I bet that box is all warm and filled with love! (he kept it in his hoodie pocket, so it must be haha!)

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~ This comic will present the events that happened about 20 years before those from Rendezvous comic(linked below). Not to mention that this will reveal how Hanzo and Jesse met!~

Rendezvous comic:

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My headcannon is that alex still mentions maggie a lot to eliza, so 1) eliza knows all this little things about her and one day eliza talks about it like it's nothing "maggie, here's your tea, just a bit of sugar, the way you like it right?" 2) eliza will call alex to check up on her and then "I'm glad you are ok, darling. Now put maggie on the phone, I want to see how she's doing too. Hi maggie, how's your wrist? Alex told me you hurt it last night... did you ice it?"

We all know I have feelings about Eliza, but I am so fucking into this.


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the choices are kind of biased