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just like you

Chapter One: Denial 

Pairing: taehyung x reader

Genre: angst | light fluff | light smut

Description: You had always seen yourself as the broken one, the flightless bird who needed someone to mend their wings. So meeting him was perfect because he was just like you, he was also broken, he also needed someone to mend his wings, the only difference the only thing you didn’t know was that he had dark hidden secrets and sooner or later you’d come to realize that he isn’t like you at all. 

Word Count: 4k

a/n:  I don’t know what this is or where I am going with this so don’t expect a lot.. I felt angsty and I wanted to post it but I’ll see what happens and if any of you like it. It’s not Deranged but.. It’s something I had a distant idea for.. 

“Would you like to talk about him now?” The elderly man asked you, with caution laced in his voice, his heavy eyes examining your face to see how you would react. He asked you this question every time you cam to see him, always saving it for last and always the same way, it bothered you. 

Did he think you’d cry and break down finally letting out all the feelings you’ve been suppressing in front of him? You were no psychology major but you knew how these things worked, and he was a cliche representation of what you did know, but you respected the man. He was only trying to help right? This old man with a tired smile and glasses glued to the end of his nose. Maybe he was being a bit nosy but that was his job. Your eyes wander to the empty fish tank in the corner of the room as you contemplated on his words, did you really want to ‘talk about him now’ ? 

You had grown fond of that tank, it was big and beautiful with a rainbow bed of pebbles, the water a lovely clear deep blue. No fishes were in there, not one at all but the filter still ran and in the middle a giant abandoned castle. Why he kept it like that you didn’t know but that was the thing that got you to speak to him and come back regularly. That empty yet alluring fish tank. 

But now you had a decision to make. You had denied all of his attempts so far and you don’t think you could bare to hear him ask you again. Yes the way he pestered you on the subject disturbed you, but it was more than that. Each time he asked you it felt as if he was was putting the blame on him, as if he was the one that had caused you to become this way, as if he was the reason for your sadness and suffering. But the elderly man, who’s name you didn’t bother to learn, was wrong.

Having Kim Taehyung in your life, even if it was only for a painfully short while, was anything but sadness and suffering. 

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