Especially regarding pallanophs, because I sense I have (somehow) confused some people, especially newcomers. So before I forget, I thought I’d elaborate/clarify some things.

Pallanophs are not: Anthropomorphic. Were-creatures. Anything that falls under “furry.” These terms would imply that pallanophs are half-human or human-like renditions of existing animals, which they are not. They’re independent of earth mammals, though bear superficial resemblances to them. Felines, primates (baboons), bears, hyenas, and equines were my primary sources of inspiration when I designed them. They live on an alternate universe Earth, after all, so it’s not that big of a stretch.

Also for the record, I’m not someone who identifies as a furry, and I’ll be honest, tagging pallanophs/etc. as such is inaccurate and as a result, a bit bothersome to me. I know this is probably not a popular statement, so if you wish to unfollow me, feel free to do so.

Thanks for your time and understanding.

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You're model bitty is amazing! You said he talks about food, can you imagine him being conscious of his diet but still eating. Like promoting that models do eat just in healthy ways and him and jack are a diet food duo with good food that's good for you?! Sorry but that's what I immediately thought of cause obviously he'll still be into food no matter what.

(model!bitty post referred to is here)

omg yes!! bitty would probably start experimenting with healthy dessert recipes and make some REALLY good stuff, like that one guy that’s a personal trainer i think? idk i saw him on the food network snapchat forever ago but he does what bitty would def do which is make protein-packed, completely healthy desserts!!

he’d be featured in taste of home, or cooking light, or food network (or more likely all of them lmao) to talk about the importance of eating healthy but flavorful foods, and his instagram and twitter would be full of recipes that he’s perfected.

and i personally think jack would do dinners! he’s the one that looks up healthy meal ideas and probably has a secret pinterest dedicated to dinners that he thinks he and bitty would both enjoy.

that would mean that sharing the kitchen is probably another point that would come up in interviews. that conversation would probably go like this:

interviewer: so does jack get in the way in the kitchen?

bitty: actually, i love having him in there with me while i bake. he does dinner and i do dessert, and it’s never the same when i’m in the kitchen alone while he’s on the road. i’d much rather have him at home taking up my oven space than across the country!

and the interviewer probably starts crying at this point because that’s aDORABLE idc who you are. (haha but seriously. bitty and jack are the healthiest and sweetest power couple ever and all of the modeling industry and most of the hockey world l o v e them. the people that don’t are just dicks.)

Love life confessions...

Let’s share a cup of tea, fam. My love life is a complete mess. So, I’m gonna spill a bit. 

Please note: some of this may make me seem like a jerk. 

But. I need to talk. Send me some asks if you’ve got opinions on ANY of this. Legit, anything. Anons are welcome. If you just wanna say that I’m a hot mess who needs to chill tf out, you are welcome, haha. 

Okay. Secrets and nonsense below the cut!

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in case ur interested in what bliss looks like.
photo creds 2: moodypeaches

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hey are you in the hospital? are you ok?

Yeah, I’m in the hospital for probably the next couple of days. A piece of the blood clot in my leg broke off and hit one of my lungs. So fun all around!

But I already feel much better. Plus, they have wifi, so not too bad. I’m watching Skyfall right now. :)

(I would have a pithy gif to go along with that, but my parents weren’t being super cooperative about me bringing my laptop with me. So glad I’m a grown adult.)

bobbi ‘big sister to the entire world’ morse would absolutely convince daisy, jem & fitz to jump in the car and go with her on a shopping trip, only to then drive them straight past the shops and declare an impromptu road trip instead

Okay so my friends and I were hanging out in the park and then a tiny Korean girl approaches us and hits one of my friends in the head with her toy sword without reason and like 5 sec later her 2 brothers/friends/idk were chasing us around the park with their toy swords in their hands. And we were like ‘this is war’ and got some plastic lightsabers from other kids and fought against them.
It was so funny.