I was tagged by quite a few people for the selfie tag/ the 20 beautiful people tag including exopng , thickdicksehun,  ohxings,  for-chanyeols-sake ,  luhansbf ,  imgenieforyouxing , dangsin–eun–yeppeoyo , exoiseternity , and lutheman

Lmao I am totally not trying to hide a pimple

I wanna tag some of my fave mutuals/ friends who haven’t done the tag in a while so I tag baektoyourheart , hunhans-cartier-cockrings , luhan-vevo,  ch-e-nyeol,  getlayd,  kaiption,  doderpface,  luhanxdeer,  sodabaek,  letterstoluhan,  wuyaoifan ,frootscoups, snehun

Top 15 Favorite Words Chosen by Listeners on Facebook


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1. I love you 사랑해요 - Saranghaeyo

2. Hello  안녕하세요 - Annyeonghaseyo

3. Let’s eat  먹자 - Meokjja

4. Clay pot bulgogi 뚝배기불고기 - ttukppaegi bulgogi

5. Like 마음에 들다 - maeume deulda

6. Hungry 배고파 - baegopa

7. Spring rain   봄 비 - bom bi

8. Darling  귀염둥이 - gwiyeomdungi

9. Pretty 예뻐요 - Yeppeoyo

10. Noisy   시끄러워 - Sikkeureowo

11. What am I going to do? 어떡해? - Eotteokae?

12. Sweetie 자기야 - jagiya

13. Real 진짜 - jinjja

14. Promise 약속 - yaksok

15. Like  좋아 - joa


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