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So Many Stars (Ch. 13)

Pairing: Phan
Genre: Chaptered, English teachers in Japan AU
Word Count: 7,045 words
Warnings: Alcohol, drunkenness, graphic descriptions of natto
Description: Things get Halloween-y!

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A/N: this chapter and i had several disagreements, and i’m not sure who has won yet. stay tuned to find out! ch. 14 on wednesday (feb. 25)!


The next Thursday was their first time working at primary school on the same day. They were deep into Halloween lesson time at both primary schools, so Dan supposed it was almost inevitable that they would end up scheduled together at least one day this month. Last week, he’d been almost giddy with excitement about it, losing himself in ridiculous daydreams about him and Phil playing tag together with all the kids during the midday break. Now the only thing he was looking forward to was the fact that, with a full day of classes each, they would hardly see each other.

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