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I was thinking of immortality, and reincarnation… and viktuuri

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Viktor gracefully weaves through the crowd, his sole focus the crop of black hair that pauses just ahead. He skids to a stop, very nearly slamming right into him as he turns to blink in his confusion. 

“Uh…” Yuuri glances around the crowd surrounding them. He lifts a hand, turning a pointed finger toward his chest. “Yes? Was it… were you shouting to me?" 

"Of course!” Viktor claps Yuuri on the shoulder, pointedly ignoring the way it makes him jump and lean away. “I’ve finally found you!" 

"Found me?” Yuuri wipes his hands on his pants, his eyes darting every which way. “I’m really thinking you might have the wrong person. How do you know my name? We… I don’t think we’ve met." 

"Oh, we have,” Viktor assures him with a smile. He expects this, ignores the painful way his heart clenches as he sticks out a hand. “And if you’ve forgotten, well… I’ll reintroduce myself. Viktor Nikiforov." When Yuuri hesitantly extends his hand, Viktor snatches it and brings it to his lips. "Yuuri Katsuki, it’s a pleasure to remake your acquaintance." 

As he drops Yuuri’s hand, his own instinctively rises, extending toward Yuuri’s cheek. The desire to brush his fingers over the smooth, flushed skin is so overwhelming that Viktor nearly gives in. Until he remembers his place and his hand falls back to his side. 

"Viktor Niki…” Yuuri stares at him, rubbing a hand across his chin in thought. “That name… isn’t that the name of a famous figure skater from a long time ago?" 

Viktor’s lips twitch, his heart racing at the thought that maybe, just maybe he’ll figure it out. 

"Your parents must’ve been big fans." 

"Ah,” Viktor chuckles, smiling past the pain he won’t allow himself to acknowledge. “Yes, very big fans. Yuuri?" 

Yuuri blinks. "I’m… it’s strange when you call my name. I’m still pretty sure you’re looking for someone else." 

"I’m only ever looking for you,” Viktor replies softly, taking Yuuri’s hand and guiding him away from the crowd. He hears Yuuri spluttering his confusion behind him and whips around to ask, “Do you skate?" 

"Do I–?” Yuuri’s eyes widen. “Ice skate, you mean? Oh no,” He shakes his head, rubbing his nape with a shaky laugh. “If only I could. I’m not nearly coordinated enough. I mean, I can’t even step on the ice without falling on my– well, you get what I mean. I just–”

Viktor tightens his grip on Yuuri’s hand. “What do you do, Yuuri?” He leans closer. “What is your passion?" 

"My passion? My…” Yuuri turns his face away from the intensity of Viktor’s stare, watching the people pass by. “I want to be a composer. I’ve been trying to find the right theme for my music. Something that will astonish everyone, make everyone feel something." 

Viktor feels his heart skip a beat. Music… of course. Yuuri has always had an innate ability to create music, one way or another. He watches as Yuuri’s eyes sparkle with the same determination Viktor was familiar with in another lifetime. 

"You’re still so beautiful, it’s disarming,” Viktor breathes aloud, the reality of it all hitting him at once. Yuuri stands in front of him. The same Yuuri. His Yuuri. He may not know it yet, not know what he means to Viktor, but he will. 

Yuuri’s face turns a bright red and he immediately tries to pull his hand away, stammering unintelligible words in a manner that’s more endearing to Viktor than it had ever been before. 

Because he’s missed it. 

“Love,” Viktor finally cuts through Yuuri’s rambling. “Your theme should be love." 

Yuuri falls silent, finally lifting his head to meet Viktor’s intense gaze head on. The recognition sparks in his eyes, if only for a moment, and Yuuri draws in a sharp, soft breath of realization. 

"Love…” he repeats. Viktor feels Yuuri’s grip tighten. “Thank you so much, Viktor” A brilliant smile breaks across his face. “Love is… that’s it. That’s what I’m looking for." 

Viktor smiles back. Me too.


a bunch of doobles I’ve done over the past few weeks regarding Sombra, from the first leak of her design onwards. QUITE NSFW under the cut, thar be boobies.

let me play her already Blizzard I want to play her and write her and make her my main forever and ever she is beautiful leT ME PLAY HER PLS BLIZZARDDD.


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My arm is getting bigger, or something?

                                                                   PENNED BY LORI    /    CRED

i forgot how much i really loved this book 

me on a date

me: so…have you ever read Lord of the…

date: Rings? Oh my god, that series is absolutely amazing, the characters are so on point and the land building is extraordinary. Ooo, not to mention the movies are fantastic and I am such a big Tolkien fan, I am such an elf at heart…

me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: sorry I just remembered that I left the fire on at my house and the entire place will catch in flames and I will sharpen a stick at both ends just for you sucks to your assmar


Okay, I know this scene has been giffed into the afterlife, but there are some things we just don’t talk about enough. Like, we flail for days about Marcus’ dumb lil grin and how he holds her and takes her face in his hands but I have yet to see discussion of that top right gif - Abby Griffin, nemesis-turned-tentative-friend of Marcus Kane at that point, wakes up, sees that it’s him, and is relieved (the tiny upturn of her brows there ruined me for days, y’all)

And then he tucks her into his shoulder, and what does she do? Presses her goddamned cheek against his bare, sweaty, heaving chest. 

Yes…… yes, this is exactly how two people who have always hated each other  would behave. 


There was never a time these two meant more to each other than just being opposing colleagues. 

(I’ll let you in on a secret: there absolutely was.)

160311 GOT7 V App - Jinyoung comforting and restraining Jackson during his outburst at JYP for not including any of his songs in the Flight Log: Departure album


Okay these two were literally made for each other so…



“Why does my chest hair smell of Pantene Pro-V 2-in-1 shampoo.”

“Because I washed it with Pantene Pro-V 2-in-1 shampoo while you were unconscious.”

“Would you care to explain why you would do such a thing?”

“Seemed like the thing to do at the time. It was all tangled…”



“If you’re going to do it again–”

“You think I’m going to wash your chest hair again even though you’ve recovered?”



“You may find you’ve grown accustomed to the routine.”


“As I was saying, if you’re going to do it again, I would prefer you use the appropriate products.”

“You want me to condition your chest hair with something from France that costs $60 a bottle, don’t you?”


“I’m probably not going to do that.”

“But you will at least consider it.”

“Maybe… Yes.”