Everything happens and nothing is old. You might go through the same routine everyday and think “how boring your life is.” and how “everything is the same” but it’s not, everything is different  even if you wake up every day at 6 am to get to class and get there at 7:30 every single day, it’s still different because you don’t breathe the exact same way you did before and you don’t blink the same amount you did before and you don’t smell the exact smells you did that day and you don’t get any younger any day of any time in your life. You just get old. You get older and older but everything keeps changing even if you’re not aware of it. You could wear the same clothes everyday, you could go to that work that’s so “repetitive and the same old people with the same old building. But everything is changing around you and not just yourself, trees moving in the wind are not at the same pace like the day before, the sun or rain won’t be the exact same like the day before, cars passing by you won’t be the exact same cars in the exact same pattern, nothing is old. 
But the bright side of all that changing is everything being new even when it’s tiny or big. Every single one of us are going through it in some way or another. 
So when you think your life is boring, when you think nothing is changing around you and you wish you could have a change in your life, just look fucking around you. EVERYTHING changes, nothing is old. Even if someone has that new big job they’re excited about or if someone is traveling to Europe or if someone is going to a 4 year university. Those are big changes, big changes that people see as an accomplishment or can easily recognize as a thing that “progresses” their life and they’re moving forward, and that’s a great thing for them, good for them but don’t forget yourself. You’re moving forward too, you’re still alive and you’re not in the same spot you were the day before, no one is regardless how tiny or big that change is, it’s still a change. Every day is new. So when you see yourself in a rut and you think nothing can change just go outside and look at EVERYTHING that’s different around from the other day before, it might be hard at first because when you live in the same area for a long time everything just seems “the same” but look at all the different cars driving at different paces in different areas, look how the tree moves, look where the sun or moon or clouds are placed today, look at the grass growing or dying, look at the people passing you by. Just look at it all, nothing is old.  

Cries tears of joy when bae tells me Temmie Chang from Undertale is working on Shantae

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