Where there is a wild Harry, theres an even wilder Louis.

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I've only played a little bit of origins so far (you inspired me to buy the game and play it) and picked the dalish elf opening and its a lot of fun so far but I'm confused by all the elves being white? I'm excited to save the dog and murder some demon things tonight.

YEP dragon age has a horrible problem with all the elves being white, as is the biggest problem with all fantasy elves out there :// Dragon Age is really white in general

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So did they shoot this before Zain left? Harry doesn't have his mermaid tattoo in the pictures.

Yep. Looks like they did the photoshoot before Zayn publicly left. Just to put things into perspective….

It seems like all of this happened on November 9, 2014

The Four Hangout

Possibly the photoshoot for the mini collection (their first three perfumes). Their hair looks the same as it does in the Between Us photoshoot but I’m not totally sure if this actually happened on the same day or just around the same time. x x

The photoshoot for this new fragrance Between Us (Zayn wasn’t in the behind the scenes video even for the group shots) taken Nov 9

And a few weeks later they denied rumors of Zayn leaving when they were at the AMAs. So make of that what you will. I just wanted all of this in one place.


Books Meme

Location: Ilsa Hermann’s library - The Book Thief

Books everywhere! Each wall was armed with overcrowded yet immaculate shelving. It was barely possible to see the paintwork. There were all different styles and sizes of lettering on the spines of the black, the red, the gray, the every-colored books. It was one of the most beautiful things Liesel Meminger had ever seen.

– This morning I reached a new milestone on here, so I thought I’d do something. You all put up with me on a regular basis and I want to thank you for that. I consider you all friends, even the people I seldom get to talk to. You’re all wonderful and so I’m gonna do a thing. Alphabetized for your convenience. –

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The 100 Hogwarts AU - John Murphy in Gryffindor


They say discrimination is dead, the Wizarding community. Everyone is accepted, they say. Well somebody forgot to tell them Murphy existed. He was the Gryffindor that the other Gryffindors hated, tried to shove him over to the Slytherins - who, also, wouldn’t have a bar of him. But, to be fair, he had tried to murder Jasper numerous times for snoring too loudly. 

His father had been arrested for stealing medicine Murphy had needed when he was sick. Their family was poor, but when Murphy got sick it was when they hit the ultimate low. Nobody could figure out what it was, and the medicine his father had ended up stealing was apparently dangerous. They said that they were convinced his father was going to start dealing it. They couldn’t afford a lawyer.

His mother blamed him, and the rest history.

It was only when his Hogwarts letter arrived that he, not his mother, had to attempt to write a letter to send back explaining he couldn’t go because he was too sick. It was then, and only then, did the Ministry of Magic swoop in to take him to St. Mungos, and he was cured over night.

His mother’s blame only strengthened. 

He had never had many friends as a kid, so eleven year old Murphy may have come on too strong when attempting to make friends. He found himself hovering around Bellamy, who was a few years his senior.

There was only so much pain, suffering, and bullying that someone could take until they either cracked or became one.

Murphy became an asshole. 

His friends digged it. He was cool. He was finally getting attention. And then princess swooped in, reformed Bellamy, and Bellamy kicked him off the Quidditch team.

Oh yeah, did he mention he was a chaser? Not anymore. 

Mudblood. Nobody. Asshole. Killed your father. Devil child.

Just another day in the life of one John Murphy.

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What the signs must do

Aries: Protect Akashi smile

Taurus:   Protect Akashi smile

Gemini:   Protect Akashi smile

Cancer:   Protect Akashi smile

Leo: Protect Akashi smile

Virgo: Protect Akashi smile

Libra: Protect Akashi smile

Scorpio: Protect Akashi smile

Sagittarius:  Protect Akashi smile

Capricorn:  Protect Akashi smile

Aquarius:  Protect Akashi smile

Pisces:  Protect Akashi smile 

So remember, no matter your sign, YOU MUST PROTECT HIS SMILE. *cries*


Some things never change. <3

But I want you to realize that the more subscribers I get, I don’t ever plan to lose focus on why I’m here. The reason I care so much about building up a community is that I know that we can do amazing things together

I’m not in this for the fame, I’m not in this for the money; I don’t care about those things. What I care about is entertaining you guys and that’s the reason I do this every day.

and I want you guys to feel like you’re apart of it and if there’s any reason why you guys should share my videos or tell other people about my channel or tell anyone that I’m a moderately funny guy on YouTube; is because I’m never going to lose site of where I started and how I started. Going from the worst year of my life, to the best year of my life… where I found purpose and I found reason to live, basically. I just wanted to take a moment to really thank you.

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Yep. This is a thing. A dark dark thing…