au + diss battle + confessions
  • Yoongi + fingering + bath
  • hoseok + shower sex
  • Jimin make up sex
  • Jhope + back room sex
  • Jin + “stop grabbing my butt, Jin”
  • Yoongi x namjoon x reader polysmut + fluff
  • Fighter!jungkook au (smut, fluff) (we all know this boy gonna cry if he even gets pushed but lets pretend) 
  • Jhope + first date at a circus (no hes not part of the act)
  • Bangtan face sitting circle w jungkook, Jimin, and taehyung ( LORD HAVE MERCY )
  • mission “get jungkook to tell his older sisters bestfriend hes fucking in love with her’ + noona kink 
  • “what do you mean you don’t like this chain? 3 dollars” sarcastic yoongi and some terrible roleplay that gets even worse 


  • Jun + using my wifi for porn college au smut (fuckin nasty, prob got some weird kinky porn on there)
  • Fluffy morning with woozi (plus a blowjob like come on can i not be nasty)
  • Vernon + being protective of his girlfriend (chan is too touchy for his liking)
  • Skater boy!vernon au “wanna see a wicked kickflip tho?”
  • Dating Jun would include (grease)
  • Mingyu + kinky spooning
  • Foursome with Seungcheol, jisoo, and jeonghan, + voyeur seungkwan
  • Jeonghan + breathplay ( WINNERRR)
  • First time with Vernon
  • Wonwoo makeup sex after angsty/emo fight
  • Woozi + handjob in studio
  • Woozi + shower sex (y’all want me ded???^)
  • seungkwan is really rude to you but he just likes you alot and has no other way of communicating his love and he has to tell you before you leave to america for the summer au fluff
  • “this isnt a hickey” fluff where scoups tries to explain to the kids that you and him didnt do anything but you walk in wearing his tshirt with wild hair like what whats going on
  • “giant maknae” dino au in which he really wants you to take his crush seriously but you keep fucking having heart eyes for joshua and he has to do something fast
  • mingyu + sex in your old house while youre over at your parents again featuring a guilty mind on your part and neediness on mingyus 
  • meanie + you getting it in real quick before they have to go film for one fine day and youre not gonna see them for like 2 weeks and hurry up and come mingyu theyll be back in 8 mins


  • Dating literature major!taemin
  • Dating Jonghyun
  • Press your number!au + sugar daddy taemin (im the sugarbaby)
  • dating onew (loml)
  • Dance instructor!key (a fav of mine./…..,,,yes)
  • in which you let taemin and minho babysit yours and onews kids and this is the wrong fucking kid oh my god 
  • backseat sex with key while minho grimaces in the car next to yall cause youre at a fucking drive in
  • taekai +you and a puppy date 
  • skype sex with minho he wildin


  • Leo + neck kisses
  • Leo and a movie night date (boring movie, getting the nasty on ensues)
  • N + movie night also but like way cuter bc hes fucking cute
  • ken + him serendaing you outside your door and fuck my parents are gonna wake up dude you gotta go


  • Dating sunggyu ((((;;;;


  • P.o + facesitting (wild/…//..)
  • zico not enjoying the way jaehyo looks at you so he teaches u a lesson ( even tho it wasnt ur dmn fault)


  • Au where you have bad social anxiety and himchan takes you back home after an event to comfort you all cute an fluffy
  • dating yongguk


  • Cuddling GD after him being on tour for months (sweatyau)


  • Shownu daddy smut (y'all wildin w this daddy shit)
  • Monstax as boyfriends (im doin them alll……but mostly changkyun…mi nvio)


  • Dating mj would include (REQUEST MORE LMAO)


  • Dating jay park (this…..this is,,,..,,,noo words)


  • Snsd reaction to being in love with their girlfriend (◕‿◕✿)
  • taeyeon watching you struggle to get something down the cabinet and she tries to help but fuck shes short as hell too just fluff with two super cute short gf’s


  • Hwasa smut (I ain’t gonna fail you y'all you boutta get suffocated by ha thighs)
  • Clingy + needy moonbyul
  • Striptease au w moonbyul but you embarrass yourself like omg no but she into it and y'all fuck


  • Krystal smut (not postponed y'all this for me)
  • Fluffy Amber scenario (my boo)


  • Ilhoon + facesitting bihhhh


  • Minho name kink as discussed with @xiumindotjpeg where  in he’s not ur bias but he sure as hell gonna fuck you until his name the only one you’re saying
  • Mommy!with exo au where you have a day out with your children (children being your kid + a member)
  • Mingyu + school nurse au where he visits you everyday with his unrequited love that you don’t return until he comes back to work there 2 years later and damn is that mingyu?? Featuring relationship maker lee chan
  • Minghao + a cloudy day in China au where you both find things to do around the house since y'all bored as hell
  • Blind date!au where you’re about to give up but oh hello seokmin comes in and it just so happens his blind date stood him up too
  • Jaebum is your cousins older boyfriend who you’ve been pining for years for and he finally comes around and sees you as a woman and not a little girl and hey you tryna fuck?
  • “I’ll guide you” au where you’re very inexperienced and cute and jeonghan convinces jisoo to take advantage of a great situation
  • Hoshi!theatre au where you take over as his co lead and he’s super salty but wait what the fuck why is he feeling things what is this
  • Wonwoo au where he wants you to stay away from Mingyu because you a highkey hoe but then you seduce him and fuck now he has no choice but to keep coming back pussy too bomb
  • Au where joys the cute girl at the cafe and you go there everyday and draw her until you leave one behind one day and hijinks courtesy of baekhyun ensue
  • Changkyun’s the really emo boy who rides his bike down the block alone all the time until you decide to go outside with just a bikini to check ur mail n holy shit did he just fall
  • Kai + seductress in the club au
Taylor and those cars

-Since i haven’t wrote in foreverrrrrrr smut for my dirty minded mofos~

“Yes baby girl”
“How much longer is this gonna take”
“Not long babe i promise and when we get home i will show you how sorry i am”

I groaned and threw my head back… I was sitting in a car dealership with my boyfriend of 1 year, Taylor Caniff and he was buying a new customized car that costed a fortune. I hated Taylor when he was in the car dealership because i was just a shadow while he focused on his new car that he would spend to much time with. Even when me and taylor where growing up as next door neighbors he was so interested in cars.

30 mins later………………………………..
Taylor was signing some papers and i was sleep quietly while he did so. Sooner or later i felt Taylor’s big strong arms carry me outside and put me down on the ground.

Taylor handed me the key of the new white Range Rover. I was confused one because i just woke up and why tf was he handing me the keys.

“Surprise princess”
“Taylor what” i said still confused
“Shes all yours baby, look”
I turned my head and saw my name engraved in pink writing on the side of the car.

“Are you serious”
My smile got bigger and bigger by the minute i ran up and hugged taylor and he kissed my lips
“You know i have to spoil my princess”
“Thank you thank you thank you”
“What are you waiting for get in”
I quickly opened the door and started the car i was so excited i didn’t know what to do.

And then i got an idea. While i was driving home i would occasionally rub his thigh and he would look at me weird but i knew what i was doing.

When we walked into the house Taylor decided to order a pizza and clean some dishes so i took the advantage. I changed into some Lacey panties with one of Taylor’s shirts and one of his bandanas on my head.

I walked down stairs and saw he was sitting on the couch. I went up to him and he smiled at my appearance and i climbed on his lap and he gripped my hips. I started to kiss down his jaw line and down to his neck. Leaving marks everywhere i desire.

“Daddddy” i moaned
Taylor groaned and shifted in his seat
That was Taylor’s favorite and never failed to turn him on.
“Y/N” taylor said a little unsteady
“Your baby misses daddy’s big fat cock i haven’t had it in sooo long”

And thats how i got to him as soon as i said that he picked me up and carried me to our room. He laid me on the bed and immediately removed his shirt.

I smirked to myself knowing what i did to Taylor. He removed the shirt i had on and froze when he saw no bra and his favorite panties on me.

Taylor smacked my ass and i yelped.
“Your so fucking naughty i would punish you but daddy needs you baby”

I gripped the waistband of his joggers and pulled them down slowly. Taylor kissed down my body leaving marks along the way. He pulled down my panties and began to work at my sensitive area he stuck two fingers in and out very fast and licked furiously at my heat.

“Da-daddy i missed your tongue soo much I’m gonna come soon”
Taylor removed his fingers and tongue and i whimpered at the lost of contact. Taylor went off to find a condom and he came back fully protected.

“You ready baby”
I shook my head and then taylor plunged into me. A tear rolled down my eyes from the pain and Taylor kissed my cheek for comfort

After a while taylor started to thrust faster and faster and the pleasure was unbearable. We were so close and intimate i loved every single second of it. All you heard was skin slapping against skin and the sounds of or uncontrollable moans.
“God you feel so good around me”
Taylor slapped my ass as he hit my sweet spot
“Im c-uming Im c-umming daddy”
“Taylor b-ab-yy” i screamed while reaching my climax
Taylor released 20 seconds after me and we rode out our highs. After we caught our breath taylor pulled out and threw the condom away and came to back to cuddle with me
“I love you sooo much babe” i said while kissing his bare sweaty chest
“ i love you more than you can imagine princess”
“You know the next time will be in my new car though” we both laughed
“Oh i know i have plans for tomorrow baby” taylor said

I giggled as we drifted off to sleep thanking god for giving me the most wonderful man in the world

~hey guys i have had alottttt going on and im working hard on these imagines so here is something since i haven’t posted in a while. Something short and sweet. And guys i am taking request and looking for co owners😊😊😊😊~

[fic] show me how much you love me [1/1]

(ao3 link)

rating: mature


In addition to pet names, that’s something else Eren also likes dishing out – compliments. It makes Levi squirm whenever he starts waxing poetry about his cheekbones or admiring his skills with the 3DMG. Luckily they’re alone most of the time when Eren decides to do so, because it leaves Levi both mildly embarrassed yet wanting more. Though he can’t say that out loud, of course, he thinks Eren can sense it somehow – the smug asshole will wrap his arms around him and place gentle kisses all over his face while muttering praises in between giggles.

It’s not all that sexual, but Levi won’t deny that having Eren speak of him in such a manner does do things for certain parts of his body, and yeah, maybe he’s spent a few sleepless nights imagining what it would be like to have Eren saying nice things to him while pounding him into the mattress.

Once it actually happens, though, he’s not even laying on a mattress. 

-   -   -

yyooo so i was chatting with the wonderful shingekinomadoka and she was like ‘dude you should write more praise kink but like the other way around’ and since she also likes bottom!levi, this monstrosity was born. tbh it’s just porn ahjasjfdsjjdsfksdf jfc. 

there is mature content under the readmore, so proceed with caution

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A Phoenix from the ashes

requested by @elliotsbutt
AU in which you and 10k have a baby, and doc is the grandpa, and everyone is happy
(this was so insanely fun to write it made me so happy)
“God, im huge.” You moan, a hand resting on your big stomach as you wobble down the hall. Its been 6 years since you first met up with the group. 5 years since you found out Murphy couldn’t cure everyone.
5 years since the group made their way up a mountain and decided to stay. You fortified it, put up walls, and now live peacefully in a neighborhood at the very top. Z’s dont get past the fences, and you make runs down when you need to. But youre happy. All of you are happy.

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Grey Moon Chapter 12

(Authors Note: AHHH!!! HERE IT IS!! The last chapter of Grey moon!! I cant believe it!! Im sad!!! But also happy to how it ended!!! Thank you to all of you who have requested more chapters and read this!! It means alot!! I hope you love it just as much as I do!) 

               I hadlaid there awake almost all night waiting for my father to get there, he nevershowed. Typical, if it were Scott he would have been here in an instant. I sighed and laid my head back against the pillows, exhaustion taking over me. Derek was asleep over on the stiff couch by the windows. His tall form was bunched up into a ball. I grinned over at him, my entire life laid there in that uncomfortable ball, and all I wanted was to be right there next to him. I closed my eyes letting some sleep take over me, it was quiet and warm under my blankets.

               I opened my eyes a few hours later to see Derek whispering to a doctor. I wasn’t hooked up to machines or IV’s anymore. I grinned as Derek looked at me, the doctor leaving after Derek signed some papers. “There’s those beautiful eyes of yours, Ive missed them” he whispered kissing me. I blushed looking away until his lips found mine. “You get to come home, do you need help dressing?” he asked softly. I nodded and smiled at him. “I have a surprise for you when we get home” I whispered to him. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “alright, lets get you dressed and home to rest” he said softly as he helped me. I snuggled into the warm sweatshirt that was his, my old sweat pants and a pair of sneakers.

               Derek helped me to his car and lifted me inside, I smiled kissing him quickly before he could disappear to the other side of the car. He grinned at me and winked. “we can’t do anything until you’re completely healed up” I smiled and rolled my eyes as he got in on his side and took off. “So can I know my surprise yet?” he asked grinning. I laughed lightly, my stomach was still horrible sore. “Well…I was gonna see…if maybe….you could….oh I don’t know…finish this?” I asked pointing to my stomach. He looked at me, clearly mistaking the question. “Finish this? Are you crazy!” I laughed harder holding my stomach. “I meant…heal it” I asked quietly watching his expression. He grinned and nodded “Absolutely. All you had to do was ask” he grinned at me an sped toward the loft.

               “I thought I was going home…” I asked looking confused at him as he carried me up to his loft. “You are home” he said smiling softly. “Live with me, here at the loft, if you don’t like this, we can get a house somewhere.” I grinned at him, cupping his cheek, I pulled a little and connected his lips to mine in a slow, passionate kiss. “So I take that as a yes then?” he asked chuckling as he pulled away. “You bet your ass that’s a yes!” I said laughing. Derek smiled and put me on the couch before sitting with me and began taking the pain away. After a few minutes he stopped and grinned at me, removing the bandages, there were no more scratches. I grinned happily and pulled him to me kissing him deeply.

               About two weeks later, we decided to pack my stuff up from my mom’s house and move me in with Derek. He bought me a new laptop for school and even a tablet to help with school work. I couldn’t believe I was finally living with him, almost a year after we had met that night at the store. Derek had explained everything eventually about how once a month I would feel the effects of going into ‘heat’ and that we had to be extra careful during that time. I was grateful to have Derek, he was the biggest influence on my life, I made better eating choices, I worked out more and even would go for runs with Derek. What could I say? I loved my life. It was perfect now that I had him.

6 Months Later

               I sighed letting the shower run, my heart stammered in my chest and I felt like I was going to cry. I didn’t want to believe it, no, no, no. this wasn’t happening, it couldn’t. I sat down on the cool tile floor gripping tightly to a towel, trying to calm my breathing. I focused on the white décor Derek went with. The white tile to match the white porcelain sink and toilet, the shower, white with a window at the top of the side wall, it was a rainy day, you felt like your insides had been turned into liquid. You heard the beep of your phone, signaling the end of the timer. You held your breath and sat up. There on the sink, you grabbed the white piece of plastic. Swallowing a shaky breath, you gasped. You looked toward the door biting your lip nervously. “How do I tell Derek Im Pregnant?”  

anonymous asked:


4/4 Where they fuck you passionately…

“Fuck baby girl, you feel so good..”Luke whispered in your ear in his deep morning voice.
It was your 1 year anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend, and Luke decided that slow morning sex would be a great present for the both of you…
“Fuck Luke..”you moaned as he whispered dirty words in your ear, fucking you into oblivion.
“You gonna cum princess?” Luke asks reaching inbetween the two of, rubbing tight circles on your clit..
You nod and clamp your eyes shut.
“Cum for me baby..Show me how good I make you feel.”He whispers in your ear.
“FUCK! LUKE!” You scream out as you cum on Luke’s cock, him following soon after shooting his load inside you…
“Fuck princess…you’re to good for me.’’

Ashton:   “You like it when Daddy fucks you, Huh?” Ashton whispers in your ear as he fucks you slowly yet hard.

You whimper a yes, trying to keep yourself from cumming but it feels so good.
“Daddy, I dont think I can hold on much longer!” you say.

“Cum for daddy baby girl, show me that your my little slut.”Ashton whispers against your neck, leaving his mark for everyone to see.

“DADDY, OH FUCK!” You scream as you cum.

Ashton pulls out after you ride out your high and shoots his cum on your stomach, moving his hand up and down his shaft in a fast pace.

“Fuck! That was amazing.” Ash says placing a kiss on your lips.

Calum: You and your boyfriend got into a horrible fight earlier in the day that involved the two of you breaking up. That is what bring you to go over to your best friend Cal for support… A couple drinks later you’re in Cal’s bedroom in the most pleasant state of euphoria as he fucks you passionately while whispering dirty words in your ear.

“Calum.. Oh my god!” You say scratching your nails down his back as you cum.

“Im so much better for you than him princess, I wish you’d realize that.” He says placing a kiss to your lips as you both ride out your highs.

Michael: “Mikey! Im gonna cum!.” You yell out as Michael fucks you slowly while pinning your arms above your head.

“Cum for me kitten.”He says letting go of your arms to place his hands on your hips, making each thrust deeper.

“FUCK!” You scream as you cum, Michael practically cumming at the same time.

“I love you so much, you’re perfect.” Mikey says kissing you passionately.

When I saw the ask, I started to laugh so hard because I was just thinking “damn this fandom gets straight to the point!” any ways send in requests or questionsXXXXXXX 

Jealous much? (Bucky x Reader)


A/N: I FINALLY HAVE TIME TO WRITE SJEEESS THAT WAS TAKING LONG! So yeah, school is bugging me since I’m in my pre-graduation year of high school, which means that we’re going to do so much on choosing universitys and finding what we want to do in two years…. and there goes a lot of my free time. Yay! BUT I found time to write this even though I have a lot to do but I didn’t want to abandon you all. I really love this request and I hope you guys will love what I have made of it. Have fun reading! (And does it show alot that I have been single for my whole life? ‘Cause I have that feeling whenever I’m writing that two characters are kissing lol)

As usual, [Y/N] is your name :)

Warnings: Dutch swearing (if thats a warning lol)? (Whenever I have the feeling that the reader has to swear I just use dutch insults lol. You can search them, or ask me. I use them on a daily basis) and maybe some normal english swearing if I missed that lol

Prompt: Jealousy is an hatefull thing. It really is.

Your p.o.v.

“Goodmorning everybody!”

You walked into the kitchen of the Avengres tower, looking around as almost everybody sat at the table, looking like they wanted to kill somebody for waking them up. Well, except for Steve. He was awake for a few hours already and it looked like he was the most energetic person in the room. He probably was too. Maybe Nat was an exception. She looked like she could kill somebody and she probably would too. You decided to not bother her, since you had once first-handed learnt how it is to disturb her.

You decide to take place at the table next to your uncle, Tony. It was a wonder that he was already awake, sitting at the breakfast table. Although, to say that he was already awake was probably the wrong thing to say. You looked at him struggling to stay awake, almost falling asleep in his plate of pancakes. You giggled by the sight of this, left with a sudden craving for pancakes yourself. You heard a weird noise coming towards you, and saw a plate of pancakes being moved to you. You looked up to see who gave them to you, and were met with a pair of lightblue orbs. Bucky. You smiled softly at him.

“You don’t need any Buck?”

He just shook his head. You decided to not question any further and to just start on the pancakes. After all, you were pretty hungry. Plus, whatever you asked him, he would insist that he didn’t want them anyway. Even if you would catch him an hour later in the kitchen again eating a plate of pancakes. All by himself.

This was the way mornings went ever since Bucky started to fully live in the tower* a couple of weeks ago. And to be completly honest, you didn’t want them any other way.

People had been sending you to different places for the whole day, without any evident reason. You really didn’t understand why, and when you were send to your uncle again - Nat wanted to have a status update for the new iron man suit without any apparent reason - you kind off lost it.

“Okay now I wanna know what the heck is going on! Why are you all sending me around the tower for the dumbest things?”

Tony looked at you like he knew exactly what was going on, but didn’t want to tell you. At. All.

“Tell. Me. Now.”

“Nope not gonna tell ya.”

“You really enjoy doing this don’t you?”


“Are you trying to get me off-topic and away from anything you are trying to get me away from?”


You were mad. Really mad. Not only was this the most frustrating thing to do -arguing with your uncle always was - but you also had the feeling something big was going on and you didn’t like that. 

“You know what? I’ve had enough of this. I’m going. Bye!”

You walked out of his lab, not even paying attention to any of your surroundings and with no other intention than to just go and leave. You still didn’t know what was going on and you hated that. You also had the feeling that everybody had suddenly turned their back to you. Everybody except…


You suddenly knew your destination, knowing that Bucky could - and would - help you out. You didn’t know why, but around him, you felt safe. You also knew that you didn’t need to think about anything you were doing, heck you could have even been acting like the craziest fangirl and he still wouldn’t mind.

Plus, he was the only one that you hadn’t seen today ever since breakfast. 

Coming to think of that, you realised that you didn’t know where he was. Fine. Good. Like your day couldn’t even get anything worser. 

Okay. Before you were going on your search around the tower you were going to get some chocolate. Preferably Tony’s chocolonely. Man, you loved that chocolate a lot. 

“Wait, [Y/N], don’t go further!”

You were interupted in your quest towards the kitchen by Tony’s loud screaming. Did he really just run around the tower in search for you?


To say that you were pissed was an underestimation. Nobody got to stand between you and your chocolate. Not even your uncle. Oh, plus he and the rest of the team decided to give you a little tour around the tower for no reason, even though you’ve been here for almost a year. 


“Well, for as long as you don’t know it, I’m going to get some chocolate.”

“Wait, stay here!”


You were getting really frustrated right here and now. 

“Because I’m trying to protect you okay!”

“Protect me? Tony why the heck are you trying to protect me! You’re not my dad!”

“That doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you! Listen to me [Y/N], you’ve got to come with me!”

“I can care about myself Tony! I’m a grown up and I don’t-”

You were suddenly stopped by the sight of Bucky. In company. With. A. Girl. They were standing pretty close together, and you could hear her laughing over something he had said right before you walked in. Neither of them had noticed you, or so it appeared, as you saw their faces get closer to each other. O god. O god. O -


Before both of the people in front of you could even realise what was going on you were running away, out of the dooropening of the kitchen. You almost knocked Tony over, but you didn’t care anyway. All that you could think off was Bucky kissing some random girl in the kitchen.

When you reached your room hot tears were streaming down your face. Why were you even overreacting that much? Bucky had every right to go out and kiss any girl - heck even a GUY - if he wanted. He was free to go and you weren’t there to stop him. So why did you care so much about it?

You knew one thing for sure - this girl was the reason the rest of the team kept you occupied for the day. Apparantly they all knew what was going on except for you. And they tried to protect you. But from what? The heartache you felt right now?

It just hurted so much to see Bucky with anybody except you. Maybe you were just jealous. Jealous of the fact that Bucky had somebody else to make him happy that wasn’t you. 

You had to sit back on your bed when reality hit you. You had fallen in love with Bucky. Only to realise it when it was too late.

Training seemed to be the only thing to keep your mind off of anything. Business. Bucky. Chocolate. A certain boy named James. Hunger. Bucky kissing someone. The fact that you were still crying over something - or better to say, someone - you shouldn’t even be crying about.

Okay, maybe it didn’t work that well, given the fact that you were still worrying about almost everything. 

You were taken out of trance when the doors of the training room suddenly opened. A guy walked in, and you only needed to take a quick glance to mutter a few dutch curse words.


Bucky. Out of all the people that could have decided to go training it is Bucky. 

“What, aren’t you happy to see me?”

“Buck, I am THIS close to punching you in the face!”

You were mad at him. And for a good reason, or so you thought. Hey, he had made you feel like shit for the past few hours. A shitty reaction towards him could have been expected.

“You know that I have a metal arm doll.”

“And I have a metal will.”

Bucky sighed, a small smirk forming on his lips. God, did he really have to make it any harder to you?

“No you don’t.”

“Maybe I don’t… but still!”

“Okay, first of all, why do you want to punch me? Second of all, why did you scream some weird word in the kitchen? And as a last point, why are you trying to hirt the punching bag? It did nothing wrong to you!”

How were you ever going to explain this to him? You didn’t even realise you were crying again when he wiped away the tears on your face.

“Hey, what’s wrong? You know you can tell me.”

“Shouldn’t you go back to your girlfriend?”

It was out before you realised it. You didn’t even mean to say it so hatefull, but it came out that way anyway.

“You’ve seen us?”

“Why else do you think I was screaming the dutch equivalent to vagina in the kitchen?”

He laughed softly before looking back to you.

“She isn’t my girlfriend.”

“Than why were you kissing her?”

You were confused. Really confused. 

“Maybe because I was trying to forget about a certain someone, which obviously didn’t work. I mean, she interupted a kiss, which wasn’t even a good one by the way, by screaming and then running away. I was left with a really confused girl, you know. It was hard to explain.”

Realisation kicked you square in the face, leaving you breathless in front of Bucky and with a sudden hope that somehow couldn’t even be true. 

“You, you like me?”

He answered by the simplest gesture that you could think off. His face came closer to yours, his lips slowly touching yours, and all that you could think off was a loud ‘o god’ before he took away your thoughts and you slowly deepened the kiss.

*I like to think of the fact that before he was fully recovered, Bucky stayed at Steve’s place instead of the tower. I hope that this will explain everything that didn’t need to be explained lol
I want all of you.

a/n: this is my first shot at a 5sos writing imagine thing so please be kind with the feedback lol & let me know if you’d like a request, im always up for writing x

• You dated Michael back in high school and run into him a few years later and you realize you never got over your high school love. (not requested)

(part two)

“C’mon y/n you HAVE to go!”
Your friend Liv says for probably the millionth time today, she’s been trying the whole week to get you to go to a new club that opened just a block from your apartment.
“..we have to go, it’s our 3rd year in college and we’ve gone to maybe two parties, plus we could definitely use some alcohol and cute boys in our lives.”
she says as she wiggles her eyebrows.
“Jesus, Olivia! You’re not giving up are you?” “You’ve got a point though, I could go for some drinks and some cute boys”
you say with a slight grin as you see her eyes light up.
“YES! Okay we’ve still got time to get ready so hurry up and I’ll meet you downstairs!”
And with that she runs off to her room.

A few hours later you’ve finally decided on what to wear, you went with a little black dress, that made your boobs look amazing, paired with little black booties and bright red lipstick.
Once Liv came down you walked the short distance to the club while Liv told you how upset she’d be if she didn’t go home with a cute boy tonight.
“Liv you are over exaggerating, I am almost sure no one has died from the lack of sex!” you laughed
“Well damn! It sure does feel like I’m going to die!”
“Okay whatever, I haven’t had sex since..”
“Hey! We’re here!”
she says excitedly
You can already see people too drunk for their own good and couples making out in the alley. As you get closer to the door you can feel the vibration from the music coming from inside, once inside the smell of alcohol and a bit of weed hit you like a wall, you manage to make your way to the bar area to grab yourself a drink, might as well get in the same state as the rest to try and enjoy the party right? You grab yourself a beer and turn around to ask Liv if she wanted one but you see she’s already made a new friend, well that was fast. You look around to see if you recognize anyone you might know and managed to spot Jake from your English class. You grab another beer and make your way towards him.
“What’s up y/n, didn’t know you were a party girl.  Did you come alone?” He smirks as he eyes you up and down, I’d forgotten how much of a tool he was, fuck.
“hiya Jake, no I came with my friend, she’s actually over there” you say as you point to Liv currently snogging the tall dark haired boy she just met earlier.
She seems to be having a little more fun than you, I think I can change that if you’d like?” He says with that annoying smirk on his face again.
“you know what? I’m gonna go grab another beer and I’ll meet you there so we can dance a little yeah?” I say as I point to the dancefloor.
I don’t know if it was the alcohol but somehow I had gained major confidence, which he seemed to be totally digging I assumed by the way he nodded eagerly while I walked back to get myself another drink. I looked around and noticed Liv was long gone probably with that guy she was with earlier so I took few shots and grabbed my beer and made my way closer to the dj.
The alcohol was definitely was kicking in now and Jake was nowhere to be found so I decided to dance by myself. I closed my eyes and began swaying my hips to the sound of the music, taking a sip of my beer here and there. I was really feeling the beat of the music and when I felt a weird vibe, kind of like someone was burning me with their stare.
I looked around the room to see who could’ve been watching me. When I met those piercing green eyes staring at me my heart sunk and my drink slipped through my fingers. I immediately then felt the burning alcohol I had consumed threatening to come up.
I ran through the side door and managed to barely make it into the alley before I threw up everything in my stomach. I sat on the curb hugging my knees to my chest for a few moments trying to process what I had just seen was real or if the alcohol was trying to play games with me, I made my way to the front of the club when out of the corner of my eye I saw a tall figure walking towards me. I turned up to see who it was, my now sobered up mind was definitely not playing games. There he was, black jeans, black muscle tee, denim jacket and black boots, his signature look hasn’t change one bit.
“y/n?”  that’s all it took to get your heart to drop.
“hi, Michael.. do you need something?” you say coldly looking back down to your feet. As he sits down next to you, you immediately get up and start walking towards the clubs door.
“wait, no, y/n!” he pulls your arm to try to get you to stop.
“what Michael!? What could you possibly want from me? Another fuck!?”
“what? No y/n, I just wanted to see how you are? I saw you run outside, I haven’t seen you in what, three years?”
“seriously? Since when do you give a shit about how I am, last thing I remember was you breaking up with me over text and telling me that you only “dated” me so you can have someone to fuck while you were staying in LA! But I mean who even cares right!? It’s no big deal, I’m fanfuckingtastic Michael!”

you could see his face drop, but you definitely didn’t feel one bit bad for what you said, he had played with you like some kind of toy and broke your heart just because he was horny, he deserved that and much more.
“look y/n I’m fucking sorry okay!? I was and idiot back then and probably I still am but damn did I try contacting you because I fucking missed you! You were so perfect to me and I went and fucked everything up but I still want you..all of you..”
“no, wait I know you think what I’m saying is complete bullshit and I might be a little drunk right now but I cannot let you go again without knowing I fucking tried, I won’t forgive myself if I don’t at least try to get you to be mine.”
“Michael do you realize what you are saying?  I see you at a party three years after you broke up with me and you are telling me that you still want me?”
“look y/n can we just get out of here so we can talk or something.. please?”
“look Michael..”
“y/n, please?..”

“uh sure, my apartment is just a block down?” I say still hesitant as to why he suddenly cares three years later.
We walked to my apartment in total awkward silence. I didn’t bother telling Liv I was leaving because I assumed she went home with her boy toy so I’d see her until the next morning.
“So do you live here alone.” Michael says breaking the silence as we enter my apartment.
“no I live with my friend Liv but I think she went home with a guy she met at the party..”
“oh i’ve met Liv, tonight actually, my friend calum said he was going back to our apartment with her, haha.”
“oh…small world. Im going to go change into something more comfortable, make yourself at home I guess, we have beer in the fridge if you want one.”

I was a complete nervous wreck and I hated myself for letting him get me like that but even after three years and a heartbreak I couldn’t help but love that asshole. I quickly changed into a big t-shirt and some shorts and went downstairs. Michael was in the kitchen with a beer in his hand, invading my snack drawer, same old Michael.
“find anything good yet?”
“shit, you scared me, hey! I always wondered where that shirt went”
 I’d forgotten this was actually his shirt he left here when he’d spend the night, I couldn’t make myself throw it away.
“oh yeah, uh do you want it back?” I mumble embarrassingly.
“no its fine, it looks better on you anyway.” He says with a half grin.
“y/n I just really want to apologize..”
“Michael it’s fine I guess, I’ve gotten over it, I mean we were all young and dumb were just young and very dumb.”
I chuckle.
“yeah but I lost someone who genuinely cared for me, and I hate myself for that. Look I’m not trying to get you to date me again or anything but please can we at least be friends, I really need you in my life, you’re that one who kept me sane with all the chaos going on with touring and the band, I truly miss that.”
“yeah,I mean I missed your silliness too, you’d always find a way to make me laugh. I’d really like to have you back into my life too Michael.. how about we watch one of our favorite movies like old times?”
“Pineapple Express!? Oh god yes! Last time I watched that movie was with you actually, I think it was that time when you gave me that amazing blowjob..”
he trails off with a wide grin and you cover you’re face in embarrassment. He hugs you tightly, you had forgotten how much you loved his hugs.
“really Michael, you HAD to bring that up!?” you mumble.
you pull away to go get some blankets while Michael brings more beer and puts the dvd. You get cozy in the couch and Michael in the other, you had really gotten into the movie until you turn to see Michael scrunched in the couch to small for him fast asleep, you can’t help but smile and remember all the times you and Michael slept together and how he’d tightly wrap his arms around you trying to cuddle you as close as possible. You slowly start to drift off too and you decide to wake Michael up to take him to your bedroom so he’d be more comfortable.
“mike..mikey wake up.” You say nudging his arm.
“hey, do you want to sleep with me in my bedroom, you look really uncomfortable here..”

“uh, yeah, is that fine with you, I mean if your comfortable with having me in your bed?”
“yeah it’s okay.”  You smile.
You help him get to your bedroom as he’s still half asleep and a little buzzed. you slightly push him on your bed and help him take his shoes and pants off.
“whoa there y/n! I know I’m not fully awake but that doesn’t mean you can take advantage of me.” He says jokingly
“in your dreams Clifford, now get under the covers!”
“fine, but you now I can’t fall asleep unless you cuddle me..”
“yeah I remember.”
You get under the covers and Michael immediately pulls you into him, you can feel his hot breath on your neck and you feel him slowly falling back to sleep.
“Goodnight Michael” you say massaging his hair.
“Goodnight baby girl” he then gives your chest a quick peck and pulls you closer as he dozes off..

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Not You Dumbass...(Nate Maloley/Sammy Wilk Fluffy)

Unexpected imagine haha. It has been edited hehe.

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Your POV: You arrived at the airport with the ultrasound pictures in your hand. A couple days ago you had went to the doctors because you had suspicions that you were possibly pregnant. You weren’t exactly sure how to tell the baby daddy, a.ka. your boyfriend of 3 years, Nate Maloley. So you decided to step out of the box and just show him the ultrasound pictures, allowing him to figure it out himself. And since you were picking him up from the airport today, you found that everything fell into place as it had only been a couple days since you found out the news.

Nate had been on tour with Sammy and a few of their other friends for 6 weeks and as soon as he told you, you missed him already. He told you time would fly by and that 6 weeks would be over before you knew it but you knew those were just things to say, so you wouldn’t be so sad.

Along with the sweet but not-convincing-enough things Nate told you about time flying by, you had a little fun before he left since you obviously wouldn’t be able to while he was away. You had morning sickness the next day and were able to connect the dots a few days later, leading to your doctor’s appointment.

You had arrived just in time to hear the the announcer lady, announce the name of Nate and Sammy’s flight arriving and you got an anxious feeling in your stomach. You fiddled with the ultrasound pictures in you hands as you stood there watching people walk out of the terminal and greet their loved ones waiting for them.

When Nate’s face finally showed you smiled wide and ran up to him. He instantly recognized you and hugged you back, smiling into your neck. When he set you down he gave you a gentle kiss.

“I missed you so much.” You said.

“I missed you too, baby. How are you?” Nate questioned.

“I’m doing better now that you’re here.” You replied.

“See, I told you 6 weeks would fly by.” he said.

“It felt like 400 years.” you said hiding your face in his chest.

Nate kissed the top of your head and rubbed your back.

“Hey what about me?” Sammy whined.

You let go of Nate and walked over to Sammy giving him a quick squeeze as well.

“Babygirl, what’s that?” Nate questioned pointing to the pictures in your hand.

You looked down at the pictures flipping them over to look at them one more time, making sure that you wanted to go through with telling him.

“Actually, I have something to tell you.” You said standing in front of Nate and Sammy. Your stomach doing backflips.

“What?” They said in unison.

You held up the ultrasound pictures and flipped them over so they were facing Nate and Sammy. You smiled wide at them to show them your excitement.

“IM GOING TO BE A DAD?!?” Sammy yelled. Some people in the airport turning around and staring.

“Not you dumbass, I am.” Nate said smacking Sammy’s arm, making you laugh.

“I know. I know.” Sammy said rubbing his arm.

Nate took the pictures from your hand and examined them as Sammy stood over his shoulder examining them as well.

“This is amazing. I’m gonna be a dad.” Nate said grinning widely as he stared at the pictures in astonishment.

“I’m glad you think so.” You said.

“It’s going to be a boy. I know it.” Sammy said.

“I guess we’ll see in two months.” You said shrugging.

“Well I think it’s going to be a girl.” Nate argued.

“Boy. I’m betting on a boy.” Sammy said.

“I don’t need to bet because I already know.” Nate said.

You watched as Nate and Sammy looked at the ultrasound pictures, bickering over whether it’s a boy or girl. You can already tell you’re gonna have one crazy family. But that’s okay, you love them anyways.

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first fight

a/n: basically it’s your first fight with Luke since you’ve been dating.. (p.s. request are open so send them in!) 

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 You’ve been dating Luke for a year now and things with him were more than perfect. You two decided to get a small apartment together a few months ago but you two haven’t really lived together much due to touring but he has been home now for two weeks and you both we’re really laid back people so everything has been going smoothly. There has been a some bickering here and there but it’d be over small things like which cereal should you get next and why Luke would always leave the whole bathroom floor wet after a shower. 

Up until a few days ago when the tension in the apartment exploded and shit hit the fan. It all started one morning when Luke woke up late for an important meeting with his bandmates. 

“fuck, i’m gonna be so fucking late, i’m gonna be fucking late. fuck meeee!” 

 You giggled at him running around with just a towel around his waist in frustration trying to find some clothes to throw on together. You laid in bed scrolling through your phone when you saw Luke throwing clothes all around the room. 

“Luke wtf, you’re making a mess, what exactly are you looking for?” 

 “it’s not like the apartment’s clean anyway.. boxers y/n, i’m looking for clean boxers but it seems as if you haven’t done any laundry either? do you even do anything all day y/n?” 

what the hell was Luke’s problem, he has never spoken to you like that ever and it really has caught you by surprise and he seemed to have noticed. 

“what? can you at least help me look for some or something instead of just sitting there?” 

“fuck you Luke! It’s not my fucking fault you’re late, I’m not your mom to be waking you up or doing your laundry for you all the time!” with that you got up and left and slammed the door to let Luke know you were upset. 

You weren’t someone who’d easily get angry or upset but this really got to you because you were really trying to be a good girlfriend to Luke and he didn’t acknowledge it. You went into the laundry room and pulled out some boxers from the dryer and went back to your room to see Luke fixing his hair, you threw his boxers at him and left before he could say anything. 

You went into the kitchen to make Luke a quick breakfast before he left, even though you were still upset you couldn’t let him leave with an empty stomach. You made him some toast and coffee and set it on the counter so he’d take it on his way out. 

You were having a cup of coffee when he came into the kitchen and grabbed his breakfast, he came behind you to give you a hug but you pulled away and leaned on the counter sipping on your coffee. He furrowed his eyebrows as if he didn’t know why you were upset, and then leaned in to give you a kiss but you turned which ended in him kissing your cheek. He let out a deep sigh and left to meet the guys. You never let him leave with a kiss and an “i love you” but he needed to understand that he hurt your feelings. 

You finished your coffee and decided to clean the apartment top to bottom and do all the laundry and chores before Luke came back so he’d see that you actually do something while he’s away. A few hours later you had the house spotless, and laundry and dinner done. With an hour to spare you hopped in the bath and put on a sports bra and some booty shorts, just to tease Luke. You put on some Netflix and laid on the couch and waited for Luke to come home. 

You were dosing off when you heard Luke shut the front door slowly, you didn’t turn around and pretended to be too into the show to notice him come in. 

“hey babe, are you still upset with me?” he mumbled lowly 

“i’ll take the silence as a yes.” “here, i brought you some flowers and some ice cream..” you turned around to see him half smiling holding a bouquet of sunflowers in one hand and a bucket of rocky road in the other, he always knew they were your favorite. 

“i’ll go get your dinner ready” you say passing him as you go to the kitchen with him immediately following after you. He sets the flowers and ice cream on the table and leans on the counter watching you heat up the pasta you’d made for dinner. 

“im sorry for being a dick y/n, please don’t ignore me, i hate when you do that..” he says as he gets closer to you laying his hand on the small of your back. 

“i cleaned the house and did all your laundry so you won’t think i lay around the house all day Luke.” 

“stop y/n, i didn’t mean that, i was just angry because i was running late” 

“so you take it out on me? that’s very reasonable” you say setting the plates on the table and taking a seat in front of Luke. 

“i’m a dumbass y/n i know, sorry you have to put up with me but i love you so much for that, you’re amazing and i appreciate everything you do for me, i really don’t want you to be mad at me baby.” 

you look up from your plate to see his sad big blue eyes. you knew he didn’t mean to make you upset, he wasn’t an angry person so you couldn’t be mad at him for having one bad morning. 

“it’s fine Luke, i understand you just had a bad morning, but you have to watch who you take it out on cause you can hurt their feelings, and i love you too baby.” 

as you finished dinner, you took your ice cream to your bedroom to watch some netflix in bed. Luke followed and you two shared the ice cream. A few minutes into the show Luke started getting touchy and started rubbing your stomach while inching closer to you. he began kissing you up your arm and you booped his nose with the spoon to get him to stop. 

“hey, not so fast bub, you’re not getting any playtime tonight, i’m still a little upset so don’t get yourself too excited” you smirked as he let out a loud groan. You kissed his forehead and went back to enjoying the ice cream.

Luke Hemmings Imagine- Hockey Luke (requested)

Luke Hemmings Imagine – Hockey Luke (Requested)

It was the semi-championship game and Lucas was the captain of the hockey team. It was a really big deal to him so you made sure you could make it. When he was warming up he looked up at you every chance he got. He would have to biggest smile on his face and knowing he was nervous you were glad you go to support him and also calm him down. You were lucky that they had home and away jersey so you wore the opposite one every time he had a game.

You always Luke was nervous when he would just go off and talk to the coaches about the other team and what the stats were. It was a weird thing but then he would eventually get in trouble for not warming up and get yelled at to go warm up in which he rolled his eyes. You were nervous for today not only because it was the semi-championship and you would hope the team would make it farther but because you had some pretty big news to tell Luke. You were about 2 months pregnant and there was still no bump to show and you were hoping he would win so it would help lighten the mood when you two went out to dinner later.


The score was tied with 15 seconds on the clock and the puck was returned to the other team thinking that they would get the last goal. As the other team tries to get the clock to run out you see Ashton steal the puck skating down to the other side as fast as possible handing it to Calum who shoots with three seconds of the clock and scores leaving the team winning the game and you couldn’t be happier. The crowd roared as the team all came in a huddle around Calum raised their sticks in the air.

About an hour later Luke walked out of the locker room in his nice suit that he had to wear on game days and sweaty hair and stunk like no other, but you were now used too because you were just so used to smell by now. He kisses you on the lips and intertwines his hand with yours and walk towards his car. “Where do you want to eat?” He asks. You shrug your shoulder, “I don’t know, you decide.” You smile as he puts his smelly bag in the trunk of the car. “Nandos it is.” He closes the trunk opening your door before going over to the driver’s side heading to Nandos. “Man that last goal Cal made was absolutely incredible.” He laughs. “I know! I couldn’t believe it!” You smile. You couldn’t help but have your stomach turn at the fact of being so nervous about your pregnancy. You hoped he reacted well but just had that tiny gut feeling something would go wrong, I mean after all he is still your boyfriend, and not your husband.

You walk inside ordering your food and then go sit down at the booth. When you get your food in complete silence takes over as he devours his food being so hungry from the game.  When you two finish he throws the basket away and sits back down taking a sip of his soda. “Are you ready to go?” He asks. You swallow your food one last time before shaking your head yes. As he takes your hand and leads you two outside you stop him having him turn around. “Luke I need to tell you something.” You comment as his eyes get really big, “What? What is it baby?”

“I went to the doctors about 2 months ago and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to tell you this, but…” You pause looking into his and smiling. “Im pregnant.” He freezes there for a moment before laughing and smiling “I’m gonna be a dad?” He brushes his hands through his hair looking up and then looking back at you. You shake your head yes and he brings you into a hug. “I can’t believe this. This is amazing!” He smiles. “Im so glad you’re happy.” You muffle into his shoulder as he hugs you. “Why wouldn’t I be happy?” He asks. “Cause we’re only dating.” You look at him. “Yeah but we’ve been together for three years! I am so excited! I love you.” He contacts his lips with yours “I love you too.”