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BTS 4th army zip magazine unit interview: Suga + J-Hope

Q1:what do you think of  "SOPE" as your unit name?
Suga: Yes I like it.
J-Hope: I like it too, this is like the most suitable name for Suga & J-Hope unit.
Suga: after a lot of thought and consideration I came up with this unit name.

Q2: What was your impression of each other?
J-Hope: my first impression of suga hyung? he wore only undergarments the first time I saw him I’m shocked and speechless.

Q3: Have you guys thought of promoting as an official sub-unit?
J-Hope: seriously never thought of this, like how is this going to happen?
Suga: let things happen naturally, instead of making things happen let things happen intstead.

Q4: About your strengths and weaknesses
Suga: I received a lot of energy from Hobi. you can say that I’m the one who are more laid back and not so active while Hobi is active, the sunshine you must have in your life.
J-Hope: I am like a power bank, to recharge Suga hyung when he needs more energy.

Q5: How is it like when you are with J-Hope?
Suga: it feels like I can just stand there and do nothing,  Hobi’s bright personality changed me.

Q6: Suga said J-Hope is like his personal power bank, whenever he needs more energy, he will go to J-Hope.
J-Hope: (Suga) Just…a hyung that sits next to me? *laughs* seriously tho, when I’m with Suga hyung I can clear away those negative thoughts in my mind. (Suga: that’s right I’m like a human vacuum cleaner with high suction power to clean away your negative thoughts).

Q7: Other than music, what do you want to do together?
Suga: design clothes? figurines? Never mind then we should open up an exhibition
J-Hope: exhibition? ohhhhh sounds good.

Q8: Last question. what do you mean to each other?
Suga: like I said just now, Hobi is like a Xiaomi power bank, I need him when I need strength and more energy.
J-Hope: Suga hyung is…. (Suga: yes I’m a cleaner a vacuum cleaner). No, suga hyung is my everything!!

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me: takes gorgeously-laundered sheets out of the dryer

me: drops pillowcase on the floor without noticing

me: steps on it with my shoe’d foot

@zaytheczar replied to your post:“This white washing Boba Fett stuff is really getting to me. Like I’ve…”:

I dont want to come across as rude or anything, but imo its just a voice. Boba has been voice by many diffrent people, this is just another voice.

So I’ve been meaning to make a post about this lately and hadn’t had the chance to until now, so thank you for the reminder. I apologize in advance for my tone if I’m coming across as condescending, I really don’t mean to.

If we’re looking at it superficially, on its surface and in a vacuum, yes, it’s “just a voice.”  The problem is that we don’t exist in a social vacuum, and by extension neither does the choice of voice — especially for a franchise as large and as influential as Star Wars and Disney. They both have a global impact and reach, and as such also have the means and resources to find and locate better, more appropriate and fitting actors to fill roles.

I mention this because it both is and is not just a voice. Racism, historically, is built and maintained through both overt and covert actions, choices, policies, and so on. 

Why does that matter?

The choice to cast a well known white man to voice Boba Fett, a canonically brown man played by an indigenous actor of color from a historically disenfranchised population of people, what that choice is saying is that some voices are more acceptable, and worth more, than others.

It contributes to a continued historical precedence of erasing, and silencing, the literal voices of disenfranchised communities.

It is a choice that says what voices matter, whose voices are more “palatable,” whose voices are more acceptable, whose voices are worth hearing as compared to others.

Racism, and whitewashing, are not perpetuated through overt actions — they really can, and are, committed through the subtle (and not-quite-subtle) choices such as casting Jon Hamm as Boba Fett’s voice in a story that is first person perspective — which is an active choice that informs us, the audience, that Boba’s voice is white, or white sounding, rather than the voice he would and should have: an accented Maori man’s voice.

It’s playing into a safe route that isn’t so much safe as it is continuing to validate the subtle racism and discrimination that all people of color face when they speak english in an accented voice that says they aren’t “from here,” wherever “from here” might indicate to the recipient. 

And this? This is the kind of racial discrimination that is subtle, that is or can contribute to violence in a different way than it is in overt actions. It’s subtle, and it’s easy to miss, but to those of us who do speak with a noticeable accent, for those of us who do experience racism and racist micro-aggressions every day specifically because of our accents, because of our voices, it’s not any less racist, or offensive, or hurtful.

Let It Go

Anon request: Would U maybe write bucky angst inspired by Let it go - James Bay???

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: failed attempt at angst

Word Count: 2,368

Author’s Note: Hello! I hope I didn’t butcher the request too badly…I suck at writing angst, so enjoy my failed attempt LOL

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Y/N clutched her cup of hot chocolate and quietly sipped on the steaming liquid as she watched the pouring rain through the window. She leaned back into the wooden dining chair and sighed, her gaze never leaving the water droplets sliding down the glass. Seeing the gloomy weather outside brought a tiny smile to her face.

“Whose smart idea was it to go snowboarding?” Y/N grumbled as she fell on her bum for the eighth time that hour.

A loud laugh grabbed her attention and she turned to find the source of the mocking. Bucky held out his hand to her and she grabbed it, accepting the extra help. Once back up on her feet, Bucky began laughing at her snow-covered body again.  

“Stop laughing, I’m cold!” She whined as she brushed herself off. He muttered an unapologetic sorry before taking his fleece lined hat off and placing it on her head.

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{{ honestly if you’d said younger i’d have cried like SORRY CED U DO NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY TICK THAT BOX }}

//CED’S NOT EVEN JUST NORMAL OLDER, HE’S LIKE GODDAMN ANCIENT HISTORY so at this point he’s just gonna have to deal with being a perpetual cradle robber unless he can find someone that’s 3 skrillion years old like himself xD

Connection Chap Eighteen

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Connection.  Read Chap One here. Two. Three Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight.  Nine.  Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen.  Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen.

Sherlock x reader

Summary: an American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word count: 4631

Special thanks to my first beta, @prettyxlittlexwriter , thank you so much for curing my ridiculous nerves!


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Sherlock pulled his coat on as he jogged down the stairs of the aircraft scanning the tarmac for the car she was in earlier. “Where is she?”

Mary stared at him as she got to the bottom of the stairs and Sherlock spun around, “is this another drug induced…”

Sherlock finished his sweep of the tarmac and scoffed as he looked up the stairs where John just stepped out of the plane, “where is she? Why isn’t she here?”

John answered as he walked down, “she left before you even took off. She needed to grab something from the flat before heading back to your parents.”

“And you didn’t stop her?” Sherlock spun on his heel and strode over to the car John and Mary arrived in as they hustled behind him.

“Sherlock, hang on, explain.” John called as Sherlock jumped into the back seat.

He looked out and snapped, “I’ll explain on the way. Just get in the car. Please.”

John shared a glance with Mary before he looked over his shoulder and saw Mycroft finally descending the stairs of the plane with his phone pressed to his ear. John turned and watched Mycroft as he strode to his car with his head down fully immersed his conversation without even a look their way.

“John?” Mary called from the front passenger seat. John turned and shook his head at her concern then slipped into the back beside Sherlock who had already started talking about what he had confirmed during his drug-fueled mind palace raid.

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i am in so many mental illness groups / follow so many MI pages and i feel increasingly alienated from the framework most of them use. of course people have the right to interpret their own experiences how they see fit, but i don’t like how this entirely chemical/genetic model is extrapolated to be 100% of the truth of the ENTIRE psychological wellbeing of EVERY person and that medication is the ONLY thing to help people who are struggling. that’s not what any data says! 

of course no one should be shamed for taking medication, and criticizing people for taking medication is ignorant and bigoted. medication can save lives, and there should be no shame in taking it. but at the same time, although chemicals in the brain impact mood and thought processes, no one’s mind develops in a vacuum. yes, genetics play a role in whether a condition will develop and how it will play out. so does environment. so does social support or lack thereof. so does stigma. so does trauma. so does therapy. so do coping mechanisms. so does daily, lived, material reality. so do cultural values. so do the narratives a person internalizes about who they are and what they are capable of. 

“it’s just a chemical imbalance!” no. it’s not. and framing it that way does a huge disservice to immigrants, women, lgbtq people, trauma survivors, and all other communities disproportionately impacted by mental illness. frankly, it’s incredibly offensive and dangerous to frame this as though marginalized demographics are disproportionately born with “sick genes.” it also happens to be a very convenient way to shirk responsibility for making society less traumatizing.

there is of course some element of chance in whether an MI will develop, but there are also proven social factors. and though medication should be available  to people who will benefit from it, treating it as the sole way to help people who struggle with their mental health is at best misguided, and at worst a disavowal of our responsibility to each other as human beings to create a livable society.

1968 Dodge Charger R/T | Scott Crawford

Thanks irkurt, I bought this Charger in high school for 1500.00 back in 1977 (I think I was making 2 dollars an hour) It’s all original including the engine, interior, vinyl top, and paint and I am definitely not afraid of scorching the tires now and again. Ditto on the scratches and dents and yes occasionally the vacuum might not hold the door covers. I agree those were pretty amazing times. :-)

okay okay I’m going to leave it to someone else to do an actual rebuttal because I am so tired but “Enjolras’ rebellion helped nobody” no, incorrect, please stop right there, friend.

revolution does not exist in a vacuum; yes, the June Rebellion failed, but even failed revolutions bring about the future. the June Rebellion did help people; yes, at a grave cost and not right away, but it did help pave the way for future revolutions. even failed revolutions inspire action, and knowing that there are people who so willingly gave up their life for a brighter future will always inspire people to do the same. 

every revolution brings about change, which is why people are willing to put their lives on the line even with the knowledge that they very well may fail. they know they costs; they know the risks, but they don’t care because no matter the outcome, it has changed something. revolution that works towards a brighter future is always worth the cost.



*nervously adjusts saleswoman suit* hello there ma'am yes i’m here to ask if you would be interested in buying this vacuum

that’s right

yes it’s an absolute vacuum, no matter in it whatsoever, it is an infinite howling gulf and it can be yours for $39.99