Things that were supposed to get done this evening:

INTP finishes the bibliography and theory section of her thesis

INTP hangs and folds her clean laundry

Things that actually got done this evening:

INTP realized Jeff Sessions looks like the Keebler elf and spent a lot of time looking at Jelf Keebler memes

INTP found out that Ted Cruz made a joke about being the Zodiac Killer and spent an unnecessary amount of time on wikipedia reading about the zodiac killer 

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Anon, don't be too stressed about all the hate Iris is receiving. It's only happening in response to her being integrated more into the show. They'll always tell you they liked Iris better in those 9 episodes when she wasn't filming as much back in season two.

Yep, they have always been transparent. The thing is, she’s not going anywhere. So they can either deal, or stop watching. Those are their options. We have a wedding and twins to prepare for 

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Do you want to be in a band?

Yep, it’s the only thing I wanna do! I’ve said before I’m not going to college after high school either I’m just throwing myself into music, auditioning for bands, and going to shows completely while just having a simple lame job until I join a band that I really like! I don’t have a backup plan either 

//talk to me!

ot4 as people i saw in the movie theater while seeing dunkirk

niall: the bald guy that sat directly in front of me and proceeded to crunch loudly on his popcorn when the movie had started. kept on hitting my knees with his chair. probably fell asleep at some point

liam: the guy who gasped loudly whenever anything happened. clapped once when he saw the spitfires, stopped clapping when he noticed nobody else was. had his friend take a picture of him, and only him, with the big dunkirk sign when the movie was over. gave a thumbs up to the camera.

louis: the girl who was definitely there for harry styles. probably didn’t like war movies that much but definitely liked this one because of how ~emotionally harrowing~ it was. subtly but fiercely grabbed her boyfriend’s knee when harry appeared on screen for the first time. was definitely screaming inside

harry: the girl’s boyfriend. probably didn’t want to be there but was doing it for her. ended up actually enjoying it. gave up on being cool and started snuggling less than halfway through the film.

there’s something about the style of DAO that i love

it’s just so… it’s very drab.  all rogue armor looks exactly the same.  like, helmet upgrade?  yep it’s the same thing but in a slightly different tint.  mages get those ridiculous hats and the dingy robes.  grey wardens don’t have that flashy blue and silver armor yet they just wear whatever the hell drops off of darkspawn.  ferelden is brown and muddy.  as it should be.  denerim is the crown jewel of the country but it’s just dogs barking and dirt and flies.

when your warden suddenly decides that they’re no longer an archer or mage and grabs a random ass sword to shove through the archdemon’s skull, they’ve marched their way up and down this maker-forsaken land and they’ve got mud and dog shit all over their boots and no part of this journey was even remotely glamorous, because it was about spending days in the deep roads, covered in blood and bile and ichor, so of course you’re gonna make your final blow look at least vaguely fancy, because you deserve that much

and i just.  i love it.

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LOT also dropped to 0.5 which is a little sad because they held steady at 0.6 for so long. But yeah essentially across CW and most networks shows are dropping more and more.

Yep, it’s the natural way of things. Flash is doing well to still have 0.9 after this many seasons. They will continue to have the best food on their set. LOL

Demigod Child

As a DM I play 5e, and I tend to play fast and loose, often introducing different mechanics not in the book for monsters and NPCs. My players were in the middle of what was essentially a war zone, and decided to send off one character’s adopted kid to escape while they went to fight. This child wasn’t a fighter, and their only skill (as I described it) was that they were “Very fast and good at dodging”. So, the players decided to give the kid some tools.
One was a halfling with a spare set of armor (good size for an elf kid), another had a poison handaxe, one had a spare sword, and the paladin (usually the resident goofy joke character) gave such an awesome and powerful good-luck you-can-do-it we-believe-in-you speech that I gave the kid a point of inspiration. I was actually getting amused by the fact that they were doing so much for this NPC child who I fully intended to be alright, but eventually the kid was ready to be sent off.

DM (me): So this kid is decked out in humorously deadly gear now, you gonna send them off?
Monk: Yeah. I uh, I kneel down—"Just find my horse Breka and ride off to that one town until we can find you again, okay?“
DM: Uh, Sunny nods and looks really confident with themselves. They’re just gonna turn to set out towards that horse, they know where it is.
Ranger (speaking for the first time in a long bit): I wanna cast a buff on Sunny.
DM: You… oh. Okay, what’s it do?
Ranger: It uh, it adds to their base Dexterity score, [about 7] points, and it lasts for awhile so they have a lot of time to get away.
DM: It… what? That’s a spell?!
Ranger: Yeah, it’s a spell.
Barbarian (sitting next to her and leaning over): Yep, it’s a thing, I’m looking at it right now.
DM: I… okay, you… you do that. Then the kid runs off to find the horse, and… oh my god. Guys, what have you done.
Monk: What? What happened?
DM: …So because Sunny is a child and a small target, I decided to give them a special mechanic. When they’re attacked, they can choose to either just let their AC handle it—which you just boosted with that armor—or they can try and dodge the attack. And instead of AC, they… they contest the roll with Dexterity. They already had a base Dex of 17.
Group: *pause for a long moment before they begin laughing*
DM: Guys, you just made this kid basically unkillable! You just—they’re a demigod, now, this little elf kid scampers off to fight Thor or something, and Thor can’t land a hit! You—the kid is immortal! This kid has become a diety!
Monk: Protect my child! Not even god could hurt them now! God child!!
Group: *begin chanting “God child”*
DM: I—oh my god their initiative mod is insane now too, I—I think this kid just ascends into the heavens. I can’t believe you’ve done this.


BS Medical Tropes that Need to Die, 2/? : Making People Unconscious

For Part 1 of the BS Medical Tropes series, click here!

So I got an ask the other night about a character choosing not to kill people, but knocks them out with blows to the head instead. And it’s not an unreasonable thing for writers to think is legitimate. In fact, in fiction, there are dozens of ways to produce unconsciousness! A sharp hit to the head; a sedative drug injected right into the neck, bro!, or even Darkly Dreaming Dexter with his special horse paralytic.

Hell, on Person of Interest the main characters routinely produce unconscious enemy combatants by shooting them in the @$#RY)G!@#% knees

Here’s the thing: Every single one of those is complete bullshit.

Poppycock. Nincompoopery. Asscrap. And you’d realize that it’s a crock of crap if you thought about it this way for even half a minute:

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DOOM DOOM DOOM This is a thing. Yep. It’s a thing… (I know I draw Zim stepping all over Dib a lot but that’s because Zim is smol and Dib is toll and that’s what you do when your arch nemesis is a tree, okay?)

This week was New Beer’s Eve, celebrating the end of Prohibition in the US. Yep, we didn’t know it was a thing either… but we’re not going to complain. We’re celebrating with a Beer Back:

  • 1 pint of Beavertown Neck Oil 
  • 1 shot of Jameson Chaser

Have a sip of the Beavertown Neck Oil, followed by a shot of Jameson. All washed down with the rest of the Neck Oil. Sláinte!

Humans are such tragic little things. So involved in their own meaningless lives that they’re blind to the world crumbling around them.
—  from an unfinished story #637
Kiss My Ass - Stiles Stilinski/Mitch Rapp AU [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien

Character(s): Stiles Stilinski/Reader, Mitch Rapp/Reader, Scott McCall, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, Liam Dunbar and some guy called Remington.

Word Count: 22, 488 and I’m not even sorry about it.

Notes: Well, here it is! The highly anticipated ‘Kiss My Ass’ fic to honour reaching 2000 followers alongside the competition, so I really hope you guys enjoy this because I worked on it for MONTHS. I need to thank some girls, because this would not have been done without them. Thank you to my wonderful babes @dumbass-stilinski and @rememberstilinski and @sincerelystiles and the @thelittlestkitsune and @stilinski–jpeg because without them this would not be complete, I owe them big time. Especially Steff, who proofread this entire fucking thing. Shout-out to her for not flying to England and stabbing my enough times to match the word count. So warnings, hmmm.. we have cheating, bleeding, injury, kidnapping, hostages, and major character death. on the side I know you’re all here for we’ve got oral (both receiving), many different positions, over-stimulation, squirting, first-times, masturbation, public sex, and teasing.

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Hi! Can you make an art of Thalia in a Linkin Park t-shirt/ Nico in a green day t-shirt or vice versa? Thank you!

yep this is a good thing. as a diehard greenday fan this is such a nice thought

i would love for them to have a cute relationship like this so here you go noni