yes! precure 5 go go!

If the Pretty Cures aged up like we do in All Stars movies... (2017)

Today I decided to calculate how old all of the Pretty Cures would be in 2017 if they aged up like we do. I do a simple math calculation to determine how old they would be if that was a thing.

2017 - The year the season aired + The age the Cures are in that season = The “current age” of the Cure.

With that out of the way, let’s get started.

Futari wa Pretty Cure

Cure Black: 27 years old

Cure White: 27 years old

Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart

Shiny Luminous: 25 years old

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash ★ Star

Cure Bloom: 25 years old

Cure Egret: 25 years old

Cure Bright: 25 years old

Cure Windy: 26 years old

Yes! Pretty Cure 5

Cure Dream: 24 years old

Cure Rouge: 24 years old

Cure Lemonade: 23 years old

Cure Mint: 25 years old

Cure Aqua: 25 years old

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go!

Milky Rose: 23 years old

Fresh Pretty Cure!

Cure Peach: 22 years old

Cure Berry: 22 years old

Cure Pine: 22 years old

Cure Passion: 22 years old

Heartcatch Pretty Cure!

Cure Blossom: 21 years old

Cure Marine: 21 years old

Cure Sunshine: 21 years old

Cure Moonlight: 24 years old

Suite Pretty Cure

Cure Melody: 20 years old

Cure Rhythm: 20 years old

Cure Beat: 20 years old

Cure Muse: 15 years old

Smile Pretty Cure!/Glitter Force

Miyuki (Emily) Hoshizora: 19 years old

Akane (Kelsey) Hino: 19 years old

Yayoi (Lily) Kise: 19 years old

Nao (April) Midorikawa: 19 years old

Reika (Chloe) Aoki: 19 years old

Doki Doki! Pretty Cure

Cure Heart: 18 years old

Cure Diamond: 18 years old

Cure Rosetta: 18 years old

Cure Sword: 18 years old

Cure Ace: 14 years old

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!

Cure Lovely: 18 years old

Cure Princess: 17 years old

Cure Honey: 17 years old

Cure Fortune: 17 years old

Go! Princess Pretty Cure

Cure Flora: 15 years old

Cure Mermaid: 16 years old

Cure Twinkle: 15 years old

Cure Scarlet: 15 years old

Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!

Cure Miracle: 14 years old

Cure Magical: 15 years old

Cure Felice: Unknown

Kira Kira Pretty Cure A La Mode

Cure Whip: 14 years old

Cure Custard: 14 years old

Cure Gelato: 14 years old

Cure Macaron: 17 years old

Cure Chocolat: 17 years old

In celebration of the Precure Dream Stars Movie

I decided to post a few of my headcannons for the Kirakira girls and their interactions with all the Pre-Go! Princess Precure Girls

Feel free to add your own headcannons!!!

-Cure Princess would probably mistake Cure Gelato for a princess (with her crown/ crown earrings)

-Cure Princess would definitely have a crush on Cure Chocolat

- Cure Rhythm would definitely love baking with all the Kirakira girls

-Cure Custard would probably be best friends with Cure Blossom

-Cure Chocolat and Cure Sunshine would bond over the fact that both their siblings are sickly

-Cure Marine would definitely want Cure Macaron to model for her

-Cure Gelato having a jam session with Cure Beat

-Cure Peach (and the rest of the fresh girls) asking Cure Whip and the rest of the Kirakira girls if they could make donuts

-Cure Whip admiring Cure Egret’s artistic skills

-Cure Lemonade being Cure Gelato’s cheerleader (they’re both performers after all)

-Cure Happy sharing her favorite fairytale stories with Cure Whip

-Cure Macaron is definitely joining Cure Ace and Cure Moonlight for the “You’re a 100 years too early to challenge us” club.