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What you said about stefan being in the car with valarie and him turning away to not see him cry reminds me so much of caroline in 6x02 trying to pretend in the car with enzo

Yep and I always think back to when Caroline thanked Enzo for being there with her and he said “but I’m not Stefan” because deep down that’s the truth. No one can ever break through Caroline and Stefan’s walls like they can with each other

They don’t turn away from each other and they don’t pretend with each other, because no matter what they’re still best friends.

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In mayas world did she get jelly of rucas at the end before the bomb exploded? Does maya belive rucas will always hav a thing?

Yep, I think she does. They’re back in the world of stupid purple cats and the BMW assumptions have locked back down even though we got a foot through the door last season in terms of breaking away from them…