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Work Comes Home - Part 2

Summary: You work for the company that publishes Hamilton: The Revolution. You meet Lin-Manuel at work and who knows what will happen?

Words: 2426

Author’s Note: Thank you to everyone who enjoyed part 1! It’s crazy, I didn’t even think I would need to write a second part, but I’m glad I did. Enjoy! Please let me know of any mistakes or errors, I’m not the best at editing my own work. (I will openly state, I am Canadian so some words may or may not be spelt different from American English. If people are really fussy about it, I can go in and change them but for now just accept the extra ‘U’s and whatever else.)

Disclaimer:  I know the timeline is not at all accurate to when the Hamilton book was actually released and important dates/holidays. But just go with it :) artistic liberties and what not.

Warnings: Some swearing. 


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Links to all the stories I’ve posted so far. I’ll try to update once in a while. And let this be a warning to you all: I write fluff. Everything’s fluff. Most of what I write is fluff. Fluffier than a goose feather pillow. Because this is how I cope when reality gets harsh: I write things that makes me smile. 

But sometimes the darkness in my brain leaks onto the paper. I’m sorry about that.

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lovelyholyangel  asked:

Hi! So I really like your meta. You seem pretty convinced that destiel is going to be canon, but I'm still having doubts. I'm just wondering, how are you so sure it will happen? I'm a destiel supporter, but I have lost faith in it ever going canon.

Hey! Thank you! I am trying my best to actually put my film degree to good use! Though I am still slightly rusty and less eloquently with words than some of the amazing blogs on here. But thank you :)

Well, I’ll be honest I wasn’t Destiel positive at all prior to this episode. I think I had a spike of hope after 11x10 because as soon as they began this Casifer arc I knew that the outcome would be an emotional climax for the main characters, Cas especially. But I wasn’t sure how exactly they were planning to run with it on Dean’s side since we haven’t had much evidence from Dean’s POV that couldn’t be explained away before. Certainly we have had no evidence from Dean prior to this episode that his feelings may be romantic (or at least, different to his feelings for Sam.) There has always been the subtext of course, and the symbolism hidden within the mise-en-scene for us to pick out and analyse to our hearts content. But textually we have had zero to go on with Dean.

I still think they put just enough in there to keep it ambiguous. The text often supports a Destiel reading as a side reading, with a main and more obvious reading sitting on top of it which is the one picked up most commonly by the general viewer. For example the final scene in 11x14.

That scene on the pier still pisses me off. A lot of people (myself included) tried so hard to make the Cas reading the main reading. It SHOULD be the main reading after all. Even ignoring the subtextual ‘romantic implications’ of Dean and Cas’ relationship, you’d think the guy would be majorly broken up about his best friend being possessed by the devil, and he was, of course he was. BUT they just HAD to go and lay another layer over the top of the ‘dean is upset because of Cas’ moment. They had to make the actual long shot where his voice cracks and he is close to tears about the submarine. To the extent that a lot of the people from that other side of fandom that I call the ‘dark side’ laugh in glee and use it to explain Dean’s emotions fully and also use it as an example of ‘Dean not giving a fuck about Cas’. This irritates me greatly of course because it just isn’t true. But the show should not be giving us any reading that validates that skewered opinion at all.

I don’t understand why the show continues to do things like this. They continue to lay several readings on top of each other to hide anything that might actually imply Destiel. The Destiel reading is always there in the narrative. It is not difficult to find if you look for it, but you always have to look past the main reading. The reading that a general viewer, blinded by heteronormativity and with no prior knowledge of Destiel would see.

I have often said (to myself rather than openly) that once the Destiel reading becomes the main reading, (the more obvious reading and the easiest way to explain a scene that is) then the show is taking it canon. For me, I saw that in 11x18. This episode clearly demonstrated the differences between how Sam and Dean view Cas and what he means to each of them. So much so, that they actually down played Sam and Cas’ relationship in order to make Dean’s relationship with Cas seem more important. Dean’s behaviour and emotional reactions in this scene would not make sense if you didn’t view it from a Destiel perspective. All you have to ask yourself if you doubt the Destiel reading here is say ‘what would I be thinking about this moment if Cas was a woman?’ and BINGO. It is suddenly clear as day that Dean is in love. Sam is not. Sam acts differently. This was all about Dean and Cas.

The problem is, this was one episode. One episode written by writers who are not known for their subtlety. Structurally from a story writing perspective the only way forward now is up, to go where the story takes them to quote Jeremy Carver and Bob Singer here. However, the writers of this show don’t always go in the right direction. We have been speculating for years on how the story seemed to be leading in a certain way (reverse angel fall spell, Castiel’s grace cure for the mark, Castiel as Colette parallel…) they never seem to bring those stories to a satisfying end, often leaving plot holes in their wake (the broken veil) and story resolutions that don’t make sense (Rowena’s spell for the mark’s cure) because they seem to come out of left field and not fit in with the symbolism given to us by the show throughout the prior season. (because the symbolism and subtext almost always points to Destiel anyway).

And why is that? Imagine you are a showrunner of a long running fantasy genre show. You want your show to go out with a bang when it finally comes to its end, and you have one BIG story up your sleeve that you wanna save for that final showdown. The writers have one storyline that they don’t wanna use up on just another season when it is being saved for the GRAND FINALE. Yes, this particular story is a bit of a cliché, used regularly in film and television and has been engrained in the human conscience since humans started telling stories. The most common of all common tropes. The most powerful force in the universe, able to defeat all evil and save our heroes from whatever darkness they face. Shall I start singing Frankie Goes To Hollywood now or…??

Since season 8 began, each mytharc plot has had an alternate resolution to the one shown in the show. The one that came closest to that alternate resolution was in season 8 when Dean broke through Cas’ brainwashing with his ‘I need you’. They have set the paving stones down throughout each season for that alternate resolution to make sense should they choose it. The only reason they haven’t chosen it, is because the series keeps getting renewed.

After all, using the power of love resolution more than once and your show starts to look like Disney’s back catalogue. They are saving it. I am very close to thinking it may actually be used at the end of this season to establish a DeanCas partnership that going into season 12 becomes a background story to a main brothers story where the show instead focusses on the three of them developing a healthy relationship and actually sorting out all the other crap they have left open via plot holes (plus I think Lucifer will escape somehow and be the finale big bad AND I think they are gonna explore this Grand Coven story and develop the world of the Men of Letters – but this is pure speculation).

TL:DR: Ultimately, I see Destiel going canon as a logical resolution to the current mytharc story. It makes the most sense, however, the show could still resolve this story and keep Destiel in the subtext. They could. They might do this. Its more likely knowing these writers that this IS the option they take. It will be really bloody annoying, but they just love keeping things ambiguous. I can’t guarantee Destiel. None of us can. We can be positive and hopeful, even though we know we have been burned by the show before. I would say cautious optimism is the best way forward at this point. Don’t assume canon Destiel is a definite. It never has been and it never will be until the writers actually decide “fuck it – this could really put Supernatural on the map as being one of the most progressive shows on mainstream television to date. Just think of the publicity for season 12!

I understand why a lot of people have lost faith. I don’t want to encourage people to start believing in canon Destiel again since I could very well be wrong. It’s just that it is the most logical resolution to this story.

This became an essay. Sorry. It’s hard to keep such an answer short when my mind is so consumed with thinking about this 24/7! Thank you so much for asking me for my thoughts on this though! I hope that this answered your question and maybe gave you a little faith at least in the fact that Castiel and Dean are heading for a point where they have a healthier relationship I think, even if it remains platonic. 

Let Me Show You

Dean Winchester entered the Bunker’s library, his socked feet padding quietly across the floor. Castiel’s eyes trailed up Dean’s body, pausing briefly at his sagging shoulders before moving on to analyze his exhausted face. Castiel was almost always struck breathless by the sight of him through human eyes. Before he had lost his grace removing the attack dog spell, he had only seen Dean’s soul. It was bright and beautiful, but slowly dimming. Now, he saw a pair of tired green eyes blinking at him from above freckled cheekbones and well, as far as humans go, Dean was the most beautiful Castiel had ever seen.

“Could we have a talk?” Dean wondered, hitching his pants up and collapsing into the chair across from Cas.

Cas’ heart seized mid beat. “Are you going to tell me I have to leave again?” He couldn’t forget leaving the Bunker the first time he was human. Cold, alone, penniless… And heartbroken. He had seen a glimmer of hope that Dean could care for him, and it had all faded in the instant he was told to leave.

“No. Um, about that… Buddy, I’m sorry.” Dean’s brow creased into a look of remorse as he avoided eye contact.

It had taken everything Dean Winchester had in him to reach this moment, Castiel was well aware of that. He could read it on his face, see it in his posture. Dean had half assed apologies before. Then the words had flowed easily from his mouth, followed quickly by some form of admittance that he and Sam needed help.

Castiel shifted in his seat, watching Dean’s profile stare blankly ahead. “You’re sorry? That’s all? You don’t need me for anything?”

Dean sighed, and ran his hand over his mouth. “Listen, Cas, I… I’ve been wrong,” he clapped his hand on his thigh, nervously rubbing the fabric of his jeans.

Castiel sat tensely, silent and waiting.

“There’s nothing out there anymore. The Darkness is gone, the demons have been scared straight to hell, and the Angels have gone back to Heaven. We’ve got some salt and burns here and there…”

“What are you getting at Dean?” Castiel asked, impatience rising in his voice.

“Ah,” Dean cleared his throat. “Remember that time I said I needed you. That you’re family?”

Castiel nodded. How could he forget looking down at Dean’s bloodied face cradled in his hand?

“I got distracted from that, but… I still mean it,” Dean choked out his words in a barely audible whisper.

Castiel watched the outward effects of Dean’s internal crisis play across his worn face. “You mean you still need me? You still need me despite the fact that I am of no use to you?”

Dean shot from his chair, hands clenched into white knuckled fists at his side. “Damn it, Cas! Of course I need you!”

Castiel looked at Dean with an unmoved expression, “why?”

Dean’s face flushed red, and his jaw protruded in frustration. “Because– because… Fuck, I can’t do this.” Dean turned in attempt to storm away, but was stopped when Castiel’s hand wrapped around his forearm.

“No.” Castiel now stood, stern expression setting his features. “You can do this. You look at me, and tell me– Why do you need me, Dean?”

Dean dipped his head downward, rubbing his free hand over the back of his neck. He muttered something that Castiel couldn’t decipher.

“I can’t hear you.”

Dean grunted, “damn it…” He paused, and the next words he said came out in a half scream, “I said because I love you!”

Castiel’s hand immediately dropped lamely to his side from where he held Dean’s arm. He stared wide eyed like a deer caught in headlights. His eyes roamed over Dean’s face, as Dean did the same. “Why should I believe that?” Cas finally ventured

“You shouldn’t. I’ve never given you reason to believe me, but I’ll show you…. Please, Cas, let me show you,” Dean was pleading now, desperation reading plain across his furrowed brow and mouth that had drawn into a taut line.

“You’ve got much to prove, Dean…” Castiel whispered, eyes moving away from dean’s tormented expression to focus on something just over his shoulder.

“I know. Um, Cas?”


“Could we… Could we try something?”

Was Dean being timid? Castiel had never seen this trait in the man in front of him before.

“Of course.”

Then there was a trembling hand reaching up to fall into Cas’ neck, but even with his limited experience Castiel knew what was coming. He closed his eyes, and a hot, anxious breath dampened his lips before Dean’s were on them.

There was nervous tension at first, but it seemed to melt away as Dean drew closer to Castiel’s body and his free hand came to rest on the small of the former angel’s back. Like it always should have been Castiel’s lips began to move effortlessly against Dean’s until their breaths had evaded them.

Neither one of them was sure who broke away first, but they both knew that particular moment had been in the works for years. They both knew it was right.

“Of course I’ll let you show me, Dean,” Castiel smiled and pulled Dean into a warm embrace.

This Life of Ours: Chapter One


Pairings: Felicity Smoak/Oliver Queen/Tommy Merlyn, all the permutations thereof

Rated: M for now, will be E

Summary:  There’s nothing Oliver Queen won’t do to change his sister’s fate. Living his life under the thumb of his mob-boss mother, he’s sacrificed his soul for the Family name. To protect his sister’s innocence, he travels to Russia to enlist the help of Felicity Smoak. With her by his side, and long-time friend and past-lover Tommy Merlyn at his back, Oliver will seek to dismantle the criminal empire that has plagued his city, and maybe rediscover love along the way.

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