yer in

“You feel a pulling at something inside of you, and you don’t know what it is. In a way, it’s intangible, but at the same time, it’s real - because you can feel it. The moment you eat this meal, a bond is created.

When people talk about destiny, this is the kind of thing they talk about. You feel it now because there’s so much power in it, Taako, and whatevers on the other end - whoever - they feel it, too.”

  • Harry: *glares*
  • Draco: *smiles sweetly*
  • Harry: *slams fist on the table* That's it! I'm going over and punching his stupid, pretty face in.
  • Ron: *not looking up from his breakfast* Why don't you just ask him out, mate?
  • Harry: Because...punching him would be easier.