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Magnus being very much not okay after what happened to him.

Batman is gay

I just realized even when Batman first came out people thought he was gay. I mean, he and Joker did have some pretty spicy moments. The creators were so desperate to make him straight that they attempted to make him a love interest. Batwoman. She was disliked and in later comics was a lesbian. So now I’m just imagining Batwoman coming back to Bruce because she need to save her girlfriend or something and Robin and all the sidekicks freak out because she’s been out of the business forever. Imagining her being batmom is adorable. To top it off, Joker sees them, and gets super jealous. Then Batwoman proceeds to be like, “Me? I’m super gay. Even if I wasn’t- Batman? Really?! Nah, he’s all yours. He obsesses over you and dedicates almost every moment to you.” Then she winks to a facepalming Batman. Then wingwomen Harley show up and is all like, “FINALLY! Someone else gets it!” Because in original and some more recent comics, Harley is gay with Poison Ivy and is Joker’s gay best friend and sidekick.

So to sum it up: I want Batwoman and Harley to be gay best friends/wingwomen to Batman and Joker.

there he is, that space defending dude keith


poor jun

  • Percy: I know what the big question is; did Annabeth and I ever get married? Well I’m pleased to tell you that after years and years of asking and asking and asking… I finally said yes.
  • Annabeth: Seaweedbrain...
  • Percy: Alright, I asked her.

i knew i would be doing this the very moment i realized this tamatoa tuesday happens to be on valentine’s day

credit to the people who sent the ideas for these are in the captions! y’all are the best

I often find myself wondering if Jake is okay :/
(ALSO, @richardgoranski Because i legitimately just saw you would love to be tagged in BMC art in general, so here ya go buddy) 

Fives is Graceful and Clumsy AF

He either stumbles like a newborn foal

or is as smooth as flowing water.

There is no in-between. Seriously, look at this nerd. Flawless execution.

Fumbling dweeb.

He can dodge blasters like a pro

but can’t stay on his feet.

Do a barrel roll!

Even when he does land on his feet, he kind of flops over and needs help standing.

His close-range coordination is abysmal (baby where are you aiming exactly?). But he doesn’t always get decked in the face.

Sometimes he’s tripped and then gets decked in the face (he really needs to stop trying to punch commando droids).

He has better aim with his feet

except when he doesn’t

DO NOT TELL ME HE TRIPPED CUZ OF THE EXPLOSION he was well on his way to face-planting even before the detonator went off. Someone protect this panicky dork.

Bonus: “Deadeye” Hardcase taking care of Business™ while Fives flails like a drunken nuna.

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Ink and Kisses

Anon said to moi:

“Omg i want a tattoo artist jungkook!!!!!! 😭😩 smut/fluff/and honestly anything!!!! I just love tattoos artists jungkook but there aren’t alot of those fanfic…. can u help a poor girl out ??💖”

FIRst time trying a Tattoo artist AU. I had to do some reading before this, and JK is sO sexy i s2g. Still weird that I don’t really ever feel like doing the do with him. HOPE YOU ENJOY <3 1,400 Words

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Tattooist au!

Part 1 | Part 2 (FINAL)

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No one would have ever imagined that hardcore badass Jeon Jungkook, the most well-known tattoo artist in the town, the guy who dropped out to follow his passion, was best friends with beautiful, sweet, top-scoring university student, Y/N. 

Physically, they seemed to be polar opposites. He had dragons inked onto his skin, three piercings on his left ear and two on his right, and always wore black; whilst you were a bright, clean slate – but you knew that was what he loved about you.

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Rereading the Hammer of Thor has made me realize that I am exactly like Magnus Chase because: 

  • Can’t deal with ppl being annoying 
  • Would probably much rather run away from a giant trying to kill me than face it head on 
  • Would have my sword tell Thor the “plan” to get his hammer back and proceed to hide behind it 
  • Is confused about everything 
  • Often thinks about strangling some people who are overall rude 
  • Is in love with Alex Fierro 
  • Would try to avoid anything to the death at Hotel Valhalla
  • Would protect my friends with my life
  • A healer, not a fighter
  • Eats unhealthy amounts of my favourite foods
  • Is in love with Alex Fierro
  • Has horrible luck
  • Doesn’t rlly give a care about ur race/gender/sexuality/religion
  • Is not one of the “cool kids”
  • Is confused about my own sexuality
  • Is not afraid to admit that I am a huge dork and acknowledges it
Kuroshitsuji American AU:

Everything is the same except:

  • All messages are delivered by bald eagles.
  • Or the Pony Express.
  • William is SUPER AMERICAN
  • And goes by Bill.
  • Ronald’s scythe is a John Deere.
  • Grell’s is a Ditch Witch.
  • William’s is a weedwhacker.
  • Instead of his long weird top hat, Undy wears a giant floppy cowboy hat.
  • Instead of heels, Grell wears cowboy boots.

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Wow, so, I just made the realization that Hinata and Minami have the same voice actor. (It was an ordeal let me tell you)

Then of course my crazy brain decides to make this connection?!?! 

Insane. Both of them are such sweet, energetic, balls of encouragement. I can’t even deal. Minami literally channels Hinata’s excitement times 1,000. (Er…times 30,000?)