Marvel Series About Female Superheroes From ‘Wonder Woman’s Allan Heinberg Set At ABC With Big Commitment
EXCLUSIVE: Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg is aiming to bring more female superheroes to the screen, this time in television. ABC has given a production commitment to an untitled hourlong drama …
By Nellie Andreeva

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He worked on Shondaland series at ABC and ABC Studios for more than a decade. Heinberg first joined Grey’s Anatomy in 2006, segueing to Scandal before segueing to become co-creator/showrunner of The Catch, which aired for two seasons. 

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For Marvel Comics, Heinberg created and wrote Young Avengers and its sequel, Avengers: The Children’s Crusade with co-creator/artist Jim Cheung.

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Mudz is back AND I’M HAPPY AF 

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Lucky I had a bunch of photos stocked so, this one fit perfectly for today haha Just needed to adjust some stuff xD

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raechelpapaya  asked:

Nobunaga from Ikemen Sengoku for the character ask?

!!!!!! Sure thing fam, you got it!

Favorite thing about them: 

I think what really sticks out to me when it comes to Nobunaga is his visionary sort of mindset. He sees everything as an opportunity–and never really let’s reality weigh him down. He observes how things are, isn’t satisfied, and acts. Time and again we see him wondering why people accept the things they can’t change, and encourages them to seek their own solutions to the problems they face. While that can be a bit unrealistic–and even unfair, considering the social hierarchies of the time–of him to expect of people, there is a kind of inspiring element to his ability to see anything and everything as a means to progress. He’s the kind of person that inspires the change he wants to see, and ends up admired and supported by all who agree with his less than conventional methods. However, he will stop at nothing to see it through–and this can be to his detriment sometimes. 

Least favorite thing about them:

While his boldness can be a wonderful quality, his inability to perceive–or at the very least acknowledge–people’s boundaries can inspire a bit of unease. Particularly when it gets physical; he touches her regardless of her insistence to be left alone and that always bothered me. While part of it is that he struggles when it comes to emotional/interpersonal connection, at first he does see MC as nothing more than another means to progress. And that initial objectification–while a testament to his later growth–is nerve-wracking for me, sometimes lol…

Favorite line:

Ah heck, it’s always so hard for me to just pick one! But if I had to choose, my favorite would have to be his initial proposal to MC “How would you like to rule the world at my side?” I remember thinking he was absolutely crazy, but that he was also intriguing. I also may or may not have cried “Hell YEAH” when he asked me that my first time playing


Nobunaga and Mitsuhide, without fail. They’re both the biggest damn trolls in Azuchi, and they thrive on shenanigans. 11/10 I support them. I also love them because quite honestly, though it’s not really fleshed out in the game, Nobunaga actively chooses to give Mitsuhide a place to belong and trusts him without any apparent doubt. Whether that’s due to their mutual confidence in his ability to create a world within the scope of Mitsuhide’s dreams or some level of appreciation/affection for the other–or both, I can’t be sure. But I always felt a distinct warmth between the two, no matter how furtively concealed.


Nobunaga and Hideyoshi. I just don’t think it would be all that healthy a relationship, in that Hideyoshi invariably deifies Nobunaga–he has no ability to separate the man and the glorious, faultless being he’s created in his head. Nobunaga himself frequently expresses his staunch disapproval of being elevated to a status he does not believe he deserves. All he did was reframe Hideyoshi’s understanding of his self-worth, and while that was earth-shattering for the man in question, he doesn’t feel it warrants near constant worship. All liberty to the people that ship them, but imo I just don’t think it would work because of that inevitable distance. Just as Hideyoshi needs somebody that will encourage him to look after himself, so too does Nobunaga need somebody that sees Nobunaga the man, not the conqueror.

Random headcanon: 

He absolutely strikes me as the type that misuses contemporary lingo for the sole purpose of making the adolescents of his time squirm–most especially his own kids. I could 100% see him as that meme of the man that points to a leaf and goes “Whoa did you see that? Was that leaf bae, or what?” straight-faced as every kid in the vicinity recoils in sheer horror and disbelief. Bonus points if he does it unironically sometimes because he’s just that moe, the dork lmfao

Unpopular opinion:

Maybe it’s less of an unpopular opinion so much as something that’s rarely discussed, but sometimes it seems as though Nobunaga is incapable of seeing fault in people. I mean that in the sense that he sees the merit in just about all qualities and temperaments, sees people and their capabilities in light of what can be–not necessarily by their current state (which he, presumably, considers a continual work in progress). I don’t know if we’ve ever seen him display any outright hatred or sheer ill feeling as far as I can remember, and to be honest I find that fascinating. He seems to oscillate in this middle ground of constant analysis, and deems people either as more or less useful to his aspirations. Whether admirable or egocentric, I do think that mindset is incredibly rare and interesting when compared to other characters. It may very well be the reason he and Mitsuhide get along so well; their ability to set aside their feelings and see things for what they are as objectively as they can.

Song I associate with them:

No Man is an Island - The Script

Favorite picture of them:

This is a CG from his recent bday event, cropped in accordance with Cybird’s policies! I just thought it was a beautiful testament to how much he’s grown and how much she’s helped facilitate his growth. Besides which, that’s to say nothing of the tenderness with which he holds and regards her. There’s just a lot of warmth in this image, which reflects the core of what Nobunaga is, to me, in a sense–he has the potential to both decimate and inspire life/love

So *I* have moved offices. 

I have moved five carloads of crap from one store to the other. I have set up my desk, computer, a new printer. I have downloaded countless Windows Updates, and have now upgraded from Win 10 Home to Pro so we can install the VPN.

My coworker is still at the old location with his desk, his computer, our database server, and all our shipping supplies. 

I am in the new office and three-quarters of the room is filled with junk the people who work here wanted to store in here. But I have my shit set up in the ¼ of a room that’s left, and have put my shit neatly away. It is up to my coworker to be a dick about the rest of the garbage in the room; it seems the others do intend to remove it but I have little faith in them doing so unprompted.

I also flipped my shit because the bathroom was covered in residue from one of the workers here’s experiment in cyanotype print making, which was impressively splattered around in such a way that a fresh roll of paper towels was lightly included in the splatter, making it one thousand percent fucking clear that she hadn’t so much as torn a single sheet off the roll and made the most cursory attempt to tidy up after herself. And so she was summoned in to clean up the room, as it’s been several days now and she lives locally. Apparently she was running late at the time, was the excuse, but, it’s been several days, and it’s obvious she had literally no intention of cleaning up in that room. So maybe now she thinks I’m a horrible bitch, she’s never met me and avoided looking at me when she was here, but I don’t give a shit, that was an incredibly shitty thing to do and I’m going to be a bitch about it. 

I am going away to the farm for an overdue week, and i don’t give a shit whether the rest of the move is completed in the meantime. 

MOAR WIP  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Of the next colour palette, which if I am lucky might end up been finished tomorrow, really like how things are looking atm like srs this boy is turning out hella fine to :D he looks like an apple