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What was your:
Last beverage:  Water
Last phone call: A student from my potential college called me  
Last text message: lel
Last song you listed to: bounce-o-rama - kingdom hearts ost
Last time you cried: during my mom’s birthday last week

Have you ever…:
Dated someone twice: no 
Been cheated on: nope
Been drunk and threw up: No
List 3 fav colors: black, gold, red

Last year have you:

Made a new friend: definitely!
Fallen out of love: yeaa
Laughed until you cried: totally! especially with my closest friends
Found out who your true friends were: sorta

First Surgery: when i broke my arm in the first grade
First piercing: Ears  
First best friend: a girl named reyna i think. Ive knowned her since the first grade and we were pretty closed until we had to find new schools and lost touch. 
First sport you joined: tried to join volleyball but didnt get in 
First vacation: mexico all my life, usually just to go visit family 

Right now:
Eating: i had some of my gma’s rice 
Drinking: AQUA
I’m about to: do the garbage and clean my bathroom and cry other my undone homework
Waiting for: me to finish this 

Your furure:
Want kids:yas! i want four kids :3 
Get married: yeaa if i find the right person but eh they’ll come around
Career: for now, foreign service officer

Which is better:
Lips or eyes: Eyes
Hugs or kisses: hugs!!! i love giving and receiving them!
Older or younger: Older
Relationship or hookup: Relationship
Troublemaker or hesitant: either or

Have you ever:

Kissed a stranger: nah
Drank hard liquor: yup, but couldnt swallow it properly, it burned my throat
Lost glasses or contacts: definitely, ive had glasses since the first grade! i went through so many pairs until i finally got contacts in freshman year of high school
Broke someone’s heart: I think so :? im not sure
Arrested: No
Turned someone down: sometimes
Cried when someone died: yeaa (especially if its fictional or my what ifs)
Fallen for a friend:  …yis …

Do you believe in:

Yourself: sometimes
Miracles: Yes
Love at first sight: sometimes, im not a huge sucker for them
Santa: yes lel
Kiss on first date: havent had a first date yet 
Angels: yeaa 

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