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also, casual reminder that when we say tony is a “futurist” we’re not only talking about how he visualizes disaster scenarios, we’re also talking about how no matter how god damn terrible things are in the present, he still believes in working towards a better future, that’s like. the entire point

when people think of dreamers they usually think of people with perpetually bright thoughts and what have you, but the truth about dreamers is that they live in the real world where they have to watch their dreams being crushed, and where they have to deal with the possibility that their dreams might be crushed. tony is an absolute dreamer, and that’s exactly why he’s so vulnerable to disappointment, and the fascinating thing about him is that even when he seems disheartened, even when he argues the entire future is fucked and the only solution is for him to sell his life and/or soul to save it – he is still trying to save it

this is actually really deep and i don’t even know if i’m expressing it well because i’m overwhelmed by the thought but like, what i’m saying is that so many people treat tony’s grayest decisions as this act of “giving up” on looking for a “good” solution – which is not an inaccurate assessment – but the other side of that coin is that he’s one of very few heroes who are willing to do things they cannot live with in order to save the future

tony doesn’t just hope for a better future, he bets his entire soul on the mere possibility that there might be one and that he can help bring it about even when present circumstances spell out disaster

tony doesn’t just dream, he dreams so much he accepts to remove himself from his own dreams if it means that the dream will live on without him tony dreams so much he is willing to never be happy, never find peace, if it means that his dream – that other people will have these things in the future – lives on

that’s the ultimate “futurist tony” joy and tragedy, tony put his faith in something he will never see or touch, by definition – the future – so there’s no resting in the present, it’s just this fight for constant improvement, it’s just living with a mental system that offers more obvious punishments than lasting rewards – anxiety/stress/paranoia over inner peace – but at the same time, no matter how bad things are, nothing can actually take the future away, even if he’s not there to see it, even if he’s not personally happy in it, tony found that dream that nothing could take away from him – nothing except his alcoholism, which led him to run away and give up trying (”i’m celebrating the end. the living end. the end of living.” / “i guess i’m dying. i guess it doesn’t matter. i guess i don’t care.” / “if i could do what i’ve done – if i could help this sickness i’ve got destroy me – then i’m not worth saving. then life has no meaning anyway.”) – and after aliens and cataclysmic scenarios and tons of deadly, otherworldly things, it’s the alcoholism that cut him the deepest, it’s the utter lack of hope, it’s why his “demon in a bottle” choice wasn’t simply between addiction and sobriety, recklessness and responsibility, it was “the drink or the dream?”

and he chose the dream and the dream is his ability to keep hoping

tony stark put his faith in having hope and that’s why he’ll always be tormented and that’s why his peace will always be under attack but that’s also why he’ll always bounce back and keep dreaming because hope is something that blooms in adversity and uh oh uh oh oh no i fucking love tony stark

Seokjin: aren’t you little too old to be dressing up as a pikachu and playing video games?
Jungkook: aren’t you a little to old to be alive?
Taehyung: yes is this 911? I have just witnessed a murder

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what if draco had died in the battle of hogwarts? what if his mother found his body after lucius had been hauled off, after she'd been searching and shaking for hours? what would happen when she finally sees her son, his white hair plastered to his even paler face with blood, and she just breaks? narcissa malfoy, just woman who seemed to hold such a poker face, shatters. her face crumples. her son, the only thing that matters, died fighting for a cause she never wanted him to be involved with.