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Yes hi hello I will give you all the brownies and fluffy blankets I have for a story about Peter please

well, the bitty bug isn’t around much–i understand he has school stuff and also spends most of his time fighting a hilarious menagerie of animal-themed villains–but i was around the first time he met most of the avengers. tony had everyone show up in the common room so he could introduce us. 

parker’s great, but let me tell you, that kid has absolutely no chill. i mean, he can fake it for about thirty seconds, and then he goes full fanboy mode. the introduction to steve was roughly 50/50 ‘sorry about the shield thing’ and ‘can you sign everything i own please.’ he shook hands with thor and the whole time his face was clearly going ‘i did not know they made people this big,’ and that was promptly followed by absolute terror when meeting natasha. smart kid. 

he pretty obviously had no idea who clint was, and sam started snarking him right off the bat. but i guess scott had told him about how they’d first met, so peter had some snappy comebacks about who exactly wins in a fight between a bird and a bug, which i thoroughly enjoyed. 

and then tony introduced him to dr banner, and parker got so flustered about meeting “one of the greatest scientists of our era” that he accidentally turned on his sticky hands and could not turn them off. which is a thing he has i guess?? all i know is that an awkwardly enthusiastic handshake got pretty hilarious when peter realized how long he’d had hold of bruce’s hand and tried to yank his hand back. because peter has superstrength and sticky hands.

and dr banner does not. 

(at least not as himself, anyway.)

so peterbird yanked his hand back, and poor dr banner was yanked forward, and the two of them toppled over. and then they tried to get up, but their hands were still stuck together–and peter had tried to brace dr banner when they fell, so his left hand was stuck to bruce’s chest. so mostly they were just flopping around on the carpet like landed fish. peter was apologizing so much im shocked that he didnt asphyxiate, and dr banner was trying not to laugh at him. 

the rest of us were cackling like lunatics, and tony was being quite offended that peter hadn’t geeked out about meeting him.

it was a pretty good first impression.  

dating peter parker and being tony stark's daughter would include:

ok so i kind of went overboard with this hahaha but i really enjoyed writing it!! also if this doesn’t focus enough on tony i’m sorry I GOT SO CARRIED AWAY WITH THE IDEA OF BOYFRIEND!PETER I APOLOGIZE kfndkdkdk. send me more of these cute headcanon ideas!!

— being properly introduced one day when you were at the tower doing homework on a sofa
— your dad coming in with his hand around peter’s shoulder, talking to him about germany
— you obviously know about all of the avengers stuff so you’re not too surprised
— he didn’t realize you were there listening to their conversation until you cleared your throat and stood up
— “oh, uh, hi y/n. y/n, meet peter parker. also known as spider-man.”
— “PETER PARKER? you’re spider-man? oh my god!!!”
— he was in a couple of your classes and you’d talked briefly but you never imagined that he could be the famous hero
— an awkward handshake ensued
— after your dad & him left, you couldn’t stop thinking about him

— peter started coming over to the tower more and more often, half because of his training and half because he wanted to see you
— doing homework and studying for tests together since you were in the same grade & both went to midtown
— soon it became a routine for peter to come over every wednesday & friday night

— after a while of doing this he finally got the courage to ask you on a proper date
— you said yes, but told him that you would probably have to sneak around your dad
— he didn’t want to upset tony, but he would do anything to spend more time with you :-)))))

— your first date was to midtown high’s school fair
— him buying tickets in advance and everything even though you said it wasn’t necessary
— it was autumn, so it was kind of chilly and he gave you his jacket
— both of you blushing profusely at the sight of you wearing it
— him winning you a huge teddy bear from the ring toss
— “since when did you have such perfect aim?” “radioactive spider bite, remember y/n?”
— SQUEEE going on the ferris wheel together oh my god
— him being so nervous, you both were, but the moment was so perfect
— taking his cheeks in your hands and leaning in
— his one arm wrapped around the back of the seat, the other placed on your knee
— MORE BLUSHING and giggling
— and holding hands omg
— ending the night with him swinging you up to your room in the tower
— it’s so picture perfect honestly
— BUT… your father was very suspicious and you had to lie your behind off in order for him to stop interrogating you about where you’d been
— he kind of figured that you were with peter but didn’t say anything

— okay, from then on you were basically the cutest couple ever
— holding hands under the table in class ALL. THE. TIME. whether it was to calm one of you down while talking or just to be in contact with each other
— you becoming close friends with michelle and ned!!!!! ot4!!!!
— sitting at lunch together and geeking out/doing hw/ just talking
— him walking you home. always.
— but then waiting like fifteen minutes before coming inside to talk to tony in order to “not get his ass kicked”
— he kept this up for a couple months before tony caught you guys holding hands under the blanket during movie night with the rest of the avengers
— him freaking out and scaring the crap out of the poor kid before calming down and just warning him
— “you hurt her, you’re outta here kiddo.”
— “y-yes sir. i would never.”

— texting non-stop
— having tons of inside jokes
— aunt may ADORES you. seriously, she loves you almost as much as peter does. and that’s A LOT.
— when peter wasn’t at the tower, you paid visits to him in queens often
— eating thai food and pizza with him and may
— watching star wars with him repeatedly, sitting close to him on the couch
— cuddling. and lots of it.
— sometimes when he’d get bored of the movie he’d seen so many times peter would lean over and kiss you
— his kisses were always soft and sweet
— he held you as if you were so fragile and he didn’t want to break you
— his web getting in your hair and all over your clothes but it was worth it
— “hey peter?” “mm?” “your butt looks really good in that suit.”

OKAY THIS WAS SO LONG I APOLOGIZE I GOT SO CARRIED AWAY LOL. i hope you enjoyed it 💖💝 i am fluffy peter parker TRASH.

Inhale, Exhale

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader (Gender-Neutral)

(Requested by Anonymous) Summary: Watching films with a sleepy Peter.

Written By: @spiderlingy / Krystal W.

Warnings: Intense fluff.

Word Count: 700+ 



     It was on a rainy Saturday night where you and Peter were cuddled against each other on his comfortable bed under the warm blankets, watching the usual old films in his small yet cozy dark room. 

     Your eyelashes fluttered against your own cheeks, your ears distinguishing the steady rhythm of the rain pattering against the window panes and the soft muffled voices emitting from the film. Your eyes lazily trailed from the film to the glowing streaks of water on the window glass. Peter ran his hand gently through your hair, the thick strands slipping through his fingers like silk. You tilted your head up to admire his facial features, your eyes momentarily getting deeply lost in his, with the light from the television shining on his handsome face.

     “What?” Peter inquired with a sleepy grin, his drowsy lids fluttering like the majestic wings of a butterfly.

     “Nothing, I’m just really glad to have you, Peter Parker.” You sighed in content, gazing at him longingly. 

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Matt Murdock Boyfriend Headcanons: Matt meets the Avengers.

A/N: Pietro is alive, just like in the movies, however instead of being on a very long vacation after all the shit that went down with Ultron he decided to join the team. Also you work at a bakery because reasons. Word Count: 1393

  • The first Avenger he ends up meeting is Clint. 
    • The two are you are in your apartment making out on your couch after coming back from a wonderful date when Matt suddenly pulls away and tells you he can smell blood.
    • 5 minutes later, after you both have double checked all your injuries to make sure that it isn’t coming from either of you Clint barges in; clutching his left side tightly and muttering an apology.
      •  “Sorry about this Y/N but your place was closer then the tower.” 
    • You quickly rush over to Clint’s side to help him make his way to the couch, giving the pair a quick introduction before telling Matt to grab your first aid kit. 
      • “Matt this is Clint Barton aka Hawkeye. Clint this is Matt Murdock my boyfriend.” 
      • “Nice to meet you.” “
      • “You too, wish we’d meet when I wasn’t bleeding out though. Like at a bar or something.”

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Catch Me (Day 5)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,922

A/N: This update is LONG overdue. I was on vacation with my family and was I thought I’d be able to update from there but I was wrong. Anyways, i hope you guys enjoy this :)

As always, thank you to @avengerstories for polishing this up and constantly giving me your honest opinion about my writing. 

Day 4

Originally posted by stevebvckys

“I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?” Wanda asks drowsily from your king-sized bed.

Following a particularly grueling mission today, she came by your room because she didn’t want to be alone. This isn’t the first time she has done this and you highly doubt that it’ll be the last. Impromptu sleepovers have become the norm since befriending Wanda and you don’t mind them in the slightest. There’s comfort in going to bed at night knowing that you’re not alone.

“I’m going to grab a snack.”

“Okay,” she yawns, pulling your blanket up to her shoulders and letting her eyes flutter shut.

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Marvel Writing Challenge: redgillan vs. princess-basket-case

Prompt: Spaghetti Kiss scene from Lady and the Tramp

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,706

Tags: Fluff, Dogs and more fluff.

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

It was a casual Friday night and instead of going to some bar with the other Avengers, you stayed with Steve to watch a movie in which two dogs tried to find their owner. It was a chilly evening, you were wrapped in your American flag blanket that Steve had bought you for your last birthday.

It was like him, fluffy and warm, and you absolutely loved it.

“We should get a dog,” Steve said, leaning forward to get another slice of pizza.

“Oh, yes!” You beamed, then turned to look at him. “Do you think Tony would let us?”

Steve chuckled, wiping his mouth with his paper napkin. “I know he acts like it, but he’s not our father. Plus, I think it would be good for the team.”

“I agree.” You nodded, making a mental note to visit the animal shelter the next day.

You smiled at each other and kept eye contact when Steve leaned forward. Your stomach flipped, you really thought he was going to kiss you. He raised his hand and dabbed at the corner of your mouth with his napkin.

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An Avengers Christmas

A/N: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Holidays! 💖

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Y/N.


Clint: Are you almost here yet? HURRY!

Y/N: Merry Christmas, Clint. I’m almost to the tower, calm yourself.


Y/N: You just want me there so you can finally open the gifts, don’t you?

Clint: What? NO! Of course not.

Clint: You’ve been gone FOREVER! We have to spend this day as a family. And open the gifts, together… So hurry.

Y/N: I was gone for 2 days. You can open ONE gift. I won’t tell the others.

Clint: Why couldn’t we send Pietro on the mission, again? Why did you have to go?

Clint: I think I’ll open the gift he got me.

Clint: I can’t believe this.

Y/N: What is it?

Clint: It’s a purple shirt that says OLD MAN.

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15. “I’m not drunk, but I see eight of you.”

Pietro Maximoff x Reader

“Pietro.” You sigh, watching as your boyfriend stumbles through the front door. “What are you doing?”

Pietro stops and squints over at where you stand in the kitchen. You shake your head at his obvious swaying. He grins at you, and you raise an eyebrow as he squints at you. “I’m not drunk, but I see eight of you,” he promises.

“Okay.” You set down your glass of milk and walk over to Pietro. “You are so drunk you probably couldn’t even recognize Wanda right now.”

Pietro giggles and leans over as he does. You catch him around the shoulders just in time so he doesn’t fall over. “I could totally recognize anyone right now.” You roll your eyes and pull him over to the couch, laying him down gently. He tries to get up, but you push him back down.

“You need to rest.” When he settles back into the couch, you walk into the kitchen to get a couple bottles of water. “I thought you couldn’t even get drunk?”

He giggles again. “Thor brought this awesome alien drink.”

You sigh and walk back over to him. “Of course he did.” You hand him one of the bottles of water. “Here. Drink.”

He squints. “Why?” 

“So I don’t have to take care of you sick ass all day tomorrow.” You laugh and kiss his forehead. “Drink all three of those before you go to sleep, okay?”

He smiles. “Okay.”


“Yes, printessa.”

You smile. “Good. I’m going to bed, okay?” 

He grins cheekily at you and pulls his blanket up to his chin. “Can i come?”

“Not if there’s a chance you’ll puke on me when you wake up.” You smile softly. “Good night, Pietro.”

He takes a sip of his water. “Love you.”

You smile. “I love you too.”

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Fire Starter (A cutesy Deadpool one shot)

Warnings: language, violence, mentions of sex, deadpool in general

You weren’t exactly Deadpool’s sister, but of course when Wade found you burning down the box you called home in your nightmares he couldn’t resist. You were only 11 then and had run away from your foster home after nearly burning that down by accident. You were happy to stay with Wade though because as he demonstrated when he scooped up your body engulfed in flames, he couldn’t be killed. You loved that about him. He loved that you were his tiny fire starter and best friend. Somehow he managed to get paperwork saying you were his sister and he your legal guardian, so you were officially Y/N Wilson. It had been a stellar 7 years with Wade, but today was your 18th birthday and you had a big request.

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Imagine Loki drunk

“Heeeeeey, y/n,” Loki slurred. You looked up from the book you were reading to see Loki completely smashed. His cheeks were bright red and his skin had a sheen to it from the sweat. His eyes were glazed over and he had a big stupid smile on his face.

“Hi, Loki,” you replied with a small smile. You assumed that Loki had been drinking some of Tony’s new alcohol. Tony had been developing it for Steve.

When you had arrived at the Tower, Steve was almost past out, Tony was dancing on the table, and Thor was about to join Tony. You had quickly retreated away to your floor for a quiet night.

“You’re soooo prettttty,” Loki complimented as he stumbled to the couch and fell to the ground.

“Thank you,” you chuckled. “How’d you get down here?”

“I told the magic man that I wanted to see you.”


“Yeah, him.” You giggled as Loki tried to lift himself off the floor and onto the couch but failed.

“Loki, I think you should drink some water,” you told him.

“Water is for the weak,” Loki slurred as he pointed up in the air to make his point. You couldn’t help but continue to giggle. You had never seen Loki so normal. He always gave off a regal vibe when he was sober.

Loki finally got himself on the couch and his head collapsed into your lap.

“Why, hello there,” you teased.

“Hi. I love you.” You rolled your eyes before responding.

“Alright, I think it’s time for all the Asgardians to go nighty-night,” you told him as you got up. You helped Loki get to his floor as listed all the things he loved including Tony and Odin. You eventually got him into bed where he promptly fell asleep.

“Jarvis, make sure he gets some pain killers in the morning,” you said as covered Loki in blankets.

“Yes, Miss.”

“And you might want to make sure the others are breathing.”

“Will do.” With a shake of your head and a smile, you made your way back towards the elevator. It was going to be an interesting morning.

Thor’s Room

A/N: This chat is based on/inspired by this. Please watch it. I promise you won’t regret it. Go team Thor!

Y/N has created a chatroom.

Y/N has invited Vision, Wanda, Nat, Bucky, Scott.

Y/N: You remember the plan, right?

Vision: Break into Thor’s room. Obtain your possessions. Leave.

Scott: Snoop around.

Bucky: Maybe steal some of his stuff.

Wanda: Scott you’re on lookout. No snooping for you.

Y/N: Some of the stuff you’d be stealing is probably ours or yours.

Y/N: But don’t steal his stuff.

Bucky: But he has cool Asgardian weapons!

Scott: Aren’t you curious? Don’t you want to know his secrets? Put Bucky on lookout duty! Let me snoop!

Y/N: I’d be curious if Bucky and Vision were going to break into Tony’s room. But this is Thor, he has no secrets.

Scott: That we know of!

Nat: Just hurry up. We don’t have much time.

Scott: Why do I have to be on lookout? I could just shrink and enter his room!

Bucky: Who’s the better spy here?

Y/N: Nat.

Wanda: Nat.

Vision: Nat.

Scott: Nat.

Bucky: Hurtful.

Nat: Yes, the truth hurts, doesn’t it? 😏

Bucky: His room is messier than Clint’s. That’s saying something. Oh and I’m honored to be your first choice to help.

Y/N: Clint is on a mission. He was our first choice.

Wanda: And Peter is busy with homework. He was our second choice.

Nat: T’Challa is in Wakanda. Third choice.

Bucky: No longer honored.

Scott: I wasn’t even fourth choice?! Bucky was? HOW?

Y/N: Cause we needed someone to follow Thor without him knowing. You can do that.

Scott: I see. So my role is more valuable than Bucky’s, right?

Wanda: Right!

Bucky: Keep lying to yourself.

Vision: There appears to be some food going bad in here…


Wanda: Did you find my hair brush?

Nat: What about my hair straightener?

Loki has joined the chat.

Loki: I know what’s going on. I want in if you don’t wish for Thor to find out about this.

Y/N: Fine. Did he take something of yours too?

Loki: My helmet. 

Vision: I see it…




Wanda: How cute! And weird…

Y/N: I have so many questions…

Loki: I can’t believe he still does that. He’s no longer a child!

Vision: Tell Barnes to be silent or he will awaken Mjolnir.

Y/N: Mjolnir is taking a nap. Don’t wake him up, Buck. Do you know how to pacify a crying hammer?  

Bucky: It has its own pillow! And blanket!

Scott: Imagine all the secrets…

Wanda: … Back to the mission. Did you get our stuff?

Vision: Yes, but Barnes is rummaging through Thor’s stuff like the raccoon he truly is.

Scott: You’re letting Raccoon Boy snoop but not me!

Bucky: Hate all you want, your eyeliner will never be as good as mine.

Loki: You look like you were punched. Twice. By the Hulk.

Bucky: You won’t understand.

Loki: Have you seen me? Your little leather getup is quite boring now.

Y/N: Avengers next top model.

Wanda: Who will it be?


Scott: Vision. He beats all of you.

Vision: Thank you, Scott. Mr Stark is not fond of my style so that means a lot.

Y/N: I say Tony.

Wanda: I’m gonna go with Nat.

Loki: You have to choose between me or the raccoon!

Y/N: We’ve chosen. It’s neither of you.

Bucky: Nat hasn’t!

Loki: Choose!

Nat: Y/N.

Y/N: :’)

Loki: FINE.

Bucky: Can’t compete with Y/N.

Vision: It seems Thor is investigating someone.


Y/N: “Doesn’t like standing up.” IT’S CLINT!

Wanda: And Clint does like purple…

Y/N has added Clint.

Y/N: Hello, Purple Man.

Clint: I’m not that lazy!

Clint: But I would like a floating chair…

Y/N: That was all I wanted to say. You can focus on your mission now. Bring me back something!

Clint: I always do!

Y/N: And try not to die.

Clint: I’m not Pietro. Or Loki. Or Fury. Or Coulson… Eh, if I did die I’d probably come back after a while or wouldn’t actually be dead, don’t worry.

Clint has left the chat.

Nat: Loki, care to explain? Who is this “Purple Man”?

Loki: You will all understand in time.

Loki has left the chat.

Bucky: He’s added us all to his investigation and he’s trying to find a connection but… I can’t take this seriously. Look


Y/N: … Is it his real name?

Nat: It can’t be a coincidence that his last name describes him perfectly.

Vision: He’s always… Furyious.

Y/N: did you just

Wanda: Well done, Vis.

Bucky: lol there are hearts by your drawing, Y/N. “What is their secret to being so cute?”

Vision: I don’t agree with his drawing of me. It’s not very flattering and it’s titled Purple Weirdo.


Y/N: We were wrong. Thor does not wield Mjolnir. Mjolnir wields Thor.

Nat: isthat ..m. jolnir

Y/N: Nat, are you okay?

Nat: Sorry, I’m laughing so hard it’s hard to type.

Vision: I am very concerned for Thor.

Wanda: This is like a nightmare come to life… Imagine if that really happens?

Bucky: oooookay, it was funny but now it’s creepy.

Scott: Thor’s coming back!


Vision: I must return the items to their rightful owners. The mission is complete.

Vision has left the chat.

Scott: He’s getting closer!


Wanda: Maybe hide under his bed?


Scott: He’s almost to his room!

Bucky: There’s only one thing I can do.

Y/N: Go out through the window?

Bucky: … I was going to rip the door off but that works too.

Bucky has been disconnected.

Scott: Did he make it out?

Steve has joined the chat.

Steve: Can someone please explain why Bucky is running outside with twigs in his hair?

Nat: He made it then! Mission successful.

Steve: What mission?

Scott: Ha, you weren’t even a choice.

Scott: But you would have been my first choice, Steve.

Scott has left the chat.

Y/N has left the chat.

Wanda has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.


Steve: And then ground all of them.

Steve has left the chat.

The bed song - Part 3

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: None.

Summary: Winter has finally arrived.

Part 1 - Part 2

Originally posted by its-buckyy

And I lay there wondering, what is the matter?
Is this a matter of worse or of better?
You took the blanket, so I took the bed sheet
But I would have held you if you’d only

Let me

New York was getting quite cold at that time of the year, and their apartment didn’t have the appropriate heating system, so it was like they had gone back to their first home all over again. They were quite happy to realize that they would have to hold each other at night again, that they would be able to touch each other like the old times, without worrying about anything else than the feeling of their skins together.

But they were too afraid of telling one another what they wanted or to even ask if they wanted it too.

Whenever (Y/N) tried to put the question into words, Bucky replied with a short and cold “I have to go”, and her question was left unsaid and thrown away. Her hopes crashed and broke down into a million pieces, just as her heart. She didn’t want to give up on him because he was everything she had.

Everyone told Bucky how he should confront his problem, but the former Winter Soldier would not listen. He didn’t know how to do it anyway, his problems were usually confronted with violence and (Y/N) was the sort of topic he had to talk his way out of, not punch his way out.

And as he wondered how to put his problem into words, the days and months went by and it was winter all over again.

(Y/N) had a day off and she was having tea, wrapped in her million sweaters as she waited for Bucky to appear through the door and give her a heartwarming hug, but when he did, he went straight to the small commode they bought and took a blanket from there. He went to the bed and laid silently next to (Y/N).

He wrapped himself, sighing heavily at the inability to speak his mind and the feeling that (Y/N) was hiding something from him. (Y/N) rolled off on her side, feeling the exact same way.

“You’re cold,” Bucky pointed out in a plain voice.

“Yes,” (Y/N) nodded to her side, “yes, I am.”

And they said no further words that night.

Let me love you

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.841

Warnings: some swearing

A/N: this short little thing based on a song by ‘Florida Inc. - Let me love you’ . You should listen to this song if you want a feeling for this story, beside that, it’s a really good song ;)

You were happy with your life. You had a good job as a part of the Avengers, you worked in the background as a technical assistant and you were friends with every single Avengers. Steve was always your idol and you were more than thankful to help this iconic man to make the world to a better place.

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the color of lightning, pt. 3

Darcy/Pietro, rated T

read: part 1, part 2

Agent Darcy Lewis is called in after the Battle of Sokovia to help identify the bodies of the deceased. Except, it turns out, one of them isn’t quite dead.

Also on AO3! (it would mean a lot if you could leave a review.)

well, i said that i wouldn’t be updating anything because of nanowrimo, but then i had inspiration for the chapter that’s been blocking me for weeks.

Originally posted by marvelmaximoff

a million thanks to @dresupi and @georgiagirlagain for reading this over. (also, check out @paranoidwino‘s companion fic!)

There was dead silence for a long moment, then the room burst into a cacophony of sound. Wanda threw herself at her brother, sobbing hysterically. She hugged him so hard she was practically smothering him. Clint took a step toward the bed, then thought better of it. He and Darcy looked at each other.

“I, uhh—I’m gonna call Tony and Coulson,” Clint stammered, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

Darcy commiserated; she felt uncomfortable too. Like an outsider intruding on a private moment. “Good idea,“ she said. “I’ll get the doctor.” Wanda didn’t look up as they left the room. Pietro was buried under her hair and unable to see anything at all.

It was easy to find a doctor. Apparently, the loud cries of a family member could mean several things, but all of them were important. The nurses were already eyeing the general direction of Pietro’s room, theorizing amongst themselves, and had no problem directing Darcy to his doctor.

The doctor’s face lit up as soon as Darcy told her what happened. "I don’t get to see outcomes like this very often,” she confided. “Times like these make my whole year.”

The doctor entered Pietro’s room immediately, but Darcy loitered in the hallway. She stared at her fingernails for moment, eyeing each speck of dirt critically. For the first time in days, she was at a total loss. There were no forms to fill out, no security to arrange, no coma patient to take care of. Which was amazing. She hadn’t let herself think this far ahead, avoiding the crushing disappointment she would’ve faced if Pietro didn’t make it through after all.

But he did. And his sister was here, and Clint was here, and they were going to take him to the Avengers facility, probably, or at least some place where he would have better care. That was the plan, and it was a good plan. The problem was that Darcy didn’t know how to go back to her normal routine after all the excitement. Just thinking of the prospect of desk duty at Headquarters was enough to give her hives.

Scrubbing a hand over her face and plopping down in a nearby chair, Darcy shoved that thought away. Right now was a time for celebration. She’d figure out all the rest later.

She wasn’t sitting there for very long before Clint came back. He dropped down next to her so exuberantly that the chair creaked under his weight and thudded against the wall. Knocking her shoulder with his, he asked, “Why the long face?”

Forcing a tired grin, Darcy replied, “Just exhausted. And trying to figure out what I’m going to be assigned to next.“ She halfheartedly joked, "It’ll be kind of tough to go back to the usual assignments after this, you know?”

With a genuine smile, Clint teased, “Trust me, I know. You have met me, right?” More seriously, he continued, "But I understand. I might have a solution for that, actually.”

Whatever he was going to say next was cut off as the doctor exited the room. “They’re asking for you,” she told them. Before leaving, she added, “I’m recommending that he stay another 24 hours before you move him, just to be sure he continues healing as he should.” With a significant look at Clint, she challenged, “Will that be a problem?”

Clint grinned and threw a sloppy salute. “No, ma'am, that’ll work just fine.”

Wanda looked up with a smile as they entered. She had relocated to the side of the bed, no longer smothering her brother. A nurse stood next to the bed, fiddling with the IV and murmuring to Pietro. Based on the flutter of her eyelashes and his accompanying smirk, her whispers weren’t entirely related to his medical care. Pietro smiled broadly at something she said, prompting the nurse to flush. Darcy couldn’t blame her.

Upon seeing his smile, Darcy’s first thought was, Wow, that should be illegal, and her second was, Damn. Of course he was a flirt. If she looked like that and had just come out of a life-threatening coma, she would be too. Not that it mattered; she shouldn’t be thinking of him in that capacity anyway. It wasn’t professional. Screw professional, her ovaries whispered. Darcy steadfastly ignored them.

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The blanket still hangs over her shoulders, like some sort of cape—avenging angel of their tiny apartment, Lance thinks, armed with a sly streak and a smile stronger than any dose of caffeine.

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And You Will Find Me (Chapter 6)

- If you’re lost just look for me.

Bucky x reader Drabble series - Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 chapter 8 Chapter 9 - FINISHED - SEQUEL

Bucky and you are best friends, which no one really knows about, and one day you are kidnapped by Hydra. So, naturally, Bucky tries everything to save you. [~600 words]

warnings (in general): language, graphic descriptions of torture, mentions of death, violence; (for this chapter): none, maybe a cliff hanger

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“He’s still with Hydra.”

 The words knocked all your breath out of your lungs and hot tears sprung to the corners of your eyes as you struggled to find the ability to breathe again.

As a reflex, Sam slammed the emergency button next to your pillow and Steve cradled you up in his arms, slowly running his hand across your back. You fought to let the action soothe your distress and after a few minutes of hopeless wheezing, it finally started to work.

Or, it could have been because of the sedative a nurse had given you without you noticing it.

“Shh… It’s gonna be okay,” Steve tried to reassure you and those were the same word Bucky had said to you just a day before. Your brain associated them with him and you were still exhausted, so you thought it was his whose arms were.

“Bucky?”, you whispered, momentarily forgetting what had happened to him.

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” Steve said, brining you back to your senses, “He’s not here.”

You looked at him tiredly. “Where is he? Is he going to be here soon?”

Steve struggled to find the right words, but Sam stepped in. “He’s on his way,” he said, trying his best to smile. He couldn’t imagine what pain you had gone through and so he thought it would be best to give you at least one night of good sleep to build up a bit of strength before they really had to confront you with the bad news again.

And it wasn’t fully a lie. Everyone hoped that Bucky was going to fight to get out of the hands of Hydra once again. For all they knew, he could already be making a run for it this very moment.

Steve laid you back onto the mattress. He covered you with the blanket in hopes of getting you to stop shiver, although he knew it was not because of being cold.

“We have to do something!”

“We all know that. But, Nat, please. Don’t wake her up.”

“I think it’s too late for that.”

You opened your eyes. Once again, Sam and Steve were in the room, this time accompanied by Natasha Romanov.

It had been like that for the past five days. Every morning you woke up to find a few Avenger in your room. You had developed something resembling friendship in that time and it helped you get better. They supported you in healing with funny anecdotes and kind words so you could temporarily forget how much you missed Bucky and how he feared for him.

“How are you feeling?”, Nat wanted to know with a kind smile.

You nodded in response. “Good, I suppose,” you said and then noticed the looks the people in the room were giving you. It was a mixture of multiple things. Sadness, worry, but pity definitely dominated. “He’s still not back, is he?”

The others hesitated with their answer. You sighed. “You don’t have to say anything.” Inside of you, the confusion you had felt before was replaced with dread. Gone was the bit of hope you had felt when waking up.

“Y/N,” Steve got your attention again. He waited until you looked at him before he spoke. “He is. In this hospital, I mean.”

Surprised, you sat up in the bed, ignoring the pain that shot through your body. “Really?”

“Yes, but-“

“I have to see him.” You moved to lift the blanket, but Steve grabbed your hand, stopping you.

“You can’t.”

“What? Why not?”

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Okay but imagine this: 

At some point Tony gets turned into a Vampire

Nobody notices. 

Since he rarely emerges out of his workshop or the tower premises during the day, unless encased in the Iron Man armor, the first time he goes outside he is like “Ew, epic sunburn. See how the light of the day is evil, Pep? See?”

Nobody in the Tower is a practicing Catholic, so there are no crucifixes around. And the Hulk doesn’t like the smell of garlic, even when he is in his Bruce form, so no garlic allowed in the Avengers Tower unless they want to have a green emergency on their hands. 

The whole building is also Tony’s, so it’s not like he requires explicit permission to go in anywhere. 

Steve says one day “you feel cold to the touch, are you okay?” Tony thinks about it… “yes, keep me warm?” and Steve is so happy about the blanket permission to cuddle he lets it go. 

They also have developed a tradition some months prior: They cut each other’s hair, Steve trims Tony’s goatee, and Tony chooses Steve’s clothing. So he doesn’t usually need to use the mirror after he’s had at least two cups of coffee in him. 

As he starts getting weird cravings – he just drinks more coffee. Steve disproves, but he smells nice, so Tony lets him stand there and pout, or distracts him with some very aggressive cuddling. 

He stops appearing in tabloids and paparazzi shots unless he’s in the armor. But then again; it’s not like he is a social butterfly anymore. 

Jarvis says he is getting weird heat signature readings and Tony is not appearing on security cameras properly. All the other sensors are working though, and Tony makes a mental note to take a look at it some day when he is less busy. If only supervillains stopped attacking his building and wrecking his equipment… 

And so on.

Until one night they are having some really enthusiastic, horny bunny sex (Tony’s stamina has been off the charts lately, must be his newfound sobriety kickin’ in) and Tony bites Steve’s neck, breaking skin and tasting blood. He keeps sucking and swallowing it with gusto. God it tastes good… Strangest thing? He doesn’t even react to his own actions, doesn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, just keeps going until he is satisfied, and is licking the wound over when an emergency alarm goes off. Tony suddenly snaps out of it and it feels like his self awareness coming back online.

Steve is all glaze-eyed and breathing heavily, like he is in trance (or like he is getting fucked within an inch of his life). He doesn’t even notice the alarm blaring, just keeps softly pleading Tony for more. And fuck! Tony knows that look all too well, he’s seen it too many times in the last few months… Shit.

“Cupcake, I think we might have a problem.”


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Hi! I was wondering if you could do an avengers cuddle pile? Preferably with Bucky in the middle but feel free to use how many or whichever avengers you want if you don't want to do them all! Just nesting and blankets is the main idea. :)

i know you said avengers but it ended up only being most of team cap oooops :^D my hand gave up haHA 

but anyways yes i agree with this idea 10000%

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