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Name: Annika

Nicknames:  Awnie (by my family, read in either a heavy Chicago or Boston accent)

Birthday: February 26th

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Straight

Romantic orientation: Straight

Height: 5'4" (and ½")

Favorite color: navy blue (to look at) and dark green (to wear) 

Current time: 10:44pm 

Average hours of sleep: When I’m at school, around 6. right now, it’s more like 8 

Lucky numbers: 22, 14, 28, 32, 39, 16, according to the fortune I found on my dresser

First word to come to mind: apricot

One place that makes me happy: The slope at Cornell. But only when I don’t have to walk up it. 

How many blankets do I sleep under: Right now, 4. A sheet, 2 fuzzy blankets, and a quilt. 

Favorite fictional character: Amelia Bedelia

Book: A wrinkle in time, et al., Harry Potter, Slapstick, My Family and Other Animals, all of Douglas Adams, 

Animation: Miyazaki and Lilo & Stitch

TV shows: HIMYM, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Project Runway, and all those shows on HGTV where people are looking for houses

And I recently got my obsess-on: Those shows on HGTV where people are looking for houses in pretty warm places. And also where people are buying islands. Because apparently you can buy an island for like less than $100,000

Favorite drink: Cider, tea (gunpowder and yerba mate right now), chai lattes and mojitos 

Last movie I watched: In Bruges with miacomet. 10/10 would recommend, if you’re into hilarious-in-a-really-dark-way movies. Also Belgium is pretty

Dream holiday: Driving all the way around the coast of the Iberian peninsula. Or Antarctica. Or New Zealand. Or going to where my family’s from in Mexico. Or visiting a bunch of the little coastal towns on the Adriatic. Don’t make me pick. 

Dream job: Being a paleovirologist (it’s a thing, I swear) aka someone who studies the evolutionary history of viruses and how they impacted the evolution of their hosts. Even more specifically what role viruses played in the emergence and early evolution of life. 

I’m tagging… sarahwagshertail, sleepy-alpaca, awkwardredeye, chevyimpaled, tankapuppy (ok I’m cheating because I know most of you, but we haven’t talked in a while, so let’s pretend it counts)

Take the Yerba Mate Challenge!

By Carrie Rollwagen

We’re feeling a little under the weather today. It’s not that we’re sick, exactly. It’s just that about traveling for the holidays, working 12-hour days at the shop, and living in weather that constantly ping-pongs between frigid and spring-like has our systems out of whack.

So Sri and I have decided to do something about it. Starting January 1, we’re taking a 30-day Yerba Mate Challenge, substituting one drink a day for a cup of this miracle tea that health nuts are raving about.

What’s Yerba Mate? It’s a rich green tea with an incredible, smoky flavor. Its proponents say it helps you lose weight, eases fatigue, relieves headaches and depression, and gives you an energy boost that’s similar to coffee but less likely to give you the jitters — sounds just about perfect for a post-holiday detox.

Traditionally, Yerba Mate is served in a gourd and passed around a communal circle — but we’re not so sure the Health Department would be thrilled about us sharing gourd tea in the morning coffee line. So we’ve cooked up the Yerba Mate Latte, a blend of Yerba Mate tea, steamed milk and a little vanilla. We can even make it sugar-free and nonfat to help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions.

Starting Monday (we’re closed New Year’s Day), we’ll be offering both Yerba Mate Tea and the Yerba Mate Latte, and Sri and I will be starting our 30 Day Yerba Mate Challenge. And we want YOU to join us. We’ll see you Monday!