yerba mate drinking

✨Flowing on so many loving radient energy patterns today, my day of birth. Spending my morning in the sunshine drinking Yerba mate, writing, painting, stretching and meditating. Rememering my divine purpose of sharing love. Speaking truth and love. Being love. Understanding that this gift we call “life” is a beautiful opportunity. An opportunity, for this image of light we call “body” to work its healing energy towards connecting with the core. The core that is love. Remembering we can spread the light by being the light. By radiating light, constantly. Making that choice. Yes choice. Choose your bliss. Choose happiness. Paint your reality. Bless up to the mother, our mother Earth. Appreciating the gifts and tools given and the answers held within. ~Bless the self and find you too bless others, bless others and find you too bless the self. ✨