yerba buena high school


Our Home - Yerba Buena High School (by itsJaysPOV)

Even though we always have those labels like “ghetto” and “an under-performing school”, I will always know Yerba Buena High School as the place I’ve made the most memories. We have school spirit second to none and a beautiful green campus. I really never do get tired of watching Jayden's memoir films. They always deliver, and never fail to make me feel so proud to be a warrior. 

So like,

I visited my HS today to talk about internship opportunities for the rest of summer with one of my old English teachers, my Engineering teacher of three years, and my JROTC instructor for three years. All three said they’d let the rest of campus know I’d be around too.

I was quite active on campus back in high school, President of NHS and FSU, Historian for ATFNL and ASB, baseball, football, a year of cross country, and good grades to boot! I figured I’ll get hooked up somehow.

Anyways, not really the point < /bragging>.

JROTC is divided into two rooms, upperclassmen and underclassmen (freshmen). One of my JROTC instructors is not going to be in school tomorrow, so he asked me today if I wanted to stand in for him for three periods.

WTFOKAY. I seriously loved ROTC in highschool despite the knuckleheads, the deadbeats, the whiners, and the lazies. Was super sad that I had to drop the class for my senior year for a third math class, but… lots of good times in there. I was actually able to take it with my brother for one year.

Anyways, typing out a “lesson plan” atm. It’s gonna be fun.


My school planned to do Harlem shake. It was epic awesomeness. Full of pureness awesome. lol, It all started with this cool ass tech guy name Jayden. He planned it and the rest was up to us. This video is awesome. Other schools did it as well, and theirs was awesome too. However, i like our school better lol, only because it’s my school. haha well, this was the best day in my last year in High School.