ah..the sun and the moon…very majestic…

McCree drinks from the pot and nothing will convince me otherwise. Also he’s a grouch in the morning and can’t function unless he downs the entire pot. BLACK. LIKE A MAN

But not that he likes it black but because he literally c a n n o t in the morning.

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Headcanon #72

Dva once challenged Hanzo to a Pokémon battle. He accepted it and the two had an epic battle with their Pokémon team using virtual reality technology they had Winston build to make it more interesting. No one knows who won the battle, but the two complimented each other for their skills… until Dva said that if they were playing Yu-Gi-Oh, she’d crush him.

Hanzo: “What was that you major league gremlin? I’ll send you to the Shadow Realm!” He pulls out his duel disk
Dva: “Not if I send you there first you old limp noodle!” Pulls out her own duel disk.
Jesse: “Kick her ass, sweetie!” He cheers from the side.


save him. 

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What is the the new AU you just drew??

this sort of dates me but it is a Cardcaptor Sakura AU!

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Her guardians, Kerberos and Yue, are supposed to be representations of the sun and the moon:

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Speaking of CLAMP, I had a fairly dark AU with Yuuko meeting both Itachi and Sasuke separately, but I was like…baby steps. Lmao I do not need more AUs pls