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I wasn’t gonna post this but several people told me I should, sooooo… why the heck not? It’s not art, but that hasn’t stopped me before. Thanks to @happyleech and @heronfoot for helping me (and also listening to me ramble about tea for about 3 hours, hAHA). Also, I’m biased these are all based on my own tea experiences because it’s really hard to judge/understand a tea if you haven’t tried it yourself.

The team tea party had a gradual start, when Reinhardt decided to join Ana while she was having her usual afternoon tea in the communal kitchen. Later that same week, drawn by the laughter, Torbjörn joined the two with his fourth cup of coffee that day. Others soon trickled in after that, until it became a daily event where everyone joined together for afternoon tea at 4 PM sharp – as an attempt at a sense of consistency. In reality, it changes depending on everyone’s schedule; they’re never quite sure if it’ll be a quiet day with just two or three agents or a boisterous one with the entire group together. (It was also an opportunity to introduce everyone to different teas and drinks from around the world.) Winston made sure to keep the tradition of afternoon tea after he initiated the Recall.

Ana: She enjoys rose bud tea with its light, flowery flavor. It’s relaxing and pleasant to sip during downtime. She likes other teas made from flowers too, but this one is her favorite.

Bastion: Obviously, they don’t drink tea, but they do enjoy sitting with the team and listening to everyone talk. She likes roasted almond (with bits added, like apple pieces, etc.) sweetened with honey or rock sugar. She usually likes any fruity teas with honey (she has a strong sweet tooth, after all).

Genji: He likes golden pu-erh. It’s earthy (down-to-earth like him, you could say), but not bitter like normal pu-erh. When he was younger, he hated tea and would gulp down the matcha his family drank every day - now he makes sure to savor it with small sips.

Hanzo: Green matcha, unsurprisingly. He grinds it himself and does the traditional Japanese tea ceremony as well, which he finds relaxing. Sometimes he’ll drink regular sencha tea when he’s in a bit of a rush.

Junkrat: Boba tea, half sweet, of course. Any fruit flavor is fine, but he’s partial to strawberry. If they can’t buy it for whatever reason, then Roadhog usually makes it for him because Junkrat can’t be trusted around stoves.

Lúcio: He drinks yerba mate, preferably using the traditional gourd ceremony. As a child in Brazil, he would often get mate leaves from a local farm, to make and passe it around with friends and family; and of course, he still loves to share it with new friends. Sometimes he likes it with a dash of milk. It always reminds him of home.

McCree: Lapsang souchong (smoked black tea) sweetened with sugar and cream when he’s not feeling like coffee. Apple chai rooibos (with some woody pu-erh and cinnamon mixed in) when he wants something lighter or sweeter.

Mei: She enjoys jasmine green the most, which is strong and flowery, like her. She brews tea using the Gongfu tea ceremony and loves to share with her friends. It was a good bonding experience with her team in Antarctica, and it helped warm them all up – and it’s always a good ice breaker when meeting new people. She does it less after losing her friends.

Mercy: Chrysanthemum, chamomile, lavender, rose buds, hibiscus, Echinacea, dandelion, nettle – anything flowery or herbal, which she loves to share with anyone who will drink it. She doesn’t particularly like black tea.

Pharah: She’ll drink whatever will give her the best pick-me-up, which used to be black coffee, but she grew partial to guayusa when Lucio introduced it to the team. When she’s actually interested in flavor, she likes spicy chai with cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon topped with a little milk.

Reaper: He likes black tea with extra cream and sugar and a bunch of different mixings: caramel, almond, chocolate chip, vanilla, pumpkin spice, peppermint, candy cane – but separately, not all together. He’d rather drink Mexican hot chocolate, though. He stopped making them after joining Talon, and now Sombra does it for him.

Reinhardt: When he’s not chugging alcohol, likes rooibos or honeybush sweetened with honey or sugar cane, with some extra dried fruit or flowers added in (he likes his drinks very sweet, just like he is). He drinks it often in his downtime with Ana, and they like to share.

Roadhog: Anything sweet or flavorful; he’s not picky and doesn’t really care. It usually ends up being whatever Junkrat gets for him when they get boba tea.

Soldier 76: He drinks roasted barley tea when he needs a substitute for black coffee, with added things like carob and roasted chicory root. He doesn’t use cream or sugar – but he likes to use stevia leaves when he wants something sharply sweet. (Some people think he’s a weirdo for using sugar but not cream.) He drinks tea and coffee for the taste and out of habit, not the caffeine - he doesn’t need it, not after the Soldier Enhancement Program.

Sombra: She likes peppermint tea (she loves peppermint flavored anything) sweetened with honey, cane sugar, or stevia leaves, and maybe with a dash of chocolate or other flavors added in. She’s the one who makes the tea and Mexican hot chocolate for Reaper and Widowmaker because they won’t do it themselves (she makes it better than they do anyways).

Symmetra: She drinks tulsi (holy basil), which she grows herself whenever she can. She also likes light teas, particularly white teas like silver needle, or whatever Mercy is sharing at the time. On a good day, she might enjoy chai with cream but no added sugar. (An extra thing: It’s not a tea, but she won’t drink bhang.)

Torbjörn: He likes dandelion tea for the taste. He lets it seep until it gets cold, taking sips while he works – but he would rather drink strong black coffee. His wife sends him care packages with teas from all over the world, which he shares with the team.

Tracer: Unsurprisingly, before joining Overwatch, she liked regular black tea with cream, sugar, and a dash of lemon. Once introduced to the world of teas, she found she likes a whole variety of different kinds. She’s not picky, and she’ll  gladly try anything.

Widowmaker: On good days, she likes white teas, particularly Baihao Yinzhen (silver needle) and Bai Mudan (white peony). She used to drink black teas in the morning instead of coffee, before joining Talon.

Winston: He likes fruit teas sweetened with a lot of honey or sugar, and sometimes with hibiscus added. He drinks a lot of it; it helps curb his peanut butter cravings a little.

Zarya: She likes Russian Caravan tea best (a blend of oolong, keemun, and lapsang souchong), sweetened with a little cream. Lucio introduced her to guayusa, which she also enjoys.

Zenyatta: He obviously doesn’t drink it, but he learned how to make it for others who can. He taught Genji how to properly make tea because Genji didn’t bother to learn how when he was younger (because it’s more than pouring boiling-hot water over leaves). He makes the best tea in all of Overwatch, and uses the opportunity to talk with others while he brews and shares it. (He won’t say it aloud, but he does wish he could try it too.)

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So I had to stop drinking coffee a few months ago because I’ve been having stomach problems, who knows why. And I like coffee black and drinking tea in the morning instead was just unsatisfying because the taste wasn’t…strong enough? It tends to be complicated and sweeter and that’s fine but it’s not really what I want in the morning. Also obviously tea has less caffeine, and I’ve always been the kind of person who needs to get through a cup of coffee in the morning before I can be functional. So I mostly have been drinking yerba mate because it has more caffeine and also the flavor is stronger, so it fills the not-coffee niche best. I also got some guayusa tea in Toronto at David’s, which is extra fun because some friends of mine in Ecuador worked with a cooperative selling guayusa–and it’s similar in re: strong taste, more caffeine, not sweet…

I swear I did not set out to be That Person with the fancy tea opinions, it just happened!

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✨Flowing on so many loving radient energy patterns today, my day of birth. Spending my morning in the sunshine drinking Yerba mate, writing, painting, stretching and meditating. Rememering my divine purpose of sharing love. Speaking truth and love. Being love. Understanding that this gift we call “life” is a beautiful opportunity. An opportunity, for this image of light we call “body” to work its healing energy towards connecting with the core. The core that is love. Remembering we can spread the light by being the light. By radiating light, constantly. Making that choice. Yes choice. Choose your bliss. Choose happiness. Paint your reality. Bless up to the mother, our mother Earth. Appreciating the gifts and tools given and the answers held within. ~Bless the self and find you too bless others, bless others and find you too bless the self. ✨