I think my favorite thing about Stydia is the fact that they’re at a point where they finally see each other as real people. Stiles has taken Lydia off that pedestal. He’s not afraid to question her or yell at her or to tell her she’s wrong. He doesn’t see her as some unattainable item, but as an equal. She’s finally someone he can talk to and relate to, not just admore from afar. And Lydia has been able to see more of Stiles than just his school boy crush. She’s seen his intelligence and his vulnerability and his anger. She knows there’s more to him than she ever thought there was. They see each other as people, as friends, as partners. That’s the kind of develop that I think makes for an amazing and fulfilling relationship and that’s why Stydia is so important to me

AU: Trigon rules and Raven is raised as his beloved demon princess. Red is her butler/guardian. The Titans are hired assassins with a mission to kill Trigon and Raven.

I imagine a scene where Red X is defeated and Robin’s feeling cocky cuz he thinks it’s all easy to kill the princess right after, but Raven just sort of smirks at him because they didn’t realize that Raven herself can fight. *3* Then all demonic hell breaks loose and, yerp. “Big mistake taking down X, wonder team. Now you’ll have to deal with me.”