the most beautiful moment in life,
part one x the pain, the hurt, the confusion (1/3)

edited: typo (father > farther)

Quick  5 minute doodle of harold as a sort of apology for not posting more lately- I was sick for most of the start of the year, and was pretty busy… I still kinda am, but I should HOPEFULLY be getting back into some sort of routine after the 18th!

also yes i messed up harolds clothes but also no i didn’t beCAUSE IT’S JUST ANOTHER DESIGN SHUSH

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I don't know if you've seen the posts comparing animal/human relations to human/fae relations, but if you have, what opinion would the fae likely have of that comparison?

Torn between indignity (how dare humans compare themselves to us in their power of animals, what fools) and delight (haha those poor fuckers think of themselves like animals compared to us)


by @lasimo74allmyworld

Well, he’s back!

And he brought me with him, it seems.

I’m so happy that my bad moment it’s passed away (i hope!!!). To have an artistic block is so frustrating and drives me absolutely mad. This is not a great, complete draw…it doesn’t have even a title, but i love it so much.

Just graphite pencil, some hint of colors (very pale for skin and robe) and white gel pen (Christmas gift from my sweet friend artist/sculptress ) for details like crown, embroideries and eye.

Thanks to Ned the cutie Piemaker for reference pose!!!

If you use this as reference pose or something, please feel free to use it, but just link back to this post as credit. Many thanks!

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Gav just likes to use the camera zoom on his boyfriends

listen, fahc jerevinwood with gavin constantly walking around with his new camera and insisting to use it on ryan and jeremy ‘to make sure it works, y’know’

ryan just rises his eyebrow when he sees gavin zooming in on his mouth

‘and what do you think? how does it work?’ jeremy asks, when he notices gav pointing the camera on his crotch

gavin just giggles and answers ‘oh, it works juuuust fine’ while he zooms in on lil j’s dick even more at the same time

Kai; Reluctance

❝In which Jongin always leave for work early and on that morning, you’re suddenly so clingy.
► 630 words | mini scenario, fluff, props to the sudden heavy rain and the surge of inspiration + the mini heart attack I got from a BANGING thunder

The sound of alarm blaring resonates the whole room, if possible, it illuminates the place with a warning red color that says if Jongin doesn’t wake up now, he’s going to be late. He shifts on the bed, feeling your somewhat shorter arms loosely around his lower torso and the way your cheek is pressed onto his chest makes him even more reluctant to move but he does. His arm stretches out, his palm slams the button and now it’s quiet. For a second, he thinks that you’re still asleep but he’d have to imagine you to be deaf to be. You’re mumbling something like please don’t go and do you really have to go to work as you’re pressing yourself against him.

He’s smiling, using an arm to curl you in as he sits up but the most of him is still lying down. He balances himself with an elbow pressed to the mattress while his lips brush against the skin of your forehead, his words murmuring in the quietest voice yet, “Mhm… you know I do…”

“But it’s so early,” Your whining is muffled against his shirt and shit, it smells just like him, “Can’t you stay for a bit more?”

“Then I’ll be late for work again, and I’d get hold back later again,” He chuckles into your ear and it’s not fair because he sounds so beautiful despite just waking up.

“C’mon, I’ll be back before you know it,” He ushers you off and plucks your arms off his body before he stands up from the bed. He thinks he’s getting away with it when he’s by the bathroom door but then he yelps when arms contract around his neck and he’s heaving the extra, sudden weight on his back that surprisingly adds up to your exact body weight. Your legs are hooked around his slim waist and your ankles are pressed to his hipbones. You’re hanging onto him like this and it looks like a koala clinging onto a tree and he doesn’t know if he should laugh or get mad.

He goes with the first option.

“One of these days, my back is going to snap because of you,” He grumbles, instinctively tucking his hands at the back of your knees as he walks backwards, retracing his steps to the bed and sits down, making sure you’re on the bed and he tries to wiggle you off, “Angel, I can’t be late again—I’ll get fired—“

“You’re the boss,” You huff into his neck, well aware that you only do that when you’re desperate and now he’s wondering what’s gotten into you—but at the same time, he doesn’t want need to know.

“You’re really clingy today,” He comments when you don’t let up, still hugging him from the back, “And you’re really handsome,” Your voice is thick with sleep, your eyes heavy but he still sees how your beauty shines the brightest, “And you’re really cute,” He compliments sincerely, a frown on his lips and the creases on his forehead to emphasize that he’s not willing to leave but he gets up and turns to see a frown etched to your lips, “But I have to go…”

You’ve given up the fight, putting the sword down as you roll off into the bed, burying yourself in the sheets and the pillow, “Fine, leave. Leave and be a good hardworking worker you are,”

He snorts and finds this amusing, making his way to the bathroom, “I love you,”

He avoids the pillow being thrown at him by closing the door but peels it open to make you into a blushing mess as you try to fall back asleep, “You’re still so cute.”

When in doubt, read fanfiction

I’m going to be making like a flash game

It’ll be reminiscent of a visual novel and mystery games like Touch Detective and Phoenix Wright

It’ll be centred around a case (I’m writing it right now, I hope it’ll be challenging even for Sherlockians AHAHA), and it’ll be Johnlock but I might put in other ships

I’ll have my progress in my sidebar on my blog

and right now I just wanna take a poll:

Should the player control Sherlock or John?

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when i drink coffee it focuses me, but in a really specific way? like if i try to read or draw or other sit-and-mentally-focus things i either stare into space or get up and start pacing. but when i was helping my mom clean out her classroom a month ago, i drank coffee every morning, and it was the first time i've been able to get through a whole day of classroom cleaning without getting distracted or tired (for several days in a row!).

That sounds very ADHD omg. With or without my meds, completing routine tasks that don’t require Sustained Mental Effort are a lot easier. Like, I will completely clean and organize the house top to bottom but if I wanted to read a book my brain is like “nah man,,,, u dont need to do that” and its like,,,,please…i just wanna read,….

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...did u say phone case designs Fam yes please

Yepyep!! And a postcard set! And or posters in general~

These paintings are so fun and calming to do I’m glad you guys like em so far 😭