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Even Bech Nӕsheim. Oh, fuck you, I’m already crying. Okay. Stop looking at me like that and let me talk. You are… the best thing in my life. You have taught me so much. You have given me the love that I never expected, the love that I didn’t think I’d ever find, and you have shown me how to love someone back. And in this minute, in this universe and in every parallel one, I am fucking in love with you, because you are the only person who can make me laugh and make me cry, and you are the only person who loves me and understands me and supports me and you are the fucking man of my life, goddamn it, and I’ve known that ever since I was seventeen and you kissed me in some random stranger’s pool. You’ve changed my entire life. You have made me happier than I’ve ever been, sadder than I’ve ever been, angrier than I’ve ever been, and you have made me a better person. I love you more than anything I’ve ever known. And, yeah, in this minute, we’re getting fucking married. So. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, I love you, Even Bech Nӕsheim, and I always will. Fuck. Oh, shit. Everybody, I’m sorry for swearing so much, and also for crying. Okay. Your turn.

Isak Valtersen. Out of all the movies I’ve made you watch, and all the ones that exist, our love story is the most beautiful that I’ve ever known. You always say that love at first sight is bullshit, but I saw you on the first day of school and just knew that we’d be here one day. Getting married in front of our families and friends. In tuxes - and, might I add, you look really fucking hot right now. Sorry. That made you laugh, though, so I regret nothing. But I have loved you for my entire life, and everything fell into place when I saw you, like all the parallel universes lined up in that minute. I loved you when I didn’t know you existed, I loved you from across the courtyard at Nissen, and smoking weed on my windowsill, and with pink streaks on your face, and snapbacks and omelettes and cabin trips and morning breath and everything you’ve done, everything you’ll do. I am so, so proud of you. I am proud to know you. I am proud to love you. And I will remind you of that every single day for the rest of our lives. You mean everything to me. Thank you. I love you. And I can’t wait to call you my husband.

((OOC: Has anyone ever bought the Viktor Nikiforov wig from ‘The Five Wits’? It looks good but I’m sceptical because I potentially want to use it for cons as well as online RP… I’m literally only adding this gif to catch people’s attention and because it makes me happy 😂))

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Me: *logs into FB for the first time in a week or so* What’s going on in the Ignis Appreciation Group today
FB: welcome back, just thought you’d like to be reminded of the time you were blonde and wore things outside of your work uniform!
Me: … k see, now you’re depressing me again FB *logs out* geezus I want my life back NAO

Baking 101

A prompt from the darling @alecsplushpillow​:  what about malec baking together? Like.. just casually trying to make a bday cake for izzy and they’re both idiots when it comes to baking. So it all ends in a mess and flour war and frosting kisses and they Finally end up buying a cake? 😂💕

“How do you not know how to do this?” Alec sighed in exasperation as he surveyed the counter in front of him like it was a battlefield.

Magnus twirled on the spot, eying the other man with a cool expression. “I don’t appreciate the accusation. You don’t know what you’re doing either.”

Alec balked. “I’m not hundreds of years old!”

“Alec, just because I have been alive for centuries does not mean I’ve ever wasted my time on such frivolous things. I have magic for that.” Magnus picked up the can of frosting and eyed it suspiciously.

“Wha- why did you say we had to make it ourselves, then? You could just magic one up!”

“No no no, I said that you should make it yourself. I’m just here for moral support.” He patted his boyfriend on the shoulder and stepped carefully around the counter space, placing the frosting down between them.

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random thought: my villain academia. it’s like my hero academia but kids are trained to become the world’s greatest villains. and there’re mostly kids from the families of villains but the main character is a son of a powerful hero. so all the other kids laugh at him and look down on him but!!!!!! he will overcome all difficulties!!!!!!! and prove everyone that he’s able to become the most terrifying villain ever!!!!!!!