What’s the very worst thing you can do to your very best friends? 
                                                Tell them your darkest secret.

This right here is peak-level “let’s here the other side,” while wording it as if their beliefs are any different than before. The KKK and their apologists (along with other white supremacist groups) will use this to defend themselves. Nothing like assisting the Ku Klux Klan in their attempts at rebranding in order to appeal to a larger audience. They’re taking a page right out of the white nationalist/alt-right name swap. Let’s be clear, the KKK will never disavow white supremacy, don’t let them create a false image of what they are.

Oh my God, look at that face! You look like my next mistake!
—  Viktor Nikiforov’s inner thoughts about Katsuki Yuuri during last year’s Grand Prix Final banquet
파티 - Party

초대 - Invitation

음료 - Drinks

술 - Alcohol 

간식(들) - Snack(s)

케이크 - Cake

아이스크림 - Ice-cream

음악 - Music

풍선 - Balloon

선물 - Gifts

생일 파티 - Birthday party

크리스마스 파티 - Christmas party

고별 파티 - Farewell party

정식 파티 - Formal party

밤샘 파티 - All-night party

파티가 너무 재미있다 - The party is a lot of fun


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