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Hey, so you want some male!mc? What about RFA+ V and Saeran to a male!mc who is a total rock star? Like he has a lot of tattos, and wear pure black and leather and play guitar in a band


  • ends up trying to figure out exactly what MC is doing 
  • takes some time to adjust to this 
  • if anything kindly asks MC to tone down his guitar solos 
  • he buys MC new clothes 
  • the tattoos he admires 
  • they’re artistic and he tells MC just that 
  • secretlyMCishisfavouritesubject


  • they’dbematching
  • no but he probably helps MC practice the guitar 
  • the clothing gets all mixed up so they share clothing
  • constant checking whose clothing it is 
  • eventually they don’t care and throw on whatever 


  • he makes sure to promote MC’s band 
  • if anything he only insists MC dress formally if he’s going to some super formal event with Jumin
  • doesn’t take long before he ends up dressing a bit more casual 
  • althoughhe’dpaytoseeMCinsomeofhisshirtsasachange
  • the tattoos he ponders over 
  • probably asks him the stories behind them 


  • she insists on buying him new clothes 
  • the tattoos she doesn’t mind 
  • although she will take some time getting used to th e band itself 
  • she finds it rather endearing he’s in a band


  • he learns how to play the guitar 
  • and they probably end up playing that game of 
  • how loud can we be 
  • the tattoos he thinks are amazing 
  • and will kiss the tattoos sometimes 
  • he probably gets one at some point because he wanted to 
  • the leather and all black he teases MC about a lot 


  • all the black and leather scares him a littl e
  • but he gets used to it 
  • although the tattoos he has multiple questions over 
  • but he will usually run his fingers over the tattoos on MC’s arms 
  • because they’re pretty amazing
  • goes along to MC’s practices 


  • they’re both in technicality almost equal
  • save for the height perhaps 
  • makes fun of MC a bit because he’ll get their clothes confused 
  • and end up in larger clothes 
  • but he enjoy’s MC’s music and will often then not sing along 
  • tattoos are something he admires MC for getting 
  • thosearepainful

okay so 2017 so far

  • started drinking sugar free coke
  • eating pretty healthy??? i mean?? i guess i could improve there a little
  • ran 5k
  • got new piercings 
  • going to the gym tonight
  • going to the gym thursday
  • starting a class at the gym on saturday 
  • haven’t murdered anyone at work yet (actual bbiggest achievement on this list)
  • up to date with bills and rent
  • have actual +£ in my bank account
Me @ Persona 5 Localization

Needs more Ann

This is nearly my entire reaction to the new Palace gameplay trailer, yes.